Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Week

This week has been a blur.

Nik is home and it is fantastic to see his face everyday! Yes, I made Nik some dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies on Monday. I think I'm eating them more than he is...they taste sooo good right now!

I think I'm to the point that I don't care what I eat anymore during the pregnancy...which is not a good place to be in! I don't want to gain a bunch of unnecessary weight at the end - I have to find some self-control!

Work has been busy (only working 3 days this week) - trying to get things wrapped up for when I am gone this summer. I only work 2 more full weeks (if baby does not come early).

And now I'm sick, again. Allergies, I guess. My throat has decided to start hurting, making it hard to swallow and talk. I am keeping a close watch on my temperature - just in case this turns up not to be allergies. So far - so good.

Nik is out playing Ultimate Frisbee tonight. I would love to go watch, but I'm no fun when I'm sick. So I am home. I took a nap. Then I finally got a load of laundry going and finished watching the very last episode of House. A productive evening, I would say!

Sorry my blogging has been lacking. Hopefully, it will pick back up again. But we are here...and we are good.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Night Ramblings

Sunday night at the park delivered!

This afternoon some texts were sent out and all it said was "Park 6:00 PM". People came. And we stayed well past sundown. There was fried chicken, watermelon, water, lawn chairs, football, bikes...etc. What fun it was. We did not do anything grand. Just talked and laughed and made memories as the sun set and the kids went 'Skipe Hunting'.

I love nights like this. Nights where the grocery store and laundry can wait. Because you know that some of the best-of-life can happen in the spontaneous moments.


Nik is having a great time this weekend with our youth group. I have heard great reports from him and some of the parents. Only one broken (finger) bone. And the boy who broke it could not stand to not be playing he got back out there and even made a couple of touchdowns! (I almost typed home runs - Ha!). There will be many stories when Nik gets back and I can't wait to hear them all. I think I'll even make him some dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. He deserves them.


I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I always have great big plans for myself when I have free time. I actually have a long list of stuff I want to accomplish. But my goal is to not look at that list! I have realized this weekend, that my mind is willing - but my body is not! I want to do so much, but my body is holding me back. Making me rest, putting my feet up and cooling off. I guess because I'm about to birth a baby....!

So my plans include sleeping until I wake up (to no alarm); getting me donuts for breakfast (which is Nik's fault, by the way. He has told me that for the past 2 nights, they have gone out for a late night donut snack. Which to me, is one of the highlights of this particular trip each year! So now, all I can think about is donuts!); and going to the grocery store. After that, we will see. As I said, there is lots to do - but I am trying to take it easy.


I have more rambling thoughts, but it is late (for me) and I'm ready lay down - so Good night!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 35 & Doctor's Apt.

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. It was pretty routine. At the end of my visit I realized that I had no clue how any of my tests/stats were, so I asked Dr. G. She looked at me and said "You are still my perfect patient!" All I could say is "Let's hope I stay that way!"

I seriously am still so thankful for how wonderful this pregnancy has been. This week I have felt really well. My energy level is up, I'm not too uncomfortable, and things seem to be progressing smoothly! Currently, I have gained 17 pounds.

Back to my doctor visit - we did discuss some important things. We talked about getting some shots that are needed (Nik and I) after the baby is born. We talked about getting a pediatrician. And she informed me that next week (week 36) I will begin to see her each week. At those weekly appointments, she will do a 'physical exam' to check and see if I have started dilating (the first steps to birthing a baby).

Wow. Stop right there. I know I'm having a baby. I know it is only in a few short weeks. However.... it's happening. And quickly! In that one statement - reality hit me. I'll explain if I can. Since October, I have been pregnant and the thought of the actual baby was always 'in the future'. I have thought about this baby alot, but it was always future-tense. THE FUTURE IS HERE PEOPLE. Or will be - any day in the next 5 weeks. When she said the word "dilate" something in me started freaking out. Don't worry, I stayed calm. BUT SERIOUSLY - I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY SOON!

Is anyone else freaking out about this?! I'm sure I'm being a little over-dramatic. I got used to pregnant-me. I have accepted this change and am great with it. But now I have to get used to mommy-me. It's a new change. A new world. I've started the process of thinking about, thinking about it. This process has steps, you know. Did you think I had already worked through this when I realized the test was positive?!  Well, I obviously did not. I'm currently working through it.

Thank you, Blog Space, for helping me get this all out.
Moving on. For now.

Here are some pics from the past week. In my bathroom. It is what it is, folks!

And this next shirt is worn in support of where my husband, youth group and sponsors are this weekend. This is where I would be, if I could be.

Looking forward to Week 36 - Nik being at home and a Baby Shower from my work!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

My random thoughts - in no particular order:

Random #1 - While Nik was out of town this past weekend and I was recovering - I cleaned house. I know that probably sounds funny, but I have a hard time just sitting. I would slowly clean. Like, literally one task at a time. Then take a long break: lay down, read my book, listen to music, watch TV, blog. Then do something else. By the time Nik came home, laundry was done and house was clean and I was back to normal!

Random #2 - I also folded tissue paper this weekend. I had 5 plastic bags full of crumpled up tissue paper from my last baby shower. It was a project I was dreading - I mean folding tissue paper is not the most exciting past time. But when I felt like doing nothing else... it was time to break out the tissue paper. I sorted by color and then started folding. I got through all colors and started on the white stuff. After 6 sheets, I decided that was enough. I crumpled all the white stuff up and threw it in the trash. I almost regretted it - thinking of all that tissue paper gone to waste. Then I remembered how many colored sheets I had and how I get tissue paper on clearance every year after Christmas. I have plenty. That is that. Tissue paper is folded. Check that off my master to-do-list.

Random #3 - Saturday morning I started writing in Jaxen's Baby Book. I knew I blogged about the pregnancy so I pulled up my blog and started reading from November (the first pregnancy posts) to get some needed information/dates for the baby book. An hour and a half later - I was still reading! It was really fun to 're-live' all the pregnancy moments (and others) since November. I laughed a lot about things I wrote about. And I cried at some of the memories I shared through this pregnancy. But overall it was really fun to go back and read. I did not do much work in the baby book, and actually ended up almost being late to an event I was supposed to attend because I couldn't stop reading about everything. (But I made it). Now, I still have to go back and write in the baby book!

Random #4 - I wanted to update you on the use of my homemade laundry soap. Still using it! I have not ruined a single piece of clothing, and my clothes smell and look clean. What more can I ask for? I'm sold on this homemade laundry soap and think I will continue using it.

Random #5 - Is your grocery bill increasing? Ours is. No, not because I'm pregnant and eating more. And yes, I know...having a 3rd member of the family will make our grocery bill increase. I'm not talking about that stuff. Here lately we seem to really struggle staying within our 'Food Budget'. I'm not sure why. I keep thinking I need to figure this out - use more coupons, shop around with what's on sale, make less expensive meals....etc. But really, I think food costs have gone up. Anyone else in the same boat? I really am going to try to make some changes to decrease the amount we are spending on food instead of raising our budget!

Random #6 - This weekend I have signed myself up for the job of 'Motivator' for one of my friends. She is moving soon and has to get her house packed and ready. This weekend. Nik will be out of town and she has shipped her kids off (with Nik) so she can get things accomplished. I will not be crawling up in her attic bringing boxes down to pack, or carrying heavy loads around the house, or doing heavy cleaning...but I will be motivating her to do it! Ha! I also assigned myself the the job of 'Mt.Dew/Chocolate-Getter'. I mean, really... what is better motivation than Mt. Dew and Chocolate?! It all starts with lunch at one of our favorite burger joints on Friday and then off to work we go!

That's all for now.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 34

This past Sunday began week 34. And Sunday I was uncomfortable ALL DAY. It was like my body was stretching and stretching and it could care less how it was making me feel. (Which is true). And then Monday came, and it got worse. I had a pretty hard day at work, sitting at a desk. I ended up standing at the front counter most of the day helping someone else on a project - just so my body could be stretched out, instead of sitting. It helped some... and that's just how it goes (so I hear)!

Then you know how the rest of my week was - stomach bug. So glad I'm over that.

Here is a week 34 picture (and not in my bathroom)!

I know that many of you have been praying for me and baby during this pregnancy and I cannot thank you enough! Your prayers were/are never wasted when it comes to this little life growing inside of me. And that is why I want to share a few other prayer needs with you:
  • The timing of Jaxens arrival. There are actually many factors that play into his due date (which is June 23). First (and most important), we want Jaxen to grow strong and healthy before he makes his debut. Second, we have some insurance changes that happen June 1 that will make a difference of a couple thousand dollars out of our pocket (if he comes before June 1). Third, Nik is traveling some off and on until right at 2 weeks before the due date. However, if Jaxen comes early - nothing else matters except the health of this baby. Nik can cancel all travel plans (and is currently working out a Plan B for all travel dates, just in case). And we will adjust financially if all the insurance changes don't happen just in time. But all that said - God's timing is PERFECT. I have seen His hand at work through this entire pregnancy and I know that He will make a way!
  • Childcare. We are looking for childcare when I go back to work part-time, in August. And it needs to be affordable!
  • Nik. He is still adjusting to working with a new Senior Pastor; has had other responsibilities put on him at the Church; has an exciting summer planned for our teens; is traveling through May, June and July; basically what the prayer need boils down to is for him to balance his job responsibilities while being a new daddy. Such an exciting time - but there is some pressure (stress) that is involved in not letting things (at work or home) slip through the cracks. He does not do things mediocre. He does everything to the best of his ability. And I know he will need the strength that can only come from God as he goes through this summer!
Thank you for lifting us up in prayer!

Week 35 here I come...! I cannot believe I'm this far along. It's a little surreal.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nursery - Phase 2

Phase 2 - Furniture! I'm grateful for my cutie husband: picking up all the pieces, reading instructions, and having patience while putting everything together. He did a great job and I am so happy with the stuff we picked out and how it is all coming together!





Here are a few pics of the room overall
(minus some wall decorations):

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Week Nights

Monday evening we had dinner at Chick-Fil-A with our small group. Or that is what it was supposed to be... we ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours there! Can you believe it? It was pretty funny. The plan was for everyone to meet for dinner at 6 PM (or when they could make it). So people showed up at all different times. But it worked out great, actually.

Side story: Awhile back our church decided to start small groups (yes, I know that every other church in the world does small groups - but ours did not). This was new for our church. So we went with a 4-week Pilot Session to see how it would go. Then they would be evaluated and see how it could be better and then do a big kick-off for small groups in the fall. So, we had our little group. I was the 'Host' and Nik was the 'Leader'.  We have had such a great 4 weeks with them. We decided to end it on the 5th week, with dinner out.

Back to Chick-Fil-A. It turned out really well that everyone did not show up at the same time because then we got the chance to talk one-on-one with each person/couple! There was overlapping of people (which was good), but by the end of the night Nik and I were able to really spend quality time with everyone. I was tired by the time we actually got home and I made it to bed... but it was worth it. It is so fun to make new friends. We are excited about our small group and hope the fall session goes even better!


Tuesday evening I really enjoyed and took advantage of my Pregnancy Leave (see Pregnancy Week 33 Post for explanation)!

For dinner that night I had put a beef roast in the crock pot to cook all day. By the time I got home it smelled so yummy! We shredded it and ate French Dip Sandwiches that were amazing! Nik loves French Dip Sandwiches, but I have never made them before. EASY PEASY. And so good... especially since we made our sandwiches and put them in the broiler to melt the cheese and crisp the bread! Even the au ju dipping sauce was great! Can you tell I really enjoyed dinner?!

After dinner my ankles looked like the size of softballs so I laid down for awhile and started reading a book. It was so nice. I read for about an hour and then started laundry and ended up sitting outside on my porch reading until dark.

I finally talked Nik into hanging the curtains in our nursery. By the way - I know I said there would be nursery updates soon, but we have had a delay. Actually, our dresser has had the delay. It was supposed to be here last week and now it is supposed to be here at the end of this week. We'll see when it actually shows up. The dresser is the last piece of furniture we need in the room. So that is the hold up.

But back to Tuesday Night. It was just a great night. Nik nor I had any obligations so we just hung out and relaxed. And it was wonderful! That is how I want to spend these last few weeks of pregnancy - just taking it easy!


Then Wednesday night came. Not a fun night. I skipped out on church because I was feeling sick - so I laid down. I kept feeling more and more sick. By 9pm I was in and out of the bathroom, trying to throw up. Nothing happened. I went into the most restless, uncomfortable sleep ever - waking to put a trash can to my mouth (while in bed) to throw up. Still nothing. By 4:30am I had the biggest burning sensation in my throat and finally figured out that this might be acid reflux. I found some tums and was finally able to sleep for a few hours. When I woke (late) morning I was feeling a bit better so I got ready for work. I went into work, but by 12pm was feeling incredibly sick again. I ended my time there quickly when I started actually throwing up. Back home I came. I took my temp and called the doctor. We think I have been hit with a stomach bug. No fun. So now I am eating crackers and trying to keep liquids down. I have been doing okay for the last couple of hours. I actually slept well and the cramping, sick feeling is gone (for the moment - hopefully for good).

Sorry if this post was too much information or grossed out you. If you are still reading, then good job sticking to it.

I'm off now to go back to sleep, maybe watch some TV or finish reading my book. Having all this relax time is only fun when you feel good. This is not what I had planned!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maternity Pics

Here lately, I have seen many couples take 'Maternity Pics' and I have loved them all! When I found out I was pregnant, this was something that I knew I wanted to do. But timing has a big part in it - I learned! You want to be 'big' enough to look pregnant, but not too big (where you are swollen all over and uncomfortable looking). I was trying to decide when to take these pics when, last week, I realized Nik's schedule would only allow him to take pics this past weekend. So I called my friend on Friday night and asked if she had any free time Saturday to take pics of us. She did! So the following are our official 'Maternity Pics'. Enjoy - I thought they turned out pretty well. Oh, by the way - there are only 10 shown out of 120 +. It was hard to narrow down our favorites, but I understand that not everyone wants to look at pics of me and Nik for 20 minutes... so I picked a few out:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to our mom's and all the mom's out there. I know that Nik and I both feel so blessed to have the mothers that we have. We love you so much and thank you both for being the great moms that you were / are still to us!

I guess it is technically my first Mother's Day. However, it does not really feel like Mother's Day. I think it will feel more like it when I have a little one to hug and kiss on. But this morning, I woke up really early and laid in bed, 'playing' with Jaxen. He was moving around so much. So I laid there rubbing my belly and taking in every wonderful moment of his movement. I do love this part of being pregnant. It is pretty special.

Nik gave me a sweet card and had purchased a new bag/tote and necklace for me last week (as an early Mother's Day gift). For lunch we went through the drive-thru of our favorite chicken place in town - they were giving a free meal to all mothers (including those that are pregnant). So we took our cheap yummy fried chicken lunch to a friends house and had a wonderful lunch hanging out with them!

It was a good day and I look forward to celebrating being a mom for many more years!

Pregnancy - Week 33 & Doctor's Appointment

Everything checked out well for baby and me at our doctors appointment! Jax is currently head down, bum up - which is good. I am measuring well and blood pressure is good. I have gained 14 pounds so far.

Dr. G and I talked about contractions and if I was having any yet. I am. They are mild and not often. Everything seems to be fine with them.

We also talked about the possibility of being induced. Dr. G's stance on inducing a patient is not to do it unless medically necessary and only if/when it is the best case scenario for baby and/or I. I appreciate her stance. So - unless things take a turn for the worse, or I am a week overdue - baby will come when baby is ready!

She checked over my swollen feet and everything is fine there. I have blood work scheduled for my next visit. And the only other thing she told me was to get plenty of rest and relax. That is what I plan on doing. Rest, relax and get ready for baby!

Starting Saturday, I am officially on (what I call) Pregnancy Leave. Meaning - I have no big obligations from now until baby is born. I am still working through June 15 but even at work, I have begun training people to take over while I am out. I am slowly transitioning myself out of a job (summer only). But other than that - I am not commited to any major events of Nik's or at the Church; and I have stopped (for the summer) cleaning other people's homes. So my time is more free! I plan to possibly read a book, finish getting the nursery ready, finish some house projects and get ready for the birth of our baby!

Nik, however, is pretty busy beginning next week...summer starts and we know it is such a busy time for a Youth Pastor. He will take some time off after baby is born - but other than that, he is in full swing summer mode. I will do my best to help him on the home-front.

And that's my week 33 update. No pic of me in the bathroom. Instead, I have a treat for you. Nik and I took some maternity pics this week - look for the post coming soon!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ordination Week

I mentioned earlier that this past week was a little crazy. It was. And it was awesome and special and full of memories that we will cherish forever. This was Nik's Ordination Week. We left Temple on Wednesday and traveled to Houston to attend the South Texas District Assembly. We attend every year, but this year would be a bit different because Nik would be ordained during the Assembly.

Basically, Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon we sat through the 'conference' part of Assembly. Thursday afternoon our family started coming in! By Thursday night at the Ordination Service we had my mom, my grandma, my aunt, uncle and cousin, Nik's parents, and different families from our church at the service (not that you care to know what families were there - but I'm going to list them for my memories: James, Boesels, Moore, Montalbo, Flacks, Palmers, Johnsons, Lentz).

It was a very special service. Dr. Stan Toler (one of our General Superintendents) gave the message to the Ordinands. After the message, all those being ordained (plus spouses) had to go on the stage and kneel at the altar.

The pic above is of Nik & I and Joe & Ashley.
Behind us is a legacy of pastors from our current church:
James, Boesel, Williams

This is the moment when hands were laid on Nik and he was
ordained. His pastor growing up, Harlie Patterson, said a
prayer over Nik and I after he was ordained.

We stayed kneeling at the altar while all the others became ordained.

After the ordination we were able to take some pictures. We did not get pictures with everyone that we wanted to... but we did our best. Here are a few:

Nik and Joe Bob - a very special mentor to Nik.

Dear friends of ours (who also were ordained)
Joe & Ashley; Nik & I.

Pastor Don and us.

Nik's parents and us.

My mom and us.

Mamaw and us.

After the service we went out to dinner and then called it a night. It has been a very long day by then. Nik and I had to be at the Assembly at 7 that morning. I was definitely tired - but Jax and I held up well through the day! Jax is a trooper!

Friday we had more business stuff to attend to so we did not spend time with our family until that evening. We had dinner at Steak and Shake (yum) and then went to the hotel where we gathered together and celebrated my cousin, Savannah's birthday and Nik's ordination. We had such a great time hanging out with our families that night.

Side Note: I love, love, love that our families get along. It meant so much to us to have everyone a part of this day. And it went so well. To our families: we love you and are so glad we can all come together and celebrate special occasions!

Saturday we gathered for lunch and a little last minute shopping/looking before everyone had to leave town. It was sad to say good-bye but we will see them all again real soon.

Nik and I made a stop at Ikea before heading home to pick up a piece of furniture (plus other things - because it's Ikea and we can't help ourselves!) for the nursery.

Soon (I know I've been a little behind on blogging) I will show you some nursery updates. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby Pics

I recently found some old pics of Nik and I.
I thought they would be fun to share.

I wonder who Jaxen will look like!

First, pics of Carla:

Here are pics of Nik:

I think Jax has a big chance of being the CUTEST kid ever - don't you!?

These were fun to look at....can't wait to see who Jax takes after the most!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 32

Week 32 was a little crazy (more on our week in another post). But I still want to recap it, because some new things happened - and I want to document these memories.

Last Sunday, while I was sitting in Church, Jax was moving so much (not unusual). But at one point, I looked down at my belly and it was moving! I heard this would happen, but I have not really seen my belly move yet. Until then. It was hard to concentrate because all I wanted to do was have everyone stop church and focus on my belly! Ha! I cannot stop looking at my belly everytime I feel Jax move. It is so cool. I know these last weeks are going to be such a special time.

My feet have swollen to double their size. I may be exaggerating some, but not much. It's really pretty - my new puffy feet. Let me tell you... (I am so kidding). It started on Monday. I had swollen some before then (like when I was on my feet a lot, or at the end of the day) but nothing like what I woke up to on Monday (and what has continued everyday since). I elevate my feet and it helps a little, but not much. Someone this past weekend told me to soak my feet in cold water. I do want to try it. I have a doctor appointment this next week and I'm going to mention this to her and see what she says. I know swelling is normal...but I also know that swelling (combined with other things) may not be good. So, I will get it checked out and see.

I think that is all of the memories of my pregnancy I want to recap this week. I did take a belly pic...and it was not in my bathroom! Be glad.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Update

This past weekend was a crazy whirl-wind.

Thursday afternoon I took off work about 3pm, just as Jessica (my sister) was arriving in town. We gave her the grand tour of our home and our church and then cooked dinner at the house. After dinner we got ready for the Baby Shower and headed off.

Friday, I had taken off work, and Nik decided to hang out with us that day as well. So guess where we went for lunch? Greek food! (I'm sure you all guessed correctly - because where else do we go when someone new is in town...?).

Jessica, enjoying her first Greek Food experience!

Friday night, Nik put Jessica and I to work on the Rummage Sale. We cleaned, sorted, priced and setup items for the next days sale. It was a late night, for sure. However, we did manage to have some good quality time together and get in a few laughs at these fellows:

You can't have a rummage sale without these men
modeling all the stuff for us!

Yup, that's my cutie husband - in a sequined girls top
showing off his moves!

Two more of our favorite goof balls!

Saturday at the Rummage Sale we had a great time! It was a super early morning, but we made some good money for the Mission Trip and had lots of fun. Around 2:30 PM, Nik ordered me to leave (not help with cleanup) and stop by another Church Garage Sale that was happening. I could not say no - so I took off. At the other Garage Sale, I arrived just in time to 'Fill a bag for a buck'. Super! I filled a plastic bag full of all the baby boy clothes I could get my hands on before they boxed them up. I got some great stuff. They are all washed and ready to be worn!

That evening was RELAX time. We were both worn out. My body was definitely telling me to do nothing but lay down and rest. So I did. And we ate pizza.

Sunday we went to Church, as normal... but during the service they called us to the front of the church. They wanted to recognize us in front of the congregation and congratulate us on Nik's Ordination (that will be held later this week). The pastor said some real nice things about Nik and handed him this gift:

Then, the Pastor's wife said some nice things about me and gave me this gift:

It was a real special time for us, to be honored by our church family. That evening, they held a reception in our honor:

As much as I love cake, between this reception and the Baby Shower - I think I've had all the cake I want!