Friday, April 11, 2014

Late Friday Night...

Tonight you get a blog post of a bunch of random thoughts. And probably no pictures. We’ll see.

Nik is at the church tonight, hanging out with 30 plus teens, for a Nerf War Lock-In. Sounds fun, right?! (sarcasm).  Before the lock-in, the teens went on a progressive dinner (where each course of the meal is served at different homes). I hosted the dessert course. And I made Nik’s favorite…Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies - hot, and with ice cream. Yum! Everybody loved them. From our house everyone went to the church for the all-nighter while I stayed here and put Jaxen to bed and then half-way cleaned up the kitchen. All the dishes are piled by the sink and the cabinets are wiped down. That was all I had the energy for. I am much better at chores in the morning and so I will tackle the dishes when I get up tomorrow.

We don’t have any major plans tomorrow. I’m sure Nik will sleep part of the day. I really want and need to get outside and do some yard work. Almost all of the snow has melted and under the snow are a ton of leaves and branches. I guess early this winter they had a major ice storm and many of the tree limbs broke off. Before they ever got a chance to clean up from it, some major snow hit and this is the first time it has melted enough to even get to all that. So our yard needs some tending to. I was out yesterday picking up all the big branches and piling them up - now I just need to do some raking.

I also have to go to Lowes. Remember when I told you I needed to get a closert-insert-thing? Well, I purchased one…but it did not work. Now, I have to return that one and purchase another. It is always something. So all my clothes are scattered in the guest bedroom.

Still no second vehicle. This is taking awhile and it is really starting to cause some issues with us. I don’t know how people do it, using just one vehicle. So when Nik is awake enough tomorrow, we will go vehicle shopping (again).

This blog post is really going no where. I’m sorry. And I’m really tired, so I think I’m going to call it a night. Since this post was so lame - I’ll add some pictures from our week…

This is how Jaxen likes to shop now…
Leaning back in the cart with his snacks and drink!

At least one night a week (after Jaxen goes to bed) Nik and I 
play cards, eat dessert (homemade apple pie someone gave us) and drink hot tea!

Chicken and Dumplings for dinner one night…YUMMY!

This is a picture I texted to Nik Thursday -
Jaxen decided to pour his milk on the furniture.
That was just the beginning of our very awful day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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