Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Second Sunday (A Snow Story)

Yesterday, we heard talk of (and saw reports) that predicted our area to get 5-8 inches of snow through last night and early this morning.

When Nik woke up to start snow-blowing, he had to push the door open to even get outside!

We had more like 10-12 inches of snow this morning!

Yikes! After almost an hour of snow-blowing and us running late to church we finally piled into our car to head out to church. And we barely made it out of the driveway! And then we got stuck!

We thought that if we could get into the street, we could make it to church because cars had already driven on the streets making track marks for us to follow. But the way our driveway slopes, we could not get enough traction to even get all the way on the street. Plus, our car sits really low…and there was just no way!

Nik had to ‘shovel’ us out, to even get back in our driveway.  It was an experience! At one point, I did not know if we were even going to make it back into our driveway or not. We finally did. I snapped a picture of our car, back in our driveway. It’s hard to see…but you can see the street is completely covered in snow!

At that point, Nik put on his snow boots and headed out back to walk to church. It is not that far…a football field or so in distance…but the field is covered in snow. At one point, the snow was up to his hips! He finally made it though. I knew Jaxen and I could not walk through it, so I called a friend and asked them to pick us up on the way. 

Before they arrived though, the snow plow came through. After I saw it go by, I went outside to shovel the snow that the snow plow dumped in our driveway. Once I cleared it out, I loaded Jaxen back up in the car and we made it to church! Whew! What a morning!

After church we were invited to a couples small group time. We all brought something to contribute for the lunch meal; we eat; the kids then go with a babysitter to play in another area; and the couples do a study together. We had a great time! We got along well with everyone and I think we will enjoy this study. 

Here are a few pics from our drive there. Everything was covered in snow and it was beautiful!

And I know that no post is complete without some Jaxen pictures! All I have to say is when did my little boy become a big boy?!?! Seriously, he looks like he is 4 in these pictures, and it hurts my heart just a little bit!

Watching TV, eating an apple and chewing with his mouth open.

His daddy walked in the room and I caught a cute smile he gave his daddy!

My two boys. Love.

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