Friday, April 18, 2014

A Walk…and a Rant

This morning Jaxen and I went on a walk. 
The first 15 minutes - Jaxen looked like this:
That is real tears and snot coming from my child.
And yes, he is trying to climb out of the stroller. 

He has been in this terrible mood for a couple of days now. 

On Wednesday we went to the mall in Syracuse with some friends
and he pretty much threw a tantrum the entire time. Entire time.

Then we went to dinner and after about 3 full-out tantrums in the restaurant
and many time-outs, outside cooling off - he got mad, picked up a fork and knife...
and threw it. THREW IT. And hit a person.
Can you believe it?! I could not.

Sometime later, Nik got him calmed down.
And then he finally ate some dinner and was okay the rest of the night.

Today he threw a tantrum for almost one hour straight. 
I tried to get him to eat lunch and after multiple fits of rage and throwing things
I tried to put him down for a nap. 
An hour later, he is asleep.

Is this the terrible twos?!
Or is my chid just terrible?
This will pass, right?!

There is a fine line between giving-in to what he wants to make him happy
and teaching him to obey.
Fine Line.

And that was my rant. 

On with my walk...

 Walking through the park. It’s actually really pretty,
even with the dead trees!!

There is a look-out point at the park, where you can see most of Watertown.
Again, pretty - but dead trees.

After Jaxen calmed down and relaxed, he almost went to sleep!

On my walk, I passed by the back of our house…the white one.

And just down the road, is our church!
Side view.

The front.

Today is Good Friday.
We have a service at church tonight, which I know will be powerful. 
The staff have been working and planning all week.

I hope you have a Good Friday.
I hope you take the time today to ponder what happened on this day, long ago.

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