Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sunday Pictures

Jaxen has been home today, with a fever that started last night.
I was hoping he would be feeling better…but not yet.
Poor boy. 
I just don’t like it when he is sick!
I know there is lots going around at school…but I’m hoping he will bounce back soon!


I put the boys in cute ‘argyle' on Sunday and told Jaxen that they matched.
Jaxen then informed me of every detail that did not match, 
down to the small lines that were different colors.
I guess that pre-k is teaching him something! Haha.

I tried to take some cute pictures…
this is what I got :)

Pretty sweet!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zane - First Haircut

Last week I finally took Zane to get his first haircut!

(before pics)

He actually sat in the chair, all by himself for the first bit.
Then he decided to stand and I just held on to him for the remainder of his haircut.

He did really well through it all!
Towards the end, when she was using the trimmer on his neck, he was moving a lot.
I think the trimmer tickled him - and therefore, the back of his hair is a bit short.

And a couple pictures from after…

His hair definitely needed a trim!
I don’t think it made him look much older (like it does some kids) -
probably because his length was all on the back of his head…
but I miss running my fingers through his sweet baby hair!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Photo Dump

Zane is (obviously) looking pretty cute here…but what I want you to see are his shoes!
I have been trying to get him to wear shoes more often (now that he is almost walking)
and he always takes them off… but he is pretty cute with them on, right?

A sweet selfie with Zane while putting him down for a nap.

This entertained Jaxen for a very long time…
bottles, water and food coloring!


I posted this on social media…
celebrating 11 months with Zane!

This was funny -
Jaxen wanted to help Nik change Zane's poo poo diaper.

More poo poo talk…
Jaxen was taking a long time in the bathroom one day so I went to check on him
and found him watching a show on the phone! Haha!
I quickly took it away and explained that we go to the bathroom to do our business and be done.
Afterward, he told me his legs hurt (they fell asleep). Haha!

Zane was crying…but look how cute that little coat is!

I love this little face!

Zane is a big fan of macaroni noodles.

Zane was trying to spend some quality time with Nik after he returned from his last trip.

My shopping buddy.
He slept through two whole stores last week…that hardly ever happens!

Nik was grilling dinner one night and Zane 
was playing peek-a-book with me through the kitchen windows.

Playing ball with daddy.

Zane loves his walker!

Nik and I purchased this shirt last week…
we will share it and wear it when needed!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Weekend In Pictures

This past weekend Nik was at the Regional Festival of Life (youth event) in Boston at Eastern Nazarene College. He left Wednesday and returned home Sunday evening. Although he was pretty tired when he returned…he had a great time and it was a really great event of talent/sport competitions.

Nik with other leaders from Upstate District

Nik and our District Superintendent, Kevin

This was during one of the services where they gathered
all the seniors who were attending and prayed over them.

So while Nik was away…this is what we did!

We were invited to dinner on Wednesday night and our friends
introduced Jaxen to the original Nintendo. Cool, right?!
He didn’t love it…but us adults had a good time playing. Brought back lots of memories!

Thursday night, while in the bathtub, Jaxen started playing with Zane’s hair.
Then he told me “Mom, Zane has girl hair”.
Haha! I laughed so hard!
I guess it’s time for that first haircut!

One of the boys favorite things to do is to play in Jaxen’s room after bath time.
We will stay in there, playing, for an hour before bed and they have the greatest time.

Friday was St. Patrick’s Day and we were invited to dinner that night as well
to enjoy some Corned Beef and Cabbage.
I made Irish Soda Bread and Fruit Loops Treats to go with it.

Zane and I laid low that day, but we were all wearing green!

I tried to get a cute picture of the boys…this was the best I got!

Saturday morning Zane enjoyed some rocking while Jaxen and I got things
ready to go for our fun in the snow (pictures in the last blog post).

That night, the boys had some fun in their bubble bath!

After bath, we played in Zane’s room before bed!

At one point, Jaxen put me in “Jail” (a tent) and I was thankful for the few minutes
of peace…but then the “good guy” and “bad guy” joined me! 
And let me tell you, it was not peaceful in that tiny little Paw Patrol tent!

Jaxen decided that he needed to sleep with me “so that I was not lonely by myself”.
It was sweet, so I let him bring his toys in, and sleep in my bed. 

And about 1 hour after those pictures were taken, he woke up throwing up.
And as bad as I felt for him, I was also upset because I just washed my sheets!
And then I had to re-wash them the next day before Nik got his sick germs.
But back to my sick boy…
the throwing up continued through the night.
He finally felt better and we stayed home on Sunday to recover. 
I sent him to school on Monday, and then he was home again Tuesday.
Back to school Wednesday and today.

Anyways…on Sunday afternoon, this is how Zane and I felt…

chugging all the caffeine! Haha!
We were all glad when Nik got home :)