Friday, September 27, 2013

How We Roll...

Jaxen's new thing is to put his hand down other peoples shirt.
It's a comfort thing, I think :)
But it is pretty funny.
He was doing this the other night while sitting with Nik,
so of course, I caught in on camera!

Eating breakfast in nothing but a diaper and a bib.
That is how we (sometimes) do it!

See the bruise/knot on Jaxen's head (above his right eye)?
Yup...battle wounds from Mother's Day Out!
And a video for your viewing pleasure.
Jaxen, in diaper and shoes talking on the phone one afternoon:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Photos

This week has been interesting. I know it is only Tuesday...but really, I'm ready for this week to be over. 

There is just something about weekends that I love. Especially since I am off on Mondays now. It makes the weekend longer, and therefore, more fun!

Last night I cooked Baja Tacos. One of our favorite meals. And I asked my favorite neighbor to make his amazing queso dip. So put those two really great things together and you have one fabulous meal! We even ate leftover queso on baked potatoes tonight! And I'm still thinking of how I can incorporate queso into a meal for tomorrow.... it is that good! And I have just really been craving it!

Enough about the queso...

Here are a few photos from our weekend - 

Actually, this photo is not from our weekend, but I still want to include it.
It's Jaxen's new back pack! Isn't it great? I just love it!

Pure relaxation. 
Arms over head, feet crossed and belly poking out!

Jaxen is not always sure of what to think about his friend, Mr. Alan.
Most of the times he just stares at him while Alan makes funny faces!

Jaxen is obsessed with hiding right now!

And "organizing" my cabinets.

And this was after church on Sunday.
Tired little boy could not get through his lunch without a quick nap!

It's almost Wednesday....

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The rest of the story...

Remember the cute pics from my last post?

Here are the rest of them....

I decided since we were outside playing, I would water our plants - and Jaxen decided to help me. He sat himself down and started watering for me.....

He was actually doing a really good job. Until he realized that he could play in that water....

His face basically says it all...

And then he had some fun...

And then he got crazy....

I like relaxed afternoons, watering plants, playing with the water hose!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jaxen - 15 Month Check-Up

Monday I took Jaxen to the doctor for his 15 month Well-Check appointment.

His weight is currently 24 pounds. His height is 32 inches. His weight is staying pretty steady but he is getting taller!

I'm glad we had an already scheduled appointment today because Jaxen still has a cough and runny nose that is hanging around (we took him to the doctor last week and he had a cold). Dr. K examined him and his lungs were still clear although he has a little infection in his right ear. So we will have him on antibiotics for 10 days.

We discussed Jaxens allergy to egg. Dr. K recommended we go ahead and see an allergist since he is still having reaction to egg, even as an ingredient. So we will make that appointment soon.

Jaxen has also been having some constipation problems. So we went over what we need to do to help correct that issue.

Fun appointment, huh?  And I'm sure nobody but the grandparents really want to read about my sons bathroom I apologize. But this is good documentation for me too. That way, when Jaxen is 15 and asks what he was like at 15 months, I can look back and tell him he was constipated -  ha ha!

And the last thing we discussed (besides other normal well-check discussions) was his speech. Or really, the lack-there-of. Jaxen should be saying complete words by now (not just syllables like mama or dada). And he does not. I knew he should be starting to talk soon - but he just hasn't yet. So we are going to make an appointment to have a speech evaluation done. If they think Jaxen needs a little extra help in the speech department then we will start speech therapy. But if they don't think so - then we will just give him a little more time. In most cases, kids this age who are not talking yet just need a little help. And once they start talking they catch up in no time and have no delays later on. So we are playing it safe and would rather help his speech now (if they think it will help) rather than later. That appointment will probably not be for a couple weeks but I'll keep you updated.

And then he got 3 shots. And he was not happy about that!

All things considered, Jaxen is doing well. He is a healthy, growing boy and the doctor was really pretty pleased with where he was overall.

And I have to say....this age is the best. He is so fun. I have enjoyed most ages (6-9 months being my least favorite, I think) but right now he is a hoot! He cracks me up all the time with things that he is doing and learning. I enjoy playing with him, running errands with him, sharing meals, watching movies. Basically, everything we do together, I enjoy!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Moments

  • What is not fun - Nik being sick 3 weekends ago, Jaxen being sick 2 weekends ago and me being sick this weekend!

What is fun - my friend giving me her special 'cocktail' of medicines to make me feel better!

  • What is not fun - Jaxen not sleeping through the night keeping us all up!

What is fun - afternoons spent laying around, watching TV and taking naps!

  • What is not fun - Jaxen throwing tantrums in the middle of a mall because he is tired and did not sleep the night before. Everyone staring at me. And me not knowing what to do as I carry a screaming, kicking child in one arm, bags in the other, while pushing a stroller to meet Nik. 

What is fun - a husband who takes care of everything when I'm a little overwhelmed and emotional because I don't feel good and did not get any sleep the night before.

  • What is not fun - driving in traffic. 

What is fun - the Container Store!

  • What is not fun - the heat and humidity in the middle of September.

What is fun - playing tennis with the person who taught me to play many years ago. She still beat me, but it was close!

  • What is not fun - not taking a single picture.

What is fun - time spend with the best of friends. And although there were some not fun moments the last few days...I can definitely say there were more fun one than not fun ones! Thanks Chris and Kylee for this past weekend. We had a great time!

And currently....

  • What is not fun - Jaxen getting 3 shots at the doctors today and a messy house.

What is fun - a sleeping baby, the water sprinkler on, the dishwasher going, the washer and dryer running, and my house finally getting back together the way it should be!

More to come on Jaxens 15 month checkup......

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here is a good story for you today....

Remember how I used to whine and complain that Jaxen would not go to bed...ever. In his own bed?

Guess what happened last night?

At 8:20 I looked at Jaxen and asked if he was ready for night-night. I told him to tell his dad night-night. He walked over, gave Nik kisses, walked over to me, and gave me kisses. I asked him if he was ready to go to his bed. And he started walking to his room, turned on his sound machine and walked to his crib, hands raised to be picked up. I picked him up, put him in his crib, turned off his lamp and closed the door. 

Nik and I then stared at each other wondering what just happened!

The End!


If there are any jealous moms out there (I would be one) please know we make up for the easy nights in other not-so-easy areas! Ha! And know that all nights are not that easy....

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cold & Sweet

I took Jaxen to the doctor today and he has a cold. His ears and lungs are clear. No fever. And since he is eating and sleeping normally - there is not much we can do for him except let it run its course.

I think he is actually a little better today!


Jaxen has the sweetest little face. Ever. In my opinion! I'm sure most moms feel the way I do about their own child. And that's okay if we differ.

My blog = my opinion!

Seriously. His little face melts my heart. As do his toes, and chubby legs and big hands and his belly. Basically, every part of him is perfect and I never want to forget the way he looked at this age (or any age, really).

 So this is really memories for me...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Date Night - Fail

So our weekend did not go exactly as planned.....

We really did not have much planned for our weekend - except Saturday night. Guess what Saturday night was supposed to be? DATE NIGHT. Yup, I had it all planned out. I had arranged childcare, was ready to pay for it, we were going to drop Jaxen off and then go play tennis, and have a late dinner before picking Jaxen up.

For most people that does not sound like a fun date night. But for would have been. Tennis is something we love to do together...but don't ever get to do.

On Friday, Jaxen had a runny nose. On Saturday that runny nose turned into major congestion and a very croopy cough. Which turned into a low-grade fever (for just a bit) Saturday afternoon. We have been taking care of him the best we know how. But around 2pm I texted our childcare and told them we would not be able to make it. I was bummed. But I was more bummed that Jaxen was sick. And I was glad that we were both able to be home with him and give him extra love and cuddles.

And it turned out to be a pretty fun Saturday. I was very productive in the morning, but by afternoon I was tired and so we all cuddled on the couch to watch Master Chef. This was a new show for me, and I loved it! We watched all afternoon and into the evening. Very relaxing for all of us! That evening we took Jaxen outside to play for a little bit and to get fresh air. We ended up  throwing plastic golf balls everywhere and had a lot of fun (Nik was hitting them with his actual golf club - which was pretty funny!).

Jaxen slept through the night with minimal coughing. I'm not sure if it is allergies, or an infection or what.... You never know. But if he is not better tomorrow I will take him to the doctor. He is napping right now. I brought him home today after Sunday School because I knew he would be worn out. And he was! He played hard and now he is sleeping hard.

He also has cut 2 new teeth and is wearing size 5 diapers now. He is a growing boy!

And now I think I'm going to take advantage of this quiet morning and go lay down myself for a short nap!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


So day 2 of Mothers Day Out produced tears. From Jaxen. Sad. But it was okay. I was expecting it. They warn you in advance that it will probably happen.

Before we left home this morning, this is how I found Jaxen:

He was up at 7:15 and in a great mood! He played and ate breakfast and got dressed and while I finished getting myself ready, this was how he entertained himself - in the closet! It is now a favorite place to play since we have basically restricted him from our bathroom cabinets!

I asked him if he was ready to go to school and he climbed out of the suitcase and started running out of the closet and headed to the door. I stood there talking to Nik for a minute and Jaxen came running back to me and looking at me as if he was saying "Come on, mom - you said it was time to go!" I laughed and headed that way.

We were a little early leaving, but since he was in such a good mood and anxious to leave - we left. I made a short stop at Starbucks on the way, to kill some time and get a little treat for myself! I love Starbucks tea...but I think we all know my deep love for Bush's Tea (half of which consists of my love for the price of it!). But, I had a gift card from a sweet lady that I did some extra work, at my job, for. So it was definetely a treat to get a tea from Starbucks this morning. As I drove away, I could not help but think of the amount of tea I could have gotten for the price of this tea! I know, it's's just the way my (frugal) mind works! But I enjoyed my little treat very much!

And Jaxen's day ended on a good note. He was so happy when I picked him up and I got a good report from his teachers! But he is one tired boy now. He napped there for an hour and a half (they actually had to wake him up) and has not napped at all this afternoon. So I think it will be an early night for him! Good night, everyone!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Day!

Today was the day!

And I have to tell tears! It surprised me some but he did great. He napped there and ate lunch and was playing when I came to pick him up. The teachers said he was really good.

They gave me one of his art pieces today: Golfball Painting!

Each day I get a paper that tells me what all they did and what their focus was for the day (yellow paper). And I get a slip telling me about Jaxens diaper changes (purple paper).

It is a great program and I'm so glad that Jaxen gets to be a part of it! And we both survived his first day...with smiles and no tears - ha!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Twas The Night Before

Twas the night before.... Mother's Day Out!

Jaxen is in bed, his clothes are laid out, his lunch is packed, his bag is ready to go....!

I am (for the record) expecting tears tomorrow (from Jaxen) as he is dropped off in an unfamiliar place while I walk away, promising him that I will see him soon. I'm not settled yet on whether or not there will be tears from me - ha! But I am going to keep in mind that this will be good for him, he will eventually love it and one day he will run into his classroom and not even care to say good-bye. That's what other people tell me, anyway.

I'll let you know how it all goes!

But let's view some pics from our weekend...

Jaxen and I!

Jaxen was 'helping' me on my Ipad one morning!

Jaxen, wanting to be just like his daddy, wearing Nik's ball cap.

All three of us, in our shades, before heading out to run Saturday errands.

A fun Sunday afternoon at the lake with friends
(Nik in the pink chair, Jaxen in a floaty).

Once Jerome figured out that Jaxen had his golf clubs with us,
the driving contest was on (with plastic golf balls, of course).

Jaxen had to show them how it was done!

All the 'kids' at the lake with us!