Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Tour of our Home - Downstairs

Many of you have asked about our home and want to see pictures of it - so I took pictures awhile back (right after we moved in) and am just now getting around to posting them. I have done a bit more unpacking/decorating since these pictures were taken…but at least you can get an idea of what our house looks like!

I think I have mentioned that our home is old, built in the mid 1900s. I'm not sure of the date, or of the square footage. Although, I would really love to know the square footage.

As we tour, please keep some things in mind…this was before we unpacked much; we still need to purchase some things; and there are hardly any curtains up yet (those that are up, were placed before we arrived for a little privacy). I think that's it….Here we go!

So I will start my home tour with the Downstairs area (upstairs will be a different post, because I have not taken any pictures yet!)...

As you walk in the front door, here is the foyer

If you are standing in the foyer and look ahead, this is what you see

We are going to call this the fireplace room 
(and I need to place some furniture in here still)

And then you have the Dining Room

The view from the kitchen, into the Dining Room

Here is the kitchen, looking from the dining room
(I have since purchased an island that sits on the far wall)

left side

right side

The door on the right side of the kitchen (by the sink) 
leads to this bathroom/laundry area

The door on the left side of the kitchen (by the fridge) 
leads to the outside/basement

This is the view of the back part of the fireplace room. 
To the right is the dining/kichen, then the stars 
and then Jaxen's playroom and 
on the far left is what we call the TV room.

Jaxen's playroom

The TV room

And that concludes our downstairs tour - 
Hope you enjoyed seeing a part of our home! 

Upstairs to come…eventually!

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