Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

Here is our weekend recap...a little late!

To be honest, I'm not even sure what all we did this weekend....good thing I have some pictures! I do know that is was pretty laid back. And I enjoyed not having to get out to go car or furniture shopping!

Jaxen is pretty much at that stage where he wants to do anything he sees anyone else doing. I blow dry my hair almost every day and Jaxen has witnessed this many, many times. I even blow dry his hair sometimes too! Here lately though, he has really enjoyed playing with the blow dryer. Sometimes it is a microphone and sometimes he dries things with it. While I was getting ready one morning, this kept him entertained!

And then he started reading...up side down. Genius, I tell you!

We had a play date at the zoo and on the way Jaxen was so excited, he fell asleep! 

Once we arrived, he woke up and had a great time! 
This is Jaxen looking at the bear. 

And this is his buddy, Josiah. Josiah's sister, Rebekah also came along. 
She gave her seat to Jaxen in the wagon and I pushed her in Jaxen’s stroller. 

And this next picture pretty much sums up why we had a laid back weekend… 
Rainy and cool. 

Saturday night after dinner we went out for some ice cream. 
And these next pictures just crack me up!
Like father, like son....

And then things got messy...but Jaxen enjoyed every bite!

Jaxen spent a lot of time playing with his tool bench. 
This was a Christmas present, that we just now opened and put together - And he loves it!

One last pic...Jaxen really wanted to go outside and play but it was 
pretty cold, windy and rainy, but he was determined! 
So I bundled him up and out we went. 
We only stayed out for about 15 minutes though! 

I’m sure we did some other things this weekend…but that is all I have pictures of!

So far - we are having a good week. Jaxen seems to have a handle
on his tantrum-throwing and I seem to have a bit more patience.

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  1. I love that you guys actually have WEATHER! All we are getting is dry dirty WIND! We did have a few very small showers last week or sometime. I love that you guys got to just hang out this weekend. That is important! Love you! Hope all is well.