Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our Anniversary - 15 years

Last week Nik and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!

My day started with Nik cooking me breakfast, 
starting (and scraping the frost off) my car…then continued with
lunch out (Thai food), flowers (for home) and a plant (for my office)….then continued with
a wonderfully cooked dinner (hamburgers) and ice cream out!

Friday night our friends, the Chandlers, agreed to keep the boys!
So Nik and I headed out for a fun date night and morning.
I very much enjoyed my time with Nik
and all the little thoughtful things he did to make our 15th Anniversary a great one!

And in keeping with our 15 years of marriage,
here are 15 reasons why I love Nik (in no particular order):

 He is kind
 He puts gas in my car for me
 He is patient with me 
He charges my toothbrush when it gets low (before I even notice it is low)
 He initiates hugs
 He cleans the house and does laundry
He brings me Sonic “treats” (a drink) a couple times a week
 He makes me laugh
 He tells me he loves me all the time
 He knows how to grill yummy meat
 He supports and encourages me
 He loves our boys big
He works hard at showing me he loves me
 He is always up for an adventure
He loves road trips

We both work hard at our marriage. 
Marriage is fun. and hard. and easy. and tough. 
Marriage is full of love. and forgiveness.
And it is worth it!

I am thankful God gave me Nik for these past 15 years.
And I pray we have 15+ more years together!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Transitioning - Part 2

In these “transitioning posts" - I will be answering the following (common) questions
I have been asked a few times:

How is Jaxen transitioning to his new school?
How is Zane transitioning to Nik being at home instead of Carla?
How is your family transitioning from small town to city?
How is your family transitioning from a house to an apartment?

I have already answered the following question in Part 1:
How are you transitioning into working full time from being a stay-at-home home?

and (today)...

How is Nik transitioning to being home full time and taking care of the boys?

Considering Nik has held a job since he was 15…this transition has been a little weird, I guess is the best way to describe it. After we moved to KS, we both knew that Nik needed to take it easy for awhile. To try and keep the stress and anxiety at bay. To get some rest and take some time to get healthy (he had some blood levels that were out of whack), and that is what he has done! For the most part, anyways. It is a little bit hard, because he is up at least once every night with one of our boys (some times both and sometimes multiple times). That just makes for a tired person - when you can’t sleep through the night. (I do take one or two nights a week, being up with the boys to give him a break). None the less, he is a bit tired! 

I think he has enjoyed the extra time with the boys - especially Zane. They have a great little routine down each day and Zane is smitten with his daddy. I think it’s been good for them both to have that time together. Nik got some good time when Jaxen was younger and I’m glad he gets to have this time with Zane.

Nik does all the things. He grocery shops, runs errands, takes and picks Jaxen up from school, cooks dinner, cleans the apartment, laundry….seriously. All the things! And he is great at it. No complaints. He lets me know if there is something he needs me to do, or I ask how I can help him - but really - he is the one keeping things running on the home front. I’m so grateful for that!

The hard part is the lack of outside communication. We are still new here and don’t have many friends and there are not “Daddy/Baby Play Days” (although I’m looking into a few possible ideas). So he gets a bit lonely (he is a very social person). We do try to have our friends over some for dinner, or travel to see another set of friends, or Rusty and him will get together and watch football - so that helps!

So overall, Nik would say he has transitioned well and enjoys being home with the boys!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Road Trip - Springfield

This past Friday night we took off to Springfield, MO. Nik dropped me off outside of Second Baptist Church around 6:30pm, where I met up with my friend, Misty, for the Fresh Grounded Faith Conference. It was really a good conference. Pictured below are the  main people who were there as speakers and singers (from left to right):

Some Australian guy (?), Jennifer Rothchild, Liz Curtis Higgs, 
Candace Cameron Bure, The Getty’s (married couple). 

While I was at the conference, Nik and the boys hung out with the rest of the Clardie family
 and even went to Krispy Kreme (while the light was on) Saturday morning!

That weekend we also celebrated Misty’s birthday! 
Chad made great food and amazing blueberry cake with blueberry icing 
and some kind of blueberry compote in the middle. 

We had a fun weekend with the Clardies and we are looking forward to seeing them a bit more often 
(now that we only live 3 hours away)!

Before we left on Sunday, Jaxen and Zane were playing in the leaves and 
Ciersyn and Caidyn caught some great pics…

We then realized that Misty and I had not taken any pics together -
so we got our picture taken too!

We were home by 5pm and the boys were in bed around 6pm…
they were exhausted!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Road Trip - Texarkana

This past weekend, we took a road trip down to Springfield, MO. It was great and I will blog about it soon(ish). But before I do that - I thought I better blog about the road trip Nik, Jaxen and Zane took a few weeks ago :)

Jaxen was out of school for a few days and so Nik took the boys down to Texarkana. They left on a Wednesday (1/2 day of school) and came home Sunday. They had a great time seeing everyone! Jaxen and Zane both loved the time with their cousins (and aunt, uncle and grandparents)…but I think the cousins were their favorite! Haha! Here is a few pictures that were captured during their time there...

Fun times! I think we are all happy that this most recent move of ours got us closer to both our families - and we look forward to many more road trips!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Transitioning - Part 1

In these “transitioning” posts - I will be answering the following (common) questions
I have been asked a few times:

How is Nik transitioning to being home full time and taking care of the boys?
How is Jaxen transitioning to his new school?
How is Zane transitioning to Nik being at home instead of Carla?
How is your family transitioning from small town to city?
How is your family transitioning from a house to an apartment?

and (today)...

How are you transitioning into working full time from being a stay-at-home mom?

I love working. I (mostly) always have. So going back to work full-time has been a nice change for me! The staff I work along-side are wonderful. And although I work a standard Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, my hours are super flexible within that time frame. Meaning, if I have an appointment I can take my lunch whenever I need to. If I decide to go to Jaxen’s Thanksgiving Lunch, I can go. I am so thankful and grateful for the flexibility. And I love my job! It truly is a blessing to me, to go to work each day. Which makes the transition way easier. If I didn’t love my job, my coworkers, or if they were not flexible with my time - it would make this transition way harder. 

The hardest part about transitioning is the time away from the boys. I almost never see Zane in the mornings, and he is usually taking a nap when I come home for lunch. Nik and Zane do stop by my office once or twice a week so I can see Zane (and they bring me a soda!), and so that helps. And if Zane is asleep during my lunch that does mean I get to spend a bit of time with Nik - so it’s not all bad.  

I get to spend a bit of time with Jaxen in the mornings, which I enjoy. I really miss picking him up from school and hearing about his day, first thing. However - I think he now realizes I love to hear about his day because when I came home from work yesterday he said he had two things to tell me…and then proceeded to tell me about his day! 

I was having a hard time last week, with missing the boys (Zane in particular). They were all in Texarkana and gone Wed-Sun (the week before last). I did miss Nik and Jaxen but I really missed Zane. I think it was because I could talk to Nik and Jaxen on the phone - not so much with Zane. And Zane is at this stage in his life right now where he is learning new stuff and changing every day. Seriously. And I miss out on that. I realized I was having a hard time (even though they were back) because I normally soak up time with them on the weekends - and I didn’t have that time the weekend they were gone. It’s all okay, I’m so glad they went, but it did make me realize how much I use that time to spend with the boys - which helps me during the week when I only get to see them a few hours a night. 

I have stated this before - but when I come home from work, I try to put all my focus on the boys. I get home a little after 5pm and then we start bedtime around 7:20. That’s just not that much time. This past Friday night we let the boys stay up until 8:30pm and I had the best time cuddling with Jaxen on the couch, watching Kids You Tube with him. And then Zane crawled up and I got to watch Bubble Guppies with him. It’s the little things - but it’s me spending time with them, doing what they love. 

So….the short answer is...The transition has gone well. I love my job and I soak up all the moments with my boys when I can!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Zane - Dentist

This post should be about our Halloween night…instead you get pictures of Zane at the Dentist from awhile back!

But for those of you curious, here is how our night went down - After work we all had a quick snack, loaded up and headed to the car. But while “loading up” Zane was having some kind of meltdown and Jaxen was having a hard time about something so our goal was to! We finally did, and in the middle of our 20 minute drive to a friends house I realized I forgot their candy buckets….and Jaxen’s Iron Man mask…and a beanie for Zane’s head (it was really cold outside). Thankfully, Jaxen never even asked about his mask and we found a bag in our car for candy. Once we finally started trick-or-treating we had a great time! I do need to work on our trick-or-treating-etiquette….Jaxen opened the door to at least 2 people’s homes (instead of ringing the door bell) and Zane crawled into someone’s home who had a dog! Seriously…those are my kids - haha! And to top it all off - no pictures. How’s that for mom of the year?!

Zane - at the dentist

Nik said he did really great!

That’s all I got for tonight!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween - Take 1

Saturday afternoon (after naps) we got the boys dressed up and we headed out to a Trunk-or-Treat!
We went to the Overland Park Police Station and it was packed with people.
But - it flowed well, and we had a great time!
Lots of candy, some live music, sno-cones and some very cute costumes :)

Such a fun night!
We don’t have any plans set in stone for Halloween...
but we will probably eat Sonic Corn Dogs and find a neighborhood to do a little

I don’t love love this holiday…
but it is fun to hang out with my kiddos and enjoy it with them :)