Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plants and Babies

Yes, I have plants...No I don't have any babies!

About a year ago my co-workers asked me when Nik and I were going to have children. My answer to them was something along the lines of... "Before we even consider having babies to take care of - there are stages in life we have not yet completed. First stage: Take care of each other for a couple of years." Check. "Second stage: Get a pet and keep it alive for a couple of years."

I can now say that we have owned a dog for more than a couple of years and she is still alive. This is only after killing about 3 fish. Actually, they committed suicide while I was at work. No joke. But back to my pet that is still alive. Molly.


Here's proof of her existence while under our watch and care:

"Third stage. Keep a plant alive for one whole year." I continued to tell my co-workers that I inherited my yellowish - brown (non existent) green thumb from my mother. Thanks mom. And that I just can't think of having babies until I complete this third stage. I have failed multiple times in my 8 years of marriage keeping plants alive. I keep trying...they keep dying.

This conversation was had with lots of eye-rolling, laughter and sarcasm...although, I was actually pretty serious about my answer! Ha! So that was the end of conversation. For me, anyways.

Fast forward a couple of months, to June, on my birthday (2010). I was called into the work room, because someone needed my help with something. When I walked in, my co-workers were there with a cake, singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Fun!

That's when I saw it. It cracked me up:

A plant, with "It's a Boy!" and "It's a Girl!" signs!

I laughed so hard! I could not believe they got me this plant to start taking care of!

My boss, however, is not real keen on the idea of me having a baby (not seriously, he just gives me a hard time about it) because we work well together and he doesn't want to have to look for a new assistant! So - his contriubution to my birthday party was this:

Plant killer with a new label on it saying, 'Gary's Special Plant Food. Feed Often! Give it a whole lot!'
That way, I can 'feed' my plant (kill it) and not have babies for many, many years to come (if I were seriously following my stages)! Ha!

Now, almost a year later, my co-workers still come in my office and check the status of my plant...many reminding me that in June, I will have kept a plant alive for one year! My boss, comes in checking my plant and walks out wtih a sad face! Ha!

Since then, I have actually taken a liking to plants. I now have 3 plants at home and 4 plants at work that I am keeping alive. All different ones, too. I'm not saying I have a green thumb, yet...but I'm working on it!

Maybe one day - when I get tired of taking care of my plants...I will have a baby!

Monday, March 28, 2011

3 Years Ago

3 years ago, today, we moved to Temple, TX!


March 27 - picked up and packed the Uhaul. Drove from Ruidoso, NM to Roswell, NM. Picked up Nik's dad from the airport. (Thank you, Russell for helping us drive the Uhaul!). Headed across NM into TX. Stayed the night at my grandparents along the way.

Leaving New Mexico

Entering Texas

March 28 - left in the morning and drove to Temple. We stopped at the house, dropped off the Uhaul and had enough time to eat at Bush's Chicken (where we found our new love...sweet tea!) and then met up with our realtor. Signed paperwork to purchase our house and then started moving in! Nik's family met us at the house to help unload and get settled in.

In front of our Realtor's office

Our house

Welcome goodies from the church

April 1 - Nik officially started his job at the church!

Our church

 First picture with Youth Group

April 23 - Carla officially started her job at another church..!

My (old) office (decorated for my birthday)

 3 years ago God called us to Temple, TX. Where will we be in 3 more years...?!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Stuff!

Have you ever tasted these?

Starburst Jellybeans. They. Are. Amazing! Seriously, they have changed my 'snacking world'. :)

My favorite color-eating-combos are: red & orange; purple & pink. YUMMY GOODNESS!

This post was named "Random Stuff" - so this may be as good as it gets...we'll see.


To put away our winter clothes, or not put away - That is the question!

So, after our 11 days of cold weather this winter, the temps are now in the 80's. Do you think it is time to pack away our winter clothes? Or do you think there will be another cold front come through? I just can't decide...! People here are always talking about how we got snow one Easter (like 5 years ago).

Currently, all our winter clothes are out of the closet and in piles on my bedroom floor, next to the tupperwares they will eventually go in.

Do I leave them on my bedroom floor for a few more weeks - in case? Or do I bite the bullet (whatever that saying means - seriously, who bites bullets?!?!) and put them away?!


Have you ever experienced Shutterfly? It's great. We just ordered our Vacation Photobook. I can't wait until it arrives! Below is a picture of the cover: 2010 Davis Vacation / Washington State: From Downtown to Backwoods. I have found that this is the best way to 'scrapbook' (in my opinion)! So easy and fun!


Last night at church, we started our week of Revival with Stephen Manley. Powerful!


During my lunch hour today, I went to a Nursery. This is not something I normally do. I'm not really a plant person. But my co-workers are. Very much so. They invited me and I couldn't say no! I had a great time with them pointing out all kinds of cool things and telling me about all kinds of things (Can you tell I really learned alot about 'all kinds of things'. Ha!). It was pretty there...


And that's my random post...!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend we had some visitors! Nik's parents came in late Friday evening and stayed thru Sunday afternoon. We had a really nice, relaxing time.

Nik and his Dad looking at some classic cars Saturday afternoon.

Ladder Ball - So much fun.

 Guys won 2 games, Girls won 2 games!

It was a nice weekend. The weather was great and we had a good visit! Thank you, Russell and Kay for coming to see us!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patricks Day Fun

Happy St. Patricks Day (tomorrow)!

At work, one of my boss' planned a St. Patrick's Day Tea for all the office assistants. (We love Tea Parties and any excuse to have one is just fine with me!). I was allowed to leave work today for about 1 1/2 hours to enjoy this:

My boss, Kay (hostess of the Tea Party)

Kay's gift to us: We each got to pick out our own tea set to use and then keep!

Fruit, Biscotti, Cookies, and of course...Tea!

Another fun thing this week - my 'St. Patricks Day' flower bouquet! As a fundraiser, the High School Band was selling cards to a flower shop. With the purchase of a $30 card, you get 1 fresh bouquet of flowers for 6 months. I thought it was a pretty good deal ($5 bouquets each month). This was the bouquet I received for the month of March! I love it! It sits at my desk during the week and then I will bring it home this weekend to enjoy. How can you not smile when you look at these flowers - it just brightens up my day!

On a not-so-fun-note, I have been doing a lot of this:
 Raking Leaves! It is that time to get our yard ready for spring/summer time.

5 bags of leaves, raked on Tuesday - and only 1/2 of the backyard is done!

Oh well! The weather is beautiful right now and it feels so good to be outside after being inside an office all day.

On a side note - and since this blog is titled 'The Day's of Nik and Carla' - I better include a little about some of Nik's days. Here's a rundown of his Monday and Tuesday: Went mountain biking - cut up his arm pretty bad. Played dodgeball - sprained his ankle. So far today he has been taking it easy and had no injuries (although he is not home from youth group yet - knock on wood)!

This week is Spring Break for Temple and so he is taking advantage of the extra time he gets to hang out with the teens - which means lots of basketball, dodgeball, some bowling, a movie night...who knows what else...hopefully, the injuries will not continue....!

And that's a recap of our days! We are looking forward to this weekend and spending time with some special visitors!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

This past Thursday we left Temple and headed north to see our good friends, Chris and Kylee. We had such a great time! I only took a few pictures of our time together - I was too busy relaxing and having fun to worry much about 'documenting the moments'.

But here are some highlights!

Thursday: Slept in... on the road by lunch time... had a yummy dinner at Twisted Root... bowling...!

Chris and Nik - bowling

We bowled 2 games and each game added up girls/guys score. And...Kylee and I won both games! (Nik acutally won one game and Kylee actually won the other)

The 4 of us!

Friday: went on hike... ate lunch at new taco place, Fuzzys... afternoon movie... greek food... movie night...!

Baja Tacos at Fuzzys

Saturday: met up with some old friends... shopping... billards (Chris - 6 games to Nik's - 7)... home by 9pm...!

Chris D., Major, Nik, Chris S.

Kylee, Mara, Carla

Thanks Chris and Kylee for a GREAT WEEKEND!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long Time Friends

I have known Kylee since High School. We became friends our Junior year. Nik has known Chris since Freshman year of college. Long story short - Kylee and Chris got married a couple years after me and Nik and we have remained friends for a long time.

At least twice a year we try to get together and hang out. Sometimes we go see them, and sometimes they come see us. Either way - whenever we get together we always have a great time with the two of them.'s about time to see them again! Yay!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Haircut and Frames

I remembered this morning to take a picture of my hair while I was getting ready for church. I tend to stick with basically the same style of hair...but I have recently added bangs. And not those long swoopy (is that a word?) bangs that are super cute the first 5 minutes of the morning and then they just hang in your eyes all day and never stay in place. Seriously, I don't know how people do it with the long swoopy bangs. I am over trying to figure them out! So - here is my new haircut:

One of the few things I did get done on my very-fantastic-lazy-weekend was to put some pictures in some frames! I know this does not sound like a big deal - but it is. Let me start at the beginning.

In August (7 months ago) I purchased these frames at a Rummage Sale:

Side note: I know that you are supposed to decorate and hang things in odd numbers (like 3 frames instead of 2 on my wall). But - I am over trying to be a decorator just like I am over trying to make swoopy bangs look good. I hang suff in two's. Does anyone know if the above mentioned is still a 'rule'?

Back to my story - So, after purchasing the frames I finally decided to hang them...In October! Seriously. It took 2 months to hang them. And guess what? Until this weekend, they have been hanging on my wall - just like that since October (minus December when my stockings were hung in thier place). No joke. There they hang. 

So this weekend I was bound and determined to put some pictures in them!

Yah! They are no longer staring at me, empty!

Although I did do a few productive things this weekend, I really took it easy. I left the house for about 1 hour on Saturday (to do an errand that had to be done) and it made me tired. So I told Nik to take me home where I rested on the couch for the entire rest of the day. It was wonderful. Today has been super nice as well. I love good, quiet weekends every now and then!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


March is here! I was given this plant by a sweet co-worker to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Yes, spring is here in central Texas. After only about 11 days of cold. Maybe not even that many. Just kidding. We did have a little cold weather - but not much. In my mind, spring should not come until we have had 4 months of cool to cold weather. And we did not. Oh well.

I am pretty happy because I woke up to the sounds of rain on our windows and roof. I LOVE the sound of rain!

This past week at work was pretty busy. At one point, a co-worker came into my office and laughed at my desk. I stepped back to see my desk thru thier eyes and this is what I saw:

Yes, 3 computers - and I was working on all of them! Funny, huh?!

I got my haircut last week and I meant to take a picture of it. I had a really good hairday on Thursday. But I forgot. I will hopefully remember sometime this weekend. I figure you might want to start seeing pics of me and Nik on here instead of pictures of my work computers, and plants...and all the funny things I seem to have pictures of!

I am going to put my computer away now and try to focus on all the stuff I want to get done over this weekend. There is a list. There always is. I don't want to share with you my list in case I decide to be really lazy this weekend and get nothing accomplished but laundry (which Nik is making me do - actually he even started some last night because we are in that much dire need of clean laundry)! Ha!

Hope you have a great weekend - I know I will...!