Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jaxen Crawling

Finally -
Here is a video of Jaxen crawling. I took it yesterday afternoon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's up with us...

All my posts have been about Jaxen lately - so I thought I'd give you some updates on Nik and I:

* We had a date night on Saturday with another couple. No Jaxen. We ate at my favorite mexican restrauant and had a wonderful time! I love doing something different!

* On the topic of doing something different - I bought a new shower curtain for Jaxen's bathroom. It has ducks on it. It's pretty cute. (Picture to come at a later time).

* I went grocery shopping yesterday and had a short list. I broke our 'Food Budget' by $19.78. How does that happen? I see frozen mangos that I think Jaxen would love to chew on while he is teething; Nik sees a coffee creamer he might like; I pick up my favorite cereal insead of the cereal that is the better-deal....and that is how the 'Food Budget' is blown. Ususally, I take my time and think thru each purchase and if I go over, then something gets put back until I am under my budget. I was in a hurry yesterday. So now, we don't get to order our our favorite pizza one night this week. We will stay home and have leftovers! Just keeping it real and telling you what is going on - Ha!

* Nik is in the middle of his Upward Basketball Season. Overall, it is going well. There have been some bumps in the road - but we are staying positive and focusing on the goal: Sharing Christ and teaching the skills of basketball. But he is tired. And we still have 4 weeks to go. Here are some pictures taken of Jaxen from this past Saturday:

This is where Jaxen took his morning nap - in his stroller, in the kitchen

And this is how he napped in the afternoon - cuddled up with Mrs. Roxanne

* We have purchased a new mattress! It was time. But gosh - those things cost a lot of money. And so far - worth. every. penny. We upgraded to a King Size. Too wonderful for words. It is a memory foam mattress with a cooling gel. It's a pretty impressive mattress actually! And I'm so thankful for the research, wheeling/dealing, clearance-price...etc. that happened.

* I am doing well. As I have said before - I am enjoying Jaxen during this stage so much right now. But that is not to say that I am not in a constant battle of making the best decisions for our family. Just recently Nik and I had a conversation about what a certain situation would look like if we do what is best for our family, instead of what we want. And we decided that it needed to change - and it will.

* With whatever free time we have, we spend it playing Peek-a-boo with Jaxen, playing scrabble, or visiting with our neighbors next door.

P.S. Funny story - I got a text today from our babysitter that said "Jaxen decided to poo AS I was changing his diaper!" Oh the life...I'm sure she is due for a raise!

Friday, January 25, 2013

All About Jaxen

Jaxen came to work with me this morning. He sat (played, drooled, talked) through a meeting and was quite the little charmer. He was still in his pajamas - bed head and all. My work ladies just love him! It had been a long time since they last saw him and were amazed at how much of a "little boy" he has become.

He found a tambourine and had a blast playing with it!

Last night was the very first night I put Jaxen in 'big boy' pajamas (meaning - no footsie pajamas). He wore a Thomas the Train matching pants and top. Seriously - he took my breath away with how big he looks! At one point, he was sitting there and his belly was poking out from under his shirt (they are on the verge of being too small). But he looked so, so sweet.

Jaxen falls asleep the funniest ways!

Sitting up, leaning against our ottoman!

 Asleep in his dad's arms!

He is getting his 3rd tooth in! It is to the left of his top-middle-left tooth. Hope that makes sense. That's the best description I know to give. It is just about to break skin.

Yes, the glass of milk got saved!

Crawling toward the computer - he loves computers, remotes and cell phones!

And the new thing....that I absolutely love.... He pats me. When I pick him up and hug him, I always pat his back. Well, now he pats me too! Normally on the shoulder. It seriously melts my heart. I have had the best couple of weeks with him. He has been so fun, all the new things he is learning. And I am learning right along with him. I need to figure out new ways to engage him and keep his play time at home exciting. He just moves from one thing to another so quickly!

He loves playing with our ottoman - and especially our coasters!

Time for dinner and bath! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Insight

I read something today that has really opened my eyes when it comes to parenting Jaxen. Before I get into it....let me preface with this:

When I found out I was pregnant I bought a book. And read it cover to cover - a couple of times. I wanted to know everything about pregnancy and what was happening and how I should feel, and react, and the birth and blah blah blah. Bottom line, what I learned was that no two pregnant people are the same. And I went with it. And I enjoyed being pregnant.

And since Jaxen came along...I have purchased a few more books. Just last week, I told Nik I had to have this certain book to help me with Jaxen's not-sleeping-at-night-phase. I bought it. I have even read part of it. Yes, I have gained some insight on someone else's perspective.

I have sought out numerous books, articles and people's advice on anything and everything parent-related. From first baths, to the best pajamas (zipper or button) to breast feeding, making babyfood, sleeping patterns, toys to play understand.

My point: I have stated many times that "I have no clue." It's true.

But...And this is where my eyes are being opened....

Although I do think it is good to seek advice and research - also (and this is what I read today):

Trust your instincts.

Know that God created you to be the mama to the 
child or children He's blessed you with.

Why wouldn't He equip you for the sacred role He designed you to fulfill?

Good stuff, huh?

Just recently Nik and I have made a decision about Jaxen's not-sleeping-at-night-phase. It's a controversial decision. One that I have had many opinions and advice thrown at me about (from both sides). Our decision...? Right now, Jaxen is sleeping with us. He is a much happier, well-rested baby. I am a much happier, well-rested momma. And that has greatly affected me being able to be a better mom and wife. I have no answers as to how long this will last, or the lasting effects of this decision on Jaxen (like whether or not he will be too attached, or have dyslexia, or still sleep in my bed when he is 30, or be a better adjusted kid because I met his needs instead of ignoring them....and so forth). For now, this works for us as a family.

All that to say - my advice to new moms... Seek God; pray; trust your instincts! You will be the best parent for your child. You may not have a clue, or be an expert at parenting - but you are an expert when it comes to your child!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday afternoon Nik left town with our teens to attend EVO. EVO is a discipleship weekend that Nik and another youth pastor coordinate for our zone. There were over 80 people there!

They are now home - safe and sound, as of 3pm. Nik is now trying to catch up on some rest and some Jaxen-time!

Jaxen and I had a very long, tiring day at Upward on Saturday. It's hard filling in the gaps for Nik while he is gone - he does so much. It was especially hard with a baby on my hip! I have filled in for Nik before, but having Jaxen there all day and filling in was a completely new thing. And let me just arms are sore. Very sore.  From carrying Jaxen around so much yesterday at the gym, trying to do everything that needed to be done! He is not light, you know!

We were short referees, short on help in the concession stand, and had some keys that did not work to open up very important doors. Our solution? My partner-in-crime (Alan) decided to get an extension ladder from the garage of the church and set it up in the gym, climb it, crawl over the upstairs balcony, in order to unlock the doors we needed.  In doing so - he set off the security alarm to the garage and did not know it. So right as the basketball games were about to start, the cops pull up! After some explaining they left. Alan did tell them that if they were going to arrest him that they would have to wait until after basketball ended at 5pm! Ha! It was pretty funny.

We lazed around last night. And slept in this morning. Even after a good afternoon nap (for Jaxen, not me), I think it may take another full day of recovery, though. Being at Upward is so much fun for him, but it wears him out! Too many exciting things going on, and people. But he was the absolute-best-baby-ever yesterday. No tears. No fussing. No whining. He did so great and I am so glad! Our day would have been much rougher if he had not done so well.

And that was basically our weekend. Oh, and Jaxen now crawls! It's so adorable. Half the time he has a 'gimp' leg while he is crawling and the other half, he has it down pat. I will have to try to get some photos or videos. But being a 'single-parent' and 'Upward Coordinator / Concession Stand Worker' does not leave much time for taking pictures. But I did get a shower. And for that, I give myself a star!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pictures from the Weekend

Friday after work Nik, Jaxen and I ran some errands.
Cute boy, all cozy and warm!

Most people still tell me that Jaxen looks like Nik.

We have tried lots of new foods with Jaxen and he is eating like a champ!
At Upward -
before the games got started Jaxen had fun with the basketballs!

Jaxen was hanging out with me while I was taking pictures of the game -
This was the one moment he was pretty chill!

Sunday was a great day at church -
Nik got to baptize one of our teens! Very special for him.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jaxen - 7 Months

Saturday Jaxen turned 7 months! 

We were busy at Upward that day, so Sunday I tried taking some pictures of him. Let's just say he was a bit distracted!

No new bumps or injuries occurred while taking these pictures and I did finally manage to get a good one!

And the above pictures show so well the stage we are at with him: MOVING!

He is such a mover! He can pull up and stand with no help. He rolls all over the place and can sit himself up. He can put himself in the crawling position, but no crawling yet! Which is okay for now...because he is enough of a mover already!

This month Jaxen has learned to wave and high five. He is fascinated with all remotes and cell phones. And he loves watching Eebee Baby on TV, which is only slightly less annoying than Barney!

He is eating 2 meals a day which consist of fruit, vegetable or cereal. And still nurses or takes a bottle 3-4 times a day. He drinks water from his sippie cup a couple times a day.

Jaxen is wearing size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes (12 month pajamas).

He weighs 19.4 pounds.

He gets more and more hair everyday! It is so cute. It is coming in darker, but is still very fine.

Here are some more pictures I tried to take:

And he is just as adorable as ever! And so much fun. I love his laugh. And the way he looks at me with those big eyes!

We are still experiencing some very sleepless night. But we are powering-through!

He is such a good baby during the day and has been so great at church and Upward with so many people around. He loves to be the center of attention, and often is with us!

We love you so much Jaxen - Happy 7 months!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big Announcement

My love for Gardettos has returned.

We had 2 dead rats in the attic of our offices for the past 2 weeks. Yuck! Thankfully, two brave souls went up and found them, captured them and safely discarded them in the dumpster. Even thinking about this gives me the heebee-jeebees.

Jaxen bonked his head...again. A bruise and bump are to follow. Third one. I know this is starting to be a common thing. I'll probably stop counting how many times it happens soon. It might help me though, if the nice people at the grocery store would stop telling me how cute my baby is...and then follow up with some comment about the knot on his head. Multiple times. I can no longer go to that same grocery store until Jaxen has no more bumps on his head.

And the big announcement of the day: 
Jaxen slept through the night! 
And if you didn't catch that, here it is again (bigger): 
Jaxen slept through the night! 
And one last time (all caps): 

This has only been an issue since, um...well, November! 7 hours. This was after only 2 hours of 'going to bed' and waking up 4 times. I'll take it. And hopefully we can do this again and conquer this no sleeping thing soon. I know this is normal, and blah blah blah...but it might just put me (and Nik) in therapy if it does not end soon. All I'm saying.

And if you read the title and thought "She's pregnant" - your wrong. Cannot. Go. There. Yet. You read the comment about therapy, right?!

Moving on.

Here is a video of Jaxen waving. Like I said before, he waves much better when a camera is not in his face...and a toy is not in his hand...but for now, this is what you get:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Random Thoughts

*  Nik's birthday was fun. It was our 1st Game Day of Upward and I hung flyers around the gym that said "Happy Birthday Nik Davis". After the games we went out to dinner and then ate the homemade German Chocolate Cake I baked! Nik's request. And it was yummy!

*  Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Nik's birthday are over - I should probably start watching what I eat. And exercising.

*  Jaxen is still having very rough nights...which means so are Nik and I. And between those rough nights and the first week of bastketball we were all exhausted. Jaxen and I took at 3 hour nap on Sunday, and then Nik slept in this morning until after 11! Hopefully we are all getting caught up on our rest. 

*  I am on my 6th load of laundry today and still have a few more to go. It was bad. I got really behind. One more day and I think we would have been 'febreezing' some clothes and re-wearing them!

And I think that's about all that has been going on in my world. It is a very busy time for us - until the end of February. 

I better go finish laundry and get a grocery list started so we can eat dinner tonight!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Almost Crawling

I thought that for sure Jaxen would be crawling by the time we got home from Christmas. He had lots of help from our family, teaching him to crawl... from letting him push his feet off them, to putting out incentives... but no crawling yet!

Here are some pictures of Jaxen trying to master the skill...

Maybe we will have a crawler by Valentines Day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

The year 2012 was better than I ever could have imagined. That is not to say that everything was perfect and without sorrow, hardships or some rough times. There were those. And I think about ones who have lost family members, received bad test results, miscarried babies, lost their homes because of a fire, separated from a spouse, lost jobs.... the list goes on....

But today I am remembering the joys, laughters, fun times, friendships and those special moments when I would wish that time would just stand still. Many of those moments have been times spent with Jaxen. He is so precious. So many people told me after Jaxen was born to not rush this time, don't take anything for granted, that the years go by so fast, etc. Because of that advice - I have held on a bit longer to 2012. Focused more on the important things. Frozen moments in my mind. And I'm so glad I did.

I am looking forward to 2013. To new moments.

Something new with Jaxen: he waves now. Kind of. Sometimes he hits his head...but it is still waving. I tried to capture it on video, but every time I do - he stops and smiles at the camera. Just the way I taught him! Hopefully I can capture it soon and share it with you.

What will 2013 hold for the Davis family? Who knows! I am such a planner, but I can honestly say that I have nothing planned for this next year. No goals, no resolutions, no plans to do big and mighty things, or even small things for that matter. Ha!

What I do desire is to love. To love my husband. Love my son. Love my family, friends and strangers. That is not easy. To do that, I know I must love God first.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, 
and with all your soul, and with all your mind, 
and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

I give this New Year to God. To seek what His plans are for my life and my family.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, 
and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

Happy New Year!