Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Christmas Season - Part 4

Well, Christmas is officially over…but I still have one more Christmas post to share after this!

A couple of weekends ago, Nik’s parents came to see us for the weekend. It was fun having them around again. Our kiddos missed them….and I’m pretty certain the feeling was mutual from them!

On Saturday morning, Mamaw Kay and Papaw Russell gave Jaxen and Zane some money for Christmas and we all headed out to the stores so they could pick out their very own gift! Jaxen, of course, had the best time deciding what he wanted…he choose a remote control Monster Jam Truck (Grave Digger). We let Zane play with all the toys until we all decided he liked a ride-on Sesame Street car the very best.

Later that night we opened up Christmas presents from other family members. 

The boys got some great, fun gifts!
And then Nik had to get to work putting all the gifts together! Haha!

(with some help) :)

Thank you Uncle Ryan, Aunt Anna, Caleb, Bella and Kyleigh!

We had a great (but short) visit.
We hung out, Nik and Russell toured the Coffee Roastery, we went to church,
ate some yummy barbecue, watched football, napped… and just visited!

The best part of the entire visit was when Papaw Russell was drumming on his belly for Zane.
This is a picture of Zane’s laugh….

but you really need to watch this video below.
No one can drum like his Papaw Russell can drum!

Friday, December 22, 2017

The Christmas Season - Part 3

My goal was to catch up on blogging by Christmas - not going to happen! Haha!
Oh well…. Here’s some more Christmas for you!

One of these past Saturdays we went to Jaxen’s school
for a pancake breakfast, Santa and the Book Fair!

The pancake breakfast was fun.
We got to see one of the school’s choir preform - and both my boys loved that.

After, we went to see Santa!

And in Jaxen’s words…”There must be 100 Santa’s!” 
Yes, Jaxen there are!

Jaxen was telling Santa “I want a remote-control-something-cool-that-flys”!

Zane would not go  near Santa.
However, he was willing to pick a toy out from Santa’s sack to take home - ha!

After Santa we went to his school Book Fair and we let him choose one book.
He chose a “super-cool-book-about-Monster-Trucks”.

One Friday at work we had an “ugly Christmas sweater” party 
and so I borrowed Nik’s Christmas sweater.
It lights up and it pretty funny!

That night we got the boys dressed in pajamas and made Hot Cocoa
for our night of “Jammie Cocoa Christmas”!

Which means =
wear your jammies / drink hot cocoa / drive around and look at Christmas lights.
It doesn’t get much better than that, right?!

We drove around and hit 3 different light shows set to music (that you tune into on your radio).
They were great!

Show #1

Show #2

Show #3

Then we drove around, looking at Christmas Lights!

This house was great… they were decked out!

The best part though, was the house next to it.
It had a very simple sign in their yard that said 

A few cute pics of my boys all dressed and ready for church one Sunday…
(haircuts are hopefully happening today!).

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Christmas Season - Part 2

Here’s a peak at some more Christmas Fun!

Christmas Shirts

Basically, on any Saturday (and at least one other day each week) in December,
you will find our family in Christmas shirts :)

And you will find my boys in Christmas pajamas as often as possible!
(We let them unwrap their pajamas on December 1)

The weekend after Thanksgiving (Jaxen was gone to some friends)
so Nik, Zane and I hit the stores (and Chick-fil-A) for some shopping!
Sporting our Christmas shirts!

One Friday night we went to a Christmas Festival…

We basically showed up -
Nik got in line for a carriage ride (with Zane)
and I took Jaxen to stand in line for a balloon animal.

We loaded up in the carriage.
We were in the back row so we had a good view of the carriage right behind us.
And I thought we would go see some lights, or cool stuff, but no…
they took us around the neighborhood and then we were done.
45 minutes in line for that!

The boys seemed to enjoy but by the time we were done (and a balloon animal popped)
everyone was cranky.
So we left.

But we had a nice time back at home, cuddled up watching Charlie Brown,
while drinking Hot Cocoa.

Nik took this pic (below) of me and the boys.

Just a few more days until Christmas!
And I still have more Christmas Fun to share :)