Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pictures to Enjoy

Here are a few lot of pictures from our past week (or two)….

This boy loves his bath!

And I love that he fits in our big sink!

This cutie has given us a lot of trouble the past two weeks. 
Don’t let that cute face fool you!

Jaxen sure does love his brother though :)

Jaxen was outside practicing his “casting” with his fishing pole. 

The way Zane looks at his dad is precious! 
Nik knows just what to do to make him laugh!

Happy Boy!

Some selfies I took last week to send to Nik while he was at camp...

We missed him!

I sure do love some good cuddle time with my baby!

He doesn’t mind it either. Look at how he fell asleep!

These were taken the last day of VBS.
(Jaxen was in his swim clothes because it was water day).

He is showing off his sword and shield that he made.

And this guy is showing off how good he is on his tummy!

Last week (instead of the beach) we met some friends at a state park
that had a few playgrounds and a splash pad!

He had so much fun with his friends!

Zane had a blast too…ha!
Actually, all he wanted was to get close and watch everyone playing.
But there was very little (to no) shade at the splash pad.
So a stroller and towel (to provide more shade) had to work for him.

Jaxen loves to help me in the kitchen - and is getting better and better at listening.
This week he helped me make chocolate muffins and banana bread.

We were out to dinner one night and Zane fell asleep on Nik.

I was trying to re-create some cute ‘pinterest’ baby shots. 
It was a fail.
However, I thought these turned out pretty cute!

That’s all...
Hope you have a great Tuesday!
I have no plans today…so I might venture out to see if I can find a kiddie pool - it’s hot here!

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