Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Fashion World

I'm going to let you in on a little bit of my fashion world....

* I purchased these nice workout pants after Thansgiving. But they were too long. So, guess how I remedied them? With safety pins. Yes, I did. I have been wearing them for 3 months, with safety pins on the bottom.

* I have a black 3/4 sleeve sweater that I wear pretty often. It has a hole in the arm. But, I keep wearing it. It is in good shape (besides the hole).

* The straps on this next shirt are too long (meaning, the shirt sits way lower than acceptable, in the front) so my remedy is...safety pins!

* If you have read this blog long, then you know I use liquid stitch to hem my pant legs (except for case and point 1, above).  Sometimes I go a little heavy on the liquid stitch and you can see the glue through the clothing. Sorry, I don't have a picture of this great fashion trend...because I have learned after awhile, it goes away.

* But I do have a necklace that broke and is put together by a paper clip.

* I like to wear green sports bras under white shirts. I would never wear black ones though (my mom taught me that, that was tacky). And if you think that is too much information, you might want to stop reading the blog. According to Nik, I have lost my filter. Who knows what I'll write in the next post!

* Last but not least, tears, rips and holes in sweat shirts are just the way I wear them.

* Oh - one more. When I can get away with it (meaning I won't be seen with Nik) I seldom match my clothes (outside of work) and secretly hope that Baby D thinks that matching clothes is overrated, too. Example: Sunday night I wore a dark gray t-shirt, a dark green open sweater over it and brown crocs. (Nik was not at the house when I dressed myself - and He took a funny picture of me sleeping the day before, so that is what he gets).

There are a couple of people I actually turn to for fashion advice. A couple. Like two, maybe. That is all. But make a note to yourself, that you should probably not ever come to me FOR fashion advice.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It Is Over

Wow. What a weekend we had! Thursday, Nik took some teens to a concert in Austin while I was at the church gym decorating for our final Upward Weekend. Throughout the week, Nik and I both worked a compressor to blow up the 155 basketballs and 432 balloons we needed:

The storage room where they were all kept through the week!

After a busy week of preparations, Friday finally came. I left work at noon that day, and took Nik out to a celebration lunch! We ate at a wonderful restaurant, where Nik had Steak and I had the best Club Sandwich in town. It was a nice lunch, and we got to spend a little time together before all the sha-bang really began.

But after lunch, it was back to work, getting all the last minute details ready for the big Award Celebration that night. The gym started out looking like this, late Wednesday night, after Youth Service:

 The gym floor covered with a mat, and bleachers put in place.

Next to be done - chairs, stage, sound and lighting setup.

Then posters, balloons, and other decorations to make it look festive!

We had a packed house Friday night, with over 350 people in our gym, celebrating the season. Each player got to run through a tunnel (balloon arch) as Nik called out their name and people cheered for them. The players loved this!

Then Nik welcomed everybody and talked about what a great season it has been. He thanked all the coaches for their hard work - and then gave one particular coach an award. Each year, Nik recognizes one coach who has demonstrated Christ-likeness throughout the whole season. This is such a cool award to give and to receive! Nik gives them a game ball that has been signed by all the players that year.

Nik, giving away the award to Coach Chris.

Afterwards, everyone watches 'highlights' from the season in a 15 minute slide show put together by one of our coaches. (This is what I was taking all the pictures for. We like to make sure that each player sees a picture of them self during the slide show). It turned out great!

Then we heard from a special speaker. Nik always finds such great speakers each year...and this year was no different. We heard from a ventriloquist who was soooo funny! Everyone laughed so hard. Kids and adults. During his speaking, he presented the gospel message and 2 kids accepted Christ! Worth. It. All.

The speaker, with his duck.

He also had a few other props, including one of our coaches! I can't resist these two jokes we heard, and have to share:
  • Why did the chicken run onto the court during a basketball game? Because the ref kept hollering 'Foul'!
  • What is the politically correct term for a dummy? A Mannequin-American!
Ha Ha Ha! So funny! (I'm still laughing....)

All in all, it was a wonderful night! Game day came Saturday and we had so much fun. We left all the decorations up and kept the celebration going. During each half-time, Nik gave opportunities for the parents to win free registration for the next year by answering questions, and then shooting from the half-court line. No one got it this year (they did last year) but it was still fun! We also brought out the big grill and our concession stand grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and made fresh-home made chocoloate chip cookies.

We ended the day with the last CPR game of the season. It is so fun to watch the coaches and parents on the court, playing ball.

During the whole day, I kept the pharse "This is the last day" close to mind. When I would receive a complaint about a bad call, or something not going 100%, or just really anything - I kept telling myself "This is the last day". It's really amazing how much you can handle and how your attitude stays good when it's the last day! It really was a great day, and a great end to a wonderful season.

Through out this season, we survived:
      -  8 Saturdays of games
      -  14 Games each Saturday
      -  26 Teams
      -  40 Coaches
      -  180 participants
      -  650 pictures to find a good one of each player
      - $2,000 + raised for teens in the concession (which we are also in charge of)
      - and homemade biscuits and gravy every Saturday!

I'm very proud of my husband, the director of our league. He works so hard, beginning in July, to organize the season. And wow, it takes a lot to organize a season! Sometimes he has to make decisions that not everyone likes. He has to think about what is best for the overall ministry - but yet, make each child and family feel that they are important and loved. What a hard job! He can't wear his thoughts/feelings on his sleeve, and has to sheild himself (to an extent) to not have his feelings hurt when someone says/does something. He is always available to run a practice, ref a game, sort out a bad call or disagreement, get ice for an injured player, mop up a spill on the court, run to the store when the concession needs something, talk out concerns with parents...etc...and all with a smile on his face and grace that is only from God! Great job, Nik!

After we got home (6pm Saturday) we ordered pizza and vegged out on our coach! We were both so tired. I was so tired, in fact, that I feel asleep while talking to Nik. He was kind enough to not wake me up, but take this picture of me:

Ha Ha! This picture is so funny!
He put his cap on my head because he was too tired to put it anywhere else!

We are both still recovering, actually...but at least I will have my husband home each night this week. I can't wait to spend some good, quality time with him!

If you made it through reading this very long post - good job! This is probably boring to most of you. But it is our life. And so, I blog about it. Plus, these are good memories for us!

I hope to keep my blog a bit more updated in the next few weeks. I have just been too tired to do much more than what I have done.

Okay - I'm done now. I'm sure you need a bathroom break after reading this novel...I know I do, after writing it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Stuff

Last week, I received 2 gifts from people for Baby D! I cannot tell you how excited I was. It just makes it even more real - that we will have a little one in a few months.

After we found out that Baby D was a boy - we texted a bunch of friends to spread the news. One of the reciepents of that text was out shopping when she received it. So she went straight to the baby area and bought this cute little outfit for Baby D:

So sweet. I love the 'I Love Mom' on the shirt!

My mom also sent a package this week to us that included these little cute items:

Love, love, love the little monkeys. I just kept holding the onsies after I received them. Staring at them. (While Nik rolled his eyes at me). Imagining a little boy inside. It made me smile!

Just thought I'd share some of the fun things I have received!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 21

Pregnancy brain. It exists. I didn't believe people when they first told me about this. But low and behold. It is true. I forget things. Words, really. In mid sentence I all of a sudden cannot remember a word to.......... uhm.........describe something. This happens often. All I have to say is - pregnancy brain does exist. Anyone else ever experience this?

Hormomes. Out of control this week. Well, Saturday really. I cried on and off all day (yes, even during Upward) and for most of the time - for no reason at all. Although, I did have good reason to cry when I had to go to the bathroom and there was a line. Yes, real tears came out of my eyes. See what I mean about the hormones?

I cannot wait for Nik to feel Baby D move.

And - this has nothing to do with my pregnancy...but I wanted to let you know that 648+ pictures later, I have completed the task of getting pictures together for the Upward Slideshow and will be handing them off to the guy actually making the show - today!

I apologize that all my pics are taken in my bathroom - where you can see my toilet in most of them...but Nik was unavailable to be my photographer this week....like he has better things to do! But I promised you some pregnancy pics - so this is what you get! Enjoy looking at my ever-increasing baby belly.

Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Hour Famine

Hey Guys - This is Nik. I am doing a guest post, and I know that you never hear from me, but as is usually the case with these spouse things, I am on here because I need your help!

The youth of my church have decided to join hundreds of thousands of students and do the 30 Hour Famine. Basically, they go without food for 30 hours. They learn what it takes to overcome hunger. And they raise funds to help feed hungry children and families around they world. They refuse to be told they can’t make a difference.

Every $30 raised can help feed and care for a child for a month. And because the Famine is powered by World Vision, they're not just feeding kids for today — they’re helping them and their families overcome poverty for a lifetime.

For more information on the Famine you can go to http://www.30hourfamine.org/

The weekend of March 2-3, we will gather together with other teens in our area to actually do the 30 hour famine. But along the way, they will learn about hunger and how to make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty. And to top it all off, they’ll be drawn closer to God and one another as they experience hunger firsthand.

My teens have set a goal to raise $4,000 for this great cause. I also, am working to find donations.

If you would be willing to sponsor me for this event please contact me at youth@templefirst.com Any contribution would be tax deductible and I have receipts that I can send to your for your contribution.

Or, email me if you would just like to catch up - that would be great as well. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and may God bless you today! Nik

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nursery Buys

We finally bought something for Baby D's room! We went to Hobby Lobby this past weekend and picked out some things to decorate the nursery. Nik and I both really like the 'vintage' sports look... So that is what we have decided to do. See what we purchased:

Picture to hang, stool, piggy bank and basketball nik-nak thing... 

Close-up: basketball nik-nack and piggy bank

There are a few more things there that we would like to get...but a little at a time.

Sport wall-hooks 

 Basketball picture frame

Love, love this sign! "No pink, No drama, No girls" (except mom)!

So that is a look into what we want to do with Baby D's room. I think it is pretty fun!

By the way, if Baby D was a girl...I would want to do something along this line:

Turquoise, white (with a touch of pink). Love the paisley & polka dots!

Maybe for Baby #2, or 3, or 4....Nik is freaking out right now...so I will stop there! Ha!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today, at work, I went into my boss' office and I said "Can I please have your drivers license and credit card?"

He replied by handing me his wallet.

And then I walked away.

One word: TRUST!

As I was walking away, the differene in asking that question to my boss and my husband came to mind...big difference!

I ask Nik for a $1 and he puts me through the fifth degree - Ha! Let alone him giving me his whole wallet!

Although, I don't have much room to talk...I have a secret-stash-of-cash that I hide in my wallet (that Nik knows about but kindly acts like he does not) and would never hand over my wallet to him!

By 'secret stash of cash' I mean less than $5 - It is my emergency coke/tea fund!

So, Nik, if you are reading this post...I think there should be a day (in the near future) where you just kindly, trustingly hand over your wallet to me!

Anyone else agree?!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

I consider myself a good wife. I pretty much do all the things (that in my mind) make a good wife. I love being a wife. Especially Nik's wife. He makes me love being his wife. Part of why I am a good wife (again, in my mind) is because Nik is a good husband!

That said, here lately - really, off and on since this summer (remember - leg infections, broken hand, pregnancy, hormones, sickness) I have felt like a mediocre wife (at best).

However, Nik is still a good husband. The best, really. Even when I'm at my worst, he does not falter. He is kind, patient, generous and keeps looking for ways to make me laugh, cheer me up or do something special for me.

He is my valentine.

I will be a good wife again. Hopefully soon. I have a yummy dessert planned to fix for him tonight. It involves chocolate chip cookie dough, dark chocolate and ice cream. Hopefully this dessert will help score me some points in my 'Good Wife Bank'!

Speaking of points - Nik scored some today. He sent me a text this morning at 9:17am and it said "Can I take my beautiful wife out to lunch today? Happy Valentines day!". So we went to BJ's, one of our favorite lunch spots. And it was yummy. And the time I got with my cutie valentine was even better than the food!

I made something for us recently. The picture below is kind of funny - so I'll explain in case you can't tell what it is. It is a frame, with a printed paper on the inside that says "I love you because". I have a marker that you can use to write on the glass frame reasons why you love the other person.

I love this idea (got it from another blog). It is making us be intentional in sharing our reasons for loving each other. Small things, big things, it does not matter. It is so easy to get caught up in saying 'I love you". Not that it is bad...but it can become a habit. What I think is even a better habit...is to say WHY. That is what we are working on...with our frame. And it's fun. It's a no-pressure frame though. We don't have to write something everyday, and we don't have to keep score of who writes most often. People 'speak' love to each other differently. I just though this would be fun while it lasted. One week, a month, a year...we will see. But for now, I am challenged to write to Nik reasons I love him.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 20 & Doctor Visit

Thursday I had a baby doctor appointment. It went something like this:

(Well, after I waited about 30 minutes for the doctor, which is unusual, and then fell asleep on the table!)
  • Baby D's heartbeat = Good
  • Baby positioning / measuring = Good
  • My blood pressure = High (due to all the cold meds I'm on)
  • Dr. G told me I have to start getting better sleep and get well SOON. Why, thank you doctor...if only it was that easy! Then she prescribed me more meds.
  • I then made an apointment to speak with the financial people again - I will become double-insured soon, and hope this will make a difference when it come to the cost of delivering Baby D. We will see.
  • I also have the paperwork to sign up for all the baby classes the hospital offers. I know many people do not take these classes...but come on. I'm clueless and need all the help I can get. So, yes, I will be dragging Nik to every.single.class.offered!
And that was my appointment. Then on the way out of the hospital, I stopped at a food vendor and bought myself a Kolache. Because I was up at 5:30am again, and my breakfast was definately gone. But - 3 loads of laundry got folded and put away!

Today is Friday. I am at home. It is 7:30am. I have already checked email, read some blogs, found a new recipe to try out, made muffins, drank some hot tea and am posting some blog material (sorry for being so behind on this!). I have been up since 6am. Although that is early, I am okay with it. I love early mornings. And the fact that I am not going to work today, helps. My work people told me yesterday to stay home today and try to rest. I took them up on that offer. I am looking forward to a lazy day at home. I need the rest. I am very tired of not sleeping well. But the new meds Dr. G gave me seem to be helping. I slept even better last night than I have in many nights. I am hoping to catch up on a few things that have lagged behind this week - but other than that, I plan on drinking lots of hot tea, taking a few naps and laying on the couch.

Oh, and Nik has the day off today (well, kinda...he will be home most of the day). I am very much looking forward to some time with my cutie husband. I miss him.

So this week is 20 weeks of pregnancy! Crazy. Still no picture. So - maybe next week you will get pregnancy picture overload!

Something exciting has been happening though....I have felt movement! Well, 'flutters', actually! They are pretty regular now. At first, I didn't know if I was really feeling Baby D - but after a few days of the same feeling in roughly the same spot...I knew it was my little boy! So very exciting.

I think I might go shopping at some point this weekend for Baby. I am ready to buy him something. People think it is weird that I have not bought anything yet. But oh well. Weird or not, that is me, and that is how it is.

And another pregnancy first....heartburn. I had it last night. Either the crazy-bad headaches, the heartburn or the coughing have. got. to. go.

So - I'm off to medicate myself and maybe take a nap!

Bye Bye Trooper

This past week Nik sold the Trooper. Within 8 hours of posting it on the web. Crazy, huh? I was a little sad to see it go...but then I realized how much money we are saving on gas alone. And I got over it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CPR Game

Saturday, after our normal Upward Basketball games, we had our annual CPR game. CPR stands for Coaches, Parents, Referees. Nik cleverly came up with that name after the first game, and after seeing how 'well' everyone was breathing!

Basically, what this game is - Is we invite any parent, coach or ref to play a basketball game after the last game of the day. It is fun for the kids to see everyone out there (and I think they enjoy 'coaching' their coaches from the sidelines, too!).

We had a pretty good turn out for the game. And we even had one player who played college ball not too long ago. He impressed all the kids (and everyone else) when he dunked the ball a couple of times during the game! Fun!

Below are team pics that I insisted on taking:

After being up at 5:30am - working Upward all day (Nik reffing and then playing) we were pooped when we got home at 6pm. We went out to dinner and then hit the sack! We only have 3 weeks left of Upward. The season has gone so well this year. It has been fun, we have made new friends and loved on the kids - but I think we will be glad when it comes to and end! We still have lots to do in these last three weeks, but it is truly a joy to be a part of this ministry!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pregnancy - Week 18 and 19

Here lately, I have realized that my hormones are worse than they had been before! (Ask Nik...actually, don't ask him. I like to believe that he still thinks I'm the most adorable, loving wife in the world). Although, one night I did tell him that I was going to bed (early) because the night was not going to get any better...(meaning, I was not being the nicest person in the world) and Nik agreed that it was my bedtime! Ha! Such love...

I am still down 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. But I can definitely tell my appetite has grown so I'm sure I'll be gaining a few pounds soon (if the cup of queso and cheese quesidallia I had for lunch yesterday has not already done it...). Moving on.

Nausea has returned. Still not literally 'sick' but it can be pretty rough at times. I thought that would be over by now. It's not everyday though, just sometimes.

And this past week the Cold caught up to me. Not the weather 'cold', considering it was 80 degrees one day, but the yucky-sick kind of 'cold'. I went to the doctor and she told me what I could take. I'm taking all the medication I can - and as much of it as I can. I don't think it's doing much good. Only time will help this cold I think. But I have been pretty productive a couple of mornings...when you wake up at 5:30am, you can get a lot done, before your normal day starts!

I have been planning out what to register for. I had no idea what to register for and what all a baby needs (although, I still believe that 'need' is a strong word - I keep reminding myself that it really probably takes very little of 'stuff' to care for a baby and really give it what it 'needs'. Get my point?) That being said, thanks to the web, I have lists of lists of lists of helpful things to register for. I have tried to narrow it down so we can start looking/researching what we actually would like to include in our registry. So if you have any baby-must-haves, please let me know.

Still no name yet for Baby D. It took all of 3 minutes to name our car, but to name a baby...a whole different thing!

So I am now officially 20 weeks prego - 20 more to go...! No picture to recap weeks 18 and 19. It is actually the last thing on my mind as I have been coughing up a lung. But yes, the pimples are still here (in case you were wondering).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Meet Gunther:

He is a new (to us) car we purchased this week! We have been looking for about a year now, for a new vehicle to replace our Trooper. We love our Trooper, and it has been good to us over the years, but we no longer want (need) 2 SUV's and the ever-increasing fuel bill each month!

We could never find anything that met our criteria: cheap, decent shape, good gas mileage, a/c....until Gunther! It is not the coolest car in the world...but it is cheap (paid cash), in really good shape, gets great gas mileage and has a/c. So, we are loving him!

We had stopped looking for a vehicle that would meet our criteria and decided we would have to purchase one and pay it out (which is not what we wanted to do). Although we had officially stopped looking, we had not stopped praying! And in God's timing, we found the perfect little car for us!

Welcome Gunther to our family!