Friday, April 4, 2014

Since I Last Blogged...

I know I am not blogging very much. I have no excuses. You would think that I would have more free time to do things like blog, but I really don’t! Staying home with Jaxen takes a lot of energy. Plus we are still “settling in”. I don’t know how long that will take…but I am still unpacking some things. For example - just yesterday, I unpacked all our clothes and tried to organize our very small closet to fit everything. The solution…? I will use another closet for my clothes! But before I do that, I have to go purchase a closet insert/organizer thing that has a clothing rod and a shelf. So it will be a bit longer before my closet is finished. See….it just feels like everything takes a long time! Also, yesterday I spent 40 minutes on the phone/internet trying to figure out everything we needed to get our drivers license and car registration. Plus, I have been hanging out with some people from the church and having a little fun!

But here are a few of the things we have been up to since I last blogged….

* Jaxen got to play outside! It was for only about 15 minutes and he was decked out with mittens and everything…but at least he got to go outside!

* After our snowfall on Sunday, the temps have been a bit higher and the snow has been melting a ton…which is good news! That means spring is on its way!

* We are in the process of finding a second vehicle. We are in need of one! At first, we thought we might just purchase another car. But after the bits of snowfall we have had…we decided we needed a taller vehicle with at least all-wheel-drive. So - I will keep you updated on what we find.

* I went to help out a friend the other day and Jaxen went with me. He was sleepy and decided to take a nap while we worked. You can see the car and old phone that he was playing with in the picture!

* Nik bought Jaxen a new chair for his playroom. Doesn’t he look all grown up?! 

* I have really enjoyed the time at home with Jaxen. He is still a bit under the weather…I guess his body is trying to fight off something. Every now and then he runs a low temp and he has been super tired lately. He took a 4 hour nap the other day and even slept 13 hours last night! You can see in this next picture that his cheeks are a little rosy.

He loves taking “selfies” with my phone!

* And here is one more picture of Jaxen. He loves M&M’s!

* We have tried some of the “new food” that was given to us when we arrived. The results: we both loved the Croghan Bologna but only Nik liked the cheese curds. They were squeaky to me and I didn’t love it. It was just okay.

* We are officially “New Yorkers”! We went this morning to get our Driver’s License. Right after we got them, I was texting with a friend and she invited us to lunch later this week. I replied and said “We would love to join ya’ll.” She replies with “New Yorkers don’t use Ya’ll!!!

* We both got an Enhanced Driver’s License. That means, we can travel to Canada without having a passport. We are looking forward to our first trip across the border!

And one last tid-bit of information for you...

* I have recently been made aware of this…We are not considered “Upstate New York.” We are considered to live in the “North Country.”

That’s all for today! Off to got look at vehicles!

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