Sunday, February 24, 2013

Put a fork in me...

You know that saying... "Put a fork in me, because I'm done?" Well, that is where I am right now.


Since Thursday at 3pm - Nik and I have been in Upward-mode. We had our Award Celebration on Friday night and our last game day on Saturday. What a great weekend it was, celebrating our Upward season.

But right now...I am done! Exhausted - mentally and physically.

So that's pretty much my blog post today.

So to the grandparents (and if anyones else reads this blog still) be patient.... I'll post some pics of Jaxen soon! He is as cute as ever and growing and changing!

I'll be back....promise!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Out of control

So, it has happened. In Niks words, "I'm out of control, but in a good way!"

I have made a color-coded weekly meal plan for all 3 of us! Complete with snacks and everything.

It may seem like a bit much. But -
  • we budget our food money each week.
  • I have babysitters taking care of Jaxen.
  • I make all of Jaxens food.
  • We try to eat semi-healthy (meaning I don't eat chocolate and sodas for every meal, like I want to).
  • And I hate going to the grocery store and pretty much refuse to go more than once a week.

Because of those reasons and more...I felt the need to create a detailed (color-coded) meal plan. And it gives me a sense of control...ha! We all know that I sometimes feel the need to be in control!

This does not mean that there is no flexibility, and that we have to follow it exactly...but it does help me to be prepared. Especially for Jaxen. I'm learning.

Out of control, I know.


I wrote the above post a couple of days ago. Here is the update: Nik and I are following the plan pretty well. It has worked good for us. I am having to adjust Jaxen's menu some. It's just a constant learning curve of what he will/won't eat; combined with new foods. I am finding out - he loves fruit. Would eat it every meal if I let him. Which I won't.

He is a pretty determined little man - Wednesday night he was eating chicken and sweet potatoes (one of his favorites) but after a few bites, would not open his mouth. Lips shut tight. This has happened for the last few days. Some of the days, I gave in, gave him fruit and oatmeal instead. Ate like a champ. Or just given him a bottle. Again, champ....but last night - something inside me was determined to win this battle. I was tired of him not eating food I knew he liked. So after 4 bites when his lips went shut again, I changed things up and moved him from the dining room to the kitchen (change of scenery). No good. So then I moved him to the Living Room and turned on the TV. (Which I don't like to do - but is reason #743 of 'sometimes, you do what you have to do'). No good. Then I got creative.

Let me preface this with: 1 - Jaxen was not hurt in this eating process. 2 - Jaxen likes sweet potatoes and chicken. I can tell when he does not like a food, and this was not that. 3 - I was not forcing him to eat this food, no matter how it sounds....on to my little trick:

I worked my finger through his tight-closed lips into his mouth. Once it was in, it created enough space for the spoon to go in - And he ate. Swallowed his food. No crying, no whining. Just watched TV and ate. I tried it again. Same result. So every bite of food he took last night, started with my finger in his mouth.

Don't judge.

He ate a really good meal. No crying, screaming, turning his head away, gagging, flapping his arms. Calm meal. And that is how I won the battle!

1 for Mom
982 for Jaxen
But whose counting...?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Valentine's Recap

I know this is a bit late...!

Jaxen received a few Valentine cards from people (one was actually bigger than he was - Thanks Auntie J!), a package in the mail filled with pajamas and socks, and a new toy and a pacifier. Nik received his favorite candy and I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Nik had basketball that night, but left early so we could eat dinner together. We ordered pizza. Yum! I will not go into detail about the rest of the night....the short version is that it took 2.5 hours to get Jaxen in bed. But he did sleep well once he went down. That is all I will say about that.

I know Valentine's is just another day for most people - however, there are the few who rate the love of their significant other on what happens this one day out of the year. I don't fall into either category. I am especially grateful that I don't do the latter. If Nik or I rated our love for each other on this one day....well, I will just say that I'm glad we don't! :)

But...I do like Valentine's Day. I think it is fun. Am I crushed if I don't get beautiful diamond jewerly or the most extravagant meal? No. But does my heart get a bit happier when my husband walks in the door with beautiful flowers (that he did not spend a fortune on)? YES! It makes me smile. And I will enjoy my beautiful flowers as long as I can make them last.

The ladies I work with decided to take a picture on Valentine's Day and post it on Facebook to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day from the office staff. So we did....and I thought it turned out pretty cute!
Pictured - back row: Sandy, Carla
front row: Marianne, Gail, Jodi
I hope you had a good Valentine's. Or Thursday. However you choose to look at it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Sunday Night

It is Sunday night - almost Monday morning. I left to go to the grocery store at 10:15pm and just got back, put up groceries and am now settled in my (new) bed. Comfortable. Jaxen is asleep (barely) in his crib. I'm not optimistic about that. Nik is playing a new game on his iphone that he is addicted to.

Notice I said "new" bed in the above paragraph? I will have to post pictures of our new, custom built bed!

And notice how late I went to the grocery store tonight? Not sure what came over me - but I had energy and decided to get that little chore out of the way. And it might have something to do with the coke I had way too late tonight (I have not been drinking coke here lately).


Tomorrow is our normal day off, but I will probably go to work in the afternoon for a couple of hours. I will be off Friday, so I am trying to make up some time. However, I do plan to cook Nik and I a nice breakfast and take a morning nap!

Want to see some pics?

Yes, momma - I see that you have the camera out...again!

And so now I'm coming to grab it and put it in my mouth!

 Saturday morning, Jaxen and I hung out at the house - 
here he is napping. Pretty adorable, huh?!

He went with me to basketball for just about an hour that afternoon
before going to the baby sitters - and while he was there, he got
a hold of my notes page. And almost ate it! Luckily, I could still read it!

Whenever Jaxen goes to this particular babysitter - we get picture text messages
through out the day. Here are some pictures from the last few Saturdays:

Jaxen eating an ice cream cone....
a fake ice cream cone! Ha Ha - Russell & Scotty!

Just chillin' in the wagon, outside!

It got too sunny...

Passed out with his friend, Preston!

Now I have to go to bed. By the way - Jaxen is still asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jaxen - 8 Months

Jaxen turned 8 months on the 12th!

He is looking less and less like a baby and more and more like a toddler! Time is flying (as they always say) but it has definitely been fun.

His hair keeps growing and coming in more and more. It has a red tint (which I love) to it - you can see it when he is out in the sun.

Jaxen eats a variety of fruits and vegetables, rice cereal, oatmeal and chicken. There are a few foods he does not like to eat and I'm still trying to introduce him to new foods with different flavors and textures. So far, I have made all his food (except pears - broke down and bought them)! He normally "eats" three meals a day. I still nurse him at night and in the morning - but otherwise, he takes a formula bottle (about 4-5 oz. with each meal).

He loves to be outside. And since we have had such a mild winter - we are able to oblige!

I have not been that great the past few weeks at taking pictures. Bummer, I know. But he is definetely growing. He is not growing so much 'around' as he is, tall.

He is still in size 3 diapers and pretty much wearing 9-12 month clothes.

He loves to play peek-a-boo (not just hands over face - he has advanced to whole body peek-a-boo). It is so much fun seeing him get 'scared' and laughing.

He can be pretty content to play on his own when needed - we just have to keep an eye out for the plants!


Monday, February 11, 2013

A New Wave & Other Things

...And that is Jaxen's new wave! He gives it sparingly!

And here is the best picture we could get of Jaxen's new teeth:

We seriously tried every way we knew how to do to get the picture! Nik finally raised him up while I took the picture from under him. For the record (don't remember if I have blogged it or not), he has 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth. The 4th one is still trying to cut through the skin. The other 3 all came within a few days of each other.

While we were trying to take the teeth picture, Jaxen was being sweet with his daddy:

My two favorite boys!!!

Today was the first day that Jaxen had meat! He ate chicken and peas for dinner. He did fairly well with it. We will try it again for a few more days.

Jaxen has started sleeping on his side - it is so cute. This is the best picture I could get of it:

Jaxen's cold has been better. I actually have stopped giving him medicine the last day or so and he seems to be doing pretty good.


Our days lately have been full. They will continue to be full the next two weeks as we prepare for the end of the Upward Basketball season. Lots to do....but it will be good. We are looking forward to a relaxing getaway in March!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hodge-Podge of Pics

The following are pics that I recently downloaded off our camera - Enjoy!

Jaxen's new favorite thing to do: play in my plants!
In one day - I had to pull him away from my plant(s) 3 different times!
The plants have now all been moved.
There was dirt everywhere: in his mouth, in his socks, on his head.... oh boy!

Here is Jaxen, playing one morning in our bedroom.
Yes, our bed is on the ground...for now. We are actually getting a bed made!
I'm very excited about that and will post pics once it is completed - but it is looking good!
We recently received some Legos from someone -
and they are a huge hit with Jaxen.
But first, we had to disinfect them:
Naked boy! Some days, he just plays in his diaper.
Especially because it has been so warm here!
And some days, he's only in a diaper because he is an absolute mess!
This was one sleepy boy while eating:

Jaxen still loves his bath time.
And Nik loves spiking Jaxen's hair while in the bath!

And here is our new duck shower curtain.
Isn't it cute?

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Great Day

This morning we woke up to my favorite kind of morning....cloudy and misty. After Jaxen had been up awhile and I cooked some breakfast we all laid back down. Jaxen and I took a very long nap while Nik enjoyed some quiet time!

Jaxen - sporting his monster pajamas and his latest head-bruise!

After a very lazy morning we were a bit productive: ate lunch, bought groceries and got Jaxen some new pajamas (all the ones that fit him right now are too warm)!

This afternoon turned out to be absolutely beautiful! So we headed to the park. Nik played Frisbee Golf  - we walked with him for the front nine, but let him play alone for the back nine while Jaxen and I played in the dirt and leaves.

Yesterday I had to take Jaxen to the doctor - he has a cold, but I think he is starting to feel some better. He is a little extra cuddly (which I don't mind) and has a constant runny nose. I'm just thankful it is nothing worse - with all the sickness going around these days!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet...but Jaxen has 4 new top teeth! Two have cut through and two are on their way. His bottom two teeth came so fast at exactly 4 months - but these top ones have taken awhile.

That's all for now. We had a great day. Time for dinner and bath!