Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

Before I start this weekend recap (with pictures) I have to tell you - while Jaxen was taking a “selfie” this weekend….

He hit some button on my phone that makes my pictures turn out in this weird (semi-cool) different color. I’m sure there is a name for this mode, but I prefer ‘weird (semi-cool) different color’. Anyways…I have not asked Nik yet to fix my phone, so all the pics in this post will look like that.

And that’s the end of that long rabbit-trail.

On to our weekend…

Nik stayed at an all-nighter at the church Friday night. He got home around 8:30am Saturday, just as Jaxen and I were waking up. So we got up and he went to bed!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday so Jaxen and I went outside to do some yard work. 

Jaxen was still in his pajamas.
And he enjoyed “helping”. 

This is part of our back lawn area - which all had to be raked.

And then I got distracted from my work while I met one of my neighbors! It was the first neighbor I had met. She was very nice and we talked for awhile. I pretty much had the best neighbors ever, in Texas…and probably no other neighbor will even compare - but I am excited to get to know my neighbors here. The way it is setup here (at least in our neighborhood) - you basically cannot be outside with out running into a neighbor if they are outside as well (meaning, no privacy fences and the homes are really close together). Anyways, she was sweet and offered that Jaxen could come over and swing on their swing set any time he wanted. 

After the nice neighbor-run-in, I decided it was time to go inside and tackle the dishes from the night before. Can you believe I had company over and served food and still had this mess in my sink?! I was all about keeping it real!

After lunch, Nik woke up and we hit the road to look at vehicles. FAIL.

For dinner we grilled out over at the pastor’s house. And then we came home to get ready for Church the next morning (clothes out, ironed, Jaxen’s bag ready…). All the stuff I used to do on a Sunday morning, I now do on Saturday night so we can be at church by 8am.

Church was really good! We enjoy attending both services and different Sunday School classes each week. Nik had a part in the sermon today where he went up and spoke for a few minutes on the Kingdom of God. And I was helping in the back, running all the morning slides for both services. One of these days, I will do a blog-post on what Nik actually does for his new job here.

After church, we attend a small-group. This small group meets every other Sunday, in someone’s home. We eat lunch and hire a baby-sitter to watch all the kids while we watch a video and have discussion. The group we are meeting with are great. They are all in the same stage of life as Nik and I - and we are really having a fun time getting to know them and bond with them through this small group!

This afternoon, the temps actually reached into the 70’s! It was such a gorgeous day outside. Once we laid Jaxen down for a (much-needed) nap - Nik and I worked on organizing our garage. We still had unpacked, unopened boxes in there. So we put a pretty nice dent into the work. It’s not perfect…but we are getting there.

I also finished raking the leaves in the front yard…and met another neighbor! He was out front raking leaves as well - so that was pretty much our conversation! But he was nice, and it was good to finally meet him. We have just waved in the past. 

Since it was such a beautiful day - there were many people outside and many kids playing together out in the streets. I wanted to take a picture…but then I would be labeled the ‘neighborhood creeper’ and it’s too early for me to labeled that way! Haha!

Once Jaxen woke from his nap - we went to pick up Chinese food for dinner. I thought this place was a drive-thru so I didn’t bother putting pants on Jaxen. Oops! Come to find out, we had to go in to order our food. Jaxen was wearing a polo and a diaper. We are classy!

So we came home to eat our dinner and when Jaxen was done, I let him down from his highchair. This is what I saw…

A piece of cheese stuck on the back of his left leg! It cracked me up - so of course, I had to take a picture!

After dinner we loaded him back in the car (and we did put some pajamas on him this time - a top and a bottom!) and we went to look at one more place someone told us about to check out vehicles. It was a bust. But while we were driving through the ‘downtown’ area I took this pic...

Which I thought actually turned out pretty cool!

Jaxen is in bed and Nik went to a friends house to watch the Boston Red Sox vs. Yankees game. The friend is a Yankees fan (as most people here are)…but I’m sure Nik will have fun. 

I am trying to muster up the energy to clean my house (seriously, how does it get so out of control so fast?!) or do some laundry. Laundry will probably win because I’m out of some very important pieces of clothes (know what I mean - haha!). 

This is Easter Week! Which means, the church staff will be busy preparing for different services, Easter Egg Hunts, and other activities. And it is Spring Break here. Funny, huh? It just seems so late to me, to have Spring Break. But I’m sure it will be a good week…Hope yours is good as well!

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