Thursday, April 24, 2014

A New Car

We did it!

We finally purchased a 2nd vehicle!

Before I show you the vehicle - 
here are some pics we took the other day while out vehicle shopping. 

We saw this little waterfall from the road, so we stopped to check it out. 
It was so pretty and peaceful!

I love this pic!
And my cutie husband!

Onto the second vehicle…

We purchased a 2000 Volvo AWD V70 XC. 
Basically, a station wagon - haha!

It has around 100,000 miles.
It gets around 20 mpg in the city / 29 mpg on the highway.
Leather interior / Sunroof.

It was a pretty good price and the best thing about this car,
is we do not have a car payment.

We just really felt that we wanted/needed the freedom of not
having a car payment. We would rather have an older (not as cool vehicle)
than to be burdened for multiple years with a debt payment.

That is just how we feel now.

And now…we have 2 kinda-funny looking vehicles! Ha ha!

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