Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Highlights

Wednesday night I walked in the house from work and Nik had dinner cooked and ready to eat - That made my night! Sometimes he can be the sweetest...!

Nik received this card in the mail today. I know it is too small to read, but I wanted to share it anyways. One of the church's that participated in the Lock-In sent this to him. Every one of the kids signed it, telling Nik what a great Lock-In it was, and how much fun they had! So sweet! This totally made his day. (Sometimes his job can be a little 'thank-less').

I have now done 2 days of The Shred. Good workout. I am sore...but not too bad! I can't wait to see the results (hopefully)! Oh, and I did something I have never done before...I took 'before' pics. As in...imagine pics of the B*ggest L*ser participants before they start...except with more clothes on - ha! That's me...I took pics from the front, side and back view. No one will probably EVER see them. They are for me only...just to see if I can tell if there is progress or not through out The Shred.

Last weekend at a garage sale, I purchased this really cute bag. It is my new 'work tote'. Cute, huh?!

Our church participates in a 'Backpack Buddy' program. Basically, one of the area elementary schools gives us the names and grades of students who need help financially purchasing school supplies. People in our church sign up for these 'buddies'. We purchase their school supplies and then pray for them through out the school year. This is our second year to participate in this program. It is actually really fun to buy school supplies (especially if you don't have any kids of your own to buy for)!

I started a new cleaning job tonight. It is for a really nice elderly  man. He likes to watch baseball. We are slowly digging out from under our debt!

Vacation Bible School is next week at our church - each evening I will be doing registration and then teaching Memory Verses. Nik will help where needed (he is not assigned to any certain position - and he is a great helper and a great go-to guy). They have been working on it all week (I have only been able to help out a couple of hours) but it is really starting to come together!

That's our life right now...the highlights, anyway! The low lights include: me going to bed too late every night this week; cleaning out our pantry where potatoes molded (sooo gross); having to write a good-bye card to a dear friend that is moving; Nik having to make decisions about going to or canceling a youth trip...etc. But you don't want to read about that stuff...!

What we are looking forward to this weekend: Volleyball Friday night! Saturday holds lots of potential for lots of things...nothing set in stone yet. Sunday Night Service at church is dedicated to the Youth Summer. Nik will be sharing video, pics and reports from all the amazing things that have happened this summer with our youth.

What does your weekend hold?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Day Shred

I'm doing it!

I have decided to take the 30 day challenge and SHRED IT UP! I realize this DVD has been out for a couple of years now...but recently I have gained some interest in it. It is: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

So - since I am now 30, I figured I should take this 30 day challege and start of my 30's on a good note! I wanted to start this on my 30th Birthday, but since the Leg Infection of 2011 happened, I had to wait.

Side note: I am happy to report that my legs are almost all healed! I have a few areas of scarring and some discoloration of the skin - all which will take time as it heals.

Back to the Shred - I am starting it tonight! I have weighed and will take my measurements before starting. I can't wait to see how it goes. I'll probably want to die during the video....but I'll keep you updated!

My 'Shred' area is all ready and waiting for me!

Has anyone else done this? Does anyone want to take the challenge with me?!  

Monday, July 25, 2011


This afternoon we said Good-Bye to Nik's parents. Before they left town, we ate at a local favorite, The French Quarter. They have really yummy burgers and Nik's dad loves their Chicken Fried Steak!

Thank you Kay and Russell for coming to visit us! See you in November!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mexican Food & Music

Friday afternoon Nik's parents came to town! We had dinner at Corona's (Mexican food). After dinner we walked out into the courtyard and heard a man playing a guitar. He was so good! We ended up sitting down, listening to him for a couple of hours!

It was such a beautiful night, Friday. It was not too hot and there was a gentle breeze that kept us cool. After a bit, our Mexcian food settled and Nik and I got some Yogurt at the Weigh Station (fun name)!

We have had a wonderful weekend with Nik's parents! It has been so relaxing and fun catching up with them. We did have some stuff we had to take care of while they were here - but we were still able to hang out with them most of the weekend.

I was pretty bad at taking pictures... all I got pictures of was our Friday night!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest Bedroom

I mentioned a few posts ago, I was re-decorating our guest bedroom. Well, here is a picture of it. Kinda. You can't really get all walls in a picture - so this will have to do!

Can't wait for it to be used - tonight - by Nik's parents!

We are currently taking reservations! The reservations include: time with Nik and Carla, a free stay in the room pictured above, and one home cooked meal!

Also - My July bouquet:

Hope you have a great Weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Wednesday Night

Wednesday, July 20 - LOCK-IN!

5:00 PM - Leave my office

5:12 PM - Arrive at Church and head indoors to help Nik get ready to leave for Austin (They went to Austin as a part of the Lock-In); Collected money and Medical Waivers from every student; We had a total of 24; Count heads in the Church Van and give the thumbs up to Nik that he can leave; Count heads in the Church Bus from Waco (who kindly stopped by to pick up some of our students) and give the thumbs up so they can leave; Head back into the gym to make lemonade, ice water, sweet tea and unsweet tea; Set out everything needed for late night food and snacks; Turn on all air conditioners; Head home to take a nap

7:15 PM - Pull into my garage; Turn the water on to water the front lawn; Change out of my work clothes into sleepy clothes; Start fixing myself dinner

7:21 PM - Nik calls to tell me there is a total of 109 for the Lock-In - we were expecting 80; Tell Nik to figure it out and let me know if I need to purchase more food

7:26 PM - As my food is going into the microwave (leftover beef fajitas) Nik calls to tell me yes, we need more food, but that he has the Sam's Card - so I need to find another card and go purchase the food

7:33 PM - Call the Church Secretary to see if I can use her Sam's Card - yes

7:37 PM - Check the web for Sam's Business Hours - open until 8:30 PM

7:39 PM - Finally sit down to eat my dinner - yum; Change out of my sleepy clothes into other, more appropriate clothes

7:46 PM - Get in my car and head to pick up Sam's Card

8:02 PM - Got Sam's card; Headed to Sam's

8:04 PM - See a bunch of boxes on the curb of someones yard; Stop the car and turn on my flashers (busy, windy street); Start loading boxes in my car for a co-worker who is moving (sad)

8:09 PM - Arrive at Sam's and purchase hot dogs and buns

8:24 PM - Leave Sam's

8:28 PM - Arrive at Bush's and buy myself a Coke - because I deserve it (the number 1 best place for a fountain soda, by the way - and only $.50)

8:31 PM - On my way home, I see a girl walking, carrying 2 bags (I have seen a lot people walking here lately and decided the next time I see someone I would offer them a ride - so they don't have to walk in the heat) So - I did; She turned down my offer, said she was okay walking

8:33 PM - Home again; Change back into sleepy clothes; work on hanging stuff in the guest bedroom

9:12 PM - Head to bed with my Bible and Sunday School notes so I can work on my lesson a bit before a nap

10:11 PM - Nik calls to tell me what time everyone will be back at the church; Change back into appropriate clothes

10:32 PM - Out the door to head to the church; Got the building opened up; Helped grill hot dogs; Served food and drinks; Took some pictures

Thursday, July 21

12:38 AM - Headed home; Left Nik in charge of a gym full of students so I could get some rest

12:40 AM - Home again; Changed into sleepy clothes, again; Went to bed

1:09 AM - Last time I looked at the clock before falling asleep

6:25 AM - Alarm went off; Snooze

6:35 AM - Alarm went off, again; Called Nik to see if he needed help with breakfast - no; Got out of bed and into the shower to get ready to go to work

Just another day (night) in the life of a Youth Pastor's Wife! Ha! Just Kidding (kind of). That was seriously my night...but good thing it  is not always like that!

If you want to know what Nik's Lock-In experience was - He woke up at 8:30 AM Wednesday morning and hit the ground running and didn't stop until Thursday morning around 9am. He did an awesome job with all details of the Lock-In and it was a SUCCESS!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicken Salad

I have never been one to really eat Chicken Salad. I guess because the first time I ever tried it, it had big chunks of celery and onion. That was it for me. I do not eat big chunks of celery or onion. So, I always deter away from it.

However, I came across a recipe for Chicken Salad on a blog. The ingredients: chicken, grapes, apple, walnuts (I used pecans), celery, pepper and mayo. Minus the celery - it sounded good! I purchased the ingredients at the store and made it.


I eat it with Pita Chips. And usually Tea to drink. Not that it matters....I just thought I would share! Ha!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random stuff from the last couple days...

Last night, Nik asked me to drain the water from the Tuna cans - he was making Tuna for lunch this week. So, I start draining the water (by pushing the lid against the tuna) and all of a sudden....squirt....Tuna juices come flying at me - all over my face, my shirt, my arms and the rest of the kitchen! GROSS! I like Tuna and all, but seriously...that was just gross! Immediately, I throw down the can, start yelling for Nik and saying Ewww, Ewww, Gross over and over again. Nik finally comes to see the mess...and starts laughing at me! Not funny. I tell him he has to pull my shirt off (so the juices don't soak through to my skin). The scene reminds me of a little kid covered in mud and the parent pulling the clothes off so they don't get it on anything else. That was us... I was covered in Tuna juice and wanted my soaked shirt off! He brought me another shirt quickly and he made the switch....all the while, I am still draining another can of Tuna - carefully! It was our deal...he opened the cans, and I has always worked before... I might reconsider next time before agreeing! Gross!


This weekend, I put a mask on my face, and made Nik take a picture with me! It's a little scary, but funny to me! The person who does our church website mentioned that he needs a current picture of us...what do you think about this one?!?

Nik thinks I'm spoiled by my boss at work. I have to agree at times. Like yesterday, when my boss called me after a meeting he had and asked me if I wanted a Coke. Of course I did! It was from Dairy Queen which has the nice crushed ice. Dairy Queen is also in the running for top 3 best fountain sodas in town! I'm okay being spoiled by my boss....! Plus with his travel schedule this summer, and mine, we have not seen much of each other lately. We had our weekly meeting Monday morning and it was the first one since the first of June!


Last night, while Nik was bike riding he saw the following:

Pretty cool to see that in this part of Texas!

When I was driving home last night - I saw this:

The picture (of course) does not do this beautiful sky justice. It was a pretty amazing sky, just before sunset. I had to pull my car over for a moment, take a picture and enjoy the beauty of God's creation!  

This week has felt pretty busy (and it is only Tuesday). I am looking forward to Friday - I'm afraid it won't get here fast enough! Nik's family is coming in town to visit for a few days and I'm looking forward to seeing them!
Until then, there is lots going on... Nik is working with another Youth Pastor today on an upcoming Lock-In, so I have offered to cook dinner - Beef Fajitas! The Youth Lock-In is Wednesday so Nik will be out of commission for awhile after that! Luckily, we have found another sponsor so I don't have to stay up all night! Woo Hoo! (Just so you know...I have done my time! Ha!) Actually, I love our teens and would do another Lock-In if needed, but thankfully I'm not needed for this one! Ha! I have a new 'Cleaning Job Interview' on Thursday night. And I'm preparing to teach Sunday School (for adults) on Sunday....a little nervous here!
This post has gotten out of hand and is way too long! Sorry! There is so much going on, and so many thoughts rolling around in my head...this is what happens!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Child Sponsorship

I'm setting up the story....

Nik returned home from his youth trip and I returned home from my time in NM. We were both exhausted. It was about 7:30pm and neither of us had dinner. So, we go to Chick-Fil-A. We are eating dinner, sharing stories and catching up. Late into our dinner and conversation, Nik looks at me and says "Oh ya, we are sponsoring a child now."...and continues to eat his dinner! It was like he said "By the way, I bought some milk at the store." Very non-chalant!

It took me a minute to realize what he had said...that we have signed up to sponsor a child from Nazarene Compassionate Ministires (NCM). I was not mad at all about his decision to do this. (I just thought it was funny how he told me!). We have discussed this a few times and the last conversation we had about it was - Let's wait until after summer. So, I'm actually excited that he had the opportunity to sign us up for this.

To give you a little background, in case you are not familiar with what this is...The NCM works alongside Nazarene churches around the world, parterning with individuals to help clothe, shelter, feed, heal and educate children who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger and disease. Child sponsorship provides children the opportunity for education, social and physical development, and spiritual growth.

I'm pretty excited about this new opportunity. I am still reading/learning all about it, but the child we sponsor is an 11 year old boy from Jordan!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Heart Saturdays!

Its Saturday! I have LOVED today!

Today has been so great because I got to spend the whole day with my cutie husband! Currently, we are catching up on So You Think You Can Dance - which we love and I am drinking a Coke from Bush's (which is my favorite place to get a Coke and, right now, their drinks are 50 cents!).

This morning (after we slept in!) I made breakfast! I really like cooking breakfast on Saturdays, although I don't do it too much...but today I did...and it was yummy! I cooked 'Bacon Sunshine Skillet' which has hash browns in the bottom, then eggs mixed with bacon (and I added Green Chile) and topped with cheese!

After breakfast we ran some errands, did some laundry, caught up on some things around the house and enjoyed each others company! Oh, and I took a nap today! I love naps. I don't get them very often, but I love them!

Also - we have been working on re-decorating our guest bedroom. It's my new project...I love projects.

That's about all I have to say...for now. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend - I know I will!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A fun little man!

The last couple of days, we have been hanging out with this fun little man!

This is step-nephew, I guess. I had to really think about our relation. He is the son of my step-sister and her, that is my step-nephew. Cool! I didn't really think of him that way before!

Anyhow...his dad had to have surgery here in Temple at the VA. So while he has been recovering in the hospital, Christian and his mom have been staying with us. He has really taken a liking to Nik. Of course...all little boys love Nik. They have been hanging out, playing the game Sorry. Except that they don't really play, they "play". See below:

At this point, in the picture above, they were setting up all the pieces and trying to flick another game piece and knock all the pieces down...such a boy thing to do! All the while, watching episodes of Blues Clues! If you look at Nik's right hand, he is controlling the 'mouse' to start another episode.

Nik has to demonstrate his cool card tricks to Christian:

This is Nik making all the cards fly out of his hand towards Christian and he loves it! He just laughs and laughs. When he tries to do the same back to Nik - he ends up just throwing a card, one at a time, at his face. It is actually pretty funny!

Last night, Nik and I made a trip to Target and Nik walked through the Dollar Section, looking for something to get Christian. He found a fun toy he could give him that night when we got home. Nik is a softy!

Christian is a pretty cute, fun kid! I think they will be gone in the next day or two...but it has been fun hanging out with him!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Road Again...

Nik and I have covered many miles on the road this past week - Here is a recap of our adventures!

Nik had the privilege of being a District Sponsor for NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference) 2011, in Louisville, KY. He took 9 teens from our church. On Monday, July 4, they hopped on a Charter Bus with other youth groups from South Texas and drove to KY! The bus ride was long - but the Conference was unforgettable!

Over 6,000 youth and sponsors gathered for this event, which takes place every 4 years. They participated in service projects through out the city on the first day. Each evening they gathered for service in the KFC Yum Center. The speakers included Reggie Dabbs, Francis Chan, Chris Folmsbee, David Graves and some others.

Reggie Dabbs 

Francis Chan 

During the days they got to attend workshops, check out the exhibit hall (colleges were setup), and hang out with each other. They also attended 2 concerts: Toby Mac and David Crowder Band.

On Saturday they got a chance to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Nik took the picture below holding Mickey Mantle game-used bat!

Nik had such a great time. He was able to get to know some other youth pastors and some teens on this trip. Our teen group came back spiritually renewed and with a stronger passion for seeing other teens come to know Christ!

This weekend I hope to help Nik work on a photo book - which will be a great way to capture (and remember) the memories!


While Nik was gone, I went home to Roswell, NM, to see my family! It had been a long time and I am so glad I was able to go. My trip was very relaxed. The only plans I had were to see my family; visit with a few friends; play some games; and eat something with Green Chile in it. Plans accomplished! 

My Family:

My mother - she just won in a game of scrabble!

 Scotty - he just won in a game of marbles!

My sister, me and my nephew - out at lunch on Friday.

Me and my nephew - while he was helping me win at Sequence!

I also saw one of my aunts - but I forgot to take a picture! I love my family and had so much fun with them!

My Friends:

On Friday night, some friends of mine, Jason and Heather, dropped by to see me! It had been a couple of years since I have seen them. Jason and I have been friends since Middle School and Heather and I since High School. We go way back....lots of memories with those two! Ha! It was good to actually see them instead of just texting and emailing! I am so bummed I did not get any pictures with them. It was kind of late, and I was pretty tired. That's my excuse.

While in New Mexico, I also drove to Ruidoso, where I lived prior to moving to Temple. I went to church and was able to see so many people! I love them all and think of them often. I did not take pictures while there (except the 2 below) because I was too busy just enjoying seeing everybody!

Me with a long-time friend, Dallas, his wife and kid.

Crazy Story - Dallas moved to Washington a long time ago (at least 5 years ago - maybe more). He got married, settled down and they had a baby. I have only seen them once since he left Ruidoso. When I arrived there on Sunday I saw Dallas' aunt and she told me they were in town! Crazy. While sitting in church, I spotted them and left service (don't judge me for skipping out on part of church - Ha!) to see them. They were hanging out in the back so we took a little walk and caught up with each other. They ended up having to leave shortly after - so I took a quick picture, said good-bye and went back to church! It was good to see them!

After church a few of us went to eat at my ALL TIME FAVORITE HAMBURGER PLACE, Hall of Flame. They seriously have THE. BEST. BACON CHEESEBURGER. EVER! It was a fun lunch catching up with a few of my favorite people there (I am bummed I didn't take any pics)! After everyone else left, Kaylee and I sat outside and visited for awhile. It was so good to spend some one-on-one time with her!

Me and Kaylee

Playing some Games:

Oh, I do I love to play games! I'm so glad my family does too! We spent many hours at the kitchen table playing games, laughing and just hanging out.

Playing some Skip-Bo!

Scrabble - we only played one game because my mom crushed everyone!
Marbles - our favorite game! It's basically like the game Aggravation. But sooo fun!

Sequence - this has to be second favorite!

I stayed up a little too late every night, trying to win! I was not always successful...! But it was fun trying!

Eating some Green Chile:

I love green chile. I always took it for granted because it was always around. Now - I savor it! On my way back to Texas, I stopped at another burrito shop and ordered a green chile, sausage, egg and cheese breakfast burrito!

This is a yummy smothered burrito I had Friday at lunch. So good!

All-in-all it was a wonderful trip! I was able to do everything I wanted and most important, spend some great quality time with the fam. I love you guys!


I sure did miss Nik while he was gone. He was gone longer than usual, and because of the time difference, the busy schedule and the responsibilities he had...we did not get to talk much. Some days we did not talk at all, and on the days we did talk - it was always under 10 minutes! So, needless to say, I'm happy to be back in the same time zone, state, city, and house as my cutie husband!

I'm looking forward to this weekend so we can hang out and catch up!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was super relaxing and fun!

Friday, Nik and I were both home by 2pm. While I spent the afternoon laying in bed, reading, and elevating my legs (which are indeed healing!), Nik had to run some errands, trying to get ready for his next Youth trip. That evening I was ready to get out of the house and DO SOMETHING - I was tired of laying around. So Nik drove me to Kohls to get a new purse with my birthday money. I have had my eye on this certain purse for a number of weeks!

After the purchase of the purse we went out to dinner for Greek Food! It had been sooo long since we have had it, and it was sooo good! I was pretty tired after my little outing, so we drove straight home and I was back in bed....relaxing and elevating!

Saturday we slept in (a bit) and then watched a movie (which is so fun to watch a movie on Saturday morning, in bed!). After the movie ended, we had to be a bit more productive - Ha! I finally finished putting away all the stuff from my Birthday Party and Nik got the oil changed in the car, and ran a few more errands. After lunch (leftover Greek Food) we both layed down and relaxed some more. I am trying to take it easy so my legs will keep doing better, and I wanted Nik to take it easy because he has a really big week coming up. We grilled Pork Tenderloin for dinner and then baked cookies. I also made some pasta salad and got some sausage ready to be put in the crock pot for our 4th of July Church Picnic after church on Sunday. I loved our lazy (and partly productive) day!

Sunday we went to church, stayed after for the potluck lunch and then finished some last minute errands for Nik's trip. While out, at the Dollar Tree, we ran into our friend Becky. We discussed what we were both doing that evening - which was NOTHING and quickly decided to change that! A quick text out to friends and 2 hours later we were at the lake!

Side note - I did not get in the lake, or play in the mud or sand. I tried to keep my legs as clean as possible and showered and applied all my medicine the minute I got home! Ha! My legs are still doing okay!

Here is a recap of our time at the lake:

Madison, Nik and Jerome playing Ladder Ball (this has become a favorite group game):

Becky on the Kayak:

Nik, playing a little volleyball:

The Chandler Family playing some volleyball:

 Madison, Jim, Nik, Matthew and Jerome after 2 volleyball games:

Nik and I out on the lake:

The sunset was pretty awesome!

Most of the group, coming out of the lake:

Packing up to head home:

We had such a fun, spontaneous night with friends! It was a great end to our Relaxing Weekend!