Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Tour of our Home - Upstairs

As promised (about 20 days ago…) here is the upstairs tour of our home! Sorry for the delay. On with the tour…

As you walk upstairs, this is your view:

From upstairs…the stairs are on the left, the bathroom is on the right.

The bathroom.
Yes, pink (maybe ‘mauve’) tile. It is what it is!

Jaxen’s room.
Yes, that is a space heater on the stool. No vent in this room.
Also no closet. One electrical outlet. But…there is a light!

This is a spare room.
It may eventually become an office. 
Right now, it is storage and our ironing room!

The last time you saw this view…
it looked like this:

Here it is now:

Our guest room.
One electrical outlet. No light. But it has a vent!

And our bedroom.
Two electrical outlets. No light. One vent.

Next up on the Tour of our Home (hopefully before 20 days)... is the outside of our house!

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