Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pregnancy - 38 Weeks

I'm posting from my it may look different! 

Well, I made it to 38 weeks! 

Baby Zane - 38 weeks

I saw a doctor (not mine) this morning and after hearing the heartbeat, asking a few questions (Contractions? Movement? Cramps? Bleeding? Etc) and measuring (measuring at 40 weeks) she did an exam. Currently, I am 2 cm dialated, and 50% effaced. 

So I guess that's good news, that there is progression, and things are happening, right? But I'm also not getting my hopes up or down with the news. Baby Zane will come when he's ready! And until then... I'm going to get as much rest in while I can. And snuggles with my first little :)

Cuddled in mommys bed watching cartoons before school. 

I'm trying to take advantage of only juggling one kid (and no husband home). So I met up with a friend this morning for tea/coffee and I have lunch plans with another friend tomorrow! I really need to get my hair cut as well... but other than that, I'm trying to just stay up on the laundry and keep the bathrooms clean! Hanging out with people and staying busy (in between naps) helps me from getting nervous, stressing, and it takes my mind off the uncomfortableness I am feeling! 

People have been so sweet while Nik is gone... They are checking in on me and so many have offered to help out if the time comes! I'm thankful for my people :)

Let's see...what else... I am experiencing bad heartburn the last two days. I have taken medicine for it, but not much is helping. My back is also starting to bother me. And my feet hurt. Which is weird. Because it's not like I'm even on them very much! 

I finished up the Bible Study I was leading last night. So that's over. I am teaching Sunday School for Nik this week - but after that, I dont think I have anymore obligations! 

I guess I am "nesting". I never really know - because I feel like what others call "nesting" is just what I do anyways. But today I pulled down more baby clothes and sorted them, in bins, by size. I had already taken all clothes out, up to 3 months and they are in Zanes dresser. So today I worked on 6 through 18 months. I still have 24 months through 3T to sort! It might happen tomorrow. Not sure! 

Ok. I think that's all for now. I have a little boy who is desperate to play. And with his daddy gone, it is non-stop! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On Our Own

Nik leaves town this morning for what should be his last trip away before Baby Zane is due. Him being gone is nothing new to us - he does that from time to time and we are used to it. And the fact that he is gone so close to a pregnancy due date - that’s nothing new either. Haha! Almost four years ago, he was gone for an entire week, came home on a Sunday, and then the following Monday my water broke and I had Jaxen on Tuesday. So yes - Nik’s prediction of when Baby Zane is coming will be next Monday or Tuesday :) Fine by me!

So last night we spent time just hanging out together. At one point during the evening (while Nik and I watched The Voice) Jaxen was cuddled up in my lap, his head laying on Baby Zane watching a show of his own. It was sweet. A little uncomfortable on my part…but still sweet. It will probably be just as uncomfortable and sweet when Baby Zane is on the outside of my belly and both boys want to cuddle with their momma. I’ll take it though!

And only dads (or this one, at least) will read to their little boy while he is perched on his shoulders, in front of the heater. That right there - is a sign of love! Jaxen loves his daddy and will miss him while he is gone. So I am glad they got some extra time in before Nik left.

And just because Nik got this as a text from our church secretary and it made me laugh out loud, I wanted to share it with you guys as well. It is a “Definitive beard guide for those in need…” 

She suggested he grow his beard to “Hipply”. I disagree. And there is no way I even asked Nik at what point he wanted to grow his beard to!

I better wrap this post up… Jaxen has speech therapy this morning and then we have to take Nik to get a rental car and then I need to stop at Target to pick up a few last items as I pack my hospital bag and I’m pretty sure there will be another important stop in there as well…(for a yummy drink)! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

I saw this on Pinterest and really liked it!

The saying is true. Easter is all about Jesus and what he did for each one of us. I am so humbled and grateful for the sacrifice He made so I could live in freedom. God took on flesh (as Jesus) and came to this earth. He lived a perfect life and died a death He did not deserve. For everyone one of us. Because of His death we are no longer bound to “rules” but a “relationship” with Him. He offers forgiveness and grace, freely. And the best part of Easter - the reason for celebrating Easter - he rose from the grave! He did not stay dead. He sits in Heaven with God and intercedes on our behalf! And I love Him and thank Him for what He did…for me. 

And so even though Easter is about Jesus, and not a bunny - there are many ways to celebrate! Here is a recap of what our Easter looked liked….

Thursday, at church, we had a wonderful Maundy Thursday Service! It was a great time to reflect on the meaning of the week. And afterward, we headed to McDonalds to grab a quick dinner before going home. As we walked in, we realized they were having some kind of Easter Celebration…a bunny was there, free kids meals, face painting…etc. So after we ate our meal we let Jaxen get his face painted.

And just so you know (and for my memories) - this is the first time he ever had his face painted! I know… he is almost four… it should have been a right of passage a long time ago. However - he was never interested. Any time he had seen this before, he never really took notice or showed any interest.

And then he watched kid after kid get the Batman symbol painted on their face. Their entire face. And then he decided he wanted one too. It was actually past time (they were getting ready to clean up the stations); and it was already past his bedtime…but the sweet lady heard him asking me if he could get it done, and she stayed later just for him.

I was not a fan of him having it done and then going home and going to bed…but Nik convinced me it was okay. And I agreed to a small one on his cheek…not his entire face. He sat so still and was so proud of his batman!

When we got home, we started getting him ready for bed and he wanted to wear his Batman costume (from Halloween) but it is too small! So I talked him into wearing Spiderman to bed. He was okay with that :)

I even gave him a mirror to look at his face while in bed, and he totally fell asleep looking at himself!
It was pretty cute! And yes, in the middle of the night, he woke up with paint all over his face, crying that Batman was gone. I grabbed some wipes, cleaned his face and (thankfully, without much fit throwing or convincing) he went back to sleep. And I took the mirror away.

Other fun things from our Easter...

I finally got around to putting an “easter centerpiece” on our dining room table last Thursday.

And filled Jaxen’s easter basket with a few items:
new pajamas, a new shirt, paw patrol coloring book, 3 paw patrol puppies and candy in eggs!

I also bought some ‘fake’ eggs and stickers for him to decorate.
I was not feeling the dye this year - haha!

So on Friday, while Nik was working - I pulled out the decorating stuff.
He did pretty good with decorating the eggs.
He liked coloring and putting stickers on them - but really wanted my help with it all.
He did not enjoy doing it alone!

His favorite thing though…
is when I cut out some eggs and let him glue stuff to it.
He got really excited about that - and had a great time with it!

Sunday morning Nik left early to attend the annual Easter Breakfast, but Jaxen and I stayed home until right before service began. (Even though he was on medicine and no longer contagious, I didn’t want him around a lot of people at church). So he sat with me during church and I let him join the kids for the Children’s Sermon - which he loved!

After church we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed home where all three of us napped! Later that afternoon, we joined some friends and their family for an Easter dinner. We had a great time and Jaxen played hard. He was worn out and ready for bed!

We did not get a ‘family picture’ (I wish we would have) so I snapped a few shots before / after church of us. 

Jaxen and I - ready for church!

This boy is a stud! He looked so handsome in his new shirt and tie :)
Too bad these pics were taken inside, on the top of my washer…instead of outside with beautiful grass and flowers (North Country Easter Problems).

And a few family selfies after church...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pregnancy - 37 Weeks / Life Updates

Here are a few life updates for you before we get to my Pregnancy Post:

* Nik’s computer needed to be worked on (therefore, no blogging lately!).
* Nik has had some bad allergies (which includes lots of coughing at night).
* One of our vehicles needed to be worked on (all better - but always a bummer).
* It is Easter Week (which means extra work at the church for Nik) - but what a great week!
* My sister got married this week (which I watched through FaceTime - thank you, technology)!
* And Jaxen is sick. After a doctor visit today, we discovered he has a cold and conjunctivitis. I have to administer eye drops four times a day for seven days. I have only done it twice  - and he is not a fan! He will get used to it, and it will get better…but man, I feel bad for him. He is pretty miserable right now :(

Jaxen and I at the doctor’s office this morning.

So there you have it - our life in a snapshot! Now onto a pregnancy / Baby Zane update!


For the record… The last “Pregnancy Post” I did with Jaxen was at 37 weeks. Before I ever made it to see the doctor for my 38 week checkup - Jaxen was on his way! Not saying that is what will happen this time…just reminiscing :)

And actually, Nik has to be out of town for 5 days this next week…so I kind of hope that Zane does not decide to come on the same timeline that Jaxen did!

Baby Zane - 37 Weeks

My appointment on Thursday went well. 
Heartbeats, blood pressure and everything else was good and normal. 
No worries and no signs of actual labor.

I did get the results from the Group B Strep test - and I was negative!
I’m thanking the Lord for that :)

And guess what? 
I had no weight gain between appointments.
I could not believe it.
I think that is the first appointment I went into without a weight gain!!!

Baby Zane has moved lower…but still not in “position” yet.
Things are starting to happen though and my body is totally getting ready for delivery.
I have contractions often - just small ones, but they are all the time.
I have lots of cramping and I feel like I have to potty every 3 minutes.
I am super uncomfortable when I sit, in any position.
Laying down or standing is more comfortable.

But all in all - I still am having a very good pregnancy
and I am so thankful it is not worse.
However, I’m just about ready to be done carrying this baby inside of me!

I am finding that I am nervous.
Like, I’m not going to know what to do.
On the other hand - I am so ready for Baby Zane to be here
and complete our little family!

Jaxen is getting excited too :)

Baby Zane - 37 Weeks

A friend surprised me this week with dinner!
On Tuesday, she handed me this bag and said:
“Dinner is all prepped - it just has to be cooked”

And it was!
There was rice / marinated meat / and veggies all cut and ready to go.
Dinner was done in 20 minutes with no thought or prep work from me,
(which was a nice break) and it was so delicious!

I am thankful for my friend, and the fact she thought about me and my family.
I want to just throw it out there…
Yes, it is nice to receive meals after you have a baby…
but it was also really nice to receive it while pregnant!
So if you know someone very pregnant - I’m sure they would enjoy a meal :)

Marinated meat and vegetable stir-fry over rice

That’s it for this week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zane’s Room

I think I finally have Zane’s room all ready to go (not that he will be spending much time in there the first few weeks of life). But it was, and has been, in chaos for awhile and I knew I had to get it organized for my sanity (and so I could find things when needed).

Between going through Jaxen’s old stuff and the Baby Shower - it had gotten out of hand!

Last week I spent some time in there and it was really fun! Organizing all the baby stuff, hanging a few things on the wall, making the crib up (although he won’t need it for awhile, it just makes me feel better to have it all ready), and getting his “moses basket" ready to actually sleep in…. made it all more real and exciting! As if the constant kicking and moving is not real enough - haha!

I think I mentioned before that we were going to use the furniture we already had from Jaxen’s nursery - I mean, it was still all setup and everything! I also didn’t plan on having a “theme” or anything -  I was pretty much going to use stuff I already had and keep it simple. And then…I saw the dinosaur picture. Remember this?

I just loved it and had to have it! So that was my “inspiration piece” if you can call it that! Not really even a “theme” - just a cute piece to go off of. I’m not a decorator and really, everything is very simple - but I think it’s cute! So here’s a peak into Zane’s room…

The dino pic is above the crib, and I have 'star' and ‘ABC’ sheets for his crib.
The afghan probably won’t stay…but it is colorful and and I like it!

We purchased this ‘Z’ from Hobby Lobby once we decided on a name -
so it hangs above the dresser/changing table.

All the precious baby clothes - washed, organized and ready to be worn!

I originally wanted white curtains for the room, but when we picked out sheets with navy in them 
and bought the navy ‘Z’ I decided to use a navy curtain (that I already had on hand).

The shelf holds the cute dinosaur lamp, some stuffed animals and 
all things baby (bibs, burp rags, blankets, extra diapers…etc). 
Remember…this room has no closet!

At some point I will probably change it up - but right now, it’s all organized
and I can find everything I need for the first few weeks with baby!

I have Baby Zane’s “Moses basket” all ready for him to sleep in (in our room) 
after he comes home from the hospital. 
The boppy pillow is just there for me when nursing. 

And I have the diaper bag and diaper carrier (for downstairs) out -
neither of which are fully packed yet - but they are ready!

So that’s basically it!
It’s nice and simple and I like it :)
I am still on the lookout for a clock, one more dino picture (which is out of stock at the moment),
possibly a rug with navy and blue in it and then a few nick-nacks to finish it up.
Nothing major though.

And here is my first attempt at a panoramic picture of the whole room…

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekend Highlights

Friday Highlights:

Jaxen slept until 7:45am! WHAT?! I was so excited! So far…I am loving this time change :)

After being up about 20 minutes he remembered he had a chocolate candy from Thursday. He received a little “coin” at school and played with it all day. Not knowing it was chocolate (and neither did I), he wanted to take it to bed Thursday night. Thankfully, Nik told me it was actually candy and not just a little coin - so we told him no, but that he could eat it Friday. And then we showed him it was chocolate. So, by 8:15am, my child already had chocolate in his system. Good parenting, I know.

I was supposed to watch two girls on Friday morning for a few hours…but that got cancelled at the last minute so my morning became open (Nik was working all morning). I was thinking about getting out of the house with Jaxen and running around town (with a Sonic stop included) but it started snowing! Seriously. Which made me lazy and just want to stay in. So guess what I did instead…. laundry - which was only a highlight in my day when I realized that all of it was done (even Jaxen’s bedding)!

Right before nap time we let Jaxen open up another “big brother” present. And he received a “Flashlight Penguin”. Which he loved! He took the penguin to nap with him. Opening these gifts have definitely been a highlight in his life.

While Jaxen napped, Nik and I did a little work around the house and then I took off for a Sonic run before Nik took off for a night of dinner and a play with the youth group.

While Nik was gone, Jaxen and I ate dinner, played magnets, played with Lincoln Logs (in front of the heater) and then he took about an hour bath. Baths are a highlight for him!

And then…we baked cookies! Jaxen has become such a great helper in the kitchen. He listens (mostly) well and follows directions pretty good. We only had one “oops” with the flour and one sneeze in the cookie batter (don’t worry - no one else is eating these cookies. haha).

Saturday Highlights:

Jaxen’s Highlights for the day included his daddy. Nik has been a bit busy these days with out of town trips, working on his day off and evening work obligations (it’s just that time of year). So we decided to get out of the house Saturday morning and Jaxen was pretty much glued to his daddy all day!

We had a few errands to run - and then we ended up at the mall food court (where else can you get pizza, burgers and asian food for lunch?).

While we were at the mall we decided to check out bikes for Jaxen. He loved sitting on all of them and riding them around. We told him when he turned 4, he could have a bike. I know that will be a highlight in his life!

We were headed to our church’s Easter Egg Hunt that afternoon, but had some time to kill. Nik wanted coffee and Jaxen and I never say no to donuts!

Jaxen had a great time at the church. He got to see (and pet) a baby lamb and bunny!

He hunted eggs.

He listened very well during story time - and even had the opportunity to do “Resurrection Eggs” (one item goes into each egg, which tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection). That was a highlight, and he has been playing with those eggs all weekend!

His bestie, Leah was there - which makes everything a highlight!

Sunday Highlights:

The whole day was just really great! We attended church, came home to eat lunch and nap after. Then we stayed in for dinner (I made breakfast) and then I made a trip to the grocery store while Nik and Jaxen stayed behind. 

After I finish this blog post - I’m going to lay down on the couch and relax for the rest of the evening!