Monday, September 18, 2017

Moving Moments

These are a few pictures (leading up to) and from our recent move from NY to KS.

Jaxen saw me beginning to pack boxes up around our house and one day he decided he was going to help pack. So he got a box and filled it with stuff (I had no idea what, until I unpacked it) and then he got tape and taped it all up and even added his name to the box. It was so cute. He was so proud of himself! He wanted to keep packing…but I wouldn’t let him…haha!

This picture is not the best picture, but it is something I want to remember. The ladies from my Bible Study group bought these beautiful flowers for me, with the sweetest card and even a little money to help me purchase new clothes for work! I cannot even begin to explain the amazing generosity of people and how sweet they have been to me and my family during this move. God certainly used others to minister to us and bless us!

Because we knew we would be moving into a place much smaller than the place we were currently living, I knew we needed to downsize and get rid of stuff! So, I had a garage sale. Well, a lot of garage sales. Actually, I guess…I just had a never-ending garage sale. In the afternoons, when I was home, I just started setting stuff outside with prices on it and people stopped to buy! So I continued that for about 2 weeks. I did officially have a garage sale I guess one Friday and Saturday morning. Below was the temperature on that Saturday morning, and my selling-buddy :)

He did pretty well…although he spent my profits in the first 2 hours with the garage sale happening next door, and he pulled quite a few items back into the house that he decided we were not going to sell. So, some came with us, and some got left behind. 

Part of the moving process is the cleaning process. Thankfully, once all the toys were packed, Jaxen found fun in using the vacuum to help me clean!

This was day 2 of driving. I totally had “travel hair” and did not care. One bit. But I had to document the half up / half down / mess of a hairstyle I was sporting. Jaxen’s expression pretty much sums it up!

Let me just say - we had some incredible sunsets while traveling. Breathtaking. Driving across the country, moving away, is never easy. But when you see sunsets like this - it takes your mind off yourself and helps you see there is a greater picture.

And a few funnies:

One night Nik was looking for his drill set (that he had just had) and could not find it anywhere! We searched forever. Finally, Jaxen opened the lid to the trash can for something - and there it was! Zane had a bad habit of throwing things in the trash (shoes, apparently drill sets, and more). It was so funny and we laughed so hard over that!

While Zane was busy throwing stuff in the trash, Jaxen was busy hiding things. I don’t think he meant to “hide” things on purpose, but once cabinets were cleared out…he started putting stuff back in them! I found so many things I was missing one day in the bathroom cabinet. Glad I wasn’t actually going crazy!

One night while Nik and Jaxen were in the U-haul, Jaxen noticed a full moon. He said “Daddy, the moon is all full and it makes me go (and he began to howl)". It made Nik laugh forever! Nik actually called me and I got to hear Jaxen howling at the moon. It was so funny to hear his little voice, howling at the full moon!

One night after we moved here, Jaxen was missing some of his friends. After we prayed for them and looked at some pictures, I told him to dream about playing with his friends. He looked at me, in all seriousness, and replied “Dreams are videos in my eyes. I never know what I’m going to get.” Haha! That made me laugh so hard. I guess it’s true…dreams are like videos and you cannot pick and choose what you will dream about!

Lastly, and not from the move, but just funny - I had Jaxen dressed in a tank top and shorts for school one day, but put a long sleeve shirt on because it was a little chilly outside that morning. In my mind, once he was at school and warmed up, he would take off the long sleeves. Well, he still had it on after school so I asked him why and he said “I didn’t want people to see my arms naked!” Haha!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Random Moments

I am trying to catch up on the blog since my break…
so now you get a blog post of complete randomness :)

Jaxen was being helpful with Zane a few mornings by talking (sweetly, not shouting)
to him when he would first wake up, and then even gave him some books!
Much sweeter than the way he was “helping” me with Zane (previously).

While we were in the middle of packing the house, Nik set up this tent in the playroom
for Jaxen - and that is where he slept for at least a week. 
He thought it was so cool!

So this is what you get when your 5 year old takes your phone.
Pictures of his boo-boo’s. He had a splinter in his toe, and a scrape on his knee.
I told you…random! Haha!

Did I show this one yet before?
Not sure - but Jaxen was trying to make me laugh one day,
so he taped a leaf to his head.
It worked!

We were getting ready to go somewhere one morning, and both boys ended
up joining me in the bathroom…fixing their hair. Forever!
It was so funny to me, because I thought only girls wanted to 
get ready in the bathroom with their mom. 
But nope…these boys had the best time putting water in their hair, combing it
and then blow-drying it.

 So much fun on the tree swing!

So this past summer Nik’s parents came up north, and stayed the summer
in a camper, in a campground, in our little town.
I realized one day I had no pictures of them with the kiddos!
And I figured out why…the first part of the summer, 
every time they were with the kids, we were not! 
They were our wonderful babysitters for many occasions.
I did manage to snap this picture…walking out from Sam’s Club.
Our boys really enjoyed having their Mamaw Kay and Papaw Russell around all summer! 

I posted these on social media…
but seriously, they kill me.
He is so stinking cute!!!!

 Part of the money I made from garage selling went to this Elmo, at another garage sale next door.
It’s huge. 
But when your little one falls in love with it, it’s hard to say no.
Jaxen got a new race car track and Zane got Elmo.

So I have been snacking on a lot of Nutella lately.
I blame it on Kay! Haha!
She left a jar at my house…the rest is history.
Anyway…Jaxen has been enjoying his fair share of Nutella as well.
One afternoon, after I thought we were done with our snack of pretzels and Nutella,
I found this…
Jaxen, digging into the Nutella and licking (literally, at one point) it clean.
It made me laugh so hard!

 So, if you remember, back around Mother’s Day Jaxen made me a flower pot and
then we bought some seeds for it.
Jaxen wanted Sunflower seeds.
So we started them off in the pot and then transferred it to the ground once they started growing.
Nothing really happened for a long time, so I figured I killed it.
Then one day…a little something popped out of the ground and it kept growing!
Right before we moved this beauty appeared.
And I loved it. And so did Jaxen. 

 Sweet sleeping boy.

How’s that for random?!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Settling In

Well, I guess we are “settled” now.
I don’t have stuff on the walls, and I have too much furniture still in the apartment,
and I have boxes hanging around…but it is all livable :)

And today, I started my new job!
I had an 8am meeting at the Global Ministry Center for new hire paperwork,
and then I went on my way to my new office.

It was a busy day of meeting people, learning about the organization, and a little training.
However, it was a really good day!
It felt good to be back in the “working environment” but I did miss (all) my boys.
When I came home though, I had dinner and roses awaiting me :)

I am glad to have a new “normal” for our family.
It has been weeks since we have had much structure. 
And I love structure! Haha!

Not only is it new for me…
but this is also going to be new for Nik.
For the first time since he was 15, he does not have a “job”.
I say that loosely - because we all know that staying home and taking care of 
the house and kiddos is a big job!
But Nik is a rockstar dad and I know he will do great.
We are praying about when/if Nik will go back to work,
and praying about what kind of job he will have.
We are not in a big rush…just waiting on the Lord for guidance and peace.

I just need to remind him to take pictures for the blog, right?! 


Saturday, Jaxen asked if we could go “exploring”.
So we did.
Our apartment complex connects with the city trails, and so we hit those up
and let Jaxen decide which way to go at every turn.

Along the trails, we stopped to listen to different sounds,
check things out with binoculars and enjoy the sights.

We had some races along the way and just had a great time together!

The area around where we live is really nice and I love these trails!
After our exploring, we sat outside and had a picnic lunch and then Jaxen
wanted to hit up the weight room.

He has decided he loves to exercise!
The weights and running on the treadmill are his favorite.
Nik took him the other night and he had the best time,
although Nik said he didn’t listen very well. Haha!
(We will see how long his love for exercise lasts.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Time with Friends

Before we moved, we were able to have some great play dates with a few of the boys best friends!

These are the best pictures I could get…

Claire, Avery, Zane and Jaxen 
playing dress-up after a fun few hours outside!

We also got one last beach day with with Teagan and Mason!

4 kids, 2 adults and lots of beach stuff all piled in :)

It was a beautiful day and this is the only pic I got...

And the day we loaded up the U-Haul, Oakley offered to take my kiddos for a few hours for one last fun play day. So sweet. And I’m so glad she captured these pictures...

These 4 are best buds: Mason, Zane, Teagan and Jaxen

Oakley and Jaxen

For our short time in Wolcott, I made some wonderful friends, that I will miss dearly.
Oakley took me strawberry picking my very first week there - and we have been friends ever since!

I treasure all the friends I have made in each place we have lived. Goodbyes are always hard…but I do hope to see each person again one day (and thankfully, we have been able to carry on great friendships with a lot of people, even through our distances).

I wish I had the opportunity to get pictures will all my favorite Wolcott and other NY people - but I’m glad we have social media - it helps :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Jaxen - Kindergarten

I’m back to blogging :)

Our family has been in major transition the past month and I’ll probably explain some of that at a later date. But right now…I want to share about Jaxen’s first day of Kindergarten!

So, this past Thursday, I got Jaxen all ready for school and we loaded up and headed out. To say he was excited is an understatement!

Here is (what I thought was) Jaxen’s first day of school pictures...

Yes, he is dancing with excitement!
And one calm one...

Come to find out…you cannot just show up at a school and expect them to take your kiddo! Ha ha! In my defense, I had called ahead and I guess just misunderstood. I knew there would be some waiting and some paperwork, but I had it all together and figured when we were done, Jaxen would go to class. Not so much. So after almost 2 hours of paperwork and waiting - we had to walk out of school. The only thing that made it better for Jaxen was the promise of taking him school supply shopping. So we did. And $40 later - we had all his supplies for school!

Friday - he was excited again to head to school!

There was dancing and singing all the way in school.

We arrived right on time and walked to his new classroom. At that moment, he became shy. So I hung around for about 10 minutes and he slowly started warming up. When the announcements came on and when they were getting ready to do the Pledge of Allegiance, one little girl asked the teacher if Jaxen could help hold the flag! Sweet, right?! So he did, and was so happy. Afterward, he walked to his teacher and said “That’s the same as at my Wolcott School!” Haha! That made him feel more comfortable, so I left.

And at 3:35 when I picked him up - he told me all about his great day! And how he wanted to come back again :)

He was initially scared to start at a new school, not knowing who his friends were, or who his teacher would be. But I’m so proud of him for being strong and trying it out with a good attitude! This past month has been hard on him - but school will definitely help bring some familiarity and routine to his life.

I’m so excited about this year for him. I know he will grow, and learn so much!