Monday, April 30, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 31 & Doctor's Appointment

Are you tired of seeing my 'belly' pictures from my bathroom?  I have to get better at asking Nik to take them when he is around. So, I'm sorry you get to see my bathroom (and toilet) so often. Just sayin'. Pics of me at Week 31:

My doctor's appointment (last week) went very well. My blood pressure is good, Jax's heartbeat is good. I'm growing and gained weight. Like, 4 pounds of weight! I can't believe Dr. G did not get on to me about that! Partly, she thinks my weight is because of the swelling I have come to know this past week. She has been pleased overall with my weight and now is the time I will really start growing/gaining. I guess it is to be expected. Everything else was normal.

The new thing I now have to start doing is tracking the baby's movement. At some point during the day, I have to track that the baby has kicked/moved around at least 10 times in a 2-hour time period. Then check-off the date on my card and carry on with life. If the baby does not move 10 times within a 2-hour period all day - I have to go in to the hospital and have him checked out. They are very concerned with movement these days. It's how we know the baby is healthy.

I now have to do this everyday until I give birth. That, I was not aware of when I became pregnant.

The other day, Nik told me that during the night (while I was sleeping) he could feel baby moving all kinds. It's very cool. I'm glad that he can experience some of what I get to experience carrying baby.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Shower

FYI - this is probably the longest post ever... you have been warned...

Thursday night our church held a baby shower for us. It was a sweet time. I was a little nervous about going... not sure why, but I was! It was wonderful. There were so many sweet people there. I have really grown to love all these ladies in my church and it was pretty awesome how loved I felt and how loved I already know Jax is!

On to the pics and details:

My sister and I (she was the photographer for the night)

The Hostesses (Annette, me, Heather, Dorene) 

Mints, Cake, and punch (love the rubber duckies!) 

Fruit trays, Cheese tray, and Noah's Ark (more on that later) 

Diaper Cake & Sock Monkey 

Sweet Halley & I - Halley made the Diaper Cake all by herself.
She has been super excited about Jax!

Do you see my tongue sticking out...not sure why?! 

Does this look like I am at an Auction?! 

A Baby Einstein Play Mat - thing. 

"Our sweet, little Jaxen Houston...
Oh my, how your name caused quite a burden!
At last your shower date is finally here,
And the thing we wanted to buy you has disappeared!
No worries, it's coming next week straight to the store,
And we wrote you this poem so having nothing to open wasn't such a bore!
See, you had to have a place to lay your head...
So Cassidy, Debbie, Jan, Becky C, Amber, Janie and Becky J ordered your bed!
We are all going to be here to watch you grow,
And we love you, mommy, and daddy more than you will ever know!" 

A sweet, Precious Memories Boys Bible. 

The cutest bath robe and slippers! 

Decorations for Jax's Nursery.

All of our gifts were special and we loved them all. However, this next gift meant a lot to Nik. Here is the back story: We have come to know and really love this older couple in our church, Dorene (in the Hostess pic) and Coleman. We have been to their house several times for different occasions, but one day they invited us to come for lunch. During that lunch, they gave us the 'grand tour' - which included Coleman's shop and we got to see some of the woodwork he does. The woodwork that we saw (and fell in love with) is the toys that he makes. He has made many different toys for all his grandkids, but our favorite was the Noah's Ark that he built. After that lunch, when we were in the car headed home Nik mentioned how he would love to have something like this one day when we had kids. We never really gave it another thought because we were not thinking of having kids any day real soon, and we knew Coleman really just made this stuff for his grandkids.

Fast forward to the Baby Shower - I walked in and saw this:

Amazing! So exciting and meaningful to us! He made and painted every little piece!
This is something we will always treasure!

We received so many gifts. Clothes, bath stuff, baby medication, blankets... I don't even know what all! What is funny though, is we did not receive (besides the diaper cake) any diapers! Isn't that funny? I did not register for diapers because people told me that was just an automatic gift that you get at showers. Too funny!

After we got home from the shower, Jessica and I lounged on the couch while Nik sat in front of us, re-opening each gift. It was a special time for Nik, because he got to see all the incredible stuff we received and it was fun for me, because I got to spend a little more time looking at each one. We stayed up way too late looking at everything - but it was so fun!
And that is a recap of the Baby Shower (basically. I probably left something out...)!

We feel very loved and very blessed by our church family!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today my sister comes to see me! I'm very excited to have her here, in 'my world'.

Tonight we will go to a Baby Shower for Jax that my church is hosting. I'm excited about it. And all the baby stuff. And the cake. Is that wrong, to be excited about cake? Well, I am. Oh, and the punch. I love punch. I bet Jax is going to love all the sugar that will possibly go in my belly tonight! He will be moving around for hours. Ha!

Tomorrow, I have no plans - just to hang out with my sister (I took the day off from work). Nik might make us work some on the 3rd Annual Rummage Sale fundraiser that is happening at our church Saturday. And if he does, that is okay. Nik is not normally a 'slave-driver' - and Jessica already said she would help out!

I'll be posting (at some point) about my doctor's appointment today and then I'll post some pics from the shower tonight - so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Admin Assistant Day

Today was Admin Assistants Day. I have been at my job (as of last Monday) for 4 years! Every year (including year one - where I started on Admin Assistants Day) my bosses have done something for me. They are really so sweet and too generous - they spoil me!

However, this year - both of my bosses are on the other side of the world, on a mission trip. It was no big deal that they were missing this day. Obvisiously, what they are doing is more important! However, they didn't miss a beat.... they called and both left me the sweetest message on my phone (I had stepped away from my desk) and later in the day I received a package, containg the following:

Fun kitchen items! Measuring cups that have a special pour spout as you squeeze them, kitchen towels & dishrags, a spatula and a potholder - all in the colors I love!

I love love love kitchen stuff. One day, I will be a grand cook who actually is deserving of fun kitchen things. But until then, I will just enjoy them and work on my kitchen skills. It's a little funny, because a couple years ago I received some other kitchen stuff from my boss. I still use the stuff he gave me - actually, I used it on Monday, and thought about receiving them as a gift in previous years.

So Happy Admin Assistants Day!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Highlights from the past couple of days:

Goodbye long hair, split ends, heaviness, boring, old, 8 inches...

Hello short hair, light, fluffy, nice, cool, new...

So far, I am really loving the new cut. It is easy, fun, and cool! It's a bit of shocker, though. I don't know if Nik is used to it or not... maybe in a few more days!

Some beautiful flowers my boss' gave me before they left out of the country on a mission trip for 2 1/2 weeks:

And we finally did it... we made our own laundry soap! It was pretty cheap for all the ingredients:

And really easy to make!

Sunday, I washed our first load with it (had to sit overnight) and we think it is a winner! So far, I have washed sheets and towels (wanted to wait on washing clothes with it, until I knew the sheets and towels came out good). It's a different consistency than 'normal' laundry soap, but I'll get used to it. So far, we like it and I think we will use it for good! And it's sensitive enough for baby's clothes, so I will not have to have other laundry soap.... I think. I am waiting to see how well it does with stains... I'll keep you updated.

My house is clean. Floors mopped and bedspreads washed kind-of-clean. I'm getting ready for some company! In just a few days my sister will be here! I'm very excited to see her.

We also have Small Group this week, a Rummage Sale this weekend and my baby shower on Thursday! Gearing up for a busy (but fun) week!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 30

The following does not necessarily have to do with my pregnancy - just some new information you might care to know:

It has been officially approved by my work, that I can work part-time after Jax is born. We will do this on a 3 month trial basis (after I get back from Maternity Leave) and see if it works out for all parties involved. I'm very excited about this part-time work. I know the income will be needed, but I'm so glad I will have some time at home with the baby, too.

On to some more pregnancy related issues -

Have I mentioned on here yet that through this pregnancy I have had bad breath? It's a little embarrassing, but I want to remember it! A couple of times over the last few months, Nik has mentioned (nicely) that he has never noticed that I had bad breath...until I became pregnant. Apparently, pregnancy gives me bad breath! (This was mentioned again this week...that is why it is fresh on the brain). I think it's a little funny. Nik has been very nice about my bad breath (don't think he is being mean) - it's just one of those things, I guess! I know Nik would much rather deal with bad breath than hold my hair back while I puke in the toilet everyday. Ha!

I have been having some more Braxton Hicks Contractions. Nothing serious - but they show up.

My dreams have been crazy. I hear this happens. I can't really recall them - I just know when I wake up, that I'm not really sure I want to go back to sleep because I don't want to dream anymore! I thought I was supposed to be having dreams of my sweet little baby.... not so much.

Cravings - I have not really had many cravings. I craved canned peaches for awhile, but I'm over that. The only other thing that I want a couple times a week is a sausage biscuit from McDonalds. And so I get one at least once a week.

I think that is all. I'm trying to enjoy these last weeks of being pregnant. It really can be fun - the baby moving, the way cashiers become nice to you and ask about your due date, the way people forgive you when you forget things.... I'm taking it all in!

And here are new pictures. I'm definitely growing...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


We have officially completed the Prepared Childbirth Classes. And I have a certificate to prove it.... somewhere. I had the thought of having our picture taken with the teacher and the certificate, but that is all it was. A thought.

I'm not sure I can say I'm glad to have taken the class. They were long. I guess I learned a lot of stuff. Although, I think I might have been better off not knowing. Who knows? I guess I'll tell you after I 'spew baby out' if I was glad to have taken the class or not.

What I can tell you, is that I'm a little freaked out. A little stressed. A little scared. A little anxious.

But it will be okay and I know it... Just tell my thoughts that...!

I can say that after the class was over I shed some tears. Partly, because I'm just emotional, but partly because of my new anxieties.

After class, Nik took me to the mall to buy me a new pair of pants. I have officially outgrown a pair of maternity dress pants. I didn't know that could happen. So I replaced them with a more comfortable (in the belly) maternity (different style) capri dress pants. I'm so thankful my work place is nice and flexible with what I wear. They are allowing me to wear jeans (which still fit - for now)!

And that's my final update on the Prepared Childbirth Class. Hopefully I'm all prepared. Although... I still believe that ignorance can be bliss!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Garage Sale-ing

This past Saturday, Nik and I went to hunt out all the great garage sales. Before we left, we had to have some necessities:

A cup of water; hot, gooey, donuts; iphone (map) and a list addresses.

We were out from 7:30 until 10:30am and only came home with these goodies:

A clock; a baby carrier and a $5 bill!

All in all, we spent a total of $3.00. We had actually spent $8.00 but on the way home, Nik suddenly pulled the car over and (after I yelled at him for scaring me), told me he saw $5.00 in the road. I thought he was kidding - he was not! He got out from the car, walked to the middle of the road and picked up a $5.00 bill. A great ending to our hunt!

I wished the garage sale-ing had been a little better....but that is okay. There is lot's of spring still and many other garage sales to hit! I welcome them!

On another note - Saturday and Sunday afternoons (for me - Nik was working) were spent laying on my couch in complete silence with the front door open (screen locked), breeze blowing in...napping! It was fantastic. I love love love quiet nice afternoons. I spent about 2 hours each afternoon just that way.

I felt guilty for a little bit each day - because there is always something else I could be doing - but then I got over my guilt and decided that this was me taking care of Jax and I. Rest is sometimes the best thing I can do for us.

Lots more happened this past weekend - but those were my 2 highlights!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 29 & Prepared Childbirth Class #3 & Doctor's Apt.

Hello week 29. Hello major pains running down my hips and into my legs. Yes, Jax has discovered some of my nerves that are linked to my hips/legs. The doctor gave me a few helpful hints to relieve some pressure when needed. So far this week, I only had 2 days of pain, which the doctor told me was normal and that I am experiencing some of the 'mild discomforts' of pregnancy. Good to know.


Week 29 we attended the 3rd week of Prepared Childbirth Class - this class time, we toured the hospital. We got to see the waiting room, the check-in desk, the triage rooms, the labor and delivery rooms and the postpartum rooms. Lots to see. Lots to learn. Here is some of what I walked away with:

 * Nurses refer to 'delivery' as 'spewing out baby'.
 * Did you know (as I'm sure everyone in the world knows but me) that you have an IV in you, a Blood Pressure Cuff on you, and 2 monitors strapped to you while 'spewing out baby'? That's a lot of stuff. All I'm saying.
 * I saw the bed with the stirrups attached in the upright position. Intimidating.
 * Baby is the driver in labor and delivery.
 * You can have a plan - but don't be too attached to your plan. Baby dictates it all.

That's just a few of the things learned.

Nik and I now have to have some conversations about how we want this whole birthing experience to go. There's lots to think through and decide on.


I also had a doctor's appointment Wednesday. I did not see my regular doctor, Dr. G, but still had a very nice doctor check me over. Everything is smooth sailing so far. Heartbeats, weight and measurements are all where they should be. (I gained 1 lb. from my last visit). I now start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks. Not too much else to report. It was a quick, easy exam!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursery - Phase 1

Nursery, Phase 1 has been a long process. Once we found out we were pregnant, I knew we had to turn our storage / weight room / sewing room / and whatever else our 3rd room has been and was becoming into an empty room for baby!

So I started purging. And cleaning. And organizing. Basically after a few months of on / off again work - the room was cleaned out and everything that was in it had a place elsewhere. It feels good to do that!

Through that process, we laid new flooring. And baseboards and quarter round. Then we painted. Although we have changed our mind on some ideas for the Nursery over time - we have stuck with the thought of going with 'vintage sports'. We like the look, we like the colors and one of us actually likes sports! Really, both of us do, just one of us is coordinated enough to play...I won't tell you who that one is!

Here is the nursery 'before' pic. (I say 'before' loosely because really the before pictures should show a storage room, with carpet). So this is after the storage was moved out, and new floors were laid:

Pretty much a blank slate.

Here is what the nursery looks like now:

Minus furniture and wall hangings and curtains.

The closet - and all the wonderful gifts we have been given!

Some of the knick-knacks we have purchased to decorate the room.

One of three different sport outlet covers (and a fun red stool).

We still have a bit to do and buy - but hopefully Phase 2 will come soon!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Work Weekend

About 2 weeks ago, I made the comment to Nik that Easter Weekend was officially our 'Work Weekend'. I have a long list of to-do's that need to be done. I am getting bigger by the minute - so I mentioned to Nik that if he wants any help with this long list of to-do's, it has to get done quick! So we had planned out all that we wanted to accomplish over the weekend. (On top of the few events we already had scheduled: Kids Easter Extravaganza we were helping with, an Easter Musical Friday night and cooking a casserole for Sunday Easter Breakfast).

We knew it was going to be a busy weekend, so we started out Tuesday night, purchasing some needed supplies: nails, paint, paint brush...etc.

Thursday, Nik had the day off of work so he woke up and was super productive! By the time I talked to him at lunch he had already mowed and manicured the lawn (front and back), laid all the new floor transitions down, and was about to wash Gunther! After I got home that evening, I realized that he had even filled nail holes and painted the first coat in the nursery.

After all the work that Nik had done that day, I decided I had better be productive as well - so I cooked a yummy dinner and then finished caulking the last of the quarter round that Nik laid and started painting baseboards. I had painted some already...but we had to paint them in the Nursery, Extra Bedroom, our Bedroom and Living Room still - so it took awhile!

Later that evening, Nik and I caught up on a about a year's worth of filing! Crazy, I judgement, please. It was on the list and now it is done. 

Friday was productive as well. We painted the second coat in the nursery, painted some window sills, cleaned our A/C vents, and took stuff to Nik's office (where it belonged...instead of on our kitchen cabinets)! That afternoon Nik got a much needed hair cut and I cleaned house for a lady. Friday night we attended our Church's Easter Musical and went out afterward for burgers and yogurt - Yum!

Saturday morning Nik and I headed to church to help out with the Children's Easter Extravaganza. I helped in Registration, and then hung out with Nik. He was the one in charge of 'Story Time' and he did a great job! We went to lunch and then hit the grocery store that afternoon.

Saturday late afternoon/evening we cleaned up the house from all the work we had done, put everything away, returned tools we had borrowed and took some time out of the day to take some pictures out in the blue bonnets! The blue bonnets have been especially beautiful this year with the spring rains we have received.

That was our work weekend! It was a lot of stuff to do - but it is DONE! Pics of the nursery coming soon...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 28

Week 28 has come and gone. I'm starting to realize how close the due date actually is! June seemed so far away a couple months ago...but it is getting closer and closer.

I guess I am officially in my 3rd trimester. Things are still going very well and I am thankful. This past week, though, I have been so tired. I hear that happens at the beginning and ending of pregnancy. I'm trying to get enough sleep, but sometimes I don't sleep that great. I have been having crazy dreams. And sometimes I wake up with my body hurting. And I have been having some leg cramps.

Part of my tiredness could be the last couple of weeks at work. They have been a bit crazy. Especially last week. It was very busy. This is one of the busiest times in a church - my work church was preparing for 4 different services in 8 days. Just a lot of details to cover, and things to think through. My pregnancy brain was maxed out this week!

Also this week I have had quite a bit of swelling. Some nights you could not tell I had ankles and my feet were ginormous! The heat could have a part in it. I have been trying to drink mainly water and watch my sodium intake. I think I am done wearing my wedding ring for awhile. I start out with it on in the morning, but by lunch, my hands are swollen and my rings are tight. I think I'm just going to take them off for good for awhile.

Does it sound like I'm complaining a lot? I don't mean too...I'm just trying to document all the pregnancy moments! I really do still feel well. If the above is as bad as it is getting for while, I can deal! One of the best parts of this stage of pregnancy is how much I can feel Baby D (Jaxen) moving. It is pretty crazy sometimes, with how wild he can get - but I'm loving every minute of it!

I have no update on our Prepared Childbirth Class from this past week - because we skipped it! Long story... but it resulted in us going out and purchasing the things needed to get our nursery underway - which, in my mind, is a lot more fun! We will make it this next week though, because that is when they tour the hospital. I'm very curious to see everything.

I have another doctor's appointment this week as well. I now start seeing Dr. G every 2 weeks.

And that's a wrap of week 28. Let week 29 begin. I will leave you with a few pics -

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Our church shared breakfast together before heading to church to watch an Easter Musical. The musical was great - really reflecting on the power of Christ.

The Easter Story is one I know well, I have heard it many times. But still, no matter how many times I 'hear' it - it speaks to me differently every time. We have been studying different aspects of the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, in Sunday School. One of the things that spoke to me this year was how Jesus did not deny that he was the Son of God. The Bible tells us of how Jesus was falsely accused by the people and how their testimonies of Him did not line up against each other..."The high priest stood up before them all and questioned Jesus, 'Don't You have an answer to what these mean are testifying against you?' But He (Jesus) kept silent and did not answer anything. Again the high priest questioned Him, 'Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?' 'I am,' said Jesus.... (Mark 14:60-62).

Jesus stayed silent through the false accusations...but when asked about who he was...there was no silence. No denial. "I am."

One day I will stand before God. What will my life reflect before that time? Silence? Denial? or proclamation that Jesus is the Son of God?

I am unworthy of what God has done for me. He is worthy.

The link below is to an incredible song that has really meant a lot to me this Easter season.


After church, many of us gathered at the park to eat lunch and hang out. It was a great, relaxing, fun time! We stayed until was the perfect Sunday afternoon - food, friends, laughter, shade, breeze, warm weather, feet propped up, ladder ball, boccee ball, bikes, frisbeee's, green grass, tall trees, blue sky....

You get the picture.

I hope that your Easter was good. I hope that you understand what happened on this weekend so long ago. That there is a God. That he sent His Son as a sacrifice, to die, for us. But that he overcame death and the grave. We are not worthy. But He is is so worthy...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby Name!

This has been hard - picking a baby name. We have called our little one "Baby D" for so long now...and probably still will after he is born, which is okay. But we have finally decided on a name!

Before I give you the name, I'm going to take you through some of our name journey (in no particular order):

Davis Davis Davis = D3

I'm sure there are more...but that is all we can remember at the time...

And our final name:


Nik has loved the name 'Jax' for awhile...but I was not too sure on naming our kid that. It seemed like 'Jax' should be a nickname for something. So we pondered the name Jackson, calling him Jax. But I was only okay with the name. Then, after looking at some pics on the internet of nurseries, I saw this name above a crib: Jaxen! Right when I saw it - I knew I liked it better than Jackson.

Now, I know the names Jackson and Jaxen when said out loud are pretty much the same, unless you are really good at pronunciation and really pronounce the 'son' after Jackson, insted of the 'en'. However, we love the name, and the spelling - so we are going with it!

The middle name we have picked out (long before we ever thought of having a baby) is after my father. It was his middle name. HOUSTON. Yes, as in the town. We love it, and I love that it was a part of my fathers name.

Jaxen Houston Davis

What do you think?!

I'm glad we finally have a name! Although, we reserve the right to change his name until the Birth Certificate is signed. If we regret it later - oh well. The kid will probably end up in therapy for one reason or another...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

San Antonio

This past weekend, we had a little get-a-way to San Antonio. I have been wanting to do this for a couple of months, and it finally happened!

I took off work Friday morning and we hit the road at 8:30am. On the way to San Antonio, we stopped at the San Marcos / Tanger Outlet Malls. (I was in need of a few clothing items to replace what has stopped fitting me). We had pretty good luck finding the things I needed. We finally made our way into San Antonio late that afternoon. We checked into our hotel and then planned out the evening - which included dinner, movie, and the Riverwalk.

We had dinner at a place that was recommened to us by one of my co-workers. It was called Lulu's Bakery and Cafe. This particular place has been highlighted on the TV show, "Man vs. Food," for their Chicken Fried Steak and Cinnamon Roll. We shared a Chicken Fried Steak meal. This particular one we got (and what they are known for) was covered in queso. And was huge.

After we ate that (no, we did not eat it all) - we had to order a cinnamon roll. This is not just any cinnamon roll. It was 3 lbs! It was seriously big. Most people we saw, ordered it to go - but we ordered ours warmed up and with 2 forks. And it was yummy! Don't worry, we did not eat all 3 fact, we have been eating on it for a few days! I did eat a lot though. I love cinnamon rolls (pregnant or not) and it was worth all the calories. But I do forget that they expand in your tummy - and I got very full!

After dinner and before the movie, we stopped by the hotel to drop off the cinnamon roll. While we were waiting for the elevator, I commented to Nik that Baby D was really kicking. In my mind, it was because a) he was happy he got fed or b) the sugar from the cinnamon roll was making him active. You know what Nik's response was.... "Baby is probably freaking out because he is running out of room inside your tummy with all that cinninamon roll, and he is trying to tell you!" Ha ha ha! I laughed so hard at his comment. Because it felt kind of true...the way he was moving around inside!

Saturday we slept in and then checked out of our Hotel. We had a little time to kill, so we went to the Market Square and looked around. It was a pretty fun area....we wish we had a little more time. But we wanted to watch the children from our church participate in the District Quiz Meet. So we left and went to where they were competing. It was great to see the children competing in Bible Quizzing and they did so good!

After the Quiz Meet, we went to lunch (again, at a place recommended by my co-worker). This place was called Big Lou's Pizza - and was also highlighted on "Man vs. Food". They are known there for their 42" pizza. No, we did not order it! What we ordered (also highlighted on the show) was thier BBQ Brisket Pizza. Yummy!

After lunch, we decided to hit the road and head home. There was one more shopping place we wanted to stop at. (I am in need of a dress to wear for Nik's Ordination Service coming up and still had not found one - but we got lucky at this last place! I now have a dress!). Now, I just have to watch how much of that cinnamon roll I eat. Ha!

I know we were not gone for long...but it was so nice. Nik and I had such a great time together. Talking, laughing, and just hanging out. We both pretty much ignored our phones and concentrated on spending time with each other. It was needed and good for our "Love Tanks".

We realized this was probably our last 'fun' trip we would take as a couple. Next time, we will have a little one with us! And that is a good thought!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sermon Link

Hey Guys! It's Nik.

I don't normally post on here but I realized that many of you know that I am a Youth Pastor and know that I preach on occasion in what I like to call "Big Church" - but most of you have not ever had the opportunity (or been forced to) hear me preach.

I have had a couple people express interest in hearing one of my sermons, so I thought this would be a good place to put it. The sermon below is one that I preached about a two months ago in "Big Church". Just click on the link (make sure your volume is turned up on your computer) and you should be able to hear it. There is no video - only audio.

May you be blessed today as you bless others! Nik

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 27 & Doctors Apt.

At week 27, I was scheduled for some blood work to be done. Before this blood work could take place, I had to fast (from food and drink - just a couple of hours) after 7am, drink a glucose drink at 9am, and then have my blood drawn at 10am. I was nervous about all this - but I did fine! I don't know why - but I tend to be nervous about this kind of stuff.

I'm assuming that my diabetes test came back normal - or they would have called.

My iron was a little low - I'm not anemic...but Dr. G put me on some extra iron for this last trimester. Which I have been told, means I need some extra fiber!

She also changed the times of day I am taking my prenatal vitamin, calcium and iron supplements. And I have to make sure to get in 2 additional calcium's a day. Not too hard.

The rest of my blood work was good. I am scheduled to give blood again, and do one more last round of testing during week 36.

The rest of my appointment went well. Baby D's heartbeat is really good, and was kicking something fierce that morning! My blood pressure was good and I only gained 2 pounds (last time I gained almost 4....and that was apparently a little much!). I was very happy with my 2 pound weight gain. So far, that leaves me at a plus 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight!

My hips have started hurting during the night and in the mornings. But Dr. G said this was normal...and to keep sleeping on my sides and just use extra pillows. I already share a bed with Nik and a body pillow...I'm not sure many more pillows will fit!

I did experience (what I now know to be) Braxton Hicks Contractions. This took place Friday night, after a long day with lots of walking. I knew I was getting tired and right as we hit the parking lot to find our car - that is when they started. It was a little weird at first, because I have never felt that certain pain/cramp before. So I stopped for a minute and then just walked slowly to the car. The rest of the night, I just laid in bed, with my feet propped up, resting. I felt better after a bit. I do know (and have learned) that when my body tells me I have overdone it, I better stop and take it easy. After that night, I have not felt them again.

And guess what? I think we have finally picked a name! Nik and I are going to settle on it for a few more days....and then we will share! (By the way - we reserve the right to change names at any point - until it is on the Birth Certificate).

This week, I am looking forward to finally getting our nursery painted...we will post pics.