Monday, August 1, 2016


Here is some backstory for you...

Before we ever moved to Wolcott - Jaxen got it in his head that he wanted to go fishing! Now, at this time, it was pretty cold. So we kept telling him no, and that he could go fishing this summer when he was 4. 

One of the guys here at the church (in Wolcott) overhead Jaxen saying he wanted to go fishing, one of the times we were looking at the house (before we moved). He told us that he would gladly take us fishing, that him and his kids loved to fish. 

After Zane was born Nik’s parents were visiting and we went to an outdoor store. There Jaxen found a light-up-Spiderman-fishing-pole. Nik secretly bought it, took it out to the car, and hid it in a compartment in the back. 

We then moved and while we were unloading things - Nik opened up the compartment that the fishing pole was in (forgetting it was there) and Jaxen saw it. He started in on the fishing thing again - but we were unloading and trying to get settled so we told him no, and left it there.

That was in June. 

Friday - we were invited to go fishing!

After dinner that night, we told Jaxen what we were doing and he headed outside. When Nik asked what he was doing, Jaxen replied “getting my fishing pole!” He had not forgotten about it. Haha!

So that evening we met up with Nick (the guy’s name from church) and loaded up in his truck. He mentioned that we had to drive through a corn field to get to the little pond. I thought he meant it would be a rough, dirt road through the field.

No - we literally drove through a corn field!

You could tell someone had driven through that spot before - but we were running over full stocks of corn (and when I saw his truck on Sunday his undercarriage still had a ton of corn stuck on it!).

So we get to the pond and we had a great time fishing!

Mason, Jaxen and Nik getting started fishing

In no time at all, Jaxen caught his first fish!

While Jaxen was running around, picking flowers and goofing off, Nik did a little fishing.
I told him that his fishing pole was “cute”. Haha!

What good memories we made that night!

We even had a campfire that Zane and I enjoyed most of the evening 
in these camp chairs, watching the sun set over the corn field.

There were even some blackberries out there that they picked for awhile!
Jaxen is bringing me his cup of berries that he picked.

He is shirtless because he spilled his drink all over his shirt and I was trying to let it dry by the fire.

We stayed until dark when all the mosquitoes came out. 
Then we high-tailed it out of there! 
We had such a great time hanging out, fishing!
I’m sure there will be some more fishing trips to the pond in our future :)

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