Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nik(s) + Camp Essentials

Tonight when we walked into church this is what we saw:

Two of our teens, with new haircuts (their hair was long), wearing sunglasses, polos and a nametag that said: "Hello, my name is Nik"! Ha! It was sooo funny!

Nik left his sunglasses in his vehicle. Other than that - they got him spot on! (And yes, Nik is one of the shorter ones in our youth group - a majority of our teens are over 6 ft.)

Nik has the joy of taking these 2 guys, along with 4 others to Teen Camp this week. I have heard him say, more than once "You better sleep with one eye open!" We'll see...!

Some camp essentials:

Backpack, Beef Jerky, Fruity Snacks, Cards, Sunscreen, Kleenex and Fiber Plus Granola Bars.

Hope your week goes well!

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