Friday, May 18, 2018

Mother’s Day and Miscellaneous

I told Nik this was probably the best Mother’s Day yet!

And the only reason I can think of as to why…is that Jaxen was so into it this year!

Day’s before Mother’s Day he would bring stuff home from school
that he made for me…he would even make me crafts at night before bed,
for Mother’s Day….and one of my favorite things he did was get a Diet Mt. Dew
can out of our fridge, wrapped it in white paper (that I had to help with) and then 
decorated it…and then gave it to me as my special treat!
I took it to work, and have yet to unwrap it and drink it -because it’s too precious :)

I love that boy. Zane too!
And the effort that he (and Nik) made to make my day so special.

I mentioned to Nik the weekend before Mother’s Day that I had my eye on a pair of earrings.
He told me to order them - so I did. (see pic below). 

And then he took Jaxen to Target to pick me out a gift 
and look at the cute necklace he gave me! I love it!
(Nik also picked out a pair of running pants/shirt for me).
I had great food, cute cards and enjoyed the morning at church, lunch with friends and
time with my boys - it was a great day!

Now here are some miscellaneous pics from the last few weeks…

This kid loves his ice cream!

 Pic taken in a hotel a few weekends ago…
all ready for church (and to ride on the luggage rack out to the car!)

I have enjoyed the early morning run/walks I have been doing to 
help me prepare for my 1/2 marathon.
And look at what I saw all in a week time…

a deer...

a rabbit….

a turtle…
and this thing!
It made me laugh when I came around the corner….kinda ruins the scenic view! Ha!

And then I saw this out of my office window…
What is it?! It was huge! A badger, maybe?!

My boys have been enjoy all the grapes lately.

My husband has been enjoying all the strawberries lately.

And Zane has been enjoying corn on the cob!

The #1 reason I’m ready for school to be out…
so I will quit finding rocks in my washer every night!

And no post would be complete without some soccer pics, right? 
Don’t worry, this Saturday is the last game…then they will stop!

And here’s some cute pics of Zane from last week’s soccer game.

That’s a wrap!
We have Jaxen’s last soccer game tomorrow, we have to take snacks,
and then we have the Celebration Lunch & Awards. 
Other than that - our weekend is free.
Which means naps and probably pizza :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weekend Happenings - 2 Weekends Ago

I’m a little behind on blogging!

Here is quick weekend recap from two weekends ago…

Tornado Warnings
Thursday, we experienced our first tornado warnings.
Sirens went off and we took cover (in our closet).
Jaxen was already in bed, asleep for the night, so we made him a pallet and 
he slept through the entire thing!
No major damage was done here…some limbs and trees down…
but the tornado did hit down about 15-20 miles away.
I’m sure there will be more of these to come.

Saturday morning, we went to soccer.
Jaxen had pictures (can’t wait to see them) and then a game.

He is improving every week and it is so much fun to watch his little team play.
Currently, they are undefeated.
He has some really good players on his team.
And he even scored a goal on this day!!!!
So exciting :)
And it raised his confidence level. 

Here is a pic of his team:
The coach on the right was his basketball coach, too. 

After the game, we loaded up and hit the road to Springfield.
We were there to celebrate the graduation of Caidyn.
We all loved the time with our friends the Clardies and Eisses (they came in from NY).

It was pretty busy while we were there - but my kids had the best time.
There was constantly someone to play with!

At one time, on Monday, before we headed home -
Zane found himself alone in the backyard and I think he enjoyed a little quiet time,
playing by himself - Lol!

Jaxen and his BFF, Misty

Tammi is a pretty close second!

Me, Tammi and Misty

Caidyn took these adorable pics of the kiddos before we left :)

They both CRASHED on the way home!


We also got to celebrate Marcus graduating this week!

We had a great weekend away and are so proud of both these graduates!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bunk Bed

Well, we did it.
We purchased a bunk bed!
Ever since Zane started climbing out of his crib and he went to a toddler bed,
we talked about getting bunk beds for the boys.
They are cool, we knew it would be fun, but the main reason
was to give the boys a bigger play area in their room.

Ikea did it for us!
We found this bunk bed (below) and we loved it.
1. It was low - the top of the bed is around my shoulder-height.
2. It has siding on the top bunk.
3. It is all metal - cannot be bit (and leave teeth marks), or damaged easily (like wood).
4. And it’s simple and cute!

The boys love it!
(of course)
Jaxen sleeps on the top bunk, and Zane on the bottom.
Of course, they both play and watch TV on the top bunk.

And I love how (most) of their toys fit in their room now…
and they have a lot more play area!

Yes, we introduced Jaxen to Home Alone the other night.
He thought it was hilarious!
Even Zane was laughing… especially when the robber kept falling on the ice!

So - that’s the boys room!
Everyone’s happy!