Friday, December 30, 2011

Pregnancy - 13 & 14 Weeks

These last two weeks I have felt really good. The tiredness feeling I had all the time, is not there anymore. Thankfully, I am getting back some of my energy! Although, I have to admit on Tuesday, December 27, I did sit on the couch for a good 80% of the day - just watching TV (not that typical of me). I did clean house a little bit. But basically, I was a hermit. And loved every second of it. I thanked Nik that night for letting me be so lazy! Ha!

I think I can now say that sweets don't make me sick anymore. At least not the 3 doughnuts I ate or the syrup that topped my waffle one morning. I am still trying to stay away from the sweets, though.

Even with all the food I ate over Christmas, I am currently down a total of 8 pounds. I'm not really sure how this is happening. I am not trying to lose weight. At all. It has got to be the lack of sweets and cokes. If only I had that kind of self-discipline the last 10 years...!

One night this past week, I could not sleep. At all. I just kept thinking of our little baby. My mind was flooded with images of our baby and how our life would look in 6 months. I can't hardly imagine it. But I am so excited.

Lots of unknowns. Hopefully, by the end of January we will know if we are having a boy or girl. We have started talking about how we want to decorate the nursery, and what kind of furniture we need to buy. Then the fun will begin!

Please pray for Nik and I as we work through all the unknowns. The peace of mind that we have through all of this, is that nothing is unknown to God! We are seeking His direction in our lives as we plan and prepare for our future family.

Well here is a pic of me, Week 14:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Memories 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas - Thank you, Davis families, for coming to see us!

Nik and I before Christmas Eve Service 

Ryan and Anna before Christmas Eve Service 

Our 'Elf'  

Nik, playing 'Santa' (passing out gifts),
wearing a flashlight as a scarf, and opening a gift 

Kay, opening a gift 

Russell, opening a gift 

The results from The-Day-After-Christmas-Shopping
(a new tree skirt, a village train, a table runner, gift bags,
tree storage, boxes, tape, plates, napkins, cups, ornament,
Toy-Maker Santa, and a new convection oven)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rainy and Cold

I woke up this morning and immediately checked the weather (not typical - but I heard it raining last night and wanted to see what the day was going to look like). For the next two days it is supposed to be rainy and cold! The perfect weather days for staying at home, playing games, watching movies, eating and napping! Which is what we have been doing since Nik's family arrived. We also did some shopping.

We have had a nice couple of days. Today we will cook and eat our Christmas Meal (which consists of: brisket, turkey, stuffing, twice-baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls, fruit salad and lots of yummy baked goodies for dessert)!

Tonight we have a Christmas Eve Service at our church and then we will come home, eat leftovers and open gifts.

Oh, we also had a visit from my Mamaw. After she arrived, we took her out for mexican food and then took her to the pet store. She was purchasing a kit to keep her Hermit Crabs in. For those at Thanksgiving - Mamaw now has 2 Hermit Crabs, thanks to aunt Kay! We found what she needed to keep her Hermit Crabs in a nice living envvironment. For those who don't know my Mamaw, this is only a little crazy that she has Hermit Crabs. She has done many other crazy things in her life! And that is why we love her!

Nik and Ryan are about to go pick up donuts, kolaches and a sausage biscuit for me! Off to start my rainy and cold day....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Break

Our Christmas break unofficially began yesterday - Nik's parents arrived to spend Christmas with us! Nik and I will still have to work some this week, but we are looking forward to the time spent with his family. Thursday is when the break officially begins (also the day his brother and wife arrive)! It will be a fun few days.

This Holiday Season has been extremely busy for us both. Or maybe it just seems that way because I still had a broken hand, was very tired from the pregnancy, put new floors in our house, had Upward basketball practices each night of two weeks....and so on and on.

Even though it has been busy, I have really tried to enjoy the moments and not take them for granted. Moments like decorating my tree and imagining this scene in a few years with Baby D; watching the Living Christmas Tree at my current church but remembering the many years of watching it every year at the church I grew up in; enjoying reading every Christmas card and letter - not taking for granted the many people in my life who I am blessed to know; recalling memories and traditions of growing up; enjoying every party I have attended...and many more moments.

I don't take these moments for granted because I know that not everyone has moments like these during this season. I know of many who are struggling this time of year. Even in our own families. Loss of loved ones, sickness, hospitals, stress...etc. The list goes on. You know the struggles....

Through the struggles I am thankful. Thankful for this life, my family and most especially thankful for the One who came to this earth as a baby in a manger. As I have been reflecting on the Christmas Story, I have learned new things, I have been humbled and most importantly I have seen how God was at work long, long ago and I can see how He is still at work today.

This Christmas season I pray that you will enjoy the moments and be thankful for the One who this holiday is about.

I hope to blog over the next few days...however if I don't, know that I am probably napping instead. Which is probably not a bad thing, and very much needed!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pregnancy - 12 Weeks & Appointment

Baby D and I have made it to 12 weeks! I had a doctor appointment Thursday. At the doctor, we were able to get another ultra sound done. It was so, so cool. We could see the spine, the hands, legs, brain, and heart. One word: MIRACLE.

All my tests from the previous appointment came back normal. (Except my iron, we have to watch). I also have to start on Calcium supplements. I need to really give up sodas (which I don't drink often), and watch the amount of fried foods that I eat (which is not much). And eat more fruits and vegetables.

Overall, the appointment was great. The baby is looking good and so am I! Very thankful that all is well. My next appointment is mid January.

Saturday morning, I was telling Nik about a dream I had and I started laughing hysterically (it was not a funny dream). Then, I started crying. It was not laugh-so-hard-you-cry, kind of cry. It was a serious cry. I sobbed for about 5 minutes and then I was over it. These hormones...!

No serious symptoms or cravings this week.

I am down 5 pounds now. Not sure how. I am beginning to grow....! But Dr. G was happy with my non-weight-gain.

This week was so busy....I just tried to keep my head above water! Looking forward to the Christmas break!

Youth Party

Wednesday night we had our Youth Christmas Party. Every year Nik puts together a Video Scavenger Hunt. The youth meet up, pick teams and then head out on their scavenger adventure.

The youth are given a time limit to complete the scavenger hunt and when they are finished everyone gathers at our house to watch the videos and eat goodies that I have baked.

I made brownies, marbeled treats (graham crackers topped with chocolate, white-chocolate and peanut butter mixed together), cake pops (they tasted good, but don't think I will ever make them again), carmel popcorn, pizza rolls, and sugar cookies. It was a yummy feast!

Our youth group is so awesome. We love each of them. They are a very special group of teens!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Broken Still & Updates

My hand is broken still. It has been 8 weeks. BUT....I can start using it! It is healed enough where the doctor told me to only wear my brace when I sleep at night. All other times it can be off. So I sit here, typing, with all 10 fingers. Well, 9 really. One finger is not yet cooperating.

I go back in 6 weeks for another x-ray. The doctor is not concerned with the slow progress. Everyone is different. I apparently am special. Let's look at my track record the past couple of years. What are the chances of a 30 year old getting Impetigo? Slim. What about a person who does not run, getting Black Toe (a runner's issue)? Slim. Which never healed correctly, and had to have toe surgery? Slim.

I'll stop there.

Other weekend updates: my dining room is finally cleaned...

I tried to make homemade ornaments. BUST. So, instead I made this...

It took maybe 4 minutes.

My tree is decorated. No picture yet.

And that's all the updates. I'm sure there is more...but too busy to post right now. I have a party at my house tonight.

Be back soon!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Happy Birthday Scotty! I hope you are feeling better and hope you have a great day! If your tired of eating cookies, tell mom to get you a yummy cake from Mama Tuckers. And if your not having a very good day, tell mom to let you win in Marbles. Because it's your birthday and it's all about you!

Wish we were there to celebrate with you! Love you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 10 & 11

Week 10 was remodel week in the house. Good thing that I had some of my energy back! Although I was not doing much of the labor, I tried to help with clean-up a bit each night.

Week 10 I was at a net loss of 1 pound. I am trying not to gain any weight the first trimester (per doctor's request). Apparently I already have enough fluffiness on me, for me and Baby D!

Headaches. That was a major thing this week. One almost every day. Oh, and I can no longer button my jeans comfortably. I am running out of time to purchase maternity pants. Not sure why I am procrastinating so much....

I did not eat as much fruits and vegetables this week. Nik and I went to the grocery store and he wanted some cookies, which I replied "gross". Which to him meant, buy them, and for once, your wife will not eat half of them! I then decided I wanted waffles (with butter and syrup) and cheddar cheese and strawberry pop tarts for my snack! YUM!

Week 11 -

Saltines are my best friend here lately. And baked potatoes. That is what I have been eating because the queasiness had returned with a vengeance!

I also lost all my energy again this week. I am at a net loss of 4 lbs.

My co-workers and I are trying to figure out a way to make a pallet in my office for my lunch-naps. I'm seriously considering this possibility. One of my co-workers also talked to another co-worker on the phone who was not feeling good and told her to not come in the office and get Baby D sick. They are all so sweet to look out for me, and check up on me numerous times a day. I told Nik that he does not even have to worry about me while I'm at work. I have 4 mothers and numerous others there, always watching out for me!

I am really looking forward to my doctor's apt. next week. I can't wait to see how Baby has grown and how Baby is doing!

Nik has conversations each night with Baby D, telling Baby to let me get good rest, and not make me sick. It is one of the sweetest things! I am so thankful to go through this journey with Nik!

And here's a week 11 pic to end on (please excuse the crazy hair):

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Days Lately

* Just so you know, you are all caught up on my Pregnancy Posts / Story. I'll update now, as things occur.

The hubby is sick. I went to pick up the necessities:

Day medicine, night medicine, throat candy, liquids, soup, and just because I love him - I threw in one of his favorite candies, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries!

I washed dishes for the first time this week! I am typing with 7 fingers, and making less mistakes each day! I can also brush my teeth and buckle my seat belt with my right hand! Yes. I am celebrating all these victories! (I go to the doctor Tuesday to x-ray my hand again).

My Christmas Tree looks like this:

and has looked like that for a week now. I am pondering putting the rest up and then just getting a big red bow to put on the top...who needs lights anyways...!

My dining room has looked like this (or worse) since Thanksgiving:

It has to get cleaned up eventually...!

I cry at songs on the radio. Christmas songs, mainly, but not limited to.

What is a good word for the lessons I am learning here lately? Here's a summary:
  • It's okay to take a nap when I'm tired, instead of cleaning my house. Keeping me and Baby D healthy is more important.
  • I can still enjoy this Christmas season without my house being totally decorated. It's not about the decorations.
  • It's okay that I forgot to get an ornament for an Ornament Exchange Party. It's the time with people that matter.
  • I have no idea when Nik's family is coming/leaving for Christmas. I have no idea what we are eating, or haven't a clue what to get most people for Christmas. It's okay, because it will happen (and be great) with or with out my lists and plans and big to-do's. (By the way, Davis Family - I will be calling at some point soon to work all this out!).
Not sure what a good word is...but that is where I am at right now in my life!

We have dinner plans with friends tonight, going to see our church's Living Christmas Tree, a party tomorrow night and a full-busy Sunday. Bring on the Christmas Season! I hope Nik feels better, or I'm going to have a fun weekend without him!

Oh, I also have big plans to suprise someone with flowers, buy maternity pants (finally...maybe...), finish Christmas shopping for those people I am mailing gifts too, make some homemade ornaments and get my Christmas cards finished up. Oh ya, and finish decorating my house and cleaning up my dining room (putting all furniture back in rooms).

Think that list is a little much? Well, Nik does too. I have high hopes for the next 72 hours. Maybe I will just hire someone to help me...oh wait...I can't do that...I have to pay for a baby!

Have a great, wonderful, Christmas-filled weekend!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things I Am Loving

Here is a list of a few things I am loving so far this Winter Season:

My  new slippers - purchased at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. They are so warm and fluffy!

Cinnamon Candles - what a great smell for this time of year. I think I might try peppermint next...!

Christmas Music - Pandora is my favorite right now. I play it while at work, and get to hear all my Christmas favorites!

Poinsettias - love this plant. And I love that I have one for my office this year!

Cold, Rainy Weather - These last couple of days have been just that. It finally feels like winter!

Homemade Gumbo - YUMMY! One of our neighbors stopped by Sunday afternoon and told us not to cook dinner that night, that he was bringing it over. So sweet! What he brought over was homemade gumbo, rice and cheesy cornbread. It was the best gumbo we had ever had!

New Bathroom pics - I bought these at a Garage Sale (because I loved them) but had no place for them. They sat in a closet for 4 months and finally I decided they would look good in my bathroom. I love them!

My husband - he is the greatest! He is sick right now. Bummer. If he stays sick, I'm not sure how we are going to get my huge to-do list done this weekend!

So that's what I'm loving right now - Hope you are finding some things that you are loving...!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 8 & 9

Week 8 started with a 3 lb. weight loss (later in the week I gained the 3lbs back) and strong, consistent burping. Seriously, it's gross. I could take on any mid-schooler right now and totally win! But Nik is handling it better - maybe because he knows I'm growing his baby inside me!

I also don't like Ranch or any kind of milk this week. My main craving so far has been McDonalds sausage Biscuit - which I had for breakfast 3 times last week. Nik finally conviced me to buy a healthier version of the sausage biscuit at the groccery store. I did. It is not as good. We'll see how long that lasts.

I am eating an amazing amount of fruits and veggies. (Well, an amazing amount according to my standards - which are pretty low.) But they taste good right now - so while they do, I'm eating them up to keep me and Baby D healthy!

I have cut my soda intake down, to a small soda every few days (which is fine - I checked).

Nik called me to see what kind of pizza Baby D would like to eat for dinner. Every night he tells Baby D goodnight and that he loves him/her.

Week 8 is also when I got to see the doctor for the first time!

Here is a pic. I think this shirt makes my belly look bigger than I am. Maybe not. 

Week 9 was Thanksgiving week. All I remember about the week was sleeping and eating. No picture. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Pregnancy Story - Part 4

The first Doctor visit.

I met with my Doctor, Dr. G, on November 17. I pulled into the parking lot that morning at 9:20, and pulled out at 12:20pm. All I can say was I was exhausted after that!

We started the appointment talking with Dr. G so she could get to know us and go over some of my history and medical stuff. Then she moved on to routine exams. Everything so far checked out nicely. There was nothing to be concerned about. Finally, she got out the Ultra Sound kit and scope thing.

Next thing we knew, we were looking at little Baby D. It was kind of a surreal moment. I mean, Nik and I were looking at our baby!!!! Hello???!!! Crazy. All I have to say. We heard the heartbeat. Saw the start of the arms and legs. There were tears. Definately from me, and maybe just teary eyes from Nik. Hands down, one of the top moments of my life!

Dr. G was suprised at how much we could see and how developed Baby D was. So she did some measuring and everything was right on the correct time schedule - 8 wks and 5 days. Want to  see our first pics of Baby D? Oh ya, she did confirm there was only one little baby in there. (I would have been fine with 2, but I don't know that Nik would of been!) On to the pics....

After Dr. G visited with us some more, Nik had to leave for an apt. I was then sent to scheduling (where I scheduled the next 5 months worth of appointments) and then to do more testing (potty in a cup - 2nd time that day - and have blood drawn). I was a trooper through it all, if I say so myself!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Pregnancy Story Part 3

Telling our families.

We debated on how/when to tell our parents the news of Baby D. When we realized that we would be seeing them over the weekend of November 3-7 (Wedding Weekend) we knew we had to tell them, then. Nik had recently seen a 'Grandparents' picture frame that he loved - and he came up with the idea to include pictures of his parents 2 grandkids then add the picture of us with our pregnancy test! So we did - and this is how it turned out:

Since Kay's birthday was really soon, we put the frame in a gift bag and included a 'Happy Birthday Grandma' card with it.

The night of the Wedding, Nik and I were running some errands before heading back to the house. Now that the wedding was over, we were excitedly talking about sharing our news. We were planning to tell Nik's parents at lunch after church on Sunday. But as we were talking logistics of getting the gift bag out of our car, into his parents car, and then in the seemed a little hard. We threw around the idea of just sharing it with them that evening. We decided to see how the night went.

We were all tired from the wedding, but were sitting in the living room talking - not quite ready for bed yet. Nik looked at me and asked "Should We?" I said "Yes!" So Nik got the gift and told his mom we brought her birthday gift down with us so we did not have to mail it, and told her she could go ahead and open it up.

She first read the card, and looked at me. Kept reading and kept looking at me. I think she asked something like "Is this true / Really / Are you trying to tell me something?" I told her to keep looking in her bag. She passed her card to Russell and he said, "Well, you are already a Grandma". Then she pulled out the frame and squealed with delight at the message and picture. She shared it with Russell and then they both hugged Nik and I. We shared with them a little more of the story and just talked excidedly for awhile.

Later that night Ryan and Anna came over. When they came in the house, Nik asked if he wanted to see mom's birthday present. He did. Nik gave the frame to him, and his mouth dropped open, then said "Really?" I'm not sure that he waited for an answer before grabbing Nik, then me and hugging us. He and Anna were both really excited for us.


Since we got Nik's parents a frame to share the news, I decided to do that as well for my family. I got a simpler frame and inserted our picture:

Since we already had plans to meet my mom, Scotty, Jennifer and Christian in Dallas for lunch, we decided to tell them then. When we got to the restaurant I carried in a gift bag and sat it on the seat next to me. As soon as we said hello and hugged everyone - I just grabbed the bag and gave it to my mom. I think I was too excited/nervous to wait any longer. I remember thinking...I bet Nik has to go potty from the long drive - oh well, he will just have to wait now!

As I handed my mom the bag, I told her that I had something to give her. She opened the bag and I have no idea what she said (sorry mom)! I just remember saying "we're having a baby!" And then everyone was up and hugging all over again. Over lunch we shared with them a little more.

That night when we got home, I called my sister on the phone and told her the good news. She was very excited for me! And very excited to be an aunt!

We asked both of our families to keep it a secret for awile (at least until I saw the doctor). I know this was hard for them to do! Sorry, family - but thanks!

Telling our families brought such great moments for us. I know they are all just as excited about Baby D as we are!


Our house is coming along - I can see progress!

This past weekend Nik spent HOURS pulling up tile and sanding down the grout that was below it.

He was one tired puppy after all that work! After working so long, and not getting very far on the grout situation, he looked into renting a sander. Well worth the money. Hands down.

Monday was the day to begin laying the flooring. Thanks to help from our Pastor, Nik was able to get our bedroom and 1/2 the living room done. Tuesday they finished the living room and started down the hallway.

This is how it looks so far (minus the dust particles that are showing up in the pic):

I think I have finally decided to add some curtains in our Living Room - to make it a bit more 'home-y'. Who knows how long this will actually take...remember the picture frames...! Ha. We will also add some area rugs.

Hopefully the last two bedrooms will be completed by the weekend. Then it's major cleaning time and then Christmas Decorating time!!!

Hello Christmas music, candles, cider...can't wait!