Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Last Week

This post was written on Friday, but I forgot to post it - Ha! 


The last week has really been a good week. Jaxen was getting over being sick; we had company come into town; we had a block party at a local apartment community; we celebrated my birthday and now we are getting ready for a big rummage sale fundraiser at our church this weekend.

Instead of going into major details... here are a few pictures for you!

Jaxen, in the bathtub last week. He still loves baths!

You can tell that he did not feel good.

Some days they are short baths, but other days we let him play for 30-45 min!

Someone finally had pity on our lack of landscaping...
and it is so pretty now!

We even have lily's that have bloomed!

We had a great time hosting a party for an apartment community near our church.
It is always good to get to know new neighbors!

Bebe and Pepaw came down for a visit!
They arrived last Saturday and left this morning.

I am so glad they got to come and spend time with us!
They enjoyed Jaxen and he enjoyed having new people to play with and take care of him!

On Wednesday, my grandmother came down to stay the night!
We had a full house, but it was so fun that everyone was here on my birthday!

I think it is so great that Jaxen gets to spend time with his great-grandmother.

Jaxen received this swing for his birthday and we
have been having fun with it!

Thursday I had a great day of celebrating my birthday!
We all went to lunch together at one of my favorite local places.

That evening we had some friends over and had cake and ice cream.

At one point that evening, Jaxen and Emilie were watching
The Lorax and Jaxen sat himself down on the drum. He stayed that way a few minutes.
Too cute!

Much more happened over the past week (including beating Scotty at WaHoo)...but that is a nice (short) picture recap!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have had a sick baby at home. He has had fever and runny nose since Monday. Last night his fever was up to 101. Thankfully, today the fever has gone down some. But he does not feel good. Although the extra cuddles are is hard to see your baby sick!

Jaxen feel asleep while eating dinner on Wednesday

So that is what we have been up to the last few days. Taking care of Jaxen. It was a bit hard to leave for work in the mornings knowing that he was sick and not feeling well. I felt a bit guilty. Wishing I could have stayed home with him. But he was in great hands with our babysitter and I was home each afternoon and every evening. Actually, I think going to work was a good break for me. It's hard to be confined 24/7 with a sick baby latching onto you every minute.

But glad he is on the mend. We have more company coming to see us this weekend! Mom and Scotty - can't wait until you get here!!!

Because of our company coming and some new extra work responsibilites I have been given recently and the fact that we are in the midst of Nik's busy summer with some events coming up and things that need to be planned and many details worked out - I may be blogless for a bit. Not too long.

But here are a few more pictures to leave you with:

Jaxen was helping Emilie blow out her candles on her birthday cake!

Jaxen was feeding himself and had cheese all over him.
Don't know if you can see it, but it's in his hair, face, shirt, fingers....
He is a mess! And I love every bit of it!

Happy Friday to everyone! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Jaxen - One Year Checkup

Today Jaxen and I went for his one year checkup. Nik usually goes with us, but had another appointment he could not miss. I missed him being with us. These checkups normally last a long time (today was 1 1/2 hours) and are full of information!

The good news is that Jaxen is a healthy, growing boy!

* He weighs 23.2 pounds. I actually asked the nurse if she was sure he only weighs that much... because he feels much heavier - ha! She assured me she was correct and then also told me that boys feel heavier than girls, typically. He is in the 50% for weight. Which Dr. K was glad to see!

* He is 2 feet, 6 inches long! That is in the 75% for height. Also good.

* His head, however, was in the 95%! A little big...but should level out. (Nik thinks this is thanks to Jaxen's Uncle Ryan.)

We talked about switching from formula to milk and what a good diet should look like for his age. All was well there.... until I told her about Jaxen having a reaction to eggs. Not sure if I have mentioned it on the blog or not, but we tried eggs with Jaxen awhile back and he had a reaction to them. We were advised to wait until he was one, and try again. We did and he still had a small reaction. I shared this news with the doctor and she told us that we need to not give him any kind of egg (even if egg is an ingredient in food) until he is 3 years old. At 3, he hopefully will have grown out of that allergy. We will see then. So that is kind of a bummer. I will have to start reading labels and watching what I give him to eat!

And the other bummer news is that he has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. It is a common virus among 6 months to 4 years of age. We are assuming he caught it at the church nursery (which is the only time he is around other kids). It is pretty contagious. We realized last night while getting him ready for bed that he had some bumps on his foot. While examining him, Dr. K also saw some bumps on his hands and a blister in his mouth. This explains his extra tiredness from the weekend. There is not much we can do about it. It will go away within 10 days. We just need to keep him hydrated and give him medicine for fever (if he gets it. He currently does not have fever).

After the exam, he was given 2 shots and then had to go to the lab to have blood drawn. He was a trooper today!

I think that is about it as far as his check up goes. We go back again in 3 months.

We celebrated a friends birthday tonight - I made a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. It turned out really good! Jaxen just had strawberries :(

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random Thoughts

* I know it has been a long time since I blogged. We have not done anything special or 'blog worthy' so don't worry that you have missed out on much! Nik and I have just been working our tails off!

* We did finally clean out our garage - I thought about doing a whole post on that by itself...but decided against it - ha!

* All 3 of us took a nap today. It was grand. And long. And then I was just feeding Jaxen dinner and he fell asleep in his high chair while eating! It was so funny and cute. I was about to take a picture and blog about it when he woke him. So now he is napping (again) in his crib. I'm not sure if we have just wore him out this week, or if he is in a growth spurt or something, but he is sleeping a lot here lately.

Sleepy boy...

The above picture (today) reminds me of a similar picture
from back in February...

* We go to the doctor tomorrow for Jaxen's 1 year checkup. Just crazy!

* I have heard about a lot of moms who are sad when their 'baby' turns one, but I'm not really sad about it. I'm actually just really excited that he is growing and doing so well, and that (we all) reached this big milestone!

* I have been asked a lot though here recently when/if we are going to have baby #2. Does that question just automatically come after a first birthday? The answer (if you are wondering) is that, yes, we want to have a baby #2....but no, we don't want another baby right now (or 9 months from now).

* Nik is out enjoying his evening playing disc golf with some other dads and their sons. Then we will all meet up for dinner in a bit.

* We had a low-key, but really nice day today. Nik opened up some gifs from Jaxen and I this morning and it was a wonderful time celebrating him as a dad! He is an awesome dad.

* I did not take any pictures (so far) of Jaxen and Nik. I have not been that good lately with the picture-taking-thing.

* I did get a few pictures on Jaxen's birthday.

Jaxen had just woken up...

He was ready for me to put down my camera
and pick him up!

Jaxen and Nik before Nik went to work that morning.

Jaxen and I before I went to work.

* Last night Jaxen got really hyper and started dancing on the table. It was so funny!

Dancing on the table, holding a 'microphone'!

* Jaxen is now awake. This random post in complete!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Jaxen turns one this week and I have known he would turn one all year long. Not a surprise. Just like I know Christmas happens every December 25. No surprise - but somehow it still catches me (and most others) off guard...right? Know what I mean?!

So Thursday (less than a week until his birthday) I had no idea what I was going to do for his first birthday or when we would have a party. I love birthdays, and parties, but could not decide what to do for Jaxen. Friday morning I had an idea...I mentioned it to Nik that afternoon and 24 hours later we were getting ready for his party!

And it turned out great.

It was really fun.

And nothing says it better than pictures!

His 1st Birthday Bib
A picture station set up
I decided to have the party outside and decorated with balloons
Iced down water in Jaxens wagon
Some of the party guests at the picture station....
Ha ha! This one cracks me up!

LOVE how this one turned out!

Jaxen was playing some games before the guests arrived
And staying hydrated, with ice!
He is excited about his party!
I made brownies and served up some Ice Cream Sundaes

Jaxen was eyeing his ice cream
It's hard to see, but there is a candle in his bowl of ice cream
We did not do cake...just ice cream (and cherries, which he loved)!
Nik helped Jaxen open his gifts
He got some really fun gifts!
And he had a blast entertaining everyone with his new drum
Playing with all his new toys!

And that's the recap of his party! We had a really fun time celebrating Jaxen!
I can't help but think that this time last year, I was at the hospital, in labor!
And that I had never laid eyes on Jaxen....and how my whole world has changed!
He is amazing and I'm so thankful that he is my son!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Party Video

We had a birthday party for Jaxen this weekend. Here is a short video clip!

His party was planned last minute, but it turned out great! I'll share more about it soon!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cousin Time!

Upate on my wisdom teeth: I have dry sockets. Got them fixed yesterday and am finally feeling some relief, since last Friday!

My sister and nephew are here visiting us for a few days. I am so happy to have them here! But guess who is more excited to have them here? Jaxen. He is having the best time with his cousin, Brennen. He has been playing with him non-stop and is so patient and kind to Jaxen. And Jaxen is  eating up all this fun! Let me just show you what I'm talking about...

Ha Ha! Too fun! I love that they are having so much fun together!