Sunday, April 27, 2014

Random Jaxen Pictures

Here are some random pictures of Jaxen the last few weeks...

Jaxen discovered his lunch box in the cabinet….

and was thrilled with himself for doing so - So he clapped for himself!

He can see his reflection in our stove. 
Everytime he is playing in the kitchen, he has to stop and look at himself!

Walking around with my shoes on his hands!

He was eating some M&M’s…
and I just think his little expressions are so cute!

He was so tired one afternoon that he 
fell asleep in his chair, in his room.

He went from his chair (above)
to laying with Nik on the couch (below).

And a bonus picture for you…
Nik was playing Jaxen’s dog-guitar, trying to entertain him one day!

If you remember, we purchased this on the road, as we were moving to Watertown.
We keep it in the car to keep Jaxen entertained (if need be).

I just noticed that it is still in part of its packaging 
(the brown at the bottom is the paper, covered in plastic still - ha ha ha!!!)


  1. For some reason, I always try to comment on your posts from my phone or iPad. For some weird reason, it won't ever let me. So, this is a test to see if it will now.

  2. It worked! Ok! I LOVE his expressions. I laugh to myself all the time. Then I laugh again as I show his pictures around to everyone in my office. What a DELIGHT!