Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Miss...

Mexican Food - It took me awhile to miss it. I have always liked mexican food, but I rarely craved it. I guess I just took it for granted since I have always had it! But now, I miss it. I have heard of a little mexican dive here and one of these days we will check it out. I’m a bit nervous, but I heard it was legit. So we will have to see! I did make some baked tacos a few nights ago. It calls for a can of green chiles…and I was so excited to actually find them in the store! One brand only…no “Hatch Green Chiles” but they were good enough. I opened the can and forgot how good they smell! It was nice. And so I sniffed the green chile can a good couple of minutes just taking it all in!

A Good Fountain Coke - Most of you know my love for Coke. I don’t drink it everyday, but I would enjoy getting a good fountain Coke every few days. I have yet to find a good fountain Coke here. Seriously. It’s always something…too much carbonation  or bad ice, or it’s not in a styrofoam cup, or it tastes flat….something. And yes, I am a Coke snob. I want a good, cheap fountain Coke place to go. Nothing yet. It’s been over a month.

Wearing Flip-Flops - I miss it. When I lived in Texas I owned about 3 pairs of socks. That’s it. I wore flip-flops everyday for months, and almost year-round. It is May….and today it was 40-something degrees and raining. It was cold. It was a tad warmer yesterday and so I wore flip-flips and my feet froze.

People - I miss my Texas people something fierce. Yes, I miss our families and our friends who don’t live in Texas - but I was used to not seeing them. But man, oh man….I miss my Texas people. My work people, my church people and my neighbor people. All of them. I miss. A lot. People are super great here…don’t get me wrong. But I miss the people who know me. And who get me.

Bush's - You knew that was coming, right?! Seriously, I loved that place. I miss that place. I could get good chicken, a great fountain Coke, and amazing iced tea. What more could a person ask for? Oh yeah, and it was cheap and close to my home. Man, I miss that place.

Now I’m sad…

Just Kidding. I do miss those things - but things here are going very well.

In fact, Nik and I had an opportunity to have a “Date Day” on Friday! Cool, huh? Someone offered to keep Jaxen the entire day while we hung out as a couple. I had big plans for our day…. maybe do some hiking, or play tennis, or go exploring someplace new…. guess what we did? We ran errands! Hahaha! We woke up that day to rainy, cold weather. So no hiking, or tennis! We did hear about a great drive that took us to a small town on the outskirts of the Adirondacks and were told it had this cool, indoor flea market. So we chose that route for the morning. Well, it was a pretty drive…but everything in the town (including the flea market) was closed! So we turned around and came back home. Then ran some errands. Ate lunch. And was back by 3pm. Not too exciting…but we were thankful for the time by ourselves. It really was nice.

Our Date Day

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  1. Really, You Guys? Where's the excitement!!?!?!? Carla, you will be glad to know that I too am missing my flip flops. We went to visit Mimi and the kids in their new place on Sunday and guess what! I broke my flip flops. Don't know how, they just - broke. UGH! No, flip flops for me either.