Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stories from Today

This morning, I dressed Jaxen in the CUTEST outfit - khaki pants and this adorable blue and gray sweater. He looked all grown up (well...almost like a toddler). I was going to take some pictures of him but we were running late for church so I decided to do it later. Long story pictures were taken. First, a very nice lady informed me one too many times that Jaxen was too hot in his sweater. There goes the sweater. Second, during the middle of lunch Nik took Jaxen from his car seat and noticed his hands were wet. (This is gross). Nik looked at Jaxen and noticed that he had pooed out of his diaper and up his clothes. Seriously - it was everywhere. Back, legs, arm... bad. I carried him the funniest way to the bathroom and told everyone at the table to come get me if I was not out in 20. I did come out in 20 - thanks to some Bon Jovi playing through the restaurant speakers, giving me motivation to get Jaxen undressed, cleaned, changed, dressed and me cleaned! That has never happened like that before (I later learned this happens for a few days after a baby has been sick - cleaning out the system and all).

Needless to say... that onsie went straight to the trash can. Sometimes there is only so much you can do!

Sorry if I have grossed you out. Stop reading if so. It does not get any better.

Right as we were getting ready to leave for church tonight, I decided to check Jaxen's diaper. As I peeked in, stuff started oozing out. I again, carried him funny to the changing table (as to not squish anything else out) and changed the diaper. All better. Then the second I picked him up he spit up all over my shoulder and down my arm (of my black sweater). Nik just looked at me and asked how long did that just set us back. My reply was "I am a mom. It is okay." I wiped the spit up off the best I could, ignored the smell, picked Jaxen back up and off we went.

After feeding Jaxen tonight, I hear him tooting. I waited a second. More tooting. Waited one more time and then decided I better change him, before stuff started oozing. Too late. You know where this is going.... That onsie was saved.

Jaxen is now in bed. Nik is in bed. I just need a little time. So here I am, blogging. Then I will do the dishes and put laundry away. I'm thankful I am off tomorrow.

I know my blog posts the last couple of weeks have not had many words. And then tonight, after reading, you probably wish there were no words! I will try to get better about more words. Some days - I just have none.

Jaxen, however has his voice back and loves hearing himself talk again! He is so much better and I am glad! A sick baby is no fun.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have better stories for you. Or at least some pictures.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

On the Mend

Jaxen is starting to feel better! A whole day and night with a humidifier sure does help. He does not totally have his voice back, but it's getting there. He still is congested, but not as bad. I'm hoping he will be fully recovered in the next few days.

Here are a few pics I just snapped of him...

And a few from the other day... He has found his feet!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sick Baby - Update

We took Jaxen to the doctor this morning and he has a bad cold. Poor baby! His ears, throat and lungs are all good, though.

He is too young for medicine, so we just have to ride it out. The doctor said we should start seeing some improvement by next Tuesday or Wednesday, but if not - to come back in.

We are putting saline in his nose, using a bulb to suction out his nose and supplementing feedings (if he does not eat well) with Pedialyte.

Jaxen's weight: 14.6 pounds; length: 25 in. This boy continues to grow!

Hopefully, Jaxen will start to feel better soon!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sick Baby

My little one is sick. Allergies, we think.
Very congested, watery eyes, runny nose...that kind of stuff. 
I'm doing all I know to do, to make him better.

A little more cuddle time than normal. 
A little less blogging.

However - here are some fun pictures that I took last week. 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outside Playtime

Tonight we took Jaxen outside for some playtime.

And, of course, I grabbed the camera!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Pictures

Gary (my boss) and his two girls dropped by to give 
Jaxen some new books ~ Thank you!

Asleep in the bouncy seat. Love those chubby cheeks!

Being all cute, playing with daddy!

A little afternoon reading...

Hanging in the crib while momma cleaned my room.

A Sunday nap - before church!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking Forward To...

I am looking forward to:

1. Wearing sweaters. I acutally wore one this week. Then I regretted it, because it was too hot!

2. Hot Tea. I pulled out all my hot tea stuff recently and I am so excited for cool, crisp days to make hot-tea-drinking even more fun!

3. Purchasing a Halloween costume for Jaxen. I already have an idea...!

Can you tell I am ready for fall?!

Jaxen is looking forward to sitting up on his own!

Until that happens, he likes to practice on the couch...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Good night
Sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Hugs and Kisses ~
love, jaxen

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Time

My excuses for the lack of blogging lately:

1. I think I have scratched one of my corneas on my eye. It is a little painful. Headaches. And bright lights hurt it (computer screens). I am doing better now.

2. Family Time. This past weekend we drove to Texarkana to see some family. It was a wonderful, relaxing, fun weekend! Jaxen got to see and meet more of our family....

Memaw Kay

Papa Russell

Uncle Ryan and aunt Anna

Cousins: Bella & Caleb

Aunt Melody & uncle Joe

Aunt Sharon & uncle Charles

Cousin Angie and uncle Gerald

Thank you everyone for coming to see us - we had a great time!

I hope to blog some more in the coming days...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jaxen - 3 Months

Jaxen is 3 months old today. Exciting! Yesterday I was playing with Jaxen on the floor and I was helping him stand. Then I quickly realized that I was helping my baby boy become a toddler. Enough of that. I stuck him back down on the floor for him to lay. Immobile. The way I like him. As a baby. Not a toddler.

We do not see the doctor until his 4 month check-up, but here are some updates:

Weight: 14 lbs (ish). We did the best we could with our scale at home!

Height: 24 inches.

Diapers: size 1.

Clothes: size Newborn - 6 Month. True statement. Every brand of clothing is different. It is a little funny (and mostly insane) to me that these baby clothes vary that much! Example: He is wearing Newborn 'Circo' brand clothes; and 3-6 month 'Carters' brand.

Food: Jaxen eats every 3 - 3 1/2 hours, usually 5 oz (or nurses 20-25 min). We no longer give him formula, just breast milk. No solid foods or cereal yet. I have a feeling that will come in the next month or so. We will see. He eats very well (as you can tell from his new 'chubbies')!

Sleeps: He usually sleeps between 8-9 hours. One night this past weekend, he slept 10 hours! He still takes about 4 naps during the day.

Asleep, in his swing, holding his pacifier.

Jaxen loves to go get the mail with his daddy. 
He wears his shades - because it's bright outside 
and that's what all the cool kids do!

We have introduced Jaxen to the Bumbo. 

Do you see the drool on his shirt? That is what he does now. Nik calls him Drooly J. It's his rapper name.

And the big news...
Jaxen held his bottle!!! For about 10 seconds. Twice.
But still, exciting!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Friday Ramblings & Saturday

Written Friday Night 
(serious ramblings - you have been warned) 

Nik is at a high school football game tonight. I pondered going. For about one whole minute. The decision not to go won. I am tired. I seem to be tired here lately. Yes, I know I have a baby - but really - I sleep 7-8 hours most nights. I think my Iron is low. So I started taking Iron pills. I hope it helps. Anyways - Nik is enjoying himself (I'm assuming) watching some football, listening to the band and hanging out with friends. Jaxen and I will probably go to a game with him at some point. Just not at this point. Besides, I cleaned house for a lady this afternoon. It was 102 outside today, and almost as hot inside her house. I was beat, (and sweaty) when I finished.

Nik took me out to dinner tonight. It was nice. It was quiet. I got a chance to 'catch-up' with my husband while someone else filled my glass of water and cooked dinner and did the dishes.

Jaxen ate at 8:40pm and was in bed soon after. I have the house to myself and it is quiet and I love it. I secretly wish that Jaxen would wake up so we could hang out. But I know better than to wake a sleeping baby!

I thought guilt would set at some point about going back to work. It hasn't and I'm happy about that. I just have heard that guilt usually comes when a mom goes to work. I enjoy working. When I'm at work - I am at work. And when I'm home - I am home. I have a wonderful baby sitter and husband who take such good care of Jaxen when I'm not around that I don't worry about him (much).

It's after 10pm now and that is past my bedtime. So I'm going to wrap up this rambling post and get myself to bed. I wish I had the energy to do the many things that need to be done around the house. But I don't. And I'm okay with that. I'm hoping for a productive day tomorrow.


Saturday turned out to be a productive and fun day!

For starters - Jaxen slept 10 hours Saturday night! I'm not sure why or how, but we'll take it! That morning, I got busy getting some garage sale things ready (for a garage sale in October). And while I was doing that, I got caught up re-organizing everything. Everything. So now I can't stop until my entire house is gone through and re-organized. I do this about once a year. I don't know why I enjoy it so much...but it just feels good to go through things and get rid of things. I seriously should make money doing this for other people. Kylee and I have talked about it before...remember Kylee?

Anyways - while I was cleaning things out, I put Jaxen in his bouncy seat, in front of the door. I was trying to trick him into thinking we were outside! And he fell asleep. So I left him there for his nap. In his bouncy, in front of our door. I think it's kind of funny!

That afternoon we ran errands. Not that exciting. Except that I printed out some new pictures of Jaxen to place around the house. By the way - he is adorable. Enough said.

Then, Saturday night we were invited out with friends to a Movie in the Park! It was so much fun! They set up this huge screen, speakers and even have concession stands. We took blankets and lawn chairs and candy. Because you can't watch a movie in the park without candy, right?

We got to hang out with Hunter and Harper.

This is a very rare picture (above) - me, holding 2 babies! I'm not really a baby person, but I hung out with Harper quite a bit while others enjoyed my baby!

We had a fun night. Jaxen did pretty well. He did get a little fussy and did not nap well out there, but he survived!

It actually got a little cool in the evening - I could not believe it!

Fall is coming...!