Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Day Friday

My day on Friday looked a lot like this:

With a little of this involved:

Yes, that is my legs, propped up on the couch (with a towel under me). That is how I spent Thursday night and most of Friday. I made it at work for about 2 hours and then my legs were just getting to swollen and red. Time to elevate them.

And I may or may not be a little bitter about this. Yes, I want my legs to heal (by Monday) and I will, and am doing whatever it takes, but there is a little part of me that Does. Not. Like. This. I am not one to sit at home on the couch (by myself) and do nothing. Yes, occasionally that is what I do, and I love it...but overall, I am a 'do-er'. Laying on the couch with my legs up is not so much of the doing. I like projects, I like to clean, I like to DO SOMETHING!

I'm trying to make the best of this situation.

I picked up my 'June' flower bouquet on the way home from work. (I needed a little something nice). It is beautiful!

I placed it where I can see it from where I lay on the couch.
After I got home and elevated my legs for 30 minutes, I got my 'rest area' ready. This includes putting stuff I can do, within arms reach where I don't have to be up and down:

This includes: my party planning notebook and pen; 2 books to read, my current purse and the one I am switching to; medicine, camera, left-over Easter Starburst candy; my phone; my Ipod; my summer water cup; and a stack of mail/paperwork I need to go through.

After I got my 'rest area' ready, I 'purged' (because I'm still not done purging my house) my laundry area. It took all of 4 minutes. But it felt nice to be productive. Then I elevated again. I went through my stack of mail/paperwork (while elevating). I ate lunch, took medicine, elevated. Watched a movie. Cleaned out and switched purses from brown to black (in theme of my Birthday - coming up in 3 days):

Then I elevated and took a nap. Kind of a long nap. This was a guilt-free nap because it's not like I can do much else....not bitter! Ha! I finally got up to fix dinner. At least that is something productive I can do! I fixed one of our all time favorites - Sausage & Potatoes! The ingredients are: sausage, potatoes, olive oil and Cavendars Greek Seasoning:

You can't really go wrong with those ingredients, right? While it was in the oven I applied more medicine and elevated. Dinner was done just in time for Nik to come home. We ate, I took medicine and then guess what?! Elevated.

Nik worked all day then showed "Cars" in the Youth Room and went to watch "Cars 2" with our teens - Fun!

When he got home we ate dinner, hung out, talked, relaxed and elevated!

Here's to Saturday, and more elevating - while Nik finishes the Party Planning!


  1. Oh POOR YOU! How is that every summer you end up with some really random and really wierd skin ailment? Bless your heart! and let me just be the 1st to wish you a happy 30th birthday! (a few hours early). I love you so much and can not wait to see you! Jessica

  2. Wow that really sucks! I hope that they are getting better. It sucks when there is something wrong with you. I had to take Steve to E.R. while we were up here. He is sick. Ahhhh never fun.