Friday, June 30, 2017

Tee Ball

This past Wednesday night, Jaxen had his last Tee Ball of the season.

Here is his little team
(Jaxen is on the bottom row, far right)

And this is both teams and coaches 
(they practiced together each week)

This was an “instructional” tee ball.
The very basics.
I’m thankful for it though.
It was a lot of fun for Jaxen, 
and I think he would be willing to play again next year.

Zane almsot figured out this fence!
Haha - good thing it was our last week :)

I think Jaxen’s favorite thing from the season was
when they practiced with water balloons.
And on this last night - they got to throw water balloons at each other.
At the same time (through the fence).
Water was everywhere and all the kids loved it!

Jaxen is second from the left.

 So much fun!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Strawberry Picking & Mud Puddle Jumping

We are back! And I’m in the full swing of things… laundry, dishes, feeding my family…etc. I can tell you - it was super nice to not have to do any laundry, dishes, or picking up after little boys for 8 days!

But I’m super glad to be home! And we are in "summer-mode” now. I’m not really sure what all that means - but today, it meant strawberry picking and mud puddles.

We were up and out of the house by 8:30am (and we all have on sweatshirts because it was a tad cool in the morning - it did warm up though) and headed to pick some strawberries. I am so glad I took the boys (I pondered, not) but they did so good. Jaxen was such a great helper and he really enjoyed helping me pick! And Zane…well, Zane ate the whole time. He probably ate ripe strawberries, bad strawberries, weeds, dirt…he seriously had something in his mouth the whole time. Haha! So I would say he had fun, too.

My favorite :)

Jaxen decided he does not like strawberries, just the juice from them. So we agreed to make smoothies when we got home. He helped me make them, and after his first drink he replies “delicious and nutritious”. That made me laugh so hard! He ended up only drinking about half though. I thought it was pretty good!

After nap time for Zane and lunch - we headed outside. It was a beautiful day. It had been raining a lot here (what else is new?!) and parts of our backyard were little ponds. I took Zane’s lunch outside and he ate while played and then finished off my yogurt and had the messiest face: 

But then…they discovered this little mud puddle in the middle of the back yard. I thought it was pretty small - but as Jaxen was jumping, he was really making some good splashes! Zane kept getting close to Jaxen and therefore, getting splashed himself. He was pretty funny about it!

They were both soaked and so muddy when they were done! Clothes got stripped off before we ever came in the house and they went straight to the bath!

Good times :) 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Getting Ready

Today I am doing lots of laundry, packing and getting my home organized. Tomorrow morning Nik and I take off to Indianapolis for NYI Global Convention and General Assembly. I am thankful for my in-laws who have graciously agreed to keep our boys while we are gone. I know they will be in good hands - but I also know I am going to miss them like crazy!

All that to say - the blogging may be put on hold a bit :)

But here are some pics from our last week….

This little guy is growing up so fast!

We all went to Jaxen’s Tee Ball last week and it was so much fun 
watching him do this thing!

This particular night, they threw and caught water balloons.
Jaxen loved that.

Then they played a little “game” where each person got a chance to hit and run.

When it was time for Jaxen’s team to be in the field, he was on 3rd.
You could tell it was not his favorite…but he had fun talking with the kids who ran by!

One night this past week, Jaxen asked if I would put streamers on his door again.
(We did this for Christmas).
I told him I would do it at some point in the next few days.
So that night - I just pulled out some leftover streamers and went to town.
And it put a big smile on his face the next morning!

Zane and I love hanging out outside (when it’s not raining).
He just plays and plays
and then stops for a snack and drink break every so often.

So Russell and Kay are here - staying in a camper nearby.
The boys have enjoyed hanging out over there…
it’s a fun new place to play and explore!

Thursday night we had a Ladies Night Out 
and had the best time!
Good food, good friends and an amazing view of the lake.

Friday night we hosted a cookout for the young adults at church.
It was super laid back and we had a great time.
My favorite part?
The campfire.
The first (of many) we plan on having in our backyard this summer!

Jaxen loves to cuddle up next to Zane in the mornings :)

Saturday, the boys and I got ready to go to our town’s 
Strawberry Festival!

Jaxen pulled Zane in this wagon most of the way there!
Guess who pulled that wagon all the way back home?
Me…and it had about 65 pounds in it at that point.

Sunday night we ordered Chinese with some friends and just hung out at the house.
Zane loves Eric (and his phone - haha!)