Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This past weekend I spent a lot of time sorting through Jaxen’s clothes. 
I packed away things that were too small, and pulled out winter gear. 
Thankfully, I had a lot of hand me downs from people over the last two years (all sizes 3T-5T).

As I sorted, Jaxen wanted to help.
Or play, really!

And then we found it…
a Spiderman costume.

And I can hardly get it off of him!

He has worn it all day, napped in it, and even wore it to bed.
He has not left the house in it yet…but asks for it the minute we get home!

It’s so cute on him I can’t say no :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pregnancy - Week 10 & 11

Week 10 (last week) I finally started feeling better! Yea!!!!

And then week 11 came and I started feeling sick again on Tuesday. Bummer. But I find if I eat a lot of carbs and eat every 2-3 hours, it helps. No fried foods and not many sweets either. I’m still eating a lot of rice and beans. Other than feeling nauseous and still napping almost every day - I feel great!

Baby D - 10 weeks
(no picture - sorry)

But I do have a funny story for you!

I was telling Nik last week that I thought I was doing well with my hormones… that I was not a crazy, emotional pregnant lady and how happy I was that it had not been an issue. I’m sure I went on and on about how great I was being as a pregnant wife and mom :)

Then Nik gave me a look.

Apparently he did’t see it that way - haha!

Baby D - 11 weeks

My shape is changing, but that is okay! It is on my to-do-list this week to find some maternity jeans I can wear. I only have one pair of pants that fit…and they are capris. It’s almost too cold to wear capris. Thankfully, I can hang out almost every day in stretchy pants - And it doesn’t bother me a bit to do so!

I have not really been “planning” a lot, necessarily, for Baby D. I have started making a list of things that we need before Baby D arrives and I have started to pull out stuff from when Jaxen was born to see what I have and if I need to replace anything. It is fun thinking back on the newborn days and seeing what all we have! 

Each week as Baby D grows - I get more and more excited!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Catch-Up Time!

My mom told me it was okay that I had not been blogging while they were here visiting…but that I better start again after she left! Ha ha. So here I am…

Nik and Jaxen are getting ready to settle in - in front of the TV for some football. I am settled at the kitchen table and there is a wonderful fall breeze blowing through the house :)  Dinner has been prepared (thank you, leftovers), the kitchen is cleaned and I am in my comfy clothes. Not sure why I told you all that…

Anyways… Catch-up Time!

My family has come and gone. I enjoyed their visit so much. It was relaxing and fun and we all just had a great time hanging out together. I’m so thankful that our families travel so far to see us! After my nap today, I came downstairs, and there was no one waiting on me to play games (sad face) so I did a few chores! Ha ha. Back to normal life I guess.

Jaxen even enjoyed a lot of “play card” while they were here!

Jaxen has been on this weird “no affection” kick for quite some time now. As in - telling you no anytime you go to hug him, or kiss him, or even tell him “I love you”. It’s kinda funny - but really unlike him. Anyway - he was on this kick while his Bebe and Pepaw were here. He liked them from a distance. But on the last day - he let Bebe and Pepaw hold his hand!!! I couldn’t believe it. 

The pic is kind of bad…but I had to get one of him finally showing affection!

 And a few photos after lunch, before dropping them off at the airport.

In other news…

We have had a few cool evenings here lately and I finally turned our heater on one morning. The minute Jaxen heard it kick on…he found his favorite spot!

Hanging out in front of the heater vent!

Jaxen is still loving his school!
He looks forward to it each day and talks about “play with friends”.

Jaxen fell asleep with his door open one night, and I could not
resist taking a picture of my sweet, sleeping boy.

That’s all I have for now…

But I will leave you with this one tidbit of information you may not know about me. In previous blogs I shared my love for Monday mornings. They are my favorite morning of the week. Well, Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week. This started a long time ago… I guess because on Thursday nights I always felt I could stay up late because the next day was Friday and then the weekend comes. I don’t know why, really…but I love Thursday nights! 

So Happy Thursday Night to you!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Family

I have not been blogging due to family in town. Good excuse to me! 

Bebe and Pepaw flew in last Tuesday and will be here until Wednesday.

Jaxen has enjoyed seeing both sets of his grandparents in the last month!
He has extra people to show off for :)

Nik took this picture of Jaxen the other night when they went for a bike ride.

We got to celebrate my mom’s birthday while they are here!

Nik is trying to help her figure out her new birthday present…
as my mom said “It’s a Kindle I can play games on!”
Otherwise known as a Kindle Fire.

I made a Texas Sheet Cake (her request) and Jaxen enjoyed helping Bebe blow out the candles.

We are spending our days and nights around the kitchen table,
playing games…like we like to do!

I sure am thankful for time with my family!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Pregnancy - Up to Date

In this post you get a recap of the last 5 weeks of pregnancy….

I found out I was pregnant at week 5
Here was my first “baby bump” picture!

At this point in the game - I felt really good. There were a few days when I was really tired…but I basically kept up my same daily routine. I was not really “sick” at all - but I did have some times of being a little uncomfortable. Usually eating a small snack helped with that. The only real symptom I was experiencing was a very tender, super sore chest.

Baby D - 6 weeks

Baby D - 7 weeks

These two weeks I was tired! It really hit me hard. Nik’s family was still here part of the time and I would lay down in the afternoons and rest while Jaxen napped, and I still went to bed before everyone else! I even kept falling asleep when we went places in the car. I forgot how tiring it can be to grow a baby!

I was not really sick (throwing up) at this point but towards the end of the week I felt queasy almost all day, everyday. And…the burping started. If you were around me at all my last pregnancy - I’m sure you know about the burping. It can be gross - and it started in full force.

Baby D - 8 weeks

This was the week I became nauseous all the time. I only threw up one day - but nothing sounded good to eat. Nothing. And when I did eat - it had to be carbs. That is the only thing I could keep down. I don’t think I cooked dinner one night that week. I just could not handle the thought of food. Even when I turned on the oven - the normal “oven smell” just about put me over the top.

I’m pretty sure I napped everyday. I did finally get out for a walk one day - it felt great! But then I was exhausted. Seriously - the tiredness! But…I am so grateful that I can nap each and every day. I am grateful for an understanding husband when I don’t cook dinner or do any house work. He has been the best!

Baby D - 9 weeks

This week I grew out of some of my clothes. They were too tight! I even went to church without buttoning the top button of my pants! ha ha. I did pull out some of my maternity clothes from before (with Jaxen) but they are a bit big. I am starting this pregnancy out at a smaller weight and size and so I might have to go purchase a few things to get me through! I know I am not really “showing” but my body has definitely started changing and middle is getting rounder. 

This week was no better with the nausea. I still felt very sick 90% of the time. I tried to start eating more often and that seemed to help. But food did not really sound or taste very good. You would think since I never wanted to eat anything - I would not be gaining weight. Wrong! When I was eating - it was all “junk” / carbs / and I could keep nothing healthy down. An apple (about every other day) was the best I could do with fruits and vegetables.

Funny story: So one night I was laying on the couch telling Nik how incredibly hungry I was but that nothing sounded good. I was saying all that as I was scrolling through Pinterest. I happen to see a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell - and I knew. I knew that is exactly what I wanted! Nik, being so kind, ran to Taco Bell and got me one. I ate it - and actually felt better! Nik laughed because at what point does eating Taco Bell make someone ever feel better?! Ha ha.

I pretty much want rice and beans. And sour cream. I tried eating grilled chicken (which I normally love) and could not even get one piece down. And don’t even put a soda in front of me right now. I might gag. And forget my favorite Sonic drink. Not happening either. Or plain iced tea. Which I normally drink all day long. It’s water for me. It’s not that it even tastes good…it’s just the only thing I can think about drinking without feeling nauseous.

Anyway. Enough about food. It’s just so weird the things that make me sick and what makes me feel better.

I have been trying to have a “mind over matter” mindset when it comes to actually being productive. It is working most of the time! The busier I am, the more I forget how I feel. I am really looking forward to leaving this first trimester and the sickness….

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pregnancy Story - 2nd Time Around

Once we had Jaxen the questions came often: “When will you have another baby?” “Do you want other kids?” And so on. I always replied “Yes, we would like at least one more, but we are not in a rush.” I mean, it took us almost 10 years to decide we were ready for baby #1! Ha ha.

Thankfully, it did not take us 10 more…just 3!

Last fall, we started talking “baby” again. I was really uneasy for some reason about adding another baby to our family. Not sure why - but to me that meant I needed to pray about it some more - that it was obviously not time yet. So I started praying about God’s will for our family and His timing if we were to have another child. Sometime during the winter, I felt a peace about adding another child into our family and then started praying about the timing of it all and for God’s will to be done in this situation and I prayed that I would trust Him no matter what.

Listen, I know that “our plans” are not always “God’s plans” and I know that just because I was able to get pregnant and carry a child once, does not mean it would necessarily happen that way again. I wanted to be open to what God had planned for us. If that meant getting pregnant and carrying a child - or adopting - or fostering - or none of the above… I wanted to trust His plans.

So Nik and I stopped preventing pregnancy sometime this summer. I really tried not be anxious about it - but just let it be.

Come August - I was supposed to start my monthly cycle on Wednesday, August 5. And yes, I am usually on time with my cycles - at least within 2 days. By Friday, August 7, when I did not start, I was wondering if I was pregnant. Trying not to get my hopes up, just in case…but feeling a little excited. I pondered going to the store for a test, but then I realized I already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for the following Tuesday (it was just a new patient appointment, made months prior). So I waited.

Tuesday came and I still had not started my cycle. And my chest was super sore and sensitive. I knew I was pregnant. But still…You don’t know until you know. And I needed to find out for sure.

While at the doctor’s I mentioned that I would like a pregnancy test done. After filling out all the paperwork and answering their 1 million new patient questions - she told me to go pee in a cup. A few minutes later the nurse came to my door and just stared at me. She didn’t say anything at first, just stared. Then she slowly told me the test was positive and then waited for my reply. My reply was “Yea!” And she smiled and as she walked away said “It’s good to hear a ‘yea’”. Ha ha.

The doctor then came in and we did a few routine things - then he basically said “Make an appointment with an OB - I’ll see you in a year”.

So that is what I did!

Well, first, I drove to the church. Asked Nik to come outside and told him I was for sure pregnant!

Then - I booked my first appointment with my new OB….

I will leave you with one picture this post. I decided on the Tuesday of my appointment - I would take a “pregnancy picture” - just in case. So here is my first “Baby D” picture. 5 weeks.

Friday, September 11, 2015


I’m pretty sure I will overwhelm this blog with all things pregnancy related in the weeks to come…
so for today - you get a bit of random!


First up - Jaxen decided to dress himself the other day. 
Not my idea of a matching outfit…but he would have it no other way! 
So we went with it…all day and all through town. 
When did he turn 5?!?

I have been terrible at remembering to take Sunday Selfies with Jaxen!
Good thing Nik is filling in the gaps to my pregnancy brain :)

I have been napping more days than not, here lately.
And I just love laying down with my little napping-buddy!

This kid loves going to school!
He is excited everyday and is doing great!

I forgot to include this picture in my last Washington Post.
In the airport - coming home - Chick-Fil-A and cards…
it really doesn’t get much better!

Yesterday, Jaxen wanted to “cook”. 
He pretty much gave me about 23 heart attacks (because I was actually cooking next to him)…
but my lunch got prepared, no one got burned and Jaxen had a blast.
Win. Win.

That’s all I have for you today. I’m not sure what the weekend has for us…
I am way behind on many, many things. So I will hopefully pull it together over the next few days!
Nik has a District Back to School Bash and a funeral and preaching on Sunday. 

And I’m hoping for some cool, fall temperatures and hot tea!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I am Pregnant!

Meet Baby D -

Arriving: approximately April 14, 2016

We are super excited about this little one!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Church News

This past Sunday our lead pastor, Chad, announced that he was resigning from our church to pursue a call to another church, as their lead pastor.

It is definitely sad for us to lose Chad and his family - as our pastor, mentor, and friend…but we are excited for them as they are obedient to follow God to a new place of ministry.

It will take a bit of time to figure out what exactly comes next for our church…the District Superintendent and Church Board will meet to make decisions about an interim pastor and begin the search for a full-time lead pastor.

It is once again, a time of transition in our church. However, we trust the Lord and will keep obeying what His plan is for our life and ministry here.

I will update as I have news - but please be in prayer for our church and especially Nik during this time.

We love you - and thank you!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Washington - Day 4

Sunday started out with coffee (of course) and then we drove on into Seattle for a little exploring. We parked our car and then hit all the high points…

Nik and I, plus Chris and Kylee had all been to Seattle before. So we had a good idea of what the city held and what we wanted to do….

We started out at the famous Bubble Gum Wall. Mainly, because we parked our car near there…but still - it is fun to see!

Nik and Chris both put gum in their mouth on the way there 
so they could actually stick some on the wall!

Gross? Not sure…but I wanted a selfie with all the gum!

Next up - The Public Market.

Actually, there were only two stops we wanted to make in the market…

A Russian Bakery and Starbucks.

After our two stops we hopped on the ferry and headed to Bainbridge!

Nik and I had been before and we loved it!

We walked around and looked at all the shops and had lunch and this great little diner.

And then…

We went to Nik’s happy place. Mora.

And this is why it’s his happy place.
An amazing Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with a creamy mint ice cream on top.

After a little more touring I found the cutest souvenir to bring home!

We opted for a picture before heading back on the ferry to Seattle.

Once we arrived back in Seattle, the boys reminded us that the 
biggest and flagship REI was in Seattle. So of course, we had to go.

Nik and Chris looked around while Kylee and I had a snack, sat, and visited.

We left Seattle and headed to our new hotel close to the airport, where we said goodbye to Chris and Kylee. We had such a great time with them and are so glad we did this trip!

A few skyline pictures of Seattle

And that basically wraps up our trip!
We woke up at 3am Monday to start our journey home.
Which was uneventful, thank goodness!
And arrived home a little before 11pm.
Long day - but I loved and treasure the one on one time I had with my cutie husband!