Thursday, September 29, 2016

Three Things

Here are three things about us right now...


1. This kid went to sleep at 10:30 last night and slept until 9:30 this morning!!!! That is definitely the longest he has slept. Ever.

2. He is pretty attached to his momma right now. Yesterday I could not be out of sight for even two minutes without him crying. 

3. Still no teeth (I check everyday). But his fingernails are razor sharp (I have the marks to prove it).


1. Is obsessed with a paper map of New York. He slept with it last night and this morning told me where he wanted to go on the map. 

2. Is officially out of his car seat and on to a booster seat, which he loves. And which is much easier.

3. The last two days at school, he has rushed to open the door for people leaving. And he has to wait for everybody. Seriously - we are just standing there waiting for people to walk out of the school.


1. I have been fighting Mastitis on and off for the last week. So my days are spent trying to unclog milk ducts.

2. I am addicted to Kettle Corn (so is Jaxen). It’s my favorite snack right now.

3. I am finally knocking things off my to-do list (that was started a few months ago). For example - today, I labeled all the storage bins in Zane and Jaxen’s closets.


1. He is wrapping up a series at church that he has been preaching on - Heroes of Faith. It has been really good.

2. Has enjoyed playing Disc Golf lately (he hadn’t played much the last two years). There are a few guys here that like to play, so that has been nice for him.

3. Is in ultimate planning mode. Lots of decisions and plans need to be made very soon for different things and events coming up over the next year.

That’s us right now in a nut-shell! Exciting, huh?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Visitors :)

We had visitors this past weekend and it was so much fun! Some of our favorite people, Rusty and Diane came to see us. And after looking back through my photos…I didn’t take one single picture of them. Can you believe it?! A few pics were taken on Diane’s phone but I was a very bad blogger this weekend…sorry! So instead…here are some pictures that I did take, over the last week.

Zane was looking all cute in his “too cute to dispute” onesie I bought him.

I made Nik take a selfie on the Rochester bench 
at the airport while picking up Rusty and Diane.

Before we picked them up, Nik got in a little disc golf 
and Zane and I got in a little walk.
It was a beautiful course!

Thursday night we had open house at Jaxen’s school.
He showed us all of his work, where he sat on the carpet and his favorite toys!

By the way - he is doing great at school.
He really loves it and his teachers say that he is doing well.

And here is Zane - with his new favorite toy.

One evening last week we were practicing our baseball skills...

We had a great weekend with our friends - who is next to come see us?! 
Now we need to get back in the routine of things…
which for me, means laundry. And cleaning out heater vents…it’s almost time to turn our heater on!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Today is the first official day of fall. 
They even sent a note home with Jaxen this week - 
telling us to dress our kids in ‘fall colors’ today. 
But let me tell you - it does not feel like fall yet.
We have been in the upper 80’s here lately (unusual for us).
But according to the weather…fall is coming!
We will be in the 60’s and 70’s in the coming days :)
Bring it.

I saw this picture on Facebook and it really made me laugh…

Last week I did pull out a few fall decorations…

The table in our foyer.

A picture holder in the living room
(filled with fall/halloween pictures)
Hopefully next year - I will have a cute fall pictures of Zane to include!

On top of the bookcase in our sitting room.

A great pumpkin candle next to a favorite pumpkin picture of Jaxen.

And just this little touch of fall in our kitchen.
See my new “Home Sweet Home” sign?
I still need to add a picture in it.
When I found it I just had to buy it.
Hard to believe (still, at times) that New York is our home sweet home.

Bring on the cooler weather, hot tea, hot apple cider, sweaters…and much more :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Bit Behind

I am a bit behind on blogging these days…something else usually takes up the time I would spend on the computer. So here is a quick, random post of pictures from my phone the last week or so….

Zane loves his exersaucer!

And I love sweet moments like these - when he falls asleep on me.

This face. It’s about the cutest ever!

Farmer’s Market Day in Oswego. Zane enjoyed all the sights and sounds!

Nik snapped this picture one night. Cuddling in our bed with my boys.

So we saw this Chase frisbee on sale one day and bought if for Jaxen.
He was very excited - until Nik hit the fence post with it and broke it :(
Now, it is taped together with clear tape. Excited again!

Jaxen will often clap his hands together and say “Listen everyone!”
And on this day he was asking me questions about the story…
“Is Thomas happy or sad?” Things like that.
I think school is rubbing off on him a little bit - haha!
All while wearing a too small bib that he found in Zane’s pile of stuff.

My world. I sure do love these two!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Brother Love

On Jaxen’s first day of school we asked him if he missed us…
“Did you miss mommy?”
"Did you miss daddy?”
"Did you miss baby Zane?”


But Zane is the first one he talks to when I pick him up
and is the first one he asks about…
“What did Zane do today?”
“How was Zane?”

I think Jaxen loves his little brother.
And the feeling is completely mutual on Zane’s end too.
Just look at the pics...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Home Tour - Living Rooms

A couple of things happened last week that made this post possible. 1. We bought blinds. 2. Nik hung our blinds. 3. Jaxen went to school. 4. I picked up my house and organized a bit more. 5. It stayed that way for a few hours because Jaxen was at school!

Therefore - I bring you the last post of our Home Tour! Only 3 months after we moved in! Haha!

The Sitting Room…

This room is in between the kitchen and living room.

I still need to add a big clock to the open space above the drawers.
Those drawers are used for very random things…
small kitchen appliances, candles, games, water bottles…etc.
The door to the left leads down to the basement.

There are two nice windows (which allow for great sunlight).
I’m still deciding on curtains for these windows.

I still need to do more with the walls here…
but I love these chairs and this ottoman - very comfy.
I actually spend a lot of time in this room!

This door leads to our downstairs bathroom / laundry room.
The white bins in the book case is where I hide toys.

The Living Room…

This is a view from our foyer.
I want to change out the rug and add a big family picture (that has yet to be taken)
on the right wall over the love seat.

And this is the view from our sitting room.

And then a view from our couches…
foyer on the right and the sitting room opens up on the left.

And that’s it for our home tour! Finally!

And if you want to see it (or us) not in pictures….come visit :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Survived

Well, week one of school is in the books...
And it went very well!

I already posted about day one...

day two, there were tears from Jaxen on the way home…
because he wanted to ride the bus! Haha. 

Day three I bribed him to ride home with me with the promise of sprinkle cookies.
It worked.

He told me that he learned new things that day.
I asked what they were…and he replied “I don’t know.”

And this is the day he crashed.
He had not napped at all the first two days, after school.
But then day three he sat on the couch for about 2 minutes and was out. cold.

He also came home with some homework that we did Friday morning.

Day four (Friday) he woke up and said “one more day!”
I did tell him that after the weekend he has to go back to school.
My fear is that he just thinks this school thing is a one-week-gig :)

So, while Jaxen is away at school and Nik worked…I get to hang out with this precious one!

I am enjoying the one-on-one time, so much!
Although, I think he is becoming a bit of a momma’s boy.

We are practicing and learning all kinds of things right now…
sitting, rolling over, grasping…ect.

And he is even growing new hair, and I think it’s the cutest thing in the world!
It’s hard to get a picture of ‘peach fuzz’ but I tried.

Here are a few pictures of nap time for you - 
because I just think he is precious and can’t get enough!

Here’s to week two of school….and many, many more!