Monday, April 7, 2014

Carousel Ride

Jaxen had his first carousel ride this weekend!

We drove to Syracuse to check out a car on Friday night (did not buy the car) and then we headed to the mall to grab some dinner. That may sound a little weird, but this mall is huge and offers some yummy eating choices.

Near the food court there is a carousel…right there in the mall! How cool is that?!

We decided to let Jaxen ride. And he had a great time!

He loved the movement and the music and said “Wow” about the entire time we were on it!

I think that was the funnest thing we did all weekend. I really don’t know what else we did all weekend, but we kept pretty busy. I did get in a short nap on Sunday. Which was wonderful!

It is raining here and has been all afternoon. We are supposed to have a really pretty end-of-the-week with temps reaching the 50’s! The cold weather has not been that bad. The only thing I’m really looking forward to is wearing flip flops again. My feet are not used to being in socks and shoes every day. They are ready for some freedom!

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