Sunday, October 15, 2017


Saturday morning we loaded up and drove north of Kansas City to a small town street festival. 

It was small, and cute and perfect for our little crew on this day!

I had planned to paint pumpkins with Jaxen later that day,
but I totally scored when I saw a pumpkin painting booth.
Yes, please :)

Zane could not take it, that he did not have a pumpkin.
Thankfully, I found a little booth selling pumpkins!
He was so proud of his little pumpkin and held on to it pretty tight.

When we had explored every booth, painted a pumpkin, bought a pumpkin,
purchased some Kettle Corn, and watched a Karate demonstration,
we hit the road home.
And stoped at a little pumpkin stand to buy more pumpkins for us to decorate.

First, Jaxen and I drew on pumpkins and Nik carved them 
so we could have Jack-o-lanterns.

Then, I got out some crayons, hot glued them to a pumpkin
and then let Jaxen go to town with the blow dryer.

And…the finished products!

We made some halloween cards for Jaxen’s friends from Wolcott this afternoon. 
He really misses them so I thought this would be a fun thing for him to do.
We painted the cards, then put stickers on them and then he 
told me what to write in every card.

They turned out cute and in one he had me write:
“I hope this card makes you smile when you are having a hard time."

I love this sweet, thoughtful boy of mine!

Friday, October 13, 2017


This week Nik sent me one of the best pictures! 
I don’t normally get to see Zane in the mornings before I leave for work - 
so I enjoy these little snapshots of my littlest.

Another cutie this week was Jaxen!
His music class was shooting some kind of superhero movie trailer,
and they were all asked to wear a super hero shirt.
Jaxen’s were all too small - so Nik ran to the store the day prior and found this one.
It’s a Justice League shirt and I love it because it’s not “cartoon-y” 
(if that makes sense!).
Just look how cute he is!

And here’s his super hero pose….

This picture is definitely a cute one!

And the other night, we got a “Morocca-Concert”.
(Basically, rocks in a baking powder and drink mix container).
But they were pretty cute while dancing and shaking their morocca’s!

I mean…pretty cute, right?!

That smile :)


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Saturday Recap

Here is a little Saturday recap for you….

The morning started with cuddles on the couch (with Jaxen) and Bubble Guppies.
Then I met up with my friend, Diane, and we went to some garage sales.
There were so many…but we stopped when we ran out of money - haha!
We found some great things, at good prices. 

For lunch that day we met up with Rusty and Diane at Chick-Fil-A
and then headed out to the FREE day at the Overland Park Arboretum!

Remember the backpack/leash I bought for Zane?
Well, after about a 10 minute crying-fit…he finally got used to it, and it worked great!

Zane was obsessed with the little pond (upper left picture), then he wanted
to hit all the petals off the flowers and then he was all about this little creek bed (below).
Rusty was kind enough to get on the ground with him and help him get his hands wet :)

And then we walked by the train area.
This area was so cool!
There was a cart you could get in, model trains you could look at,
and a train that ran under the ground.

This place was really so much fun. 
they had lots of walking paths, trails, and places to explore.

We did this all during Zane’s normal nap time.
So he was super tired.
After lots of crying and fighting it, he finally fell asleep
(and napped while we finished up there, on the way home and after we arrived home,
for a total of about 4 hours that day!).

We barely made it through just a part of the park - so we will have to go back again!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Life Lately (last week)

Last Sunday Jaxen and I decorated our “Halloween House”.
He did a great job, too!
I had to help with a bit with the icing - it was hard to squeeze - but he did most of it by himself.

There is nothing quite like playtime with dad!
Lots of screams and tickles!

Thursday, Nik went out with a friend so I had the boys to myself...
and they were wound up!!!
It was fun though, because since I started working I rarely have time with them by myself.
After baths, we played in their room before bedtime. 

I was trying to get a picture of just them…
look at Zane ‘cheesin it up’!

They love to jump on their bed. 
And I totally let them.
I’m pretty sure my mom did not let me…so that’s why I probably let them. Ha!
But they have the best time doing it (of course).
I love these next few pictures...

I finally got them settled and took a selfie :)
Then it was night-night!