Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Bat Story

Here’s a random story for you today…

Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning) I woke up at 4am to a breeze across my face. It was really weird, but the only way I know to explain it is - a breeze across my face. So I sit up in bed and put my glasses on. As I am looking around I see something flying around in the hallway. Jaxen sleeps with a lamp on, so I could see what looked like a shadow flying around. I thought to myself that it was really weird that a bird was flying around in the middle of the night but I let it be. It was 4am, and I half thought I was just tired, sleep deprived and a little bit crazy. FYI - Nik was out of town.

Thursday, when Nik returned home, I told him that I thought a bird was in our house the previous night. Thankfully he didn’t call me crazy, but did tell me that maybe it was a shadow from a large moth or something. Made sense to me.

That night while Nik was putting Jaxen to bed and I was in the living room, nursing Zane, a bat flew in the room and was flying circles around! I hollered at Nik but he did not hear me so I took a video of it on my phone (partially because I thought it was crazy that a bat was in our house and partially to prove that I was not crazy the night before!). By the time Nik came down stairs, the bat had flown elsewhere and I forgot about it. Until he came back!

Eventually (after freaking out a bit) we trapped the bat in Nik’s office and then he went in guns blazing with a tennis racket! He hit it to the ground, picked it up in a towel and set it free outside. Bye-bye bat!

After speaking to the Health Department, it was highly recommended that since the bat was in my room (for who knows how long) that I get a rabies vaccination as soon possible. So Friday was the first dose of the vaccination.

Here is a hospital selfie - trying to hide my fears and be strong!

Which after it was all said and done - was much better than my last hospital visit
where they discovered I had MRSA and had to drain my sore!

And here are 4 of the 5 needles that they had to stick in my body. 

Thankfully, I have had no side effects or reactions to the shot.
I still have to go back 3 more times. Yuck.

So that’s my bat story! I’m just adding it to the list of the random and weird things that happen to me. 

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