Friday, March 29, 2013


Tonight we found ourselves with no plans! The plans we had fell through. So after Jaxen and I took a 2 hour nap (yeah!) we went outside to play for a bit.

We pulled out his Easter Eggs and threw them around the front yard. I wanted to make sure he would know how to "hunt" Easter Eggs for tomorrow. So we practiced. And it went so well. Jaxen is a pro at Easter Egg Hunting.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Years and Other Stuff

On March 28 (today), 5 years ago, we drove into Temple, TX and have called this place home ever since. And it has truly become our home. When we drove here in 2008, I really did not see us staying here this long....but we have and I'm so thankful! Temple has been good to us. The town, the church, the people....all so good!

And now some other stuff....

Jaxen had his first reaction to a food on Tuesday night. I'm still trying to narrow the exact food down.

His face started getting really red, with little welts coming up. He was breathing fine, though. So we gave him some allergy medicine and it helped. I tried taking a few pictures. This was not actually for the blog...I was taking them to document it for the doctors in case it got worse and we needed to go in. That way, they could see how it looked when it started. It moved pretty fast up his face when it first hit, but it did get better! I was a little worried, but all is well.

These pictures are not the greatest - but I think you can see the redness.

I was checking on him all throughout the rest of the afternoon/evening, and would not put him down in his bed until I knew he was sleeping/breathing okay. I finally put him down and when I went in to check on him a bit later - this is what I saw....

Too stinkin' cute!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Youth Trip

So Jaxen has officially gone on his first youth trip!

I am going to brag on myself for a minute. I got myself packed and ready, Jaxen packed and ready, many loads of laundry done and half my house cleaned - before we ever left on Saturday...and we were in the car ready to go, 10 minutes early! That was not easy. I made sure Nik knew how good I was!

Jaxen was checking over all the luggage before it got packed

The first 10 minutes that Jaxen was in the van, he was crying. I felt bad for everyone having to listen to it - but the teens didn't mind a bit. In fact, they tried to keep him entertained and happy! They were singing to him, playing games with him, making goofy was so cute to see our teen boys loving on Jaxen and trying to make him happy! He finally fell asleep and was so good the rest of the trip!

Wesley was Jaxen's riding buddy. 

We had a great time on our trip. We went to Nacogdoches First Church of the Nazarene. They were having a "Spring Fest" for their community (and invited other churches too). At their festival they had blow-up games; a rockwall; a petting zoo; crafts; music....lots of stuff to fill the afternoon. Then that evening they hosted a concert and everyone stayed the night. The next morning for Sunday School the band lead us in an acoustic worship and testimony time. And then we went to church and headed home.

It was a quick trip. But it was relaxing and fun. We all met some new people and Nik and I enjoyed seeing our friends Joe (the pastor) and Ashley (his wife). For those who were at Nik's Ordination last year, Joe and Ashley were the couple right next to us, being ordained as well.

I didn't get to take many pictures of the teens because I was wrangling Jaxen most of the time, but I did get a few pictures of Nik taking Jaxen into the petting zoo!

Looking at the baby goats

Jaxen, sitting on the donkey

Nik was trying to get Jaxen to pet the goat. Not happening!

A baby duck. Again, Jaxen was not having it!

Happy, that he is about to be handed over to momma!

Jaxen was great on his first trip with the teens. Good thing, because we have a few trips lined up for us again this summer!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

Today is Friday! And you will get some random thoughts from me.... No rhyme or reason to them. Just thoughts.

* Update on Fabian: He is doing well! The accident was 2 weeks ago, today. It has been a rough road - but he was moved today to a rehab facility. There is still a lot to his recovery - but things are looking good. Please continue to pray for his healing process and pray for him as he learns about the loss of his mother and her best friend.

* Jaxen has found the pots and pans...and it's pretty cute! Very noisy, but cute. I think his Mamaw Kay showed him where they were - because before she got here he had not found them, and then when she left he all of a sudden knew where they were!

* Do you buy Easter outfits for church? I have not in a very long time. Does Jaxen need a new Easter outfit? Not too sure on the protocol for that. He will probably get an Easter basket. And I guess we will take him to hunt Easter eggs. I'm about to get off on an Easter tangent pretty easily I will move on...

* Nik and I, plus some of our teens will be headed out of town this weekend for a youth event. I am looking forward to that, although I have done nothing to prepare!

* We had a great time with Kay and Russell this week. I'm so glad they were able to come see Jaxen. It is hard having family far away. It is, what it is (my favorite saying these days); however, it would be nice for Jaxen to see his grandparents (both sets) more often! How do you manage that, living far away? Here I go again....another tangent...

I took very few pictures while they were here. Shame on me.

Standing, all by himself. That is new this past week.

* How is it that February went so slowly and March is happening so quickly? I'm trying to get my calendar set for the next few months. We have some trips, and some people visiting and I'm trying to get it all straighted out. It seems when I look too far ahead though, I just get excited about 'whats to come', and not the 'here and now'. Get it? Stop and smell the roses...

* I think I'm becoming a night person. I'm not sure I like it, though. I never turn out my light to go to bed until at least 11pm. Crazy. And I used to love getting up early in the morning, before anyone else. Now I just want to sleep. I think having a baby changes things! Ha Ha....of course they do!

* Speaking of having a baby, I plan on having another one. Sometime. I have heard all the pro's and con's for having children close together and far apart. Obviously, they won't be too close together!

* We now have fish. Well, Jaxen has fish. Which really means, we have fish. A circle, I know. Long story, short: My neighbors had one fish that they decided needed some friends and they decided Jaxen needed them. End of story. I will not always be that accepting of people just giving my child animals to take care of!

Well, that's 9 random thoughts...I guess I better give one more thought to make it an even 10!

* Jaxen is the most precious, adorable baby ever!  The last three nights he has let me cuddle him before bedtime. Nik was gone and it was just me and Jaxen. I would not trade those quiet moments with my baby for anything.

P.S. (I made this a P.S. so I would still have an even 10 random thoughts). Jaxen came to work with me yesterday. While at work, he was 'organizing' some things...

And on that note...

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fun Times!

So Nik's family has been here the last few days. We are so glad they got to come see us! Jaxen has grown and changed so much since they saw him last. Nik and I have just grown....! Ha ha!

They are just about convinced that Jaxen is going to start walking while they are here....and they may be right - he is so close. He walks all the time, holding onto something. But has recently started letting go and standing on his own.

I have not taken too many pictures lately. But I will share the few I have taken:

Nik and Jaxen, just chillin'

 Jaxen, napping one afternoon

Jaxen, so excited about playing with Mamaw Kay and Papa Russell

Getting tired

Playing at the park

Having fun swinging

Nik pulled out Jaxen's pool and we tried it out

He had so much fun splashing and playing!

He loved it

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get-a-way Recap

Last week we had a short get-a-way. We were invited to spend some time in east Texas at our neighbors lake house with them.

View from the house

We had such a wonderful, relaxing time.

The morning sky

I mean - how could we not....

Still pretty, even in 'winter'

It was beautiful and peaceful and we were in good company!

Lots of pictures from our time there:

Nik and Jaxen looking out at the lake early one morning

Jaxen getting morning cuddles with Kris

Jaxen and Pebbles bonding

Out exploring

Standing like a big boy!

More of the lake

Playing peek-a-bo with Emily and a see-through chair!
Jaxen and Kris

Peek-a-boo...again. He seriously cannot get enough!

Loving (?) on Katie
Mr. Cool with some Ray Bans
And a few family shots before we went into town for dinner!
And that's a picture recap of our short get-a-way!