Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Celebration Sunday

This past Sunday was a great day of celebration at New Life!

We have really settled into our new church here.
When we came - a few people had expressed interest in becoming members.
So Nik taught a class that helped people understand
what becoming a member of a church meant, and what becoming a ‘Nazarene’ meant.
It was so great to see those take the step into membership at our church!

We accepted 5 people into our church for membership.

During Nik’s message we also took communion together.
It was a sweet time to partake in this sacrament with our new church family.

There were also a few people that had previously asked Jesus into their life
but never taken the next step, of baptism.
Nik was honored to talk with those people and encourage them in their walk
with the Lord and baptize them in the lake!

After church we headed out to Fairhaven Beach to baptize 3 people and one little baby.

After all the celebration - we had a cookout and a great time of hanging out.

With a pretty awesome view :)

One of these days (after my House Tour is complete) I will give you a Church Tour.

Monday, August 29, 2016

What We Have Been Up To...

~ baking with my favorite little helper ~ 

Jaxen has been very independent lately and currently likes to dress himself in the mornings.
On this particular day - he wanted to wear a sweatshirt and shorts (backwards),
and then wanted to help me bake him some chocolate muffins.
His favorite part is putting chocolate chips on top (and eating them)!

~ hanging with my littlest ~

This little crab booty gets me every time!
I sure do love him!

~ sleeping Jaxen ~

About every other day, I still make him lay down and take a nap.
On this particular day, I sat in his room with him until he was asleep.

~ playing with baby things ~

Jaxen enjoys Zane’s stuff…a little too much at times!

 ~ sleeping Zane ~

I do love it when he falls asleep in my arms after eating!
Look how squishy those cheeks are!

~ 4 month doctor appointment ~

This past week we met with Zane’s doctor for his 4 month checkup.
He was a trooper and smiled and cooed his way through it all!

Zane weighed in at 15.05 pounds (little under 50%).
His height is 25 inches (little under 50%).
And his head is measuring at 41 cm (which is about 15%).

He is a healthy, growing boy with no concerns at 4 months!

~ campfires with friends ~

We were invited to have dinner at a friends campsite one night last week.
The highlights? friends, walking sticks and ice cream after dinner.

~ Zane ~

I just can’t get enough of his sweet chubby self!

And neither can our church people :)
This is Eric, who just loves to hold Zane.
We had a big clothing giveaway this weekend, and so Eric entertained Zane while I worked.

~ boy time ~

Nik and Jaxen love to make Zane laugh!
They were covering his face with a burp rag and when he moved it away, they said “Boo”.
Zane loved it.
And Jaxen loved it just as much!

A boy and his daddy :)

A boy in his daddy’s hat :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Home Tour - Foyer and Mud Room

We are almost done! Just one more Home Tour post after this one.

So today you get to see our foyer / front entrance and our mud room / back entrance. I have been waiting on this post because the mud room is not near finished yet. But that could be awhile - so I decided to go ahead and show you anyway….

Foyer / Front Entrance

I love that I can take a panoramic picture on my phone.
It allows me to show you the space a bit better. 
Keep in mind that it looks a tad distorted and bigger than it really is -
but it helps allow you to see the whole space!

From the front entrance, you step up one step and the stairs 
are in front of you, or if you turn left you enter the living room.

We never use the front entrance, and most of our guests do not either -
but this winter we will probably have people come in that front entrance.
It's great space to ‘unload’ all your winter gear (coats, gloves, hat, boots).

Mud Room / Back Entrance

So this space is pretty much collecting stuff right now.
Which I don’t really like - but we are in transition with this space.

You enter this room from the garage, and then it takes you into the kitchen.

It has an extra fridge and a huge file cabinet that currently serves as our pantry.
I eventually want to hang peg board on the wall and hang all our our bags
and coats and whatever else can hang :)
I also need to organize a bit better for our winter gear
and possibly paint…and who knows what else!

This is also how we get to the back yard.
And this little shelf by the fridge has our beach bags, diaper bag,
bubbles, chalk, swim wear and swim towels.

As I said…a work in progress!

But I am so thankful for this space.
I think it will (eventually) be a great, organized room that will work well for each season!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Home Tour - Bathrooms

I’m trying to wrap up my Home Tour…maybe I will be finished this week! I have an exciting one for you today :) our bathrooms!

Here is our upstairs bathroom…

It has a pocket door…which I’m beginning to really like!
And the only thing that needs to be done still - is to find a rug for in front of the shower.

And here is our downstairs bathroom…

I still need to find some shelves to hang above the toilet for some storage. 
But it’s big and we love the extra room this bathroom offers!

And connected to the bathroom (to the right of the sink) is our laundry room...

It’s a really small space, but I love that our washer/dryer are kept out of sight.

So that’s our bathrooms!

Monday, August 22, 2016

A look at my phone...

Here is a glimpse into what is on the camera roll of my phone the last few days...

Nik surprised us with a family walk (bike ride for Jaxen) 
to the gas station for some yogurt one night! 

After my 4th and final rabies shot, we hit up a new lunch place.
We had driven by it a few times and it looked really good - so we decided to try it out! 

Jaxen wanted Zane to sit in his lap during our bedtime routine. 
It was sweet. 

I'm not sure where Jaxen got bunny ears, or why he was wearing them on Sunday - 
but he was, and someone sent this picture to me. 
Also - why does my kid insist on taking off his socks and shoes 
when we walk in the church building?!

We had some friends from Watertown come visit our church on Sunday… 
Actually, the 3 guys rode their motorcycles (in the rain)! 
We had one other couple come as well (but they left before I thought to take a pic). 
It is so fun and sweet that people are willing to take the time and 
drive to come worship with us at our new church! 

Zane was looking super cute on Sunday!
These pics were taken after he ate…so he was in milk-coma :) 

These monkey pajamas (from when Jaxen was little) are just so adorable!

Every time Jaxen takes a bath, he wants to put his face in the water and have me count.
And "swims" while doing so!

One last thing…
So late last night I was perusing Facebook and saw this picture.
It cracked me up!
Probably because I want to start up running again…
but I think this might be a true statement for me, 
since it’s been about 1 whole year since I stopped running!

Happy Monday!