Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt…and Snow

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful!

So was yesterday!

Jaxen and I went on a walk yesterday afternoon. It was overcast, but still warm - really, perfect weather! Then, all of a sudden, it started to rain…and get cold. We were stranded far from home in the rain. Not good! I called Nik and thankfully, he was able to come pick us up! We were pretty wet and cold by the time he got there, but I was so glad he came!

This shows you the weather we had…
Warm Monday (with rain) / Rain and Snow Today / Cold and Sunny tomorrow

And here was the snow today…

It actually snowed for a couple of hours, but did not really stick.

So…because of the weather, our church held their Easter Egg Hunt inside.
Jaxen knew exactly what to do this year! 
It must have been all our practice from last year (haha!)

(Last Year)

Still funny colored-pictures..
Picking up the eggs that were well hidden inside the church!

I tried to fix the color, but I think I just made everything orange!

After awhile, he had so many eggs…
I reached in his bucket and threw out the ones he had already picked up! 
Is that mean, or clever? 
He hunted eggs for a long time and all the other 
kids were able to get plenty of eggs as well.

(Last Year)

After the egg hunt, we were in the secretary’s office and Jaxen
started playing on her phone (with her permission).
He was talking and laughing...It was so cute!
He even drew a crowd of on-lookers. 
He was the center of attention and loved every minute of it!

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