Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prepared Childbirth Class #1

Tuesday evening Nik and I attended our first Prepared Childbirth Class. I can honestly say, that I was super excited! Nik, however, was not. I don't think he wanted to go at all. But he did. I ran home from work with 20 minutes to eat and get ready to go (thanks to Nik, dinner was waiting on the table for me). And then we were off.

I'm not sure how to sum it was not bad, it was not great, I learned some, I did not learn as much as I thought....

Basically - our teacher was nice and a little funny, but not a good teacher. Know what I mean? I was there to LEARN. I wanted information - and I wanted all of it. There were topics that I felt she jumped over, or didn't really give good information...but assumed everyone knew it already. There are 3 more classes to attend still - so I may get better information as we go.

But I did go away learning some new stuff....I probably will not share much of what I learned, because it definitely falls into the category of 'Too Much Information'. And most of you who read this blog are all updated on the subjects already - and those of you who are not updated...I'm going to let you keep your innocence!

Whether or not I learn as much as I want or not...Nik and my saying still holds true throughout the Labor and Delivery process: "Dumber people (than us) have done this"!

I was very, very tired after a full day of work and seeing the doctor, and fasting, and stressing over blood being drawn (more on my doctor's appointment later). But I did learn 3 breathing techniques. Who would like to take bets to see if I can get Nik to practice them with me?! I'm off to try....!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Road Trip

This past weekend, Nik, Gunther and I hit the country roads and went to my grandmas.

And by the way - Gunther did awesome! He drove smooth, we had no issues and he even got 36 mpg on the highway! Can  you believe it? He has been well worth the money spent!

While at my grandmas we also got to see my mom and my aunt...and we had a great time. We laughed so much on Friday night....and ate at a fish barn in the middle of nowhere....and played some cards.

The above picture of my mother and I is kind of funny...we were facing the sun, and I was trying not to squint! However, I love taking pictures with my mom!

After we left the fish barn and headed back to town, my grandma was telling Nik about her speedometer going out...Nik basically told her not to worry about it,  unless it happened again. I guess no one 'knocked on wood,' because within 10 minutes of that conversation - her speedometer stopped working correctly!

I think Nik had a little too much fun 'pegging' out my grandmas car!

We laughed pretty hard at Nik (and my aunt encouraging him) to see if he could get the speedometer to go that high!

That evening, I lost at a card game...and then lost again at the same card game the next morning. I'm going to have to practice my 'Hand and Foot' skills. Although I lost, I love playing cards with my family.

The rest of our quick trip was spent just hanging out. I was not really ready to leave when it was time - but we had to go. Thank you for a fun road trip, family!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 26

My bladder is more active these days. Not that you care to know...but it's memories and a part of this journey!

I am actually not as hungry this week as I have been the past 3 weeks.

Nik kept staring at me the other night, and I asked him if I looked bigger. He said, definately - you are bigger! Then he laughed and shared with me that he's sure there is only a certain time frame in our lives (me, being pregnant) that he can tell me how much bigger I am getting! I'm glad he knows it is only for a time period. Because once Baby D is born, he will no longer be allowed to tell me how big I am! Ha!

We have discussed names more...still nothing set. This is pretty hard!

We are only 3 months away from the due excited!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


There is not much to post about these days, but there seems to be so much going on! Work has been a little crazy and hectic this week. It makes me a bit more tired at night when I get home after days like this. Last night, at one point, I looked at Nik and told him I feel like my emotions were out of control. And that I was so tired of trying to keep them all in control. So I cried for a minute. And then I went to bed. I awoke this morning feeling much better.

We had Youth Service last night, and the message that Nik shared with the teens was awesome. The messages are always good, and I know he puts a lot into preparing them, but there are sometimes when they really hit home. I know that he seeks God's message for his youth each week and we pray over what is shared and how it is received. I never want our responsibility of prayer for these youth to waiver. It is a big responsibility. I am praying for them now. Many of them seem to be 'getting it''s exciting. Pray for Nik's leadership to them if you think of it.

Part of what has been going on this past week is preparing for the Youth Events coming up this summer. Nik always has a busy summer with the youth, but we are trying to be really prepared this summer, with Baby D's arrival right smack in the middle of it all. We have a parent meeting on Sunday, sharing all the major events, costs, registration details and deadlines. Nik is trying to pull all the details together (which includes having back-up sponsors for events incase Baby D decides to come early!). Lots to do, lots to think through, lots to pull together and communicate....

This weekend we are taking a short (less than 24 hour) road trip to see some very special grandmother, my mom and my aunt! I'm very excited to see these three ladies and spend some much-needed-family time with them. Gunther is coming along for (as) the ride!

I hope the rest of your week/weekend is good. Make memories. Enjoy your life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Random Updates

* Last week, Nik took some teens on a Ski Trip to Ruidoso, NM. They had such a great time. I was only a lot little jealous and bitter that I could not go. But I was happy to see my cutie husband when he returned late Saturday night!

* Since Nik was gone, Gunther (our car) and I bonded this week.

Side note / Funny story: I was making plans to have lunch with a friend on Saturday and I texted her to see if she wanted me to pick her up in Gunther, or meet her at the restraunt. She replied with "I'll just meet you, because I don't know where Gunther is." Ha! It made me laugh really hard. I guess not everyone knows that Gunther is the name of our car....

I also spent over an hour detailng/cleaning the inside of Gunther. Since we bought it, we have not really had time to 'detail' it. So that is how I spent my Friday night while Nik was gone. We just have to do a few more things to Gunther which Nik will do this week, and then it will be ready for our first road trip together this weekend!

* My neighbor offered to mow my lawn on Thursday night. It was very nice of him, and looks great! I love good neighbors. Now we still have to tackle the back yard (hopefully this week)...which has become a jungle...!

* I had lunch on Saturday with a friend. It lasted 3 1/2 hours. I know...crazy. But I was a little lonely and bored. So that's what you get! During our lunch, we did manage to make plans for a card night and plans for it was productive.

* After lunch, I began the process of caulking the quarter-round to our baseboards (from when we re-did our floors). After a little trial and error (although, not much) I am a pro! I caulked until I ran out of caulk. I will try to finish this week. Then comes painting...! I am feeling the need to hurry up and get these house projects done. I am getting bigger each week and know that soon I will not really be capable of doing too much. Time is ticking!

* Baby D now has a shelf in our kitchen. Please tell me he won't need more than that - it's all I could give up.

That's my 6 random updates.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 25

This week, something exciting has happened - Nik got to feel Baby D move for the first time! He was super excited, as was I! I feel Baby D moving all the it was nice to finally share that experience with Nik.

Other than that, not much exciting has happened with my pregnancy this week. I have felt really good, have had lots of enery, no major 'pregnancy brain' instances... Not much to report - just thankful things are still going so well!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I don't think I'm nesting yet (hello....the nursery is still an empty, non-painted, nothing in it, room. All the baby stuff we have is currently piled in my living room because I refuse to put anything in the nursery until we at least paint.). But some people think I have started nesting. I just think I'm being myself!

Example 1: The other night I cleaned out our 'Tea/Coffee Cabinet'. Yes, we have a whole top cabinet section in our kitchen that is dedicated to Hot Tea / Coffee stuff. (Top shelf - mugs; middle shelf - teapots and french presses; bottom shelf - teas and coffees). The funny that we are not huge tea/coffee people anymore. We used to be...before we moved to hot, humid Texas. Now we are not so much. But - I cleaned it out and it looks nice (I would normally insert pic but husband has camera). And minutes after I rearranged and organized it all I had a thought.... We hardly use this stuff and I have a whole cabinet dedicated to it. Won't Baby D need a cabinet (or at least a shelf) for all his stuff? (By the way.... I still have no clue about what stuff he will actually need, but I'm sure there is stuff, right? Like bottles?). So now I have the dilemma of doing something with all my beloved tea/coffee stuff (not get rid of) and make room for Baby stuff. Which means, I have to rearrange and organize my whole kitchen...again...which I did not long ago!

Example 2: In my office this week, I have felt the need to organize all the drawers and cabinets in the ministry area that I work in. We have accumulated lots of stuff over the past 2 years (remember my work burned, and we lost everything) and are outgrowing our space. We have purchased some new cabinets and I am still working to rearrange/organize it all. Today, I went through my file cabinet drawers and organized and labeled correctly. My boss now wants me to do his...but not until I go through a storage closet and a bookshelf that is located in my office. Then, after I do his office, I will tackle our computer files. I do feel the need to get everything in order before my maternity leave.

So that is what I'm up to these days. Cleaning, organizing and rearranging (which I love doing)! Not nesting. Isn't that just reserved for Baby stuff?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not. Fun.

So this past weekend we registered for Baby stuff. I have a couple of baby showers coming up, and knew I needed to get this done. And this was our only free weekend to do it, for a long time.

I was excited. It was rainy and cold (which I love).

I had a list (of course) compiled of what to register for from at least 3 different sources. And we were going to register at 3 different stores.

And so it began. We started out Friday afternoon. Target-bound. We literally just started in the first baby aisle - checking my list to see what we needed from that aisle, and then picking it out. Sounds like fun, right?


So very much not fun!

Seriously. The many hundred different kinds of the hundred different things you need.... I could go into detail. But I won't. Too traumatic.

We left Target a couple hours later. Saddened and out of energy. I called my mom and told her how not fun it was. She made me feel better.

Next stop. Walmart. All I'm going to say is....everything we registered for there, was done on-line. Me and the lady-worker exchanged a few words (all nice) but I left in a huff, and told Nik I do not have the patience to deal with registering there, in person - EVER. So far, I have stuck to my work.

That night we went and played volleyball. It was good for my soul. I laughed, a whole lot. And just had the greatest time! I forgot about the not-fun I had before.

Saturday came. We left Temple to go to the Austin-area. We were bound and determined to finish up this baby registering thing...if it killed us. I think going into it with the right expectations (that it was going to be terrible) helped us through it! That, and some good ol' Jersey Mikes Subs - Nik's favorite!

I did have to laugh at Nik (in a good way) while he literally 'wrangled' the many car seat/stroller travel systems. He was such a good sport and was really trying to find the best one for us!

But back to registering....we are not done, but really really close. Thanks go the internet I can go online and tweek our registeries. They should be completed soon. I just need to add a few more things.... It's really a lot of stuff. I keep thinking "do babies really need all this stuff? What happens when, in a few months they outgrow everything we have for them...I guess we just start over with more stuff...Can we register every year?!"

One highlight to going to baby stores in a city - Expectant Mother Parking (especially when it is raining)! That is seriously so cool.

We also ended our day trip with a stop at Ikea. Because, really, who could resist?! We ended up purchasing exactly what we needed (not baby stuff) for half of what we expected to spend! What a good note to end on.

And a funny while we were in the store, registering - we decided to walk through the clothing section (we needed something cute to look at - our brains were fried). And we spotted this little gem of clothing:

Isn't it so cute?! Well, in our state of mind at the moment...we registered for it. When we got in the car, and a long while after we left the store...I asked Nik how much that little outfit was. He answered around $6.00. I just stared at him, and asked why in the world did we not just buy it?! He just looked back at idea why we did not purchase it. Ha! That just tells you how much in a 'registering zone' we were in! (Come to find out...after looking at our was actually $24.99). Yikes! But still so cute!

And that was is summary of our registering weekend!

Here is my new theory - a new mom should not have to do this alone, with her husband (also a new dad). They should have someone else take over the duties of registering for them.

The End.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Stuff

So are you tired of reading about Baby Stuff / Pregnancy yet?

I hope not. This is my world. And I have some more baby stuff I want to share with you!

A long time ago (don't know how long ago - but seriously, a long time ago) Nik's mom gave us some of Nik's baby stuff. I looked at it, thought it was cute, packed it up and stored it away. No baby on my mind, at the time this stuff was given to us. However, the last couple of months I have been asking Nik to go find it in storage and bring it down. He did. And this is what I found after opening the boxes:

Some outfits (so cute); a bib; a belt; and a baby book!

Blankets (handmade by very special people)!

That same day I was looking through Nik's baby stuff, a package arrived in the mail from my sister. In that package (more about the other contents later) contained my baby book!

Nik's & my Baby Books!

I think that is so cool that we have both our baby books! Also in the package was a new baby Journal for Baby D!

Love, love, love it! Thank you, sister!

And the rest of the package from Jessica, Brennen and Amber:

Bibs, Books, Bath toy and awesome mother/child candle-holder-thing!

What a fun maternity shirt! I can't wait to wear it!
Thank you, so much!

I really do hope that you are not tired of reading about all this baby/pregnancy stuff. This blog is a way I can share everything, with my family and friends, who live so far away.

This weekend is supposed to be rainy and cold. (Love this weather). Nik and I have big plans to do a little shopping and begin registering for baby things. I have a couple of baby showers planned and need to get registered. It sounds fun to register for baby things...but it is also a little stressful...have I mentioned that I. Don't. Have. A. Clue? Well, I don't. However, the registering thing needs to happen! That is the plan.

I already feel so overwhelmed (with thankfulness, gratitude and love) for the gifts we have already been given. And there are a few people who no longer need baby things who are getting stuff together to give us! It's unreal. The love for this little (no named) baby boy.

Off to register....maybe I should wear my 'motherly' might, at least, make others think that I have a clue! Ha!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 24 & Doctors Apt.

Today, I am 24 weeks and 5 days along in this pregnancy!

I went to the doctor this morning and overall had a good report. She officially wrote down 'Uncomplicated Pregnancy'. That felt good. I know things can change between now and June - but I'm thankful for the pregnancy I have had so far.

The baby's heart beat was good, as was my blood pressure.

I have gained 3.8 pounds since last time I have seen her. Dr. G's response: Let's try not to gain 4 pounds again when you see me next. Maybe keep it no more than 2. She is pretty strict, that lady. But good. I really do like her a lot.

When she did my measurements, she noted that I had increased by 6 inches since the last appointment. I was excited (to me, that meant that Baby D is growing good). Dr. G's response: 4 or 5 inches would have been a little better.

Ha! Her responses makes me laugh! She is not being mean when she responds - that is just the way she is. She takes my health very seriously and wants to see me have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Which includes not overeating and being lazy through these 9 months.

She did give me a compliment today (and I will forever cherish it because it may be the only one I get). She was looking over all my info and said "It says here you're that right?" I responded with a yes and told her I would be 31 around the due date. She said "Well, you don't look 30". Nice.

All in all, a good visit. I said 'no' to the shuttle people today who offered me a ride to my car. I figured I better walk...

Next appointment I have to have blood drawn and drink the gross-sugar-liquid to check for diabetes. I think I'll make Nik go with me to that appointment. He had to talk me through drinking cough syrup not too long ago. I need his support to drink the gross-sugar-liquid!

I have been exercising more this week and I have felt really good!

Below is one more pic of me this week - Yes, I'm wearing a red shirt again. Apparently I wore a red shirt 2 days this week to work. If that concerns you...sorry. It is the least of my worries to make sure I don't wear the same color of shirt twice in one week. My main concern is that I am wearing clean clothes, that fit! And for those of you, who didn't even notice I was wearing a red shirt in both pics....sorry the long paragraph concerning this issue!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Some Highlights:

* Friday afternoon, Nik and some teens from our church drove to Austin to meet up with another youth group and participated in the 30 Hour Famine. All in all, there were 26 people who participated and around $6,000 was raised! Exciting! They had a great time, and learned a lot. Thank you to everyone who gave money - We appreciate it so much, and know it will be used well.

* Making a Card Ring - I saw this idea on a couple other blogs this past year. I mainly saw this idea for Christmas Cards, but decided I was going to do this for Baby D's cards. It's really simple and very cute (although my pictures don't quite do it justice). I purchased a neckring (5") and some ribbon. Then you hole punch your cards/letters/etc. and put them on the ring. Then in between every few cards, you tie some ribbon.

My card ring will grow as I receive more cards. But I wanted to keep and remember every single card, well-wish and prayer for Baby D - and this is the perfect way to do it! And once I'm ready to pack it up for storage, they are all together and I can just pack it away, as is. Currently, it is on a doorknob in my kitchen (where I can see it everyday).

* Spring Day - Sunday was such a beautiful, warm day here in Central TX! (Don't get me wrong - I miss winter, I wish we actually had a winter, but I will enjoy a beautiful spring day if they come). Our 1/2 tree (remember it splitting and falling last spring?) is blooming, and it is beautiful!

Nik decided to give Gunther a bath, while I sat in my lawn chair and read my book! Then we both proceeded to sneeze all afternoon - thanks to the lovely blooms!

* Suprise Gifts - Thank you, Elliott Family for our fun package we received for Baby D! So so very very excited...more each day. I can't wait to meet our little Baby D!

And I also received some Maternity Tops from a lady at church. Yah! They were definately needed! I am outgrowing things daily. But, I am glad to say, that I have been able to wear a good-chunk of my own clothes for a long time!

* Goal Setting - I have mentioned a few times that we have a 'To Do List Before Baby D Arrives' and on Sunday night, we set some goals for the week to start accomplishing things on that list!

* Rest - Yes, I slept in on Saturday. I was lazy. I had lunch with a friend that lasted entirely too long, but yet, not long enough (don't you love that?). I napped on Sunday. I hung out with my cutie husband (after he returned) and we laughed and had fun.

Weekend-ing was good. It was what it is supposed to be (in my mind). Hope yours had some highlights, too!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 22 & 23

Week 22 - I have officially lost my filter (This actually happened around week 17, but got really bad this week). Nik said so. I share my thoughts/opinions way more than I should, and I don't do it very tactfully.

Remember when I mentioned 'pregnancy brain'? Here is proof #217 that it exists. My boss was on his way into a meeting when he asked me to bring him his cup of coffee when it finished making (about 3 minutes). I told him I would. ONE HOUR later, I remembered his coffee! I took it into the meeting, looking very sorry and he just laughed at me. He knew I forgot! I'm thankful for such an understanding boss! That is proof.

Foods I discover I no longer like: oranges, peanut butter, mexican (cheese quesidillas do not count), and chipotle burritos.

Foods I cannot get enough of: potatoes - all kinds, fixed all ways; burgers - still my favorite food, so glad Baby D enjoys this scrumptious food!

My first food craving - canned peaches! Seriously. So yummy. I eat them everyday. I even made Nik go to the store late one night because I knew I did not have any to eat the next day. He went and I ate!

Week 23 - (My filter has been found!)

Nik and I were walking through the grocery store one night, and I kept telling him that I think I felt my belly in that particular moment. He thought I was being weird and said there was no way I was feeling my belly grow. So - Question: has anyone else felt their belly growing?! Tell me I'm not crazy! Actually, you don't have to tell me I'm not crazy....I have discovered that being pregnant, is a bit like being crazy.

Weight Gain: I don't think I have updated since week 19, where I was down 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Well, I think I can safely say that there will be no more posts about being down on the scale. I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight and then some. I hope to still post my weight gain (it is good accountability and these are memories) - however...if it gets off the chart-bad....I may have to re-think that! Ha! With all that said: I am + 2.

I learned that in the last two weeks and the next two weeks that the baby doubled in size. I'm going to blame my weight gain on that. Not on the pizza and biscuits & gravy that I have consumed (a little much of) the past couple of weeks. That is all I am saying on the topic for now.

So this past week, I wore a certain outfit to work (there is where a picture would normally be inserted, but I cannot find it). So, we are just going to go with it..... An elderly woman came in to talk to me, and as she was leaving she made this comment: "You are looking very motherly. This is the one time it's okay to be fat"..... Yes, she did! So, not only am I now fat...I'm apparently motherly - which, with the way she said it, I'm not sure is a good thing! Ha! However, I actually did get a few compliments that day on my shirt. It's just funny what people say to you when you are pregnant!

A few weeks ago, I did have one man tell me that I look younger. Nice. But, I'm 30 and pregnant....I'm not sure which part makes me look younger! Ha!

Enjoying and embracing the memories...!

Nik and I are officially signed up for birthing classes. They will start the end of March.

Looking forward to this next week: A Doctor's appointment! I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Weight Room

Remember way back when - when I told you we planned to turn our extra bedroom into a sewing/weight room? Then I broke my hand and found out I was pregnant?

Well, our extra room will now become the nursery - which is a good thing.

However, Nik had already given up his gym membership and was on the lookout for some weight equipment. He picked out his weights this past fall, but still needed a weight bench/station. Well, he finally found one awhile back and ordered it.

It is here, and setup our bedroom! I know that probably sounds funny to most of you. But if you have ever seen our bedroom - it is a good size room, with not much in it. Meaning...wasted space. With the baby coming, we don't need any wasted space. So - our bedroom is a now a bedroom/weight room!

This is just the bench-thing. Nik still has to add his weights to it!
And if your looking for more description than Nik!

And this is what it will look like, not in use.
(The bench moves, so it will be shifted to allow more room in the bedroom, when Nik is not working out).

And that's that! I still need to hang a white board on the wall so Nik can keep track of his progress and stuff, but I think this will work well. If not, we'll do something different down the road!

And on a more girly-note: I received the last of my monthly flowers. Remember the fundraiser card I bought, where I received flowers every month. That is what I'm referring to. On this last card, I gave away my flowers each month (for 5 months) to someone who needed a little encouragement, or to say 'thank you'. Well, this month, I kept the flowers for myself and they are beautiful!

I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend this weekend. This will be my first Saturday since the New Year to SLEEP IN. And I plan to take full advantage of this gift! I do not plan to leave my bed until I'm fully ready - not to answer the phone, or the door...only to go potty and eat. (Which those two things now run my life - Ha!) So for all you people out there who planned to call me early Saturday morning: don't. do. it!

I do have to clean a house for someone, and attend a wedding shower...but other than that - I hope to be super productive around the house. There are many things on the 'To Do List Before Baby D Arrives'. Maybe I'll post more about this list soon!

Happy Friday and hope your weekend is great!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Books

I love making photo books! I have only made them through, (I know there are other programs out there) but have been so happy with the results. I have made 3 books in the past:

In my mind, this is way better than scrapbooking. I know that scrapbooking is all the rage - but this is the best thing for me. I never did get on the scrapbooking kick - too much stuff and too expensive! This is a great alternative (if you ever want to try it). It is easy, pretty fun, (you don't have to be creative) and when you catch the sales, it is pretty inexpensive.

Awhile back, I started a 'Temple, TX' book...and my plan was to finish it when we moved away from Temple. But...we have been here 4 years, and I'm not sure when we are moving - So, I re-vamped my plan. I did a 'Welcome to Texas' book, beginning March 2008 (when we moved) through December 2010. I just finished and ordered it a couple nights ago (on sale). I can't wait for it to come in!
Then I worked on a '2011 Book'. It is completed, and Nik has found a groupon that makes this book a pretty good price - so I will order it soon.

I'm so excited to have my photo books now caught up with my life! My plan is to do a photo book for every year. I just love having something (tangible) to see and help us remember things.

I have spent a lot of time the past couple of days finishing these books up, but it is on my 'To Do List Before Baby D Arrives'. So - I'm glad to finally mark these off the list!