Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Cuteness

This was Jaxen on Saturday. 

After we stopped to see Nik for a few minutes at basketball, 
Jaxen and I ran some errands. 

He was looking pretty cute in his ball cap,
his sweater jacket, eating his marshmallows and goldfish!

Friday, January 24, 2014


A few nights ago I served spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. This is one of Jaxen’s favorite meals!

I normally cut the spaghetti up and feed it to him myself. You know, the control-freak just takes over.

Well, on this particular night - I let loose! And I let Jaxen feed himself!

It was a mess. But he loved every minute of it, and ate pretty well!

And then he took a bath :)

I’m trying! Sometimes it is hard to let your child grow up and do things on their own!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Story

Today I took Jaxen to get a haircut. His hair lady was running a few minutes behind so I ran to Sonic to get me an afternoon pick-me-up. Once I got my soda, we headed that way.

The “after”. He always looks like a little boy after his hair is cut!

The minute we stepped in the door to see his hair lady, he started whining. A very loud, obnoxious whine. And would not sit in the chair so she could cut his hair. My plan was to sit and have some peace and quiet while she cut his hair, drinking my soda. Let’s just say my plan did not come to fruition. I ended up sitting in the chair, with a (now) crying toddler on my lap while this lady did magic. Seriously…I don’t know how she cut his hair with him sitting on my lap, laying on my shoulder, crying.

Another view.

I finally got Jaxen to eat some fruit snacks and that made it all better!  She was able to finish up the cut and make sure she didn’t miss anything. The minute Jaxen was out of the chair, he became this perfect little angel boy. Isn’t that how it goes?!

And one more!

As we were leaving, I decided to carry him to the car (which was about a block away) because we have sub-arctic-temps and winter-weather right now. Or at least according to anyone that has lived in central Texas longer than 5 years and does not actually remember what winter is! But anyways…. once we were to the car, and I was putting Jaxen in his car seat my soda fell and basically a 32 oz drink ended up in my shoe and all over the bottom half of my pant leg. Fun. I poured the soda out of my shoe, got in the car and turned on the heater to dry off and warm up my foot! On the way home, I stopped back by sonic to get another soda. That was the only thing keeping from me getting mad and frustrated about my whole drink spilling all over me!

I am now home, drinking my soda, trying to type out this blog post that is probably way longer than I intended. Nik is laying on the couch, under an blanket and Jaxen is peacefully playing with his toys. We are in for the night and I plan on making waffles, bacon and eggs for dinner!

Here are some other pictures for your viewing pleasure…!

One night, while I was cooking dinner - I was trying to keep Jaxen 
entertained. An old muffin pan, some cereal and spoons did the trick!

 And when he got too hungry to wait for dinner - grapes and juice were in order!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Road Trip

This morning, Jaxen and I hit the road to Dublin, TX, to see my mamaw!

This is really sad…I live a little less than 2 hours away and I never go see her. Never. It’s true. When we moved here, I really thought I would go more often. But I didn’t. And I apologized for that today. Life always gets in the way of life…you know? It’s a bummer when I let that happen.

So we went to see her today - and we had a great time! It was not a long visit…maybe 4 1/2 hours. But still really great.

I finally got my camera out of the car when we went outside this afternoon….

Mamaw wanted Jaxen to help her get the bird feeder ready

And then they picked up sticks and leaves to put in the pitcher

Jaxen just ran and played for a long time

He finally wore himself out and needed to rest

Lucky, Jaxen and Mamaw

This was one tired little boy...

But gave mamaw a goodbye hug!

And within 3 minutes of being back in the car seat, on the road, he was asleep!

I’m really glad we took the time today to go see her. Nik is out of town until Sunday afternoon, on a youth retreat. So it was nice to not have to spend the day alone! We were back by 5pm. So we ate dinner, I gave Jaxen a bath and he was in bed by 7:30 (which is early for him)! 

After he went to bed, I did a few chores and then made myself some hot chocolate. I enjoyed looking at the pictures today and thought you might enjoy seeing them. 

But now, I am off to bed. This long week of working everyday, moving my work…has me worn out! I am thankful for a day off on Monday!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All Is Well

Thanks to a chiropracter and an allergy shot - Nik is doing better!

Thanks to a good night's rest - I am doing better!

Thanks to a little TLC and medicine - Jaxen is doing better!

That’s all I have time for today! But I will leave you with some bath pictures of Jaxen from earlier last week:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Weekend...

First of all….I have to say….

I  just don’t think life could be anymore interesting than it is has been this weekend!

The good, bad, funny, stressful….and at this very moment, I am sitting here smiling.

Lunch is cooked and hot and ready to eat, sitting on the stove, waiting to be eaten. Jaxen is asleep in my room with a black, bloody eye. And Nik is currently performing a wedding (that was not planned).

Let me back up…

Friday afternoon Jaxen began running a fever. It was a low-grade fever at the time, but continued to spike through Friday night. He barely slept that night. Neither did I. We both laid in my bed - him, burning hot and me, praying over his little body as he laid cuddled up next to me, just staring into my eyes. That was a sweet, but yet hard time (watching him so helpless). Nik was on the couch, trying to get some sleep but was having a hard time breathing. He has been struggling really bad with allergies (and tweaked his back and hip this week, as well).

Saturday came and Jaxen was not any better. Nik went to basketball and Jaxen and I headed to the doctors. They checked his ears, throat and lungs. All good. Probably just a virus. So we headed home and had a sick day. We watched all his favorite movies, and played in a cool bath to try to bring the fever down. He was really lethargic most of the day. I made sure he was drinking, although he was not eating much. I was really bummed Jaxen was sick. We had made plans to go spend the day with my grandma…but maybe next weekend (fingers crossed!).

By the time Nik got home from basketball, we were all tired and worn out! Thankfully, Chick-fil-a came to rescue for dinner!

Saturday night, was only a bit better, sleep-wise. Still a very hard night with Jaxen not feeling good at all. But by 5am, Sunday, he was awake and his fever finally broke!

So then came today (Sunday). I left for Sunday School (because I had to teach) while Nik stayed home with Jaxen. We had a great lesson with good discussion and I’m really glad I was able to teach it. (Nik and I talked about it the night before to see what we were going to do. We decided to do a switch-a-roo, instead of him teaching Sunday School and preaching - that way, he did not get his lessons mixed up!) I left Sunday School early to relieve Nik so he could go to church and preach.

When I got home, Nik told me that Jaxen was okay….but fell off the couch and cut his eyelid. It was bloody.

So, Nik left to go to church and preach while I loaded Jaxen up and back to the doctor’s we went!

Jaxen is fine. No stitches. Just a cut eyelid. I have a feeling it will look worse, before it gets better! But he is doing okay, and it does not seem to bother him. He is napping. Finally sleeping. This boy has barely slept all weekend.

The service at church this morning (from what Nik said) was fantastic. Just a really good spirit and when Nik got up to preach, his allergies cleared up. There was no stuffiness, no runny nose….just him, able to preach the word of God with no distraction. That was an answer to prayer! Because when he came home, he looked awful! You know when someone has allergies so bad their eyes are swollen and almost closed and their nose is red and rubbed raw from blowing it…that was Nik.

So after Nik got home, right as lunch was finished cooking, he received a phone call that he was needed back at church. To make a long story short…Nik performed a wedding, in his office! It was his very first wedding to ever perform! They had everything in order and just didn’t want to wait any longer to be married. They wanted an ordained minister to do it…and after Nik asked them some questions they went inside so Nik could get the manual to make sure he said all the right things…and there you go! Nik’s first wedding! It was so funny to me.

Now, I am sitting here, trying to finish up this blog post. Nik is out with the teens and Jaxen is playing in the living room. This whole week (and weekend) has been something else! It has been hard. It is hard not sleeping and having a sick kid, and having a husband who has hurt his back and hip and struggling so bad with allergies. It is hard to miss church, and adult interaction and fun things.

But it is okay as well. And right now, I am smiling! I am planning ahead for the week, about to go to the grocery store. We have one more really busy week ahead…and I pray that we all stay well!

Here is a picture of Jaxen’s eye, after it has been cleaned up -

Friday, January 10, 2014


Do you make resolutions in the New Year?

I never really have before. But I have been thinking about them, and I really want to make some this year. I know it is cliche to make them at New Years and probably like 97% of resolutions are never met...but no matter the time of year, I always think it is good to set some goals and to strive for things. So that is what I am doing!

So here are my resolutions for 2014 (beginning this week):


Read 6 books: I need to read more. I enjoy it, but don’t ever make the time for it.

Lose 20 pounds: Always a goal. Always. It is so hard, but I really need and want to do it.

Make running a normal part of my week (2-4 times): I began running this summer and really started enjoying it. Then I got out of the habit. I miss the time to myself and the exercise.

Begin and keep 1 new hobby: I just feel like I want something else to do with my time (that does not include work - of any kind!).

Learn to make homemade bread: This has been on my list for years. I just need to do it. We love homemade bread.

Take Jaxen to the park once a week: Just a good goal to have for Jaxen.

Have a date night once a month with Nik: It is so needed. And we are not very good at taking that time for ourselves.

There you have it. I hope to update every-so-often with how I am doing!


And here are some pictures of Jaxen, because a post is not complete without some pictures of him!

Building and knocking down blocks

Hugging his puppy

Wearing his hard hat while playing (it’s a tough job!)

And riding on his car

Which reminded me of this pic, from my “Year in Review” post
Picture below taken in June

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catch Up

Apparently I have taken a little blogging break! It was unintentional...and I actually just realized how long it has been since the last time I posted. So...sorry!

Let me catch you up on our life....

Jaxen went back to Mothers Day Out today and did great! I was nervous about him returning after having such a long break. But it was no issue at all. He just walked in, took off his coat and went to play. That made my heart very happy!

My work has been very busy lately. We just came off of (my area's) busiest season: Christmas! There is always so much going on in the music ministry of a church during that time. But we are also in another very busy/somewhat stressful, but happy time...MOVING. Our church was burned (from arson) 4 years ago (on January 19). Since then, they have built a new church, in a new location. And next week is moving week. And then the first service will be Sunday, January 19. Have you ever moved an entire church? NO? Me either. Let me just say....lots of organization and flexibility. But yet, still meeting deadlines for people, ministries taking get the idea. I have been a little overwhelmed everyday at work for the past couple of weeks, and probably will be for a few more. Grin. But it is all going well. It is a great team of people. And then I leave work, and don't think about all that until the next day (perks of being part-time)!

And then my other job kicks in...being a wife and mom! Not that it is particularly overwhelming, or anything...but right now, there is lots going on as well. With Nik's additional responsibility at our church, plus preaching, plus being in charge of Upward - he is busier than ever. And even when he is does not stop. We are (both) trying to take care of things and working still. I try to help him however I can. And part of that help is to make sure the house is cleaned, groceries are bought, dinner is cooked, dishes are cleaned and put up, laundry is get the picture! I am trying to take care of all of that so he doesn't have to worry about it. And as you well know, that can be a job! And again, it makes me thankful for my part-time (paid) job!

We are really trying to work with Jaxen right now on listening and discipline. I feel that the last few weeks, we have let him run loose (or looser than we like) and he has not been listening to us very well. The best thing I know to do, is to be consistent (which can be a lot of work). But we are trying. I just want to raise a kid who listens. Who respects his parents. Who does not think he can always have his way. And yes, I understand our issues now are "small" (throwing food he doesn't want to eat, standing in his high chair and crying because he doesn't want to sit down, climbing on the chair and then the table to get to the computer....) but I want him to know and understand now, that it is not okay to throw a tantrum because you he didn't get his way.....

Okay, that was a lot of babble to say "I'm working on my parenting skills". I'm done.

I think that's all for catch up. Here are a few pictures to end on...

Monday morning, Jaxen and I cuddled on the couch
and when I got up to get breakfast - I saw Jaxen talking on my phone,
playing with my iPad and almost drinking my hot tea!

And then there is the fireplace…this took place today...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 - A Year In Review

I have seen others do a 2013 Review and thought it was really cool. So I’m jumping in on this band wagon! Most of what you see will be of good, happy things and memories. Don’t be fooled people - My life is not always what I blog about or what you see pictures of. These are the good things, the fun times….and I’ll be honest…they are mostly of Jaxen! But it is fun to watch him grow through the year!



Nik turned 31 / Jaxen started crawling / We started our 5th season of Upward Baskeball


Valentines Day / Still so busy with basketball season


Jaxen went on his first youth event / Spent some time at our neighbors lake house / Easter


I have no idea what happened this month!


Beach vacation / Jaxen’s first ‘real’ haircut / Extravaganza


Jaxen turned 1 / I turned 32 / Lots of family visited / Block Party


4th of July Celebration / Road Trip / Mission Trip


Fun outside with the sprinkler


Jaxen’s first day of Mother’s Day Out / Labor Day at the Lake


Pumpkin Patch / NM trip / Halloween


Jaxen’s first stitches / We celebrated our 11th Anniversary / Texarkana trip


Christmas Parties / Christmas with friends
Here's to lots more memories and fun times in 2014!!!!