Monday, December 30, 2013

No Rhyme or Reason

I don’t have much to post about Jaxen lately. He is having fun playing with all his Christmas presents! And catching up on his sleep….he has been one tired boy. I made it a point today, to stay home most of the day. We only went out to run to the grocery store, drop some stuff off at goodwill and get me a coke. I turned down plans for tonight. I just think we all need a night at home. And I’m looking forward to it! I am making biscuits, bacon and eggs. Breakfast comfort food. Yum.

Jaxen and I had major cuddle time today. So nice. I don’t get cuddle time too much (he is always on the go) and so I enjoyed it so much today. He even fell asleep because he got so relaxed and took an unexpected nap!

So I took advantage of that time and cleaned the bathroom, did laundry and cleaned out the fridge and freezer. Productive.

Now, Jaxen is walking around the house, drumming. He is getting really good at “marching” and drumming at the same time!

This weekend (really, this week) starts a very busy season for us. Upward Basketball games start this Saturday and will continue for the next 8 weeks. And since they begin this Saturday…we have lots to do, to get ready. Once the season starts, things basically fall into place with just some ‘maintenance’ each week. But the first week, lining everything up, making sure everything is in place…well, that’s another story! Last night, I was feeling a little stressed about pulling it all together and Nik reminded me that we feel this way every year. He is right. And it always works out!

In addition to Upward starting, Nik is preaching the next 2 Sundays, and then out of town the following weekend on a youth trip. So, lots to do!

I have been in a cleaning/organizing mode. I think I mentioned it…but we re-arranged our Living Room the other night. And I love it! And all our Christmas decorations are boxed up, and put back in the attic. I think that is a record for us! I know it is too early for some to put the decorations away (bad luck before the New Year and all…) but I don’t care. I put mine up early, and I know if I didn’t do it this week…it would be forever before it got done!

Speaking of the New Year…today at the grocery store I bought black eyed peas. Nik asked me too. Apparently he likes to follow the tradition of having them on New Years. I enjoyed skipping that tradition ever since I moved out of my mom’s house! So mom, be proud. I will be eating at least a teaspoon of black eyed peas. Maybe more. Who knows?!

Before I finish up this post which has no rhyme or reason to it…I will end with this picture.

If you are familiar with this store at all, you can probably pick out which store it is by just looking closely at the picture….but if not, it is IKEA. 

Saturday night, while at dinner with friends, one of them mentioned they needed to go to Ikea to get a few things. And when that store is mentioned in my general direction, at all, my mind automatically thinks of at least 3 things that I need. Anyone else? So Nik, Jaxen and I along with two other couples made our way to Round Rock, and visited the Ikea. Those who know Ikea would be proud, we ate lunch, shopped, checked out and had a snack before we left - all around 3 hours. That can be hard to do...especially with so many people together!

The store was packed. And a bit overwhelming. But we had fun. While we were eating our snack, Jaxen discovered the computer station where you can apply for a job. So he did. And that computer is Jaxen-proof! And he almost got the job!

That was a long ‘ending’ to this post. Sorry.

And that’s it for tonight.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Part 2

Sorry this took so long to get posted…I had trouble uploading the video and then I decided to take down all my Christmas decorations and re-arrange my living room last night! So without further ado...

Christmas Day -

Started off bright and early (I guess depending on who you talk to) at 7:30! I wanted to get up and start breakfast and shower before Jaxen woke up. And I did...he did not get up until almost 9!

For breakfast, I made....
Lemon-Blueberry Breakfast Cake
and it was awesome! It was the first time I made it, but it will definitely be made again!

Our little family on Christmas morning!

Once Jaxen was up, our neighbors came over to watch him open his gifts (their kids would not get in until that afternoon).
Last year, Christmas presents were anti-climatic (he was 6 months old). But this year, he was lots of fun! We put him down in the middle of the living room, with his milk and the minute he finally saw the gifts, he took off....but first, he had to sit down his milk cup.

His first look at the piano we gave him…

He loved it. And played with it forever! He was really not interested in opening any other gifts after that...he just wanted to play! And here is a little concert for you -

We finally got him to open some more gifts…(I’ll try to not overload you with pictures!)

We bought him a piano, a Boston hat (like his dad’s), a new bath toy (a hoop and balls) and some fun stocking stuffers (snack cup, sippy cup, beanie, m&m’s, a light-up bouncy ball). He got some other great gifts from friends and family. I think he really enjoyed everything he received!

Wearing his ball cap, eating m&m's from his snack cup

Later that day, we headed over to our neighbor's house...Quention and Kris. We worked on getting appetizers together, pies and Christmas dinner.

Later in the afternoon, when their girls were there...Katie and Emilie, we opened gifts. First, was Jaxen's gift. Q pulled this little car out from the back of the house, and Jaxen was so excited!

He knew exactly what to do, and hopped right in! He had so much fun rolling around (and being rolled around) in his car!

We all exchanged gifts with each other and had lots of fun (and a couple of good laughs from funny gifts).

Then it came time for dinner: Prime Rib, salad, rolls, baked potatoes and asparagus. Yummy! It was soooo good! Dessert included: coconut pie, pecan pie and chocolate sheet cake.

The rest of the evening we just hung out...

Jaxen, watching a movie in his car

And giving a piano concert from Emilie's lap

Jaxen was getting sleepy after a big day

Once we got home, he had to have one last lap before bed

We had a really great day, celebrating with friends!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Part 1

December 23 - Christmas Eve Eve -

I worked for about 1/2 a day and when I got home we all went outside and played for a bit. Jaxen had so much fun! These pictures are so sweet….They capture Jaxen so well!

Playing in the leaves...

Dancing with dad…

Riding the bike…

The rest of the evening was spent running errands (without Jaxen) to finish getting ready for Christmas. Nik and I had so much fun hanging out by ourselves - And we even got to spend some Christmas money we received on new clothes and shoes!


Christmas Eve -

I had the day off! It started out with some baking and laundry. Seriously, laundry was one of the top items on my list for the day. (And by mid-afternoon, all the laundry baskets were empty!) We ran to the store for some last minute stocking stuffers for Jaxen and then we were finally done with our shopping.

That afternoon Nik, Jaxen and I attended a Christmas Eve Service at my work church (3pm) and then went to our church where we held a Christmas Eve Service at 6pm. Two services...very different from each other, but both very meaningful. At my work-church, it was nice to be in service together as a family (and not be in charge of anything). It was beautiful - with carols, the Christmas story and even candlelight at the end!

Then at our church, Nik was in charge of the service and he decided to make it a Come-and-Go Reflection and Communion Service. As people entered, I handed them a paper that included some thoughts on communion, some reflection questions and some scripture. Each family could sit together in the sanctuary and have some discussion/reflection time. Then, when they were ready, Nik would serve them communion. They could stay as long or short as they wanted. It was a meaningful time for families to share in communion together.

After church, we were invited to a friends house for a party! We did not stay long though, Jaxen was exhausted (he only took a 1 hour nap). So we went home fairly early, put him in bed and stayed up talking, laughing, drinking hot chocolate, and wrapping presents with our neighbors.

Since we were not spending Christmas with any of our family...our neighbors invited us to spend the day with them….

Christmas 2013 - Part 2…coming soon!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Tour & Story

I have been seeing (around the blog world) "Christmas Tours" of people's homes, showing off different Christmas / winter decorations. I always love seeing how other people decorate for the season!

My decorations are nothing fancy. In fact, I usually purchase one or two things each year (so my collection will grow over time). But here is the official Christmas Tour around my house!


I only put up one tree, and it is in my living room. I love tall, slendor trees and only use white lights and decorate it in (mostly) red, gold and silver balls (of all sizes). But I am starting to get a good collection of ornaments and am looking forward to having more ornaments on my tree!

I purchased this tree at a garage sale many years ago. It is about done, though. It is breaking. So I will be looking for a new tree after Christmas this year! The tree skirt is of snowmen. I think I want something a little different next year...but I'll have to just wait and see what I can find!


I picked this little sign up this year while I was out shopping for other stuff. I love it. So simple! I had already decorated my house and could not really find a place for it is on a nail above my laundry area. And yes, it is hanging over the molding! A little whte trash...but I don't care!

My favorite Christmas candle this year...Mulled Cider. It smells sooo good! I love burning it anytime I am home for an extended time period.

This is a frame in my kitchen that I see everyday. I love having scripture around that I can look at (and sometimes memorize) that reminds me what Christmas is about!

And this is what is in it...

My kitchen table is very simply decorated. This table is used to eat at, work at, wrap presents, decorate cookies...a lot of different things. So I need a decoration that is easy to 'undo'! Through the years, I have decided that I love table piece of material - easy. And my white dishes look really nice against the dark brown table and red runner!

My little Christmas Village. All of these pieces (except one) have been given to me. I think there are 3 different villages represented here...but I don't really care! I think they are pretty cute all lit up together. This sits on top of Jaxen’s toy shelf. And pushed all the way back, so he can't reach it!

I have these cute little snowmen. And since this picture was taken, I have received 2 more that now sit on the same shelf in my living room. I don't necessarly collect them, but I think they are cute...and they bring a little bit of 'winter' to this time of year!

Jaxen has this book basket that sits by his rocking chair. He has received a couple of Christmas books...the "Silent Night" book is my favorite. And yes, Jessica, there are now 2 sock monkeys! The little one was given to Jaxen for Christmas and when turned on, it laughs and rolls around on the floor. It is hilarious!!! Jaxen is not too sure about it yet...but Nik and I get a kick out of it!

A Christmas wreath and our stockings hang above the fireplace. Nik and I have had our stockings for a couple of years, but I think I want to replace them next year. I love the look of Jaxen's stocking and want to buy us some that match his. There also sits a 'Toymaker Santa' that I think is so cute. And a little snowman that (when the button is pushed) drums some Christmas song. Jaxen loves this little toy. It was given to him last year. He presses the button and walks around with it while it drums away!

This is my nativity set. I love it. I remember seeing it in a store a long time ago, and telling my mom that this was the nativity I wanted. (It now has become like the most popular nativity ever!) Through the years, I have collected most of the pieces - mainly through gifts. Which I love! Every piece is so special and every time I unwrap it, I remember who gave me each piece!

This part of my Christmas decorations tell THE story. A story that is filled with awe and wonder. How God sent his son to earth….

Click below to listen to “A Shepherds Perspective” - Nik’s ‘sermon’ (story) last Sunday.'s%20Account.m4v

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pictures / Church Update

Here are some pictures over the last couple of weeks that I have not posted...

In the fireplace…taking off his socks

Drumming (with a spatula and peanut butter) 

Sugar Cookies

Decorating the sugar cookies - I had some help!

Playing with beaters

Reading some mail

Just like daddy

The shirt. That face. Love it.


A church update: The church board, along with the District Superintendent have asked Nik to be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the church. They have also asked him (and one other man) to preach through the interim period on Sunday mornings. They will be using some of the retired ministers in our church to preach on Sunday evenings. 

I have seen our church come together and really be unified through this time. I’m so thankful. Transitions are never easy…but so far, so good. Nik has been extra busy, already, with the added duties to his plate. But he is also excited for the opportunity and has done an amazing job keeping up with everything!

We will keep you updated as things progress to finding a new pastor for our church!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

T Minus 3 Days Until Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! And I am getting ready!

We have no family coming to see us this year, and we are not traveling this year. I have mixed emotions about that. I am sad that we will not see / be with any of our family. However, I am thrilled to have the extra time at home with my two favorite boys. We have been going non-stop and it will be nice to just stop and relax for a few days.

Actually, we have already begun doing just that! For example….Friday night we stayed in and had Pizza / Movie Night! I even let Jaxen stand in between us on the couch and fed him pizza while we watched “Turbo”.

The rest of our weekend…

Saturday morning, I woke up before anyone else and wrapped Christmas gifts while listening to Christmas music. It was a really nice morning. Then Jaxen and Nik watched a Christmas movie and played while I cooked waffles and bacon.

Speaking of bacon…everyone should get meat as a Christmas Gift. I did.

One of my co-workers gave me Maple Bacon from a very yummy Sausage House in the area!

Anyways…then Nik and I worked on cleaning up our attic storage. It was getting carried away! Saturday evening we had our Sunday School Class Christmas Party. It was so much fun - We stayed out way too late, though!

And today I am piddling. Working on a few things here and there. I have to (at some point) go to the grocery store. I’m not looking forward to that!

This morning in “Big Church” Nik preached. It was very good. I’ll try to get it posted on here soon.

Tonight we are having dinner with our neighbors…and probably not doing too much before then.

Check back tomorrow…I have some really cute pictures of Jaxen from the last couple of weeks!