Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Faves

We have had the best couple of days this weekend…weather-wise, that is. It reached 80 degrees and the sun is shining! Woo-hoo! But…we have been stuck at home, indoors the last two days. Jaxen came down with some kind of cold on Saturday. He is super stuffy, low fever, no appetite, throat hurting….and he has been laying low. Seriously low. This kid has watched so much tv and has been horizontal a good majority of the last few days. I’m hoping he perks up a bit so I can take the boys to the pool this afternoon - I guess we will see.

So I thought I would share a few of my summer favorites with you…

1. Sunscreen. I love the smell of sunscreen and I love the smell of my kids when they have sunscreen on. Sunscreen just smells of summer for me. And freshly mowed grass. That too.

Sunscreened baby, hanging out at the pool

2. Pool. Now…I don’t like swimming or getting wet really. However, I love for my kids to swim, and play in water and be wet all summer long. To me, that is just what summer is about. I do go in sometimes and I try to be a good sport about it…but really, I just want to put my legs in and sit on the sidelines watching them.

3. Campfires. I love campfires. I love friends and good conversations around campfires. I love the smell and I love the food that is normally consumed around a campfire.

4. Outside in the shade. I really like being outside (in the shade) during summer. I love to eat outside, watch my kids play, and I even like taking work outside to do.

Hanging with this guy in the shade, last year (left) and this year (right)

5. Ice Cream and Hot Dog Stands. Ice Cream is not necessarily a favorite…but I love stopping at Ice Cream stands and Hot Dog stands in the summer. I just think that is what you should consume. Last year, we were a bit better about doing this - searching them out and driving out to them and eating. This year has been a bust so far. But…there is still time!

Last year, at a hot dog stand

6. Fun Activities. Vacation Bible School, crafts, going to the parks…any kind of activity that you can do on a whim (because it’s summer) I love to do. One day last week, we had “Activity Day”. And today, we made slime. Fun.

Superhero VBS

Building a tower


7. The Beach. Again…I don’t really care to ever go in the water…but I love the beach. The sights (always an awesome view), the sounds (waves, kids playing), the smells (again, sunscreen), even the food. Snack food always tastes better at the beach, right?! It is my goal to go to the beach more this last half of summer.

This is a happy place for my boys

8. Blueberries. I love to go pick blueberries. I love to eat blueberries. I love to bake with blueberries.

5 pounds I picked this weekend, plus 2 huge zucchini’s from a friends garden.

Those are just a few things I love about summer!!! 
What about you??

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Life Lately

This post was going to be titled “A Day at the Zoo” because that is what we were supposed to do yesterday. Instead…we ended up at the doctors office and lots of chill time at home. Not as fun.

All is well…but yesterday Zane woke up with bumps/rash/hives on his body. A bit scary, right?! Well, we took him to the doctor and he has Viral Exanthem. A rash, that is just a virus, not caused by anything in particular and that will go away on its own. I’m keeping him super cool, giving him benadryl and keeping him out of the sun. Already today it is looking better. He also has a bite that is infected, but he is still on his meds for strep throat, so that is taking care of that. Whew…Although nothing major is wrong with our boys, I’m a bit tired from the fevers, whining, not feeling good and multiple doctor visits in the last 2 weeks. 

So - now you get to see a bunch of random pics from our life lately...

Life doesn’t get much better for these two than when they have suckers.

Jaxen got to sleep with me one night last week while Nik was gone.
It’s sweet and although I don’t sleep as well, I like looking over at my little boy by my side.

Last week we got to meet up with this great family…the Chandlers!
Matthew was getting married he asked Nik to officiate the ceremony.
I’m so glad we got to see them!

Nik and I had a quiet lunch before the wedding, by ourselves.
This was my view for a full 45 minutes :)

On the way to the wedding!

Matthew and Nik

Mathew, Nik and I.

The ceremony was sweet.

And the reception was beautiful!

Last week Nik was at camp (he drove back 1 day for the wedding)
and look where the campers went?
Taughannock Falls!

While Nik was gone, Jaxen and I decided to make homemade waffles
(with Chocolate Chips, of course)!

These two were pretty pumped up when their daddy finally got home on Saturday!

And then we headed out to a grad party.
Jaxen had the best time swimming.

Brother Bath Time!

Sunday my boys were looking pretty cute!

All smiles with his new cup, green beans and string cheese.

Jaxen has been going to a superhero VBS this week,
and is having the best time!
And I made double-chocolate-chip-m&m-cookies (on the counter).

And that’s a look at life lately!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Taughannock Falls

Last Sunday at church we had our annual “Celebration Sunday”
where we look back on all the things that God has done in the life of our church this past year.

It was a good service!

And after…we headed out to Taughannock Falls.
This is one of the beautiful NY State Parks and has and incredible waterfall.

We grilled out lunch and had a great time hanging out and eating.
After, a big group of us started the hike to the falls.

A small waterfall at the beginning.

The older teen boys and a few adults were kind enough to take some of the
kids in the water to walk to the falls.

Those of us who didn’t want to get wet - stayed on the trail above (taking pictures)!

Jaxen had the best time walking through the water, playing, splashing...etc.

The scenery all around us was absolutely gorgeous!

A group pic of the ones who were in the water. 

And not long after that picture, we made it to the falls!

It was seriously breathtakingly beautiful!
Pictures do not do it justice.

After we walked back to our campsite, we let Jaxen play in the water for a bit.

Nik and Zane stayed back at the campsite during our hike.
But Zane had a great time throwing rocks in the water!
And don’t ask me why his onsie is unbuttoned….?

It was a beautiful day at a great state park I had never been to!