Monday, April 21, 2014


I found a couple more pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday…

Nik was working a station as the kids learned about the
“Resurrection Eggs” - and he had a little helper!

One more picture of him finding his eggs!

Saturday afternoon I gave Nik and Jaxen their Easter Baskets. I knew Sunday would be a bit hectic…so I gave them out early. Pretty much all I did this year, was some candy and I gave Jaxen some ABC Fridge Magnets. He likes playing with them.

That evening we were invited to hang out and color Easter Eggs. Jaxen did not really color the eggs, he just like stirring all the colors. And dipping his hands in it! Maybe next year…!

Here is a picture of Jaxen and I from Easter last year…and then this year!

And Nik and Jaxen from last year…and then this year!

What a change!

Our one family picture from this year!

This was Jaxen’s Easter Outfit. I thought he looked pretty adorable!

We were at church a long time before it started on Sunday,
so the pastor gave Jaxen his own mic, and it entertained him forever!

Dancing and singing in church!

And here is a picture I took of our Church on Sunday. 

We had 2 very great Easter Services and then we grilled out for lunch, played outside and played cards and other games all afternoon! We had a great day. This was our first holiday in our new town - and it went well. I’m thankful that people have been kind enough to think about us and include us! 

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