Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Celebrations

So I’m a little late with this post… but here you go anyway!

I recently read one of the best descriptions of each patriotic holiday that we celebrate. I wish I would have saved it...growing up I thought every patriotic holiday was to honor those who serve our country through the military. That’s it. Which, although is true, I have learned that each holiday represents something in particular. Am I the only one who thought every patriotic holiday celebrated the same thing?! Hope not! So, Memorial Day - a day to honor and remember those who have died for our American freedoms. Considering all that is going on across the world these days, this freedom is not to be taken for granted! I am thankful for our military and grateful to those who gave their life for our freedom. I pray for those families who sacrifice and have lost loved ones.

We decided to spend this day with friends, watching a parade and grilling out. Most of that happened...

Monday morning we drove to Sackets Harbor for the parade. We arrived early (to get a good spot) and so we walked around a bit. I'm so glad I asked a random person to take some pics of us, because I just love our latest family picture!

I tried to get some cute pics of Jaxen, but he was having too much fun to stop for a picture!

 I did capture Jaxen and Nik showing me their muscles though!

We made it back to our spot eventually and while waiting for the parade to start, we see a police car coming down the street. This is about 20 minutes before start time. So we assumed that they were just making sure the road was clear. Then we saw, just behind the car, a few people walking. Then flags being carried...and then a band! We did not know what was going on. I was thinking this was the pre-show to the parade. After the band came a Girl Scout troop and then an ambulance and fire truck... and that was it. We sat there waiting for more but noticed people getting up to leave! I finally stopped a lady and asked if that was it, or if there was more.... That was it. Apparently this parade used to be big. Not so much anymore. Seriously. That was it! We couldn't believe it! I still can’t. One other family (that had planned on meeting up and watching it together) made it in time, so we had to text the rest of our friends and tell them they missed it. 

I did get this picture of Jaxen with his favorite buddies - Carson, Thomas and Ben. 

After the “parade” (if you can call it that) we headed out to our friends. It was a bit rainy that morning so she let all the kids swim! Jaxen had the best time! We loaded him down with floaties and let him go by himself. Neither Nik nor I wanted to get in with him! Ha ha. But he did great on his own! (There was an adult in the water - and I was fully prepared to jump in - just in case).

I wish I had pictures from the rest of our day...because it was great. But I don’t!

So imagine all the men gathered outside grilling, all the ladies sitting around in the kitchen, all the kids running wild - then eating a wonderful meal - then everyone hanging out on their gorgeous lawn (overlooking the lake) flying kits, playing soccer and just having a great time. It was pretty much as good and relaxing as you can imagine!

We made it home late afternoon. I went to work while Jaxen napped and then we had a restful evening!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunday - A Great Day

Sunday was a great day!

First - Jaxen and I dressed patriotic (red, white, blue) for Memorial Day! Nik did not. So he did not get to have his picture taken with us (ha ha).

Second - after church we ate lunch with some friends that will be moving soon, so we are trying to soak up all the time with them that we can!

Third - Sunday evening we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ and time with friends!

And the funniest thing happened…Jaxen started out playing with the water in this hot tub.

Then…because he wanted in it so bad, Caidyn let him “dangle his feet in”.

That lasted about one full minute.
Next thing I knew…he was stripped out of his clothes and in this hot tub (that was not hot)!

Not long after, Caidyn and Celtin decided to join him.

Jaxen had the best time “swimming” in the “pool”!

After a good meal - we ventured over to the field behind our house and everyone played a game of softball!

Ciersyn entertained the littles on some kind of skateboard - and the littles loved it!

Jaxen tried it by himself…and ended up with more bloody knees. Poor guy.

He had fun with his own glove and ball…
until he hit a 10 month old in the head with it. Oops. 

We went home after that!

A gorgeous night sky as the sun was setting.

Good friends, good food, good weather = A GREAT DAY!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cranberry Lake

Saturday we met up with some friends at Cranberry Lake!

They invited us camping with them for the whole weekend, but we decided to drive up for one day of fun...and good thing that was our decision…because it was so cold! Friday night it was in the low 30's. Saturday it stayed in the upper 40's. We went anyway, but it was chilly!

Their campsite was beautiful - wooded, shaded and right by the water. But all of that meant no sun peaking through, which meant it stayed cold! The warmest spot at the lake was on the beach. 

Jaxen enjoyed the time playing in the sand, but wanted to get in the water so bad!

After playing on the beach, exploring the campsite, and after many rocks were thrown in the water  - we decided to warm up with hot cocoa and coffe! 

That afternoon we ate lunch, did some exploring and played some games. Then…we heard the sounds of an ice cream truck! Everyone had a little treat!

If you notice Jaxen’s shoes in the pics above - they probably look a little big and a little ‘girly’. Well - they are! Jaxen decided to walk in the water and so his shoes and socks were soaked…making him very chilly. Thankfully, Louka let Jaxen borrow a pair of her shoes while we dried Jaxen’s out. They were too big, but at least he could walk around and not hurt his feet!

Not long after the ice cream, we decided it was time to call it a day! Jaxen was getting so sleepy, plus his feet were wet (again) and I knew we needed to get home in time for us all to have a bath or shower! 

Even though it was cold, we had a super nice time. The campsite and lake were beautiful. Plus, we loved hanging out with our friends! 

I can't wait to go back to Cranberry Lake! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Child This Week

Monday morning started out with Jaxen finding a bottle of Windex that I left upstairs (in my bedroom). Upon finding it, he had the best time squirting windex all over the sheets of my bed. They were soaked with windex. And I was not happy. He has been banned from Windex for at least 2 years!

It just so happened that we were matching on this day (both wearing navy shirts) 
and so I made Jaxen take a selfie with me!

And then I went to put on his shoes…and this kid insisted that he wear these brown boots. We fought for a few minutes and then I gave up. So this is what my child looked like on Monday. Don’t be jealous! ha ha.

His shirt looks funny because he was carrying a bottle of garlic powder 
in his pocket that we were taking to a neighbor!


Jaxen was back at his favorite spot this week...
It has been cold here this week and once our heater kicked on - 
Jaxen brought his toys over and made himself comfortable!


Have you ever heard the phrase “summer knees”? I recently heard it, but that is exactly what Jaxen has right now! The first week of wearing shorts, and this is what his knees look like!


Does this cutie look older or what?! 
I cannot believe he will be three in just a few weeks!


Oh, and by the way - I am losing my hair. It is falling out in unbelievable amounts. Think about an animal shedding their winter coat. Yup, that’s me right now. Or at least it feels like it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Visit to the Dentist

Last week I took Jaxen to the dentist for his mid-year checkup. 

And if you can’t tell from the above picture…He did awesome!
He walked right in, handed me his juice, and sat down.
The minute she put sunglasses on him - he was good to go!

She was great with him - talked to him the whole time and was just really sweet.

She was able to do a visual exam (he has all of his teeth in, and has great spacing between), 
a full cleaning, some treatments, and she even flossed his teeth!
I could not believe that he sat there perfectly still while she was doing all that.

When we were done - he got a goody bag of stuff.
He loved it because he got to pick out his toothbrush and stickers.

We already made an appointment for him to return in 6 months.
I’m so glad I found a great dentist to take Jaxen to!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Randomness

Enjoy the randomness that is in the blog post today...

Our church had a Variety Show a few weeks back. 
While a group of girls were practicing, Jaxen thought he had to be right in the middle of them. 
Of course, they obliged, and even gave him a mic! 

While working last weekend, I received these funny pictures of Jaxen from Nik...

Those two seriously make me laugh!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to a BBQ at a friends house. 
This was Jaxen, all ready to go, showing off his muscles! 

We had a great time relaxing, eating and soaking up the SUN!!! 
It was in the upper 80’s and it felt great. 
I seriously don’t care if I sweat right now. I just love the feeling of being warm. Ha ha!

For some reason Jaxen decided to pull a vacuum around the lawn while the other 
big boy pulled a wagon. 
He kept right up with them though! 

Jaxen sat down for all of about 2 minutes during lunch. 
This boy will not eat if he is somewhere where he can play! 

We were gone most of the afternoon so Jaxen missed his nap and crashed on the way home!

A selfie after bath time! 

This is Jaxens new favorite thing... Playing with trucks!

Last Saturday night, Jaxen came to me holding flowers and a card! 
He was pretty sweet. 

A Mothers Day Selfie!

Fun playing with puzzles! 

And that’s all for today!

Oh wait…I mowed the lawn for the first time this season!!!!