Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Heat

The heat has been here this week!

Don’t laugh at me…all of you people dealing with 100 degrees…
remember our winter? Well, then, this is hot!

So what do you do when it’s this hot?

Go to the water…

Monday we went to a community pool -
it was free, clean, and not busy - awesome!

That is when Jaxen discovered his love for goggles :)

We went with our friend Louka and her sweet mama!

Side note: I walked in my bathroom yesterday and this is what I saw…
An ice cream scoop and a squeegee?! So random!

Then Tuesday we headed to more water…
The beach!

We spent 4 solid hours playing in the sand and in the water with our friends and had the best time!

Jaxen, Aaron and Louka

Jaxen did so well playing on his own and with his friends!

And of course, there were snacks...

The beach got more crowded as the day went on and let me tell you…
Jaxen had no fear! Of people, or the water.
He would play with whoever was around him and often times I had to go in the water 
to pull him back in closer to shore. He would get carried away with his swimming!

Once we got home I pulled out my chapstick and applied immediately.
Jaxen followed suit. Not the best pictures…but so funny!

I had to eventually take it away because pretty soon he was
applying to his cheeks and arms as well.

Today was the hottest day we had so far…
and although Jaxen probably needed a “rest” day - we went back to the pool for a couple of hours.
I just could not stay home with all this sun-shining-warm-weather!
We will rest tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain.

Hope wherever you are, you are enjoying the summer heat!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Week - An Assortment of Pics

Last week was great! You already know (because I mentioned it 746 times) that it was Soccer Camp. Well, it was. And here are an assortment of pics from the week…

Jaxen was in childcare every day, during the camp (too young to participate).
But here he is with his friend Aaron, playing one day after camp!

Every morning we were there an hour early to get things setup.
Jaxen loves to help us…so he pushed out the water cart on this particular day.

I mentioned that on Wednesday (after Soccer Camp) we left to attend 789 Camp for the night.
Nik would normally have been at camp all week…but Soccer Camp was scheduled at the same time.
So we drove down, and on the way we stopped to treat all the counselors to a treat!

We had heard about a great BBQ place on the way - so that is where we stopped 
at 3pm for lunch/dinner. And it was fabulous! 

Jaxen even got to play in between bites while we sat outside. It was a beautiful day!

Once we arrived at camp, they were in the middle of a water war and (thankfully) they let 
Jaxen play with a water gun. He had the best time squirting and being squirted!

We celebrated the end of Soccer Camp by going to the beach!
But this boy was exhausted…after I found him laying in the sand, I decided we better call it a day!

And this was him after the beach - he stayed asleep in the car for a solid hour after we arrived home.
And those are M&M markings on his shirt and face.
It was his little treat for being so good all week :)

After his nap he was ready to go for a walk!

Our Sunday Selfie. Ignore Jaxen’s weird face. He was actually happy!

He decided he did not want to ride in the car to church - but wanted to walk, instead.
And not even walk through the field…but walk through the neighborhood. 
We had time to kill, so I obliged.

Jaxen loves his daddy’s bike!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blueberry Picking!

This week I got to do something that I have never ever done before - go to a farm and pick blueberries! I told someone I was going and they asked if I had ever picked anything before and I realized I never had. I grew up in the dessert…remember?! No picking apples, berries, corn or anything of the sort. So needless to say, I was super excited!

Thursday after Soccer Camp two of my friends told me they were going and invited me along. At first I said no. We did not get home until after midnight the night before and Jaxen was exhausted (as was I) from our busy week. But I talked with Nik about it and he told me to go - Jaxen and I both would survive and we could rest up later…so at the last minute we went!

We had to drive pretty far away (maybe 45-60 minutes) but I’m so glad we went to the place we did. No pesticides or anything like that on their berries, it was Christian-owned, they were $.65 cheaper per pound than anywhere else around, they provided ropes and buckets for everyone and….they had this great big sand pile for the kids! Sounds great, right?!

Once we started picking we realized we were probably a week early. But we picked what we could. Thankfully, right before we left we checked out this other area of the farm and realized those berries were great…and there were so many of them! So we picked our hearts out until the kids were done! The two friends I came with left with over 30 pounds each. I came home with 7. Ha ha. They had good helpers helping them. I had Jaxen :)  I had to explain to him to only pick the blue - and he did well and was really getting good…but then he would dump his bucket of blueberries on the ground! I then had to sort through the grass to get all the blueberries. A few times. I finally talked him into dumping his bucket into mine or Misty’s. Then I had to stop picking blueberries for a while to let him go play on the sand pile. So - all that to say…I only got 7 pounds! But I’m happy with what I got!

Ok…I think that about sums it all up…here are some pictures!

Jaxen and I ready to start picking!

Our whole group!
(Carla, Misty, Jaxen, Celtin, Trinity, Kristen, Saige and Kendell)

Jaxen really enjoyed picking them, and once he got the hang of only picking the blue ones, he did great! He ate a few…but kept spitting them out. He did not like them. I loved them!

Jaxen and Saige

Jaxen and Mommy

Jaxen and Trinity

This next picture makes me laugh….
All of a sudden I turned around to check on Jaxen and he had thrown his hat off, taken his shirt off and was working on his shorts…what?! I have no idea… and he did not want his clothes back on!

Marching through the field. Shirtless.

We finally found the jackpot of blueberries!

Jaxen was a mess by the time we were done…so dirty!

And this is why...

 He had the best time in this sand pile.

I had already taken my berries and Jaxen to the car - where I completely wiped him down (head to toe and in between) with baby wipes; changed his clothes; and got him settled in his seat with a snack and drink when I saw everyone coming back with their berries - so I took a picture!

It was a great afternoon! I am so glad we went…and I feel like more of a “Northern New Yorker” now that I have picked blueberries!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nik’s New Ride

In between Soccer Camp, going to 789 Camp (leaving at 1pm and returning after midnight on Wednesday), picking blueberries (more on that later), and everyday life…we are tired! It has been one hectic, crazy, busy….but also great week.

And just one more reason this week has been so good for Nik is this -

His new bike! It is a 96 Yamaha Virago 750. Whatever that means. Ha ha!

He has been able to ride his bike for one solid hour this week :)

And won’t be able to ride for a few more days…he is headed back to 789 Camp the minute Soccer Camp is over tomorrow (Friday) and will not be back until Saturday afternoon. And then we have to prepare for our Soccer Service / Party on Sunday.

I’m sure he will enjoy it way more next week…but he sure is excited to have it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This is all I got....

Not sure if my title is proper english or not…Nik will tell me though, I’m sure. Anyways… it is Soccer Camp week - which means - no time to blog! So this is all I got for you today…

Did you know they had these Peanut Butter Cup Oreos?!?!
No, I have not tried them yet. But I really want to :)

Last week when we went outside…Jaxen insisted on carrying his chair.
Then he sat down, ate a popsicle and carried his chair back inside.
I found this funny!

We keep it classy!

Sunday Selfie (with Batman)!

On his way to church…what a stud!

And the reason this is all I got...

Soccer Camp!