Saturday, October 31, 2015


For Halloween this year, Jaxen decided he wanted to be Batman. 

This is not what I would have picked…but I think the days of me being in control of Jaxen’s Halloween costumes are long gone. After the fiasco of last year (meaning, I waited too late to decide what Jaxen was going to be for Halloween - that he ended up wearing his costume from the year before!) I decided to step up my game this year. 

So a few weeks ago we were at Sam’s Club (with Jaxen) and saw costumes. He picked out Iron Man and literally started taking his clothes off in the store to put the costume on. Luckily Nik noticed before the pants came off (just the shirt made it all the way off). It was pretty hilarious! Then we made our way to Wal-Mart where he saw Batman. 

End of story.

He was so excited about being Batman, that when we got home, I had to hide his costume or it would never make it to Halloween.

Cue Wednesday.

We had Trunk-or-Treat at the church that night and I had to find Jaxen’s costume! Thankfully, I’m semi-organized and found it in the second place I looked. But when I went to put it on him, it was almost too small! Oh well. It will work until he grows 1/2 an inch more.

And he has barely taken it off since then. That was a few days ago. And yes, it’s starting to stink! My mission for tonight is to wash the costume and my stinky boy.

So here is Batman-Jaxen!

And every time he puts the costume on - he has to go upstairs and look at himself in the mirror. 

We are not big “Halloween Fans”. 
So we never really have any big plans.
Our plans this year included going to our church’s Trunk-or-Treat. And that’s it!

But Thursday night I mentioned to Nik that the Library was doing something.
So while I was gone - Nik and Jaxen headed that way.
He had a great time, and gets so excited to get candy!

It’s so funny to hear Jaxen say “Batman”.
He says “Bat Maaaaaan”. Two words and “man” is really drawn out!

All ready to go with daddy!

There were a few events today around town, but we did not go to any.
Instead, we raked leaves. A lot of leaves. But I’m glad that chore is finally done!

And tonight I plan on staying in.
We had no trick or treaters last year, so I’m guessing we won’t have any this time either.
That’s ok with me!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Best Big Bro

Through the years, as we have been given hand-me-down clothes for Jaxen, 
there have been quite a few “big brother” shirts. 
Most he has outgrown without ever wearing! But not this one...

He looked so cute in this shirt the other day, before school, that I had to snap a few pics.

And then he insisted on wearing his watch and sunglasses (just like daddy)
and he looked even more adorable in the car!

I love him so much and I cannot wait to see what kind of big brother he turns out to be!
Hopefully the best :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Festival

This weekend, while Nik was out of town - Jaxen and I headed to the park for a Fall Festival!

Sidenote: I love seeing all the pictures of everyone’s kiddos at fall festivals this time of year 
on Facebook and other blogs, but it is a little bit funny to me that most of the 
kids are in short sleeves and shorts still! 
It was around 35 degrees here Saturday morning while we were out. Cold!

We arrived right when it started so thankfully, it was not too busy yet.

First stop: Pumpkin Painting

He had the best time painting. 
I forgot to take a final picture of the pumpkin, but know it is covered in every paint color possible :)

Second stop: Animals

He got to pet a goat and see donkeys, alpacas and llamas.
He loved talking to the animals and watching them eat their “snack” (grass).

We walked around some after that - saw many vendors; drank cider; ate popcorn…
all the “fall festival” kind of things…

and then ended our time at the Bounce House!

As we were leaving I saw a hay bale with 2 pumpkins on it.
I stopped for a photo op.
Because I have yet to take Jaxen to a pumpkin patch. Mom Fail.
Does this count?!

And yes, I made Jaxen take his coat off for about 2 minutes for a few pictures.
He survived.

This kid.
Melts my heart!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pregnancy - Week 15

While I was taking my week 15 Baby Bump picture...

Baby D - 15 weeks

A little boy wanted to get in on the shot!

Jaxen - 175 weeks

Jaxen has no concept of what is means to be a brother - or to have siblings…but I have started the conversations with him. All he knows is he likes babies and wants to help mommy take care of one! That’s a start!

Overall, I feel really well! So thankful. I can eat pretty much anything - although I still crave all things carb-related. And pasta. And Vanilla Coke. I did make it to the gym this week and hope to get back in the habit….trying not to gain extra weight! And so far - so good. Still holding steady at a 6 pound gain. 

Ok…so I’m still napping. A lot. I have gotten used to these daily naps and they are really hard to give up. I feel guilty for taking them…but here is how I rationalize it - If I don’t nap during the day then I want to go to bed the minute Jaxen does. If I do nap, I can stay awake and hang out with my cutie husband! Good or bad? Not sure. Haha.

I hope to start getting baby things out of the attic soon. That will make everything more real and more exciting!!!! I have started a list of a few things we need before Baby D arrives (thankfully, it’s not too much because we kept everything from Jaxen). 

Not too much is different in the last few weeks…but that’s my official update!

Friday, October 23, 2015

All Is Well

I know my family worries when I don't blog semi-regularly...

But you will have to wait a few more days for a "normal" post! Nik has been out of town a lot this week (and takes his computer) so that makes blogging a bit more difficult. Right now, I'm on my phone - but this is taking forever! Haha! 

Anyways - the point I'm trying to make is... No worries. We are all well and happy! Jaxen is rocking it at his speech therapy and school; Baby D and I are doing great (as long as I get my naps in - haha); and Nik is doing good. He is on a short missions trip with the teens, delivering Crisis Care Kits. 

Things have been busy around here - but it's just the season for that.

I will leave you with our Sunday Selfie. I know it's been awhile! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pics from our walk...

Last Monday we had a beautiful day here - sun shining and warm! I re-arranged our plans for the day so Jaxen and I could spend some time outside. I knew it was probably our last chance for such a beautiful day. And I’m so glad we did. We had the best time! Here are pics from our day...

I don’t know if I was brave or stupid…but I decided to let Jaxen walk to the park.
Instead of push him in a stroller. 
Yes, he is 3 now and probably does not need the stroller anymore - 
but the park is really uphill from our house and I knew it would not be an easy walk for him!

So we set off.
And really, he did great! 
This is him, not wanting me to take his picture.

He did start to get tired - 
but thankfully, I found this wall I let him walk on (while holding his hand).
He thought he was cool stuff because he was taller than mommy!

We finally arrived at the park. 25 minutes later!
But it was a fun walk and worth it.
He had a great time playing and after awhile we headed home.

Another detail: I let him wear undies. No diaper.

On the way home, he had to go pee pee. 
So I took him behind a tree. 
He was apprehensive at first, but soon caught on to what he needed to do :)
I’m not sure if I broke laws or not…but he had to go!

This was after he went - he was rewarded with a stick!

And then on the way I decided we would walk through the “woods” - not the path.

He had a great time exploring everything. And touching everything!

He had a few falls… a little blood and some scratched up knees and hands - but he was a trooper!

We finally made it out of the woods and home… 45 minutes later! Haha!

We had the best time, and today I was reminiscing about it. 
Today we were both dressed in 
short-sleeve shirts, with a sweatshirt, with our winter coats on over us!
It was cold!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our Fall Getaway - Part 2

For the record - We had snow this weekend. I don’t count it as our “first snow” because it didn’t stick. But it definitely snowed here. Funny - it didn’t even phase me. I know winter is coming…


Our Fall Getaway - Part 2:

Wednesday - We had explored and done all we wanted to do in Lincoln and so we looked at other options to spend our last day. And we ended up in Maine. We realized we could drive to Portland, ME in less than 2 1/2 hours. So we did! Neither of us had been there before and we had the best time!

Nik and I - in Maine!

When we arrived in Portland we found the downtown area - payed an incredible
amount of money to park our car and then we just walked the town.

I loved seeing the ocean, the boats, all the food places and the great shops!

After awhile (and after googling the best eating places in Portland) we stopped for lunch.
Nik had a lobster roll - and loved every bite! (I had a cheeseburger :))

After lunch we walked some more.
We really loved walking the town, seeing all the sights - we had the best time!
We stopped for some amazing coffee (and tea) and then Nik spotted a Gelato Place.
Nik loves Gelato. Like it’s probably his favorite dessert ever.
So, of course, we had to stop!
And they had this sign in there… which pretty much sums up Nik’s life :)

Once we felt we had discovered all there was in downtown Portland we decided to head home.
But on the way out of town we decided to check out a lighthouse.
And I’m so glad we did!
It was so beautiful!
So here are a few of pictures for your viewing pleasure!

It was so pretty there. We had such a great time walking around the park where the lighthouse was,  climbing on and over the rocks on the beach and really, just being together!

Thursday - After a wonderful breakfast at the top-rated breakfast place in Lincoln we opted for the shortest and quickest route possible to head home - and pulled into town to see a very happy little boy around 4:30pm. I sure missed him a whole bunch - but this time away that Nik and I had was so very good for us! And for me… after a few days of being home I mentioned to Nik that I felt like a better mom after our trip. I’m not sure exactly what it was - but I feel much more patient and pulled together when it comes to Jaxen. It’s a good thing - but I didn’t realize I needed a break as much as I did! So I am so glad we had this wonderful, relaxing trip together!

A few more pics from our drive home...