Saturday, January 20, 2018


So far the past few months we have been lucky to miss out on all the sickness going around. Well, that ended yesterday!

Last night at dinner Jaxen kept saying his tummy hurt and he didn’t feel well. And as we were eating I could see him going down hill. At one point, I told him he had to eat his food or he does not get a treat after dinner. His reply was “I’m not going to have a treat. When you are sick you don’t get a treat. That will make you feel worse.” Well…I was convinced he was not feeling well after that - haha!

Later that night he was running a very low fever. Through the night it broke but came back a bit higher this morning. He was in my bed at 4:45am. And what is the deal? When Jaxen has a fever, he is not tired, he is wide-awake, and wanting to talk my ear off. I thought kids were supposed to be sleepy when they ran fever…?

Oh well. Currently he is laying in my bed enjoying some Netflix. Nik is sleeping on the couch and Zane finally fell back asleep after being up for about 30 minutes screaming his head off. I’m not convinced that Zane is not sick. It’s just harder for him to communicate that.

So we will not go to basketball today - and see what the day holds.

I’m thinking I will go pick up some Valentine Crafts to work on and I know Nik needs to do a bit of work on one of our cars. Exciting Saturday, huh?!

Nevermind about Zane. He is awake again.


On another note…Nik left me home with the boys one night this week while he ran errands. And Jaxen, Zane and I had the best time….rearranging their room! Jaxen loves moving things around and he helped me figure out a new place for his bed. It has been really cold here and the windows in our apartment are not the best…I was worried about him, sleeping with his head being next too the very cold window. So we switched it up!

The beds are now on the left side of the room.

Here is the right side.

It is so funny to me how much Jaxen is enjoying playing in his “new” room!
It’s like a whole new world.

It was really fun for Jaxen to have input on his room and to think
through things. This is just the beginning…I’m sure it won’t always be fun!

Hope you all have a good, sick-free weekend!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Sunday we woke up to a little bit of snow!
On our way out the door to church Jaxen kept (excitedly) yelling 
“It’s a white winter! It’s Kansas’ first white winter!” over and over. 
He was excited! 
So after church, we all went out to play in it for a bit.

Zane, of course, would not wear gloves.
Typical Davis-child. 
Remember that Jaxen would not wear gloves until last year…finally?!

So, yes, my kid is out there without gloves.
Don’t worry - he was back in the house after about 10 minutes.

But in those 10 minutes - he had a blast!
I don’t think he liked the snow…I think he just enjoyed running around
like a crazy person (imitating his brother)!

Jaxen, Nik and I enjoyed throwing snowballs at each other.

This next picture made me laugh…
I was trying to take a picture of Jaxen and he is yelling instructions at Nik.
Always the boss.

Our fun in the snow was quick lived…it was cold!
And the next two days (Monday and today)
the boys stayed bundled up inside!

This was the temps on Sunday….

And this was today when I woke up…


But I like winter and I’m enjoying it because I know it will
be gone soon and it will get too hot this summer!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Life Lately - Catching Up Finally Edition

Here’s some more random pictures that show you a little of our life lately :)

Jaxen had really bad allergies one day
and his eyes got super puffy and swelled up.
You know me - I took a pic (for documentation) gave medicine and kept an eye on him.
All was well a few hours later.

January 5th was Nik’s birthday!
He decided he wanted to go to a really fun Greek Restaurant in town for dinner.
I tried and tried to get a babysitter - no go.
So we made it a family dinner with Rusty and Diane,
and had a great time!
The kids are always a bit crazy…but this place had such a fun atmosphere
that it didn’t matter too much :)
They had live music, dancing, breaking plates and even some “opea!”
I only took one picture. 
It was before we left, of Nik and I.
I should have taken more of the fun night…but we were just enjoying the moments!
I actually took off that afternoon to spend time with Nik on his birthday
and I asked him what he wanted to do…
his response…
take a nap (in true stay-at-home-dad fashion)!
So he napped.
I got to play with Zane and pick Jaxen up from school - win for me!
For some reason, the background turned really white on this pic.

This boy is so stinkin’ cute.
Especially in overalls. And a hat.

This past Thursday we had the day off from school and work!
It was “freezing rain” and very low temps.
Not a single one of us complained about a lazy day :)

We did lots of artwork that day...

and hung all our art up on our dining room wall.

We also added snowflakes in the boys room and now Jaxen thinks it is the “Arctic”!
Which, it is the coldest room in the apartment.

That afternoon Nik and Jaxen made homemade chocolate chip cookies together :)

Jaxen even got to crack the eggs! 
Something we have been working on for awhile…and he did excellent!

Saturday was basketball day!!!
And it was almost as fun to watch as the first game.
Jaxen is #1 - white.

He still got pretty tired toward the end, was a little spacey and 
kept playing with his shorts on the court - but he had so much fun!

And he ran his little heart out!
Afterward, he told me all that running made him so sweaty - haha!

One of my friends, Becky, came to his game.
Afterward we went out to lunch and hung out for awhile.
We had the best time! It is always fun hanging out with my people :)

Jaxen came out this afternoon looking like this….
undies on his head, coat hangers in his pocket (they were his guns) and 
all his clean undies in his pants (they were his bullets).
This kid! Haha!

Zane was just having a great time playing with his toys
while all that was going on!

And that’s a little bit of life lately!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Life Lately - Catching Up Edition

This post is a collection of pictures I never posted from weeks (probably more like a month or more) ago. I kept intending this to be a “Life Lately” post - but I never posted it and just kept adding more pictures…so here is our Life Lately, Catch-up Edition - Part 1 :)

This is Nik’s life. 
Every time he is on the floor (for any reason) they boys think 
that means “wrestle/horse time”!

One day in December, it was so nice outside!
Since we don’t have a backyard, we took the boys to the parking lot 
(in front of our garage) to play with some of their outside toys.

They had the best time riding all these toys they haven’t seen for a couple of months!

Sweet Jaxen.

Funny Zane.

Nik and Jaxen were wrestling one night and
it ended with Jaxen getting dunked in the tub! Haha!

These sweet boys.
They love to lay together for about 3 minutes.
Then Jaxen is bothering Zane or Zane is bothering Jaxen!

Zane will color for about 6 seconds.
And then eat whatever he is coloring with.
(For example, he took bites out of his crayon just today!)

I don’t think I’ve shared about our Christmas tree yet this year.
Now’s a good time.
Zane loved the “balls” on the Christmas Tree.
He would literally pull them off the tree and throw them.
Jaxen would move ornaments.
Zane and Jaxen both would throw/hide things in the tree.
We found 2 sheep (from my nativity), fidget spinners, remote controls,
numerous cars and many other things.
My tree looked so pretty the first night.
The last night it was up - it looked like a cat had a party in it! Haha!

Jaxen had Crazy Hat Day at school 
and at 8pm Nik and I realized he didn’t have a crazy hat.
I was going to send him to school with nothing.
Nik decided to quickly whip up a crazy hat…
a Hershey Kiss!
He was so cute!
His teacher said that every time she looked at him, it just made her smile :)

Fun time at Sam’s Club!
The boys ate on mini bagels while we shopped.

A craft Jaxen came home with one day.

I was able to take the afternoon off to attend Jaxen’s Christmas Party at school!
I’m so thankful I can do this.
We had a fun time eating snacks, playing games and making crafts.

That’s all for now!
Life Lately - Part 2 coming next!