Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Road to Recovery....?

I think I might be on the road to recovery....

Today was the first day in 11 days that I did not have any pain, itching, major swelling, uncontrolled redness or new spots on my legs. Praise the Lord!

Seriously - I am so thankful for today and how good I felt! I saw the Doctor again, and we both agreed we have seen improvement, finally! I still have some tenderness and 17 puss bubbles spread over both my calves plus some areas on both thighs and one foot....but I can also see new scabbing and new skin! I'm trying to not over-do-it and still take care of myself. I'm still not sleeping great and I am still on all my medication - but today the medicine did not make me sick and I am thankful!

So - after 11 days, 6 different medications, 5 doctor visits, and 3 doctors....I think I'm on the road to recovery! I know this might be a long road...but at least I'm headed in the right direction!

I just wanted to share some good news with you!

Stay tuned for some more '30 Birthdy Party Posts' including my favorite cards and advice. And if your tired of hearing about my legs or my Birthday - Sorry! Check back in a couple weeks. I might be done with those two topics. Ha!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Party!

Here are some highlights from my 30th Birthday Party!!

Nik, creating the Photo Area:

My friend, Michelle and her daughter, Halley helped me setup and decorate so I would not be on my feet too much. Here, they are in the kitchen putting the icing on my home-made cupcakes!

I used the extra printed invitations as a 'banner' decoration...A little funny, but hey, why not!?

Nik put 'Caution: Turning 30' Tape on the entrance doors:

Michelle and I worked on hanging streamers:

The centerpiece for my Birthday Card area:

The finished Photo Area!

The tables, decorated with black tablecloths, black bouquet of balloons, and the Advice Buckets:

My first ever home made German Chocolate Cake! Yes, it is lopsided a little. My oven would only hold the 3 cake pans if one was slightly tilted! Ha! Look at all those candles...Yes, there are 30! By the way, my cake came out FANTASTIC!

This is a shot of me, before the party began. Dressed in all black of course (for mourning the end of my 20's) BUT - do you see my 'bling'? I am wearing my '30 Crown' (which has color on it...Kylee) for my 30's!

My Food Table consisted of Peanut Clusters, Cupcakes, Cake, Black Punch, Water and Lemonade.

This is the shot of me in the Photo Area:

After all the guests had arrived I got everyone's attention and said something along these lines: It is time to eat cake! But before we do, everyone has to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. BUT this is how I want it sung to me....because it is my party and this is what I want! Ha! You have to sing very LOUD and OFF KEY and OUT OF TUNE - because that is how I sing! Ha! Everyone can gather around my cake table while I light the candles!

Everyone gathering while I lit the candles on my took awhile!

Them, singing "Happy Birthday" to me, the way they were instructed! It was awesome!

Finally, blowing out the you see all the smoke...Ha!

I encouraged everyone there to write a note to me....something to help me embrace the 30's or advice...etc. This is what one person wrote "Make Babies". Ha! We will see....!

Everyone, (some in black, like they were instructed), just hanging out:

I also encouraged everyone....

Side Note - when I say "encouraged" I mean "TOLD". Encouraged just sounds nicer....

So, I encouraged everyone to take a picture at the Photo Area. Here are some of my favorites:

The Palmer Family -

The Huffs -

The Flack Family -

The James Family -

And that was my party! It was a fun, memorable night! I got some great advice and funny cards that I may share with you later on....


Leg update: After seeing the Doctor again today, he added Prednisone to my list of medications I take daily. No changes. But I see him again tomorrow to check my progress.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My Birthday Party was fantastic! Many many many thanks to my awesome husband who helped me pull it all off! I will give more details and pictures later - but here is my favorite one of the night:

An update on my legs. It's official now, that I have Impetigo. I have switched medications from 1 antibiotic to 2 different ones, plus Benedryl and Ibuprofen. I feel 'loopy' most of the time now. Focusing (on much of anything) takes real effort. Food does not taste real good. I'm still not sleeping great. And in the last few days, my legs have only gotten worse. This is just the reality right now! However, I am hoping this new medication will kick in and I will start to see some improvement. Please help me pray for healing to occur in my legs. I thank God that it is not anything worse, and that it is in a pretty easy location (instead of on my bottom or my face - which is where it is common)!

What a way to begin my 30's! But I'm embracing them...! Ha!

Off to bed now to get some MUCH NEEDED SLEEP! (Now that I'm older, I require more - Ha!)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Yes, I know it is a little funny making my own 'Birthday Post' to myself...but I'm also the girl who is throwing herself a party! Ha!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Party Planning

The Party must go on....!

Since I have not been doing real well lately, I was not sure if I was going to have to cancel my Party or not. Well, I decided not to! And my cutie husband was super great on Saturday. I gave him a long list of  'Party To Do's'. He (graciously) took care of every single thing on my list (which included going to 4 different stores to get items needed). Not to mention, some last minute (late night) medication and stuff for my legs.

(By the way, I'm not talking about my legs in this post. I'm tired of them and want to focus on my Party!)

Anyways, while Nik was working and running errands for me on Saturday - I did get a few things accomplished for my Party! I made some Peanut Clusters (and then ate two of them) and finished putting some final touches on things for my Party.

The "Embracing the 30's Advice Bucket":

These will be placed on each table for people to share their words of wisdom, advice, stories...etc. to help me embrace the 30's.

I also decorated my cupcake holder and got my fork/napkin holder ready:

I finished stringing my "RIP 20's Tombstone" so we could hang it and got most things put together so I can take on Monday to decorate.

Sunday I baked! What fun! I have been looking forward to baking for many weeks and I was glad I felt up to it. I was tired by the time it was done - but I had such a great time! There is something really relaxing about baking...not sure why, but for me it is!

All the ingredients needed to make a homemade German Chocolate Cake. I have never made one before, but I just followed the recipe...we'll see how it turned out tomorrow!

Nik's brother, Ryan, got this cool 'egg-thing' (I'm sure it has a real name...just don't know what it is) for us last year. It is the greatest little gadget. It cracks open your egg and separates the yolk from the egg whites. Thanks Ryan - I think of you every time I use it!

And I baked some homemade cupcakes:

Tomorrow I will frost the top of my cake and put Cool-Whip on the cupcakes and decorate them!

There is much to be done tomorrow, but I'm really looking forward to a fun-filled day, celebrating my Birthday!

P. S. Nik preached tonight in Church and he did such a great job! I am so proud of him. His message was wonderful and was well received!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Day Friday

My day on Friday looked a lot like this:

With a little of this involved:

Yes, that is my legs, propped up on the couch (with a towel under me). That is how I spent Thursday night and most of Friday. I made it at work for about 2 hours and then my legs were just getting to swollen and red. Time to elevate them.

And I may or may not be a little bitter about this. Yes, I want my legs to heal (by Monday) and I will, and am doing whatever it takes, but there is a little part of me that Does. Not. Like. This. I am not one to sit at home on the couch (by myself) and do nothing. Yes, occasionally that is what I do, and I love it...but overall, I am a 'do-er'. Laying on the couch with my legs up is not so much of the doing. I like projects, I like to clean, I like to DO SOMETHING!

I'm trying to make the best of this situation.

I picked up my 'June' flower bouquet on the way home from work. (I needed a little something nice). It is beautiful!

I placed it where I can see it from where I lay on the couch.
After I got home and elevated my legs for 30 minutes, I got my 'rest area' ready. This includes putting stuff I can do, within arms reach where I don't have to be up and down:

This includes: my party planning notebook and pen; 2 books to read, my current purse and the one I am switching to; medicine, camera, left-over Easter Starburst candy; my phone; my Ipod; my summer water cup; and a stack of mail/paperwork I need to go through.

After I got my 'rest area' ready, I 'purged' (because I'm still not done purging my house) my laundry area. It took all of 4 minutes. But it felt nice to be productive. Then I elevated again. I went through my stack of mail/paperwork (while elevating). I ate lunch, took medicine, elevated. Watched a movie. Cleaned out and switched purses from brown to black (in theme of my Birthday - coming up in 3 days):

Then I elevated and took a nap. Kind of a long nap. This was a guilt-free nap because it's not like I can do much else....not bitter! Ha! I finally got up to fix dinner. At least that is something productive I can do! I fixed one of our all time favorites - Sausage & Potatoes! The ingredients are: sausage, potatoes, olive oil and Cavendars Greek Seasoning:

You can't really go wrong with those ingredients, right? While it was in the oven I applied more medicine and elevated. Dinner was done just in time for Nik to come home. We ate, I took medicine and then guess what?! Elevated.

Nik worked all day then showed "Cars" in the Youth Room and went to watch "Cars 2" with our teens - Fun!

When he got home we ate dinner, hung out, talked, relaxed and elevated!

Here's to Saturday, and more elevating - while Nik finishes the Party Planning!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


My 'bites' got worse. I woke up Wednesday morning with 18 'bites' on my left leg, and my right leg was still swollen, red, and had yellow puss. My work ladies and I decided it was time to go to the doctor. I made an appointment and was at the Doctor's by 8:30 that morning. She told me they were not bites and that I had a bad skin infection. She thought it was a form of 'staph' or possibly 'impetigo'. She put me on antibiotics and a cream. I started taking all the medication, and was doing okay Wednesday evening.

Today (Thursday), the day started pretty well. My legs were not bad swollen, and the coloring was better. But by noon when I went to apply more medicine, my legs were really bad again. Major swelling and redness outside the 'circle'. I went ahead and applied/took my medicine, but by 2pm they were still getting worse. I called my doctor, but just had to leave a message. I left 2. So I went home to lay down. By the time Nik got home around 4, I still had not heard from my doctor and I was getting really uncomfortable. So we went to the Urgent Care Clinic.

The nice doctor at the Urgent Care Clinic told me my legs looked okay so far - and to give my antibiotics 48 hours to start working. She said unless my whole leg is red, or if my temp is above 100.4 then I am okay. Other than that - I need to keep my legs elevated, and keep on my meds.

So that is what I am doing. Mostly laying on the couch with my legs up. Oh by the way, since I'm contagious Nik and I are sleeping in different beds. I have the air mattress aired up, next to our bed (where Nik is sleeping). It's kinda funny to have 2 beds in one room!

Hopefully tomorrow (Friday) I will be feeling better.

I need to be feeling better...I have a party coming up! I wanted to celebrate my last couple of days of 29 in style. Not laid up in the house, infected and contagious....that is not fun. I have big plans for the weekend!

Goodbye to my 20' 4 more days I will be a 30 something.... It is coming - ready or not!


Some of you have recently told me that you cannot 'comment' on my blog. What a bummer! I love comments! I have looked at all my settings and there should be no problem on my end of why you can't comment.

When you are on my blog, click on 'Comments' below the post you want to make a comment.

Type in your comment, in the space provided.

Pick from the “Comment As” drop down list: Anonymous.

Then hit “Post Comment”.

At the bottom of the ‘Preview Box’ it will say “Word Verification”.

Type in what the letters are. They will look funny (this is to block spam from my blog).

Then hit ‘Post Comment’.

It should post. Try it out on this post – just type “Test”. Don’t forget to leave your name!


Update on my 'bites' coming soon.....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

These Days

I have bites on my legs. Really bad bites. Maybe chiggers? Maybe poison ivy? What else bites you and then spreads, swells and itches like crazy? Everyone who looks at my leg has a different opinion. Even the pharmacist. I tried taking pictures, but do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of your leg? Hard. Especially when you are super (duper) white. If you use the flash, all you get is a flash in the picture, because of the reflection from my leg. If you don't use a just doesn't turn out right either. So, you will just have to trust that my leg has bites, is red and kinda swollen. Oh yeah, and part of the bites look like they are infected with yellow puss bubbles on it. Is that too much information? Have I grossed you out yet? Just remember, my blog is titled 'The Days of Nik and Carla'. And, well, these are the days of Nik and Carla. Fun, huh? Be glad I have not shared with you the story of my big toe (yet). Surgery. Bloody. I have pictures. It was actualy a little traumatizing to me, so you might not ever hear about it...

Back to my post...

Nik's days, on the other hand (and if you are still reading) have been filled with family! He went home to see his dad on Fathers Day and had a great time visiting with everyone there. We don't get to GO see them very often because with Nik's position at the church, we have to be at church every Sunday; and with my job, I have to be there Monday - Friday. We are grateful they come see us so often! But it was good for Nik to get away a couple of days and hang out with his fam.

I stayed home - Someone has to 'bring home the bacon'! Ha!

Speaking (typing) of work, look at what happened on Monday:

I was sitting at my desk when I heard a loud noise. I looked out my window and saw one of those limbs on the ground! I went to go tell my co-workers and we went outside to get a better look. While we were out, the second limb fell! We could hear a few other trees cracking. But no others have come down yet. We had major winds yesterday. I guess that, combined with these trees being so dry - that is what happens. We have actually had this happen to us at home (twice)! Crazy.

Also - I have been eating. A lot. I am loving me some yummy Mexican Corn Dip. And brownies. Sometimes, even combined. With a Coke. Once, also with a sausage link. This is crazy, my eating. (And NO, I am NOT pregnant!) Good thing Nik is back to make sure I am eating (somewhat) healthy meals. Because let me tell you - although I am LOVING my food choices lately, I'm not feeling as good as normal. I had better start eating right (after I finish off the yummy Mexican Corn Dip, of course), exercising, and lose some more weight....

That's all I have for now. Oh, and by the way - I did get some chigger medicine from the pharmacist who looked at my legs. Yup, I used it 4 times. I woke up this morning with a really swollen, hurting, yellow-infected leg. At the advice of my co-workers (who think they are doctors) I took (scraped) the chigger medicine off my leg, and have been using a warm compress (off and on all day). My swelling is almost gone, most of the yellow-infected puss is out, and it is starting to look better. However, the bites on my other leg have gone from 7 to 11 overnight....The saga of the bites continue. I will keep you updated!

Monday, June 20, 2011

1 week until 30

My Birthday is in 1 week and I will be 30! Happy 1-week Birthday to me!

I am throwing myself a party for my birthday! Funny, huh?! I am having the best time planning it all out! I think it will be normally is when you have cake and a bunch of friends in one place.

This weekend I have been working on handing out my party invitations.

My invitations:

So fun!

Can't wait...7 more days....lots to do until then!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


What a great day today has been! We woke up around 8am - Nik went to work and I went on a bike ride. While riding, I came across a 'Moving Sale'. There were some good things...and look at what I scored:

A Camelbak and 2 new plates - and at a really great price! I love 'Moving/Garage Sales'!

After my purchases I went back home to clean (a little); make brownies and finally showered! Maybe that is too much information...oh well.

Then Nik and I went to Market Days. It was a bust. There were not many vendors and it was really really hot and windy. But we did buy a yummy watermelon from a local farmer:

We ate lunch at a new burger joint and then ran around town. We ended up at Hobby Lobby, Lifeway, Card & Party, HEB, and Academy. We purchased a few items for the upcoming party and some new bike riding pants for me.

Tonight we were invited to my boss' home for a get-together with some other co-workers. She cooked sausage, beans and potato salad. We brought Mexican Corn Dip w/ crackers, Brownies and Watermelon:

We visited, ate and then played a game (this game was new to me...but soooo fun!). It was called 'On Your Face'.

After the card game, we went outside and played a couple games of Dodge Ball. So random. But fun!

Hope you are enjoying summer and having fun!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Pastor

Our church has a new Pastor!

Reverend JJ James will begin his ministry at our church the first Sunday of August.


Summer is here. Summer is HOT, and not my favorite time of the year. But instead of focusing on the negative, (for example: the heat, the sweating, the no rain, the re-applying deoderant in the middle of the day, the humidity, the white legs...) I am choosing to focus on the positive things about summer!

Longer days. I love the time of year when the sun waits to set until after 8:30pm, instead of at 5pm!

Sno-cones. This has been a favorite summertime treat of ours. It started in NM. When Nik first moved to the area, he did not know his way around town (especially through the neighborhoods.In his hometown he always drove through neighborhoods to get anywhere he was going). So - we would get in our car, buy sno-cones, and get lost driving the town, the neighborhoods, and the back mountain roads. We have such good memories of long hours driving, eating sno-cones! Now - with gas prices so high, we settle for just sno-cones and no driving around!

Pineapples / Watermelons / Cantelope. We crave these!

Hawaiin Breeze Glade Candle. Seriously a wonderful summer scent in the house!

Yogurt Shops. Temple and Belton have a couple new yogurt shops where you fill your cup and pay by the ounce. We have made it our duty to try them all out (a couple of times) this summer. Pay by the ounce is good for me, because I don't like to eat a lot of yogurt at once. Nik, however, sometimes goes a little crazy. For those of you who have never been, they give you a cup. A big cup - and put you in front of all flavors of yogurt and toppings - then you help yourself! (In Nik's defense it is easy to get carried away). The first time we experienced this, he filled his cup with 16 ounces. That is one pound of Yogurt and toppings! It was a little expensive...!

Watering the grass. I love it. I don't know why, but it makes me happy! It is a balance, watering enough to keep your grass alive and keeping your water bill down. So far, I have found the happy balance. We'll see how well I do as the summer gets hotter.

Hanging out with Teens. Since the teens are out of school, Nik gets to hang out with them more. Playing basketball, eating sno-cones and just goofing off. It's a favorite time of his to have more time with them.

Grilling. We love to grill. Actually, we grill year-round, but there is something nice about grilling in the summer. Oh, and one of my favorite smells during the summer is when you step out of your house, and you smell the yummy flavors of someone else grilling.

New Summer Cup. At Target this weekend, I found these fun, plastic cups that were 'summery' (if that is a word...). And I had to have it! It is my new official 'Summer Drink Cup'. It goes with me everyday to work. Isn't it fun and cute?! (Good thing it does not take much to make this girl happy!)

Camp. Love Camp. Love everything about Camp. I'm sad I don't get to be a part of it, but so glad that Nik gets to take the teens each year. And each year they love it more and more. Before we moved here, very few ever went to Camp. They hated it. Well, that rocked our world - so we had to change that! Slowly, but surely, they are loving Camp!

My Birthday. There was no way I could conclude this post without my Birthday being mentioned! I love my Birthday. I know it is silly and we all know I don't like the age I am turning this year, but I think there is something special in celebrating the day you came into this world. Plus...there is some party planning going on!

Time for some reader participation - Comment and tell me what your favorite part about summer is!