Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Party!

Here are some highlights from my 30th Birthday Party!!

Nik, creating the Photo Area:

My friend, Michelle and her daughter, Halley helped me setup and decorate so I would not be on my feet too much. Here, they are in the kitchen putting the icing on my home-made cupcakes!

I used the extra printed invitations as a 'banner' decoration...A little funny, but hey, why not!?

Nik put 'Caution: Turning 30' Tape on the entrance doors:

Michelle and I worked on hanging streamers:

The centerpiece for my Birthday Card area:

The finished Photo Area!

The tables, decorated with black tablecloths, black bouquet of balloons, and the Advice Buckets:

My first ever home made German Chocolate Cake! Yes, it is lopsided a little. My oven would only hold the 3 cake pans if one was slightly tilted! Ha! Look at all those candles...Yes, there are 30! By the way, my cake came out FANTASTIC!

This is a shot of me, before the party began. Dressed in all black of course (for mourning the end of my 20's) BUT - do you see my 'bling'? I am wearing my '30 Crown' (which has color on it...Kylee) for my 30's!

My Food Table consisted of Peanut Clusters, Cupcakes, Cake, Black Punch, Water and Lemonade.

This is the shot of me in the Photo Area:

After all the guests had arrived I got everyone's attention and said something along these lines: It is time to eat cake! But before we do, everyone has to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. BUT this is how I want it sung to me....because it is my party and this is what I want! Ha! You have to sing very LOUD and OFF KEY and OUT OF TUNE - because that is how I sing! Ha! Everyone can gather around my cake table while I light the candles!

Everyone gathering while I lit the candles on my took awhile!

Them, singing "Happy Birthday" to me, the way they were instructed! It was awesome!

Finally, blowing out the you see all the smoke...Ha!

I encouraged everyone there to write a note to me....something to help me embrace the 30's or advice...etc. This is what one person wrote "Make Babies". Ha! We will see....!

Everyone, (some in black, like they were instructed), just hanging out:

I also encouraged everyone....

Side Note - when I say "encouraged" I mean "TOLD". Encouraged just sounds nicer....

So, I encouraged everyone to take a picture at the Photo Area. Here are some of my favorites:

The Palmer Family -

The Huffs -

The Flack Family -

The James Family -

And that was my party! It was a fun, memorable night! I got some great advice and funny cards that I may share with you later on....


Leg update: After seeing the Doctor again today, he added Prednisone to my list of medications I take daily. No changes. But I see him again tomorrow to check my progress.


  1. Great Pics! I am glad a lot of people came and you had a good time. I am so sad I did not make it, looked like a lot of fun. I sent my 30 thoughts in the mail for you since I do not know when I will see you next. Hope you get it soon.

    P.S. I like the "Make Babies" part. LOL!

  2. HA! I can't wait to read your thoughts!