Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bucket List

Have you ever made a Bucket List? I have not. I know many, many people who have, or do. For example, my boss makes a Summer Bucket List every summer of 50 items he wants to complete during summer. He completed 29 out of 50 this summer.

The whole Bucket List idea came from the movie, Bucket List. I have never seeen it, but the basic concept is doing the things you want to do before you die, or kick the bucket.

I like the idea of a Bucket List. Not for the sake of doing stuff before I die, but for the sake of HAVING FUN and LIVING INTENTIONALLY. Which is something Nik and I are really focused on this year.

So, all that to say...I want to make a Fall Bucket List! I think the reason I want to do one in fall is because fall does not really feel like fall here in central Texas. And I love fall. I love doing fall things. But, I find myself not doing fall stuff, because it does not feel like fall. Did I lose you yet? Hope not.

So, I want to make a Fall 2011 Bucket List. My list will include: Finishing the Shred (I'm on day 7, by the way....no comments!); Visiting long-time friends; Finishing my Recipe Cards (almost there...again, no comments!); Making a fall wreath, Learn to sew and make something; Make homemade bread; Drink Apple Cider...and much, much more!

Anyone else want to take my challenge, live intentionally, have fun and create a Fall Bucket List (to be completed September - November)?

I will post it on September 1!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle...

I'm not really back in the 'Saddle'....but I'm back on my bike!

This past Saturday Nik and I were up way too early for a Saturday and went Mountain Bike Riding! This is my first time back out since the Leg Infection of 2011. It kicked my booty! I was having a hard time climbing the hills. I was having a hard time breathing. But...it was fun and I'm so glad we decided to go. I am anxious now to ride my bike more often and beat those hills (again)!

It probably didn't help that we played 3 straight hours of volleyball the night before and didn't go to sleep until well after midnight...but that's okay. Both were well worth it!

Saturday (after bike riding) we took our new pastor and his family out for a day in Austin. There is so much to do and see and show them....so this particular trip we just hit a few highlights: Lunch at Buca Di Beppos (wonderful food); Shopping at Mardel's Christian Book Store; IKEA (need I say more...);  and Freddy's Custard for a sweet treat on the way home.

In case you're wondering...I checked the weather out for this week and by the end of the week we are supposed to be in the 90's! WOO-HOO!!!!! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Hot is too Hot?

Here is a look at the Temple weather for the next 5 days:

Here is the weather for where we are headed on vacation soon:

All I have to say is YES. PLEASE!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


12 years ago today this little cutie entered my world....

My nephew, Brennen!

So, Happy Birthday to him, and 'Happy Becoming a Mom Day' to my sister!

The following are some pics of me and Brennen - Enjoy (and no laughing at my glasses...Nik)!

 Home one holiday from college. I loved spending time with him!

He used to give me lots of kisses...sometimes they were a little slobbery! 

This was the day I was teaching him to smile so big his neck veins popped out! LOVE. IT. 

Summer of 2011.

I have missed a lot of his life and watching him grow up...but I love him so much and am so glad he is my nephew!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things I Like Right Now

It's been awhile since I have shared some things I really like right now! So here I go (in no particular order):

Carmilized Brownies -

I made these for the first time last weekend. YUM! Basically, it's your typical box of brownie mix - but before it goes in the oven you pour melted butter and brown sugar on top of them. Then you add walnuts, or pecans, or any nut. Bake and DELICIOUS!

Liquid Stitch -
This is definitely the answer to my hemming needs! No needle, no thread, no sewing! Just fold, glue and let sit for 24 hours (or 8...whenever the clothes are needed). This little treasure has held up well for every single one of my dress pants. Which I wear, and wash often!

"Hold Me" by Jamie Grace - This song actually first came as a jingle she created while describing her 'snuggie'. And as she continued to describe her blanket and add words to the tune, she came to the realization that God’s love embraced her so much more than any physical commodity ever could. (Taken from KLove).

I just love the catchy tune, it makes me smile everytime I hear it!

Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard -

Nik's dad got me hooked on the Blizzard...and let me say, I. Am. Hooked. Thanks Russell!

New Dishes -

This is the china set I purchased at the Rummage Sale. China or Dishes? What's the difference? I know there is one, but I'm not sure what it is. I guess I call China - made out of glass, and Dishes - anything else. Either way - I am loving my new China/Dishes!

My Cutie Husband -

Of course I still like him!

Just thought I would update you on the little things in my world that make me smile right now! I hope you are finding those little things in your world!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rummage Sale & Side Notes

Well, we did it! The 2nd Annual Youth Rummage Sale was a success! We raised over $1,300!

Nik sold booths to those wanting to have their own sale, and then we had items donated to sale - all proceeds going to the youth group.

I had a booth! Another family in the church and myself went in together to purchase the booth and sell our junk (treasures). It was really fun. But it was a long day. We did not get home until 11pm Friday night (from setting up) and had to be back by 6am Saturday. We finished up with everything by 6pm Saturday. Then we went and celebrated the day at Gogo's (Yogurt Shop); and played cards with our friends, the Palmers.

I made some money off of my junk, but I also spent some money! (Isn't that always the case...it is with me!). I bought a set of china. It's black glass and super cool. I also bought a small rectangle table. Guess what this table is going to be used for...? My Sewing Station!!! Funny, huh? I want to start sewing soon.

Side note: I love having hobbies. I have had many. My next hobby I want to have is sewing! No, I don't sew. However, I have this great sewing machine my mom bought me one Christmas that I used for about a week (until I decided sewing was not for me...yet). I have always wanted to sew...so I'm going to try again! Therefore, I need a Sewing Station!

Another side note to my previous side note: Nik wants a weight room. I have decided to make it a Weight/Sewing Room! Ha ha ha! I can't wait...! A little masculinity and a little femininity! (Nik is not as excited...).

Back to my post -

I also bought an apron. And a random plate. And Nik purchased homemade tamales out of this lady's truck. Seriously. But they are SOOO GOOOD! So, as you can see...most money I made got spent! I did come out with $27 in the black. It is going to our vacation fund.

Side note (again...): We are going on vacation soon. We have it half planned (the first half). I normally am a 'Planner'. But just haven't had time to think much about it. Soon. I'll let you know. But until then...I have $27 more dollars to spend!

I also brought home some items that did not sell. We were taking everything that did not sale to Goodwill, but I grabbed a few pieces that were getting loaded up. I'll probably try to sell them next year...who knows!

So that was our Rummage Sale! It was a great big hit. Good job, Nik! He is already talking about having one in the spring. Shoot me now.

Side note / note to husband (last one....promise): Seriously, I have not even recovered from this one...you have to give me time to recover before planning the next one! Okay?!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The 2nd Annual Rummage Sale Fundraiser for our youth is consuming Nik's life! Not really his whole life...but most of it! We had a great turnout for this event last year, and hope to have the same again this year. Here is a preview of what is to come Saturday morning at 7 AM!



Miscellaneous Stuff (Treasures, Junk)...

Some furniture...
The men are not for sale (most days)!
Notice the teens running in the background?
Jerome (left) is reading a book, learning about alternators!
Ha! Ha!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Church Updates

I mentioned in an earlier post that our new pastor and his family have arrived. We are excited they are here and we are having fun getting to know them. This past weekend Nik had the opportunity to go golfing with JJ....they are planning on that more often! I got the chance to bond with his wife, Heather for about 20 minutes on an intertube, Sunday night at the lake, as we were trying to prove that we could handle anything the boat driver was going to throw at us - and we did! Although we screamed thru most of it...! Ha! They are fitting in well with us, the church and the other members. Sunday morning service was especially nice as he was officially 'Installed' as our new Pastor! We will be heading to the Minister & Spouses Retreat with them toward the end of September.

Even though things are going well, it is still a big change. If you think about it, please pray for our church and staff as they continue to adjust to the 'new' normal. There have already been a few bumps in the road, and I'm sure there will continue to be. But my prayer is that we will become a unified church, who is seeking after Christ, in all things.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before...but here is a recap of what will happen (now that we have a new pastor) with Nik's position in the church: In 90 days (from our pastor's start date) Nik has to submit a resignation letter. The pastor can choose to accept his resignation, or choose to keep him on staff. We have known this day was coming for a long time. We have been praying about this day. Not necessarly that we would stay in Temple, but for God's direction in our lives. At this time, we feel that our new pastor will allow Nik to remain in his current position. Which is a good thing...however, we are still praying and seeking direction. We want to be in God's will. And things could change between now and in 3 months...

That is where we are at, and what we know!


Our youth service last week was wonderful! Nik did an 'evaluation' night with them about the youth group. He asked for feedback about things in the past year that have gone well, made them grow spiritually, etc. And asked for new ideas and thoughts on our youth group. They actually chimed in with things and were really excited about the future! I know Nik is excited too! We have seen some growth over this summer, and want to continue with that through out this next year. Nik ended the night with prayer time. We all prayed together for our church, our youth group, our new pastor and for RAIN for our land.

Nik is looking forward to the school year. Going to games, taking the kids (and their friends who are not a part of our youth group) out for pizza; and just being involved with them in their daily lives. Please pray for Nik as he ministers to these youth!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lake Fun!

Sunday we did not have PM Service at church....so we headed to the Lake! About 4:15 PM we sent the following text message:

"Swimsuits. Check. Volleyball. Check. Ladderball. Check. Bocce Ball. Check. Bush's Tea. Check. Subway Sandwich. Check. Headed to the Lake! See you there!"

It was HOT when we arrived. Almost unbearable. But we stuck it out for the first hour, and so glad we did! While we were driving, we noticed 'rain' clouds forming overhead. We kept an eye on them, and before we knew it, we could hear the rain hitting the top of the picnic areas to one side of us. The sound was faint but it got louder and louder and the rain got closer and closer. Finally - it was raining!!!! It was so cool to 'hear' the rain coming. Everyone around us, on the lake, in the boats, in the parking lot (everyone, everywhere) started shouting, dancing...etc. over the rain. Very cool moment.

We definitely rejoiced in the rain and went on with our lake fun.

I took no pictures. Words will have to do.

Boat. Intertubing. Unknown waterfall. Sand vollebyall. Laughter. Mud slinging. Sand castles. Amazing sunset. New friends. Lasting Memories.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


I feel as though I have not had much to blog about these days. I feel like I have been crazy busy...but the busyness is not blog worthy.

Sidenote - I hate the term 'busy'. Yes, I use it all the time. But I don't like it. It is so impersonal - like your life is more important than anyone else's. Does that make sense? I am 'busy' because I choose to be. And most times when the word 'busy' is used...it's used in a manner of  'woe is me'. My busyness lately is not 'woe is me'. It is 'I am choosing to do MANY things here lately, all of which are pretty fun, or beneficial in some way'. Off the sidenote.

But then I realized - this is my blog - The Days of Nik and Carla and my busyness is BLOG WORTHY! So here it goes...My busyness these days consists/consisted of:

* Work: It has been really hectic the last two weeks. Consistently for the last 2 weeks, 2 or more of our 5 Administrative Staff has been gone. That leaves the rest of us with all 6 ministers...who want/need things and need/want it NOW! Ha! I am used to working for 2 of them. No problem. But when you throw in an additional 2-4 of them all needing something from you, it can get a little hectic. During my lunch break I used to go to the park and sit outside (in the quiet) and take a break from work. Too hot now. The past two weeks I have been working through my lunch hour most days. That makes for a long day.

* VBS: You read about it before. Long. Fun. Tiring. Would totally do it again, in a heartbeat!

* Cleaning houses for other people: I now clean 3 houses (woo-hoo for the extra money to go to debt...or A/C for our car that is currently without A/C...!). I am loving my new cleaning person. He is so funny. He told me this week that another man was 'full of vinegar'! Have you ever heard that phrase "Full of Vinegar"? It was meant in a good way. He followed it by saying "I enjoy talking with him"!

* Youth Events: What a summer this has been! One event after another it seems like! Well, an end is FINALLY in sight for all the scheduled summer events. However, as I type, I know that Nik is in full swing planning for Upward and new fall/winter events.

* Some Fun: In the midst of our busyness, we make sure to have some FUN! We are currently planning a Grill & Games night at our house for some new friends that moved to town and a trip back to the lake on Sunday!

That is my busyness here lately. It's a season!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Wednesday, I was running some errands on my lunch hour. I called Nik and this was our conversation:

Carla calling: Ring, Ring!
"Hey Babe"
"Hey Honey. 3 Things. Real Quick. #1 - Your dry cleaning is now picked up and cost $3.82. #2 - Please download the free song on KLove for me. #3 - The new BBQ place by your dry cleaners is smelling fantastic as I drive by. Please take me there for lunch one day soon. Okay that's it. I'll call you after I make the returns to Target. Love you. Bye".

The above was all done in about 2 breaths! I know people are into texting these days...but seriously. I could not have texted that faster than I could have said it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We got a chance to go to a Round Rock Express Baseball game last night! We usually go to 3 or 4 games each summer...but this was our first game this summer. It was fun - we went with a bunch of people from our church and a couple of other churches in the area.

I watched most of the game...but made sure I got a chance to say "Hi" / Visit with everyone I knew! Oh, I also had a Hot Dog, some Nachos, and part of a Funnel Cake! What is a ball game without those essentials?! Ha!

(Yes, I realize that by eating all the above mentioned food...I had better do The Shred!)

It was a late night for me...Home at 11:30pm and in bed by 12am! It may take me a couple of days to recoup...I'm not as young as I was 60 days ago...! Ha!

Here are some pics from the night:

 Steve & Jennifer

Jim and Becky

 Cora and Mike

 Brent, Megan, Carla and Nik


Sunday, August 7, 2011


VBS is officially over! Woo Hoo! I am one tired lady! I do have to brag on my cutie husband for a minute.... He has been so great to me this week. Every night when I got home from work (before rushing out the door to VBS) he had dinner ready! He also took me out on a Date Night last night; and then let me take an hour nap today while he worked on dishes and a few other things around the house! Love him!

Tonight after church, a bunch of us went out to eat. There were 11 adults and we had pulled tables together so we could all sit by each other. After awhile, we decided that we couldn't really talk to everyone, just the people near us. So we did 'Speed Visiting'. Same concept as 'Speed Dating'. Every 5 minutes, we all moved 3 chairs to the right. It was soo much fun! It was a great way to visit with everyone there.

Tonight our new pastor preached in service. It was a great service. We are excited that he is here finally and glad we are getting to know him. Looking forward to the days to come...!

Tomorrow night (Monday) we are headed to a Round Rock Baseball game. There are about 50 people going from our church...so it will be fun! (Jennifer - I guess I will see you there, I thought you had already left town!)

Hope your week is good. I'm looking forward to getting back to 'normal' - whatever that is! Ha!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VBS Week

Vacation Bible School is this week at Church...which means we are BUSY and TIRED! We are not in charge of this event...(which is nice) but we are helping however we can!

It started out with a bang on Monday night with a Block Party! In 106 degree weather (supposedly the coolest day of the week)! It went well, but it was HOT!

Our Youth Band played during the Block Party

I am in charge of Registration (Nik is my awesome helper) and then I go on to teach Bible Memory! I teach kids in grades 1st - 6th. It is really neat to see the kids getting excited and learning their verses!

Nik hangs around to be 'runner-boy' and helps out where needed. He is a great 'runner-boy' - Seriously!

On another note - The Shred has taken a back seat for the moment. Too busy with VBS. Up at 6:30am; out the door by 7:15am; Home from work at 5:15pm; Eat dinner and at the church by 6:00pm; Home by 9:00pm and I am TIRED! I try to do things around the house that need to be done...but I'm am definitely ready for bed!

P.S. Pastor JJ (our new pastor) and his family arrived in Temple today!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Will Miss Her

I said Good-bye today to a co-worker, a friend. She is dear to my heart, and will be missed! I made her a little something -

It may be a little hard to read, but it is a handful of memories.

I can definitely say that I am a better person because she was in my life. We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have learned together, we have done the hard parts of life together, we have been sarcastic together (sometimes when we shouldn't have been), we have shared joys together...and I could go on and on...I won't. All I can say is I will miss you, M.

Lazy Days of Summer

Saturday we had a wonderful, LAZY day! These are few and far between here lately, so we took advantage of it! There were many things that we could have (maybe should have) done...but we did not make any specific plans for the day - and it was great!

Our weekend recap:

Friday night we played volleyball and had the best time! We had some really good games and some really great laughs! After volleyball we stayed around until midnight decorating for the upcoming VBS. When we got home and after a quick shower, we were tired and ready for bed!

Saturday we laid in bed until almost 10am!!!! Wonderful.... For breakfast Nik made a donut run and then we laid on the couch until 1 PM catching up on our favorite summer show, So Y*u Th*nk Y*u Can D*nce. (Lazy indeed). We got all caught up, then it was time for me to go clean a house and Nik to work a little bit. We met up around 4 PM and went to buy school supplies for the Backpack Buddy program. School supplies are expensive... in case you didn't know! We thought about going out for a 'date night' but we both quickly decided that we were loving our lazy day and wanted to keep it that way! So instead, we used coupons we had for P*pa M*rphy's Pizza and watched movies the rest of the night!

Sunday was a different story...no lazy day. We left the house early for church, made a quick run home for some lunch and to change clothes, then we did not get back home until 10 PM! All afternoon, we finished setting up for VBS. Night church was a recap of the Teens Summer - it was a great service, hearing all about what God had done in their lives! Then after service, we continued to set up for VBS and finally we went out for dinner with a group of friends...eating and laughing until way too late at night!

Busy week ahead...