Saturday, June 18, 2011


What a great day today has been! We woke up around 8am - Nik went to work and I went on a bike ride. While riding, I came across a 'Moving Sale'. There were some good things...and look at what I scored:

A Camelbak and 2 new plates - and at a really great price! I love 'Moving/Garage Sales'!

After my purchases I went back home to clean (a little); make brownies and finally showered! Maybe that is too much information...oh well.

Then Nik and I went to Market Days. It was a bust. There were not many vendors and it was really really hot and windy. But we did buy a yummy watermelon from a local farmer:

We ate lunch at a new burger joint and then ran around town. We ended up at Hobby Lobby, Lifeway, Card & Party, HEB, and Academy. We purchased a few items for the upcoming party and some new bike riding pants for me.

Tonight we were invited to my boss' home for a get-together with some other co-workers. She cooked sausage, beans and potato salad. We brought Mexican Corn Dip w/ crackers, Brownies and Watermelon:

We visited, ate and then played a game (this game was new to me...but soooo fun!). It was called 'On Your Face'.

After the card game, we went outside and played a couple games of Dodge Ball. So random. But fun!

Hope you are enjoying summer and having fun!

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